Grandchildren of Elizabeth Gregory and Joseph Howsmon

1. Sarah Abigail Howsmon (6/2/1838 Madison Cty, Ohio - 6/1/1864 Elk Grove,CA) married Philip Loving (1834 IN-1870 Stockton,CA)(Philip married Susan Unknown after Sarah's death) on 3/10/1859 -- 2 children (census: 1860, 1870)
-----1a. Sylvia Caroline Loving (6/18/1860 OH-5/29/1943 San Jose,CA) married Josiah M. Lipscomb (4/1854 KY-1920s CA) on 11/24/1881 -- 3 children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------1b. Harry Gray Lipscomb (9/4/1882 IL-7/27/1945 CA) married (1) Edna N. Trantham (~1885 MO-1/25/1913 CA) on 9/18/1905 and (2) Edith Elizabeth Lake (3/7/1895 WI-12/26/1949 CA) on 6/10/1917 -- 4 children
---------------1c. Carl H. Lipscomb (1/16/1913 CA-) married Eleanor L. Von Rosen (~1919 CA-) in 8/1937
--------------------1d. John C. Lipscomb (~1938 CA-)
---------------1c. Ruth L. Lipscomb (3/15/1922 CA-)
---------------1c. Dorothy M. Lipscomb (9/12/1923 CA-)
---------------1c. Ralph Norris Lipscomb (4/20/1925 CA-)
----------1b. Maud May Lipscomb (10/10/1884 IL-5/13/1961 CA) married Ward Wheeler on 7/18/1904 -- children?
----------1b. Eva Elfrida Lipscomb (12/1886 CA-) married Charles Cunningham on 11/17/1908
-----1a. Alonzo Loving (1/23/1863 CA-NE?) (census: 1880) -- died young? can't find on 1900/1910/1920/1930 census

2. Jehiel Gregory Howsmon (1/29/1841 Madison Cty, OH-5/31/1908 Harristown, IL) married Eliza Fulton (11/29/1852 OH-4/28/1901 Harristown, IL) on 11/19/1868 -- 5 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900)
-----2a. Joseph William H. Howsmon (2/15/1870 IL-1/19/1962) married Jessie Mildred Sheets (3/22/1874 IL-) on 9/23/1903 -- 5 children (census: 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------2b. Mildred Alberta Howsmon (8/25/1904 IL-) -- never married
----------2b. Pauline Elberta Howsmon (5/8/1907 IL-6/15/1981 IL) married Charles Buxton on 4/2/1937
----------2b. Josephine Estella Howsmon (10/1/1910 IL-) -- never married
----------2b. Helen Grace Howsmon (10/7/1912 IL-) married Joseph W. Pound (~1910-) on 10/21/1934 -- 6 children
----------2b. Clara Louise Howsmon (6/30/1915 IL-) married Oral T. Booker (~1913-) on 8/6/1935
-----2a. Clara Howsmon (2/4/1872 IL-7/20/1947) married Lewis Edward Rauch (10/17/1871 IL-) on 6/20/1894 -- 1 child (census: 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------2b. Ruth Rauch (10/18/1899 IL-2/22/1958) married Harry Schulze Harriss (12/3/1899-1/16/1972) on 6/20/1922 -- 1 child
---------------2c. William Edward Harriss (6/8/1938-) married Ruth Lutz
-----2a. Frank Howsmon (7/28/1875 IL-5/2/1954 ID?) married Blanche Hamilton on 6/6/1912 -- 1 child (census: 1920, 1930)
----------2b. Richard H. Howsmon (~1915 ID-)
-----2a. John H. Fulton Howsmon (1/22/1878 IL-12/18/1880) -- died young (diptheria)

3. William "Will" Henry Howsmon (7/27/1842 Madison Cty, Ohio - 4/2/1921 Trenton, MO)(TB hospital) married (1) Mandilla "Amanda" Welch (7/25/1846 OH-2/8/1879 MO) on 3/23/1869 and (2) Emma Welch (6/11/1859 OH-4/8/1935 MO) on 12/28/1882 in Trenton,MO -- 6 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
-----3a. (stepson?) William Henry Johnson (8/20/1865 IA-7/1/1940 MO) married Henrietta Lansing Bushong (8/7/1864 MO-7/13/1937 MO) on 6/22/1885 -- 3+ children (William's stepbrother Joseph D. Howsmon is living here in 1900)(see footnote)
-----3a. Cora "Carrie" Bell Howsmon (1/15/1870 MO-9/25/1923 MO) married Andrew Franklin Welch (10/29/1854 OH-11/15/1941 MO) on 4/1/1888 in Trenton, MO -- 1 child (census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------3b. Nellie B. Welch (2/12/1890 MO-5/27/1968 MO) married Ray Sugg (11/30/1889 MO-1/31/1965 MO) -- 1 child (census: 1920, 1930)
---------------3c. Harry Franklin Sugg (~1914 MO-) (1920 census says Sugg; 1930 census erroneously implies Masslee)
-----3a. Ella R. Howsmon (4/1872 MO-1910s MO) married James A. Speer (10/1866 MO-) on 1/10/1895 in Trenton, MO -- 1 child (census: 1900, 1910, 1920, p.2, 1930?)
----------3b. Frank Speer (~1904 MO-)
-----3a. unknown Howsmon (3/29/1874 MO-3/24/1874) -- died young
-----3a. Joseph D. Howsmon** (5/1876 MO-1/7/1946 OR) -- married Frona M. Borley (~1881 MO-) on 12/5/1900 in Grundy County, MO (census: 1900, 1910, divorced 1910s, 1920 Frona, 1930)
----------3b. Myrtle Howsmon (~1902 MO-)
----------3b. Verna Howsmon (~1905 OR-)
----------3b. Nellie Howsmon (~1912 OR-)
-----3a. Ada Howsmon (1885 MO-1893 MO) -- died young
-----3a. Charles Edwin Howsmon (1/13/1889 MO-10/21/1936 MO) -- TB -- divorced, lived in Canal Zone, Panama -- no children

4. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jane Howsmon (1/18/1845 Madison Cty, Ohio - 2/2/1888 Saratoga, CA) married William Dixon Pollard (4/12/1840 IN-1/23/1910 CA)(will) on 6/29/1865 (he then married Irene Marian Parker on 10/5/1888 and Flora Belle Unknown (~1870-) ~1899) -- 3 children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910)
-----4a. Frank Pollard (7/1866 IL) married Christine Unknown (12/1876 CA-) ~1894 - 2 children (divorced; Christine marries Blair Irving and moved to Washington State)(census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------4b. William Dixon Pollard (8/19/1895 CA-5/2/1977 Seattle, WA) married Pauline Amelia McJannet (1/17/1906 CA-7/31/1990 WA) in ~1928 -- 2 children (census: 1920, 1930)
---------------4c. (stepdaughter) Grace Alice Matthews (~1925 CA-) married Bjornson
---------------4c. George Wesley Pollard (1/7/1931 WA-4/30/1931 WA) -- died young
---------------4c. Leola M. Pollard (11/1932-) married Unknown Olson.
----------4b. Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pollard (12/24/1896 CA-8/31/1985 WA) married John A. Moore (~1894-) on 12/14/1915 -- no children?
-----4a. Lewis B. Pollard (2/26/1872 IL-3/11/1957 CA) married Charlotte Elizabeth Russell (2/12/1873-12/7/1949 CA) -- 8+ children (census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------4b. Bryant Russell Pollard (9/22/1894 CA-2/17/1945 CA) married Vern Effie McKaig (11/6/1894 KS-12/6/1983 CA)
----------4b. Maxwell Curtis Pollard (8/21/1896 CA-2/17/1944 CA)
----------4b. Blanche Elizabeth Pollard (9/22/1898 CA-3/26/1991 CA) married Wallace Raymond Boren (12/27/1899 TX-9/17/1953 CA) on 7/30/1922
---------------4c. Elaine Boren (6/2/1924 CA-)
---------------4c. Jeanne Boren (5/31/1928 CA-6/6/2000 CA) married Unknown Ellingwood
----------4b. Lester B. Pollard (12/9/1901 CA-1/21/1982 CA) married Magel Alice Forde (8/14/1913 ND-8/20/1968 CA) on 6/22/1936
---------------4c. Robert Andrew Pollard (4/23/1938 CA-) married Nancy Evelyn Marshall
---------------4c. Jacquelyn Magel Pollard (7/15/1939 CA-) married Unknown Taylor
----------4b. Claude Francis Pollard (1/29/1904 CA-4/13/1983 CA) married Lucille Liggett (4/21/1910 CA-10/7/1991 CA) -- 1 child
---------------4c. Richard Claude Pollard (3/3/1941 CA-)
----------4b. Charlotte Vernon Pollard (2/22/1906 CA-1/30/1986 CA) married Filbert Davis (11/4/1889 CA-7/1978 IL)
----------4b. Mildred Louise Pollard (9/5/1910 CA-4/29/1999 TX) married Lawrence William Swenson (3/19/1910 CA-9/14/1994 CA) on 6/2/1934 -- 2 children
---------------4c. Peter Lawrence Swenson (10/21/1938 CA-4/7/1995 CA)
---------------4c. Linda Lucille Swenson (4/16/1947 CA-) married Unknown Hanratty -- 3 children
----------4b. Hugh Cecil Pollard (7/22/1915 CA-) married Sara Emily Hedgpeth (11/2/1913 CA-)
---------------4c. Vlair Russell Pollard (5/13/1940 CA-) married Gail D. Glenn
---------------4c. William George Pollard (7/22/1946 CA-) married Carol Childerhose
-----4a. Claude Pollard (~1879 CA-9/1913 CA) (census: 1900? 1910?)(obit)
(-----4a. Ira D. Pollard (1/1901 CA-) (son by third wife) married Adele Goodrich in 3/1922 (see William Pollard's will; Ira's 1922 marriage)

5. Isaac Cook Howsmon (12/26/1846 Lexington, IL - 1/13/1929 Liberty/Exeter, MO) married (1) Mary McCafferty (~1860 IN-~1880 MO) on 12/26/1866 and (2) Annie Deal Williams (1857 OH-1910s MO) on 4/21/1881 and (3) Sarah Unknown? in 1910s? -- 6 children (census: 1870, 1880?, 1900, 1910, 1920)
-----5a. Clarence Clyde Howsmon (4/30/1883-8/9/1883 MO) -- died young
-----5a. (Chasey) Maud Howsmon (7/11/1884 MO-) married (1?) unknown and (2) William F. Stephan (~1874-) on 5/28/1910 (curiously, the marriage record calls her Mrs. Maud Howsmon; but certain it is this Maud, based on family interviews conducted circa 1930s -- see below) in Jackson,MO -- no children (census: 1910?, 1920?, 1930?)
-----5a. (Eva) Mae Howsmon (4/3/1887 MO-) married (1) Ambrose Weaver (~1885-5/6/1907) on 6/21/1904 and (2) Unknown Bean (~1885-) and (3) Harry F. Shockley (~1885-) on 3/12/1925 in Jackson,MO -- 1+ child (census: 1910?--Barry,MO, 1920, 1930?)
----------5b. (Thelma) Irene Weaver [adopted by Bean?] (8/26/1904 MO-) Married Ralph M. Barens on 12/13/1924 (census: 1910)
---------------5c. Robert Ralph Barens (4/7/1926-)
---------------5c. Donald Paul Barens (2/17/1928)
-----5a. William Elzy Howsmon (5/15/1890 MO -6/5/1967 MO) married Bertha Snider (~1904 AR-) on 10/22/1922 -- 4+ children (census: 1920, 1930)
----------5b. Thelma Ruth Howsmon (8/9/1928 MO-)
----------5b. Billie Howsmon (~1933 MO-)
----------5b. Hugh Howsmon (~1935 MO-)
----------5b. Edick Howsmon (~1938 MO-)
-----5a. Muriel Dean Howsmon (6/1/1892 MO-7/22/1980 NM) married Eppy Lotsy Northcutt (6/13/1885 MO-7/22/1950 NM) on 4/1/1910 -- 5 children (census: 1920, 1930)
----------5b. Gerald Dean Northcutt (2/6/1911 MO-2/12/1999 NM) married Virginia Lois Budlong (7/15/1910 MO-3/17/2004 TX) -- 1 child
---------------5c. Joetta Carolyn Northcutt (3/26/1936 NM-) married (1) Carroll Mitchell Miller on 10/10/1954 and (2) John Harvey McKeefer -- 2 step?children
----------5b. Mary Ruth Northcutt (11/21/1912 MO-4/1992) married Charles Haywood Gant (4/23/1906 TX-11/29/1990 CA) -- 1 child
---------------5c. Mary Charlene Gant (3/26/1937 NM-) married Ronald Speer
----------5b. Kenneth Eugene Northcutt (9/10/1914 AR-5/29/1954 NM) married Ida Ellen Randall Williams (~1915-) on 8/17/1942 -- 3 children
---------------5c. Myrl Jean Northcutt (5/21/1943-5/19/1947 NM) -- died young
---------------5c. Kenneth Eugene Northcutt (11/28/1944 NM-) married Barbara Neilson on 1/11/1966
---------------5c. Benjamin Franklin Northcutt (11/25/1945 NM-)
----------5b. Alvin Clark Northcutt (3/29/1916 AR-6/6/1983 CO) married Floice Reeta Link (2/17/1917 TX-) on 9/21/1936 and (2) Maxine moore (8/26/1912-10/21/1992 CO) on 11/10/1941 -- 4 children
---------------5c. Reeta Sue Northcutt (6/29/1937 NM-) married Gilbert Everette Andresen on 6/13/1959
---------------5c. Eppy Clark Northcutt (8/9/1942 NM-)
---------------5c. Charles William Northcutt (9/9/1943 NM-11/2/1998 NM)
---------------5c. Jacky Ray Northcutt (7/14/1945 NM-)
----------5b. Blanche Northcutt (8/21/1919 MO-) married Charles William Laswell (1/5/1922 NM-) on 6/29/1940 -- 1 child
---------------5c. William Bruce Laswell (3/14/1946 NM-) married Betty Carol Fletcher
-----5a. Robert Ralph Howsmon (5/21/1900 MO-8/9/1988 NM) married Lois Hubbard (1/1/1904-8/22/1992 NM) on 5/25/1925 -- 1 child (census: 1920, 1930?)
----------5b. Annie Mae Howsmon (1/25/1928 ID-)

6. Mary Emily Howsmon (4/20/1849 Lexington, IL - 1/28/1931 Wash., D. C.) married Oliver Perry Hay (5/22/1846 Jefferson, IN - 11/2/1930 Wash., D. C.) on 6/30/1870 -- 4 children
-----6a. William Perry Hay (12/8/1771 IL-1/26/1947 FL) married (1) Annie Aletha McKnew (6/27/1869 DC-3/23/1938 FL) on 12/29/1902 and (2) Mary E. H. Bayley on 7/12/1938 -- 2 children
Note: This William Perry Hay was the genealogist whose work is the backbone of this website -- see his handwritten book below. I am so indebted. Donna Hay, 2011.
----------6b. John Oliver Hay (2/25/1906 DC-3/23/1991 OH) married (1) Willa Bowers (8/11/1902 GA-4/5/1967 OH) and (2) -- 1 child
----------6b. Constance Hay (5/29/1908 DC-4/20/1973 France) married John Atkins (~1907 WV->1973) -- no children
-----6a. Mary Lucille Hay (8/28/1773-3/13/1955 FL) married John Dufton Minnick (~1872-1956 DC) on 6/20/1900
----------6b. (adopted) Mary Frances Minnick (~1921 NY-<1956 OH) married Unknown Benjamin ~1943-- 1 child
---------------6c. Patricia Benjamin
-----6a. Frances Steele Hay (1/21/1876 IA-5/21/1962 DC) -- never married
-----6a. Robert Howsmon Hay (11/16/1882 IN-5/9/1952 DC) married Alma Elizabeth Bischoff (3/23/1886 DC-5/6/1956 DC) on 12/15/1909 -- 2 children
----------6b. Donald Albert Hay (1912 DC-1978 DC) -- 4 children
----------6b. Perry Irving Hay (1915 DC-1976 FL) -- 2 children

7. Hattie Annis Howsmon (3/24/1851 Lexington, IL - 8/15/1933 Harristown, IL) married John Bunyan Camp (6/10/1849 Fulton, IL - 4/15/1921 Harristown, IL) on 2/15/1876 -- 3 children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
-----7a. George Russel Camp (6/10/1879 IL-) -- never married
-----7a. Harry Howsmon Camp (10/21/1881 IL-) married Mabel Link (9/19/1892 IL-11/6/1942 IL) on 2/7/1920 -- 2 children (census: 1930)
----------7b. John "Jack" B. Camp (4/19/1921 IL-2/2/2002 FL) married Ellen Unknown -- 4 children (birth order not known)
---------------7c. Martha Linda Camp married Unknown Manges
---------------7c. Janet Camp
---------------7c. James Camp
---------------7c. John Camp
----------7b. Jean C. Camp (10/1922 IL-) married Robert L. McCumber (11/27/1920 IL-12/11/2005 CT) in ~1944 -- 4 children
---------------7c. Brenda McCumber (~1946-)
---------------7c. Stanley McCumber (~1948-)
---------------7c. Bruce McCumber (~1950-)
---------------7c. Carol McCumber (~1954-)
-----7a. Lou Nora Camp (4/14/1884 IL-1/26/1967 TN) married John Burchard Nottelman (9/19/1882 IL-6/21/1973 TN) on 6/8/1910 -- no children (census: 1920, 1930)

8. John Joseph Howsmon (9/26/1853 Lexington, IL - 7/13/1886 Harristown, IL) -- never married

9. Frances Ellen "Ella" Howsmon (4/1/1856 Lexington, IL - 8/11/1927 Saratoga, CA) married Lyman T. McGuire (9/1851 IL-) on 5/20/1874 -- 4+ children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
-----9a. Lou Ella McGuire (6/2/1876 IL-8/4/1935 CA)(twin) married (1) Johnson A. Kerr (7/1872 CA-) on 3/28/1895 (divorced) and (2) Steveman (~1875-) -- 1 child (census: 1900, 1910 p.2, )
----------9b. Mildred L. Kerr (1/5/1896 CA-3/31/1989 CA) married Conrad P. Hardy on 9/14/1918
-----9a. Hattie Ethel McGuire (6/2/1876 IL-3/24/1969 CA)(twin) married (1) John Voyle (~1874 CA-) on 12/22/1897, (2) Warren G. Tomlinson (~1863 MI-) ~1904, (3) Carl Spangler (~1873 IN-) 1920s -- 1 child (census: 1900?, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------9b. Ethel M. Voyle (2/16/1899 CA-) married (1) Robert S. Sidensol 8/1917 -- 3 children
---------------9c. Robert M. Sidensol (~1919 CA)
---------------9c. Phyllis Sidensol (~1922 CA-)
---------------9c. Roxana Sidensol (~1923 CA-)
----------9b. (stepchildren) 5+ Tomlinson stepchildren
-----9a. Ida Darst McGuire (11/14/1883 IL-1970s CA) married (1) William C. Schley (~1880-) on 9/10/1904 (divorced 1906), (2) Frank Saunders on 8/1/1910, (3) Edgar C. Eaton by 1920, (4) Alexander Forbes on 4/27/1943 -- 0/1/2 children (census: 1910, 1920, 1930?)
----------9b. (stepson?) Milton Schley (~1902 PA-) (no Milton Schley on SSDI; likely died prior to 1960s)
----------9b. (stepson?) Winfield Schley (~1904 CA-) (no Winfield Schley match on SSDI; likely died prior to 1960s)
(It is not clear if both or just one was a stepson -- assuming her 1904 marriage date is correct, Milton would be a stepson [seems certain to be so with his birth in PA], and maybe Winfield too, but it is odd that the marriage happened so soon after his birth. And it is curious that both boys are living with Ida in 1910, although she is listed as divorced from their father. The last record found for them is a 1917 article that mentions they were living with their McGuire grandparents and are moving to live with their mother in Sacramento -- they cannot be found on the 1920, 1930 or 1940 census. The Forbes family said that Ida died without living issue -- see footnote below.)
-----9a. Arthur Lowell/Lewis McGuire (7/10/1892 CA-2/5/1955 CA) -- married Eva V. Unknown (4/13/1891 CA-7/27/1974 CA) -- no children

Pages from William Perry Hay's book (based on personal family interviews in 1900-1940):
John Howsmon (53-54) and Elizabeth Gregory (23,143-144)
Their children: Sarah-56, Jehiel-57, William-58, Elizabeth-59, Isaac-60, Mary-61, Hattie-62, John-63, Frances-64
Their grandchildren: Sylvia Loving-65, Alonzo Loving-66, Joseph Howsmon-67, Mildred Howsmon-68, Pauline Howsmon-69, Josephine Howsmon-70, Helen Howsmon-71, Clara Howsmon-72, Clara Howsmon-73, Frank Howsmon-74, Richard Howsmon-75, Clarence Howsmon-76, Maud Howsmon-77, Mae Howsmon-78, William Howsmon-79, Muriel Howsmon-80, Robert Howsmon-81, George Camp-82, Harry Camp-83, Lou Camp-84, Hattie McGuire-86, Lou McGuire-86

Saratoga, CA biographies for William Pollard (#4) and Lyman McGuire (#9), dated 1888.

Sylvia Loving moved to California in 1861 when she was an infant. Her mother told her that Indians came to the wagons as they went across the plains and thought Sylvia was a pretty papoose, and her mother was afraid they would steal her!

Joseph Howsmon descendants from Chris Hankins, 2009 -- pdf document.

** Joseph D. Howsmon is not listed in William Perry Hay's book, nor is he listed by other genealogists, but it is clear from the 1880 census that he is a son, and the last child, of Amanda Welch and William Howsmon. This branch just did not stay in touch with their relatives, so the information on them was incomplete, even unknown to William Perry Hay in the 1930s/1940s. Joseph's 1900 census is confusing at first -- how is he a step-brother to William and Hallie Johnson, age 34-35, born in Missouri? It would appear that Joseph's mother Amanda Welch had been married prior to her marriage to William Howsmon, and had at least one child by this marriage, thought to be William Johnson (since Hallie Johnson is listed by other genealogists to be Henrietta Bushong, daughter of Johannes Bushon and Elizabeth Noel -- perhaps her name on the census is Hattie, not Hallie) -- a marriage record for William Howsmon and Amanda might list her by her married name) -- since Amanda was born in 1846, and William Johnson in 1865, it is assumed William is her first child; since Amanda and William Howsmon were married in 1869 there is room for another child after William, BUT, on the 1870 census, there is only Cora, age 5 months, listed with William and Mandilla, and in 1880 William Howsmon is listed as widowed/divorced with no wife but 3 children: Carey (Cora), Ella and Joseph -- he marries Emma Welch in 1882. I am assuming that Mandilla was Amanda but wonder where her son William Johnson is (perhaps with paternal grandparents?). Note that the other genealogists with trees posted online at Rootsweb say that William Henry Johnson was born 8/20/1865 in Ottumwa,IA -- but his 1870 census states he was born in MO.

In 2011, a Forbes descendant contacted me about Ella's daughter Ida. She related this marvelous story: "When I was a little girl I noticed that Ida was missing a finger, including all the bones for that finger. Years later I ask my mother what happened. The story goes Ida ran a boarding house and a suitor was reading to her by gas light when another suitor walked in and shot the suitor, Ida, and himself. Ida survived because she raised her hand and the bullet took her finger and saved her life." (1909 articles: 6/25, 6/26, 6/26 (2nd), 6/27, 6/28, 7/8, 7/12. Ironically, she had witnessed a similar jealous shooting of a good friend just six months earlier.) "Since her children were deceased and we knew of no living relatives my mother sent Ida's pictures to [I think] the Saratoga Historical Museum. I do have a few pictures of Ida and her sisters."

Jehiel Howsmon Obituary 4 JUN 1908 IL, Macon Co, Decatur Review: The funeral of J. G. Housmon was held at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon from the Methodist church at Harristown. There was a large attendance of old friends and neighbors. The services were conducted by Rev. C. M. Fultz, assisted by Rev. J. H. Brister and Rev. E. B. Randle. The music was furnished by the regular choir of the church. The pallbearers were Charles Tandy, Thomas Talbot, H. L. Paush, L. B. Benson, Charles Ash and E. W. Allen. The interment was at Harristown cemetery. Mr. Howsmon was born near London, O., Jan. 29, 1841, and came with his parents to McLean county shortly after. At 21 he enlisted in the Ninety-fourth Illinois Volunteers, Colonel McNulta's regiment, and served in all the regiment's engagements up to the time he was mustered out of the service in 1866 with the rank of second lieutenant. He was at the siege of Vicksburg and Mobile and also Prairie Grove. At the close of the war he returned to McLean county and married Miss Eliza Fulton. To them four children were born, Rev. J. H. Howsmon of Oak wood, Clara H. Rauch, and Frank of Havana, Ill. A son, John died in infancy. In 1876 he moved to Macon county and settled on a farm near Harristown. His wife died there April 28, 1901. After her death he and his son remained on the farm until December 1907, when they made a trip to the west. On his return he went to live with his daughter Clara of Havana.

Jack Camp - Obituary 3 FEB 2002 FL, Pinellas Co, St Petersburg Times: Camp, John "Jack", 80, of Spring Hill, died Saturday (Feb. 2, 2002) at Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville. Born in Harristown, Ill., he came here 14 years ago from Princeton, Ky. He was the chief executive officer and chairman of the board for International Harvester in Australia and served as sales director in the Philippines. He was a member of Timber Pines Golf & Country Club. Survivors include his wife, Ellen; two daughters, Janet Camp, Chicago, and Linda Manges, Lady Lake; two sons, James, Durham, N.H., and John, Canneton, Ind.; a sister, Jean McCumber, Glastonbury, Conn.; 10 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Brewer & Sons Funeral Home and Cremation Service, Spring Hill.

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