Descendants of Ellenor Unknown and Andrew Maden

While the given names of the five (surviving) children of Ellenor and Andrew Maden are known from his 1772 will (listed as "Hannah, John, Andrew, Larons and James"), it is not certain where the children moved or whom they married. While there were not many Maiden/Maden families in Western North Carolina then, and definitely this was the only family in Rowan, there seems to be at least one other Maiden family in Orange in the late 1700s, known not be a relation. The "Rowan" Maidens had lived in Orange in the 1750s (Andrew's son Larons is known to have been born there in 1754); the date of their move to Rowan is unknown -- their first record is the 1768 Rowan tax list and they are not on the 1759 Rowan tax list. Andrew may have had a sibling (John?) who remained in Orange when he moved to Rowan. But there are also Maidens in Orange who are thought to be from Ireland, while our Maidens are thought to be from Wales. Research is impeded by the scarcity of records, and the lack of information on existing records (such as no parents listed on the few marriage records that do exist). Thus, the work below could have serious errors in it, as well as ommissions and wrong dates, and is definitely a work in progress. Maiden is spelled in various records as Maden, Mayden, Madden, Maddin, Madain, etc. Iredell and Rowan are somewhat interchangeable; Iredell county was formed out of Rowan in 1788. It is my belief that the "Rowan" Maidens were related to (some) "Orange" Maidens, as the stories handed down by Sarah Maiden Hay (see 2b) were that she was born in Orange and not Iredell.

Hannah Madden's census data:
1790: 2 men, 4 boys, 7 females
1800 1810 1820
In 1790 William (23) is likely the second adult male; Hannah not born yet; matches family composition. Note: census for Knox,TN for 1800-1820 was lost.
1. Hannah Madden (~1748? PA?->1818? TN?) married Nathan Alldredge** (~1739 MD/NC-12/21/1826 Knoxville,TN)(will below) ~1766 -- 12+ children (census: 1790, 1800(TN), 1810(TN), 1820(Knox,TN)) (no census in TN in 1800 or 1810; Knox county lost in 1820)
**(It is not confirmed that the Hannah Madden whom Nathan Alldredge married was the daughter of Andrew Maden of Rowan,NC - see note at end of section 1.)

-----1a. William Alldredge (~1767 Randolph,NC-1821) married (1) Mary Unknown and (2) Patsy Unknown (widow? McClain) on 11/12/1821 in TN (census: 1800, 1810, 1820/1820) -- 5? children? (Not at all sure that this is right census for William; no genealogists have researched this branch; he died in 1821 after his father wrote his 1818 will but before his father died in 1828. Perhaps some probate records for his or his father's estate could confirm if he had children.)
-----1a. Eleanor Alldredge (11/17/1769 Randolph,NC-2/26/1849 Randolph,NC) married (1) Isaac York (2/5/1868 Randolph,NC-3/15/1806 Randolph,NC) and (2) Jessie Julian (1759-1846) in 1816-- 6+ children
----------1b. Nathan York (1793 Randolph,NC-1869 Randolph,NC) married Elizabeth Isabel Lockling/Laughlin (5/28/1798 Randolph,NC-1872 Randolph,NC) on 1/20/1816 in Randolph,NC -- 7 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. Hannah York (8/20/1795 Randolph,NC-8/24/1852 Randolph,NC) married John Patterson (1/17/1789 Randolph,NC-1855 Randolph,NC) on 9/12/1812 -- 9 children (census: 1850)
----------1b. Jabez York (3/12/1800 Randolph,NC-4/17/1879 Randolph,NC) married Sarah "Sallie" Julian (4/27/1803-2/4/1884 Randolph,NC) on 11/23/1824 -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. (Gilbert) Andrew York (1/1/1803 Randolph,NC-8/11/1883 Edgar,IL) married Elpha/Ephe Jane Rains (4/30/1827 Mercer,KY-9/16/1905 Mercer,KY) on 2/20/1845 in Edgar,IL -- 14 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Semore York (~1804 Randolph,NC-8/1855 Randolph,NC) married Martha Ward (1804 NC-3/28/1885 Randolph,NC) -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870?, 1880)
----------1b. Sylvania York (4/29/1805 Randolph,NC-5/11/1890) married Enoch Hinshaw (1/24/1794-5/21/1864 Randolph,NC) on 10/9/1822 -- 6 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860 1870, 1880)
-----1a. Margaret Alldredge (~1772 Orange,NC-1850 Blount,AL) married Thomas Allred (4/2/1771 Randolph,NC-4/28/1858 Blount,AL) -- 6+ children (census: 1850)(, Thomas' page)
----------1b. Lemuel J. Allred (~1795 Knox,TN-1850s Blount,AL) married Sarah Latham (~1796 NC-1860s Blount,AL) -- 12 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860 p2)
----------1b. Sarah Anne "Sally" Allred (~1799 Knox,TN-3/15/1824 Blount,AL) married Doctor Graves (~1800 TN-~1875 Blount,AL) -- 2 children
----------1b. Andrew Allred (~1801 Knox,TN-1877 Montgomery,AL) married (1) Elizabeth Roden (~1800 TN-~1823 Blount,AL) ~1817 and (2) Letitia Elizabeth Yielding (~1810 GA-~1839 Blount,AL) on 8/10/1827 in Blount,AL and (3) Delila Cox (~1819 SC-1870s) on 3/21/1843 in Blount,AL -- 20 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. William Allred (~1805 Knox,TN-1850s? Blount,AL) married Elizabeth Brown (~1814 TN-?) on 1/27/1829 in Blount,AL -- 9 children (census: 1850
----------1b. Solomon Allred (~1809 Knox,TN-1849 Blount,AL) married Nancy Nalor (1/17/1814 TN-1/17/1892) -- 5 children (census: 1850)
----------1b. Nathan Allred (~1811 Bledsoe/Knox.TN-1850s Blount,AL) married Lucinda "Lucy" Brown (~1811 TN-) on 8/19/1828 in Blount,AL -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860?)
-----1a. Sylvania Alldredge (~1774 NC-1845? AL?) married Tobias "Tobey" Leong/Long (~1770 PA-~1834? AL?) -- 5+ children (census: 1830?, 1840?)
----------1b. Solomon Long (~1799 TN-1/1840 Montgomery,TX) married Mahala Jane Jones (~1804-12/7/1847 Montgomery,TX) -- 5 children (1840)
----------1b. Hannah Long (~1802 TN->1880 TX?) married Unknown Shaw (census: 1850?, 1860?, 1870?, 1880 -- assume she had a previous marriage since she cannot be found under Long or Shaw in 1850-1870)
----------1b. James Long (1/1804 TN-4/13/1877 Blount,AL) married Nancy Rutherford (12/25/1804 TN-11/12/1885 Blount,AL) -- 6 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Nathan Long (1808 TN-1867 Montague?,TX) married Lucy Davidson (~1813 TN->1880 TX?) on 1/11/1832 in Morgan,AL -- 10 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Margaret "Peggy" Long (1/15/1812 Anderson,TN-2/15/1902 Frio,TX) married (1) Richard Davidson (1807 AL-1843 Montgomery,TX) on 7/10/1829 in Blount,AL and (2) Thomas J. Halsel (1815-1859 TX) -- 11 children (census: 1850, 1860?, 1870?, 1880, 1900)
-----1a. Mary Alldredge (~1776 NC->1856 Anderson,TN?) married Soloman Allred (~1775 Randolph,NC->1856 Anderson,TN) ~1794 in Jefferson,TN -- 4+ children (census: 1850)(, 1860?)
----------1b. Isaac Allred (~1805 TN-) married Unknown -- 2+ children (census: 1850)(known to live in Greene,MO in 1849 -- letter)
----------1b. Thomas Allred (~1809 TN-) married Susanna Unknown (~1819 KY-) -- 8+ children (census: 1850)(known to live in Shelbyville,IN in 1849 -- letter)
----------1b. Andrew Allred -- supposedly lived in Blount,AL -- confused with Andrew Allred above? (census: 1850)(known to live in Blount,AL in 1856 -- letter)
----------1b. unknown others
Mary's line has not been researched by Alldredge or Allred genealogists.
-----1a. Sarah Alldredge (3/7/1779 NC-1/10/1857 Pulaski,IN) married John Julian (~1777 NC-1/2/1865 Rush,IN) on 3/4/1797 in Knox,TN -- 5+ children (census: 1850, 1860 p2)
----------1b. Nathan Julian (2/17/1799 Knox,TN-9/12/1872 Cass,IN) married Rebecca/Rachel J. Baker (4/9/1802 KY-2/20/1870 Cass,IN) -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870 p2)
----------1b. George W. Julian (2/22/1801 Knox,TN-4/13/1878 Sacramento,CA) married Sarah Stafford (9/8/1800-2/11/1843) -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. Nancy Julian (8/30/1802 Knox,TN-4/4/1838) married Martin B. Irwin (~1800-) on 7/27/1820 in Fayette,IN -- 1 child
----------1b. Eleanor Julian (11/5/1808 Knox,TN-4/23/1830) married Joseph W. Stallard (7/25/1805 Lincoln,TN-) on 1/29/1824 in Rush,TN -- 1 child
----------1b. Hannah Julian (9/30/1819 IN-1860s Pulaski,IN) married Willam Murphy (1812 KY-1/4/1863 Pulaski,IN) -- 7 children (census: 1850, 1860)
-----1a. Nathan Alldredge (~1781 Randolph,NC-1/14/1844) married (1) Elizabeth Julian and (2) Rebecca Davis -- 8+ children
----------1b. Aaron Aldridge (~1801 TN-11/21/1853 Indianapolis,IN) married Nancy Atheron (?-1850? IN?) on 10/30/1831 in Marion,IN -- 6 children (census: 1850)
----------1b. Moses Aldridge (4/10/1804 TN-1/5/1880 Wasbash,IN) married Magdalene "Mattie" Harter (6/12/1812 OH-2/19/1872 Carroll,IN) on 10/7/1830 in Carroll,IN -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. William Aldridge (9/12/1808-1/27/1865 Putnam,IN) married Mary Ann Moore (8/28/1811 KY-7/26/1874 Putnam,IN) on 10/8/1829 in Fayette,IN -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. Hannah Aldridge (3/18/1811 IN-12/13/1883 Putnam,IN) married Joseph Washington Hanna (7/8/1809 Franklin,IN-3/22/1890 Putnam,IN) -- 2 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870 p2, 1880)
----------1b. James Aldridge (~1814 IN-) (census: 1850)
----------1b. Eleanor "Ellen" Aldridge (9/30/1815-) -- unknown
----------1b. Julie Ann Aldridge (~1822-1848) married Hugh Jackman (~1814 IA-) -- 4 children (census: 1850)
----------1b. Elizabeth Ann Aldridge (~1825 IN-5/4/1854) married David Ader (3/6/1822 NC->1865) -- 2 children (census: 1850, 1860)
-----1a. Andrew Jackson Alldredge (10/11/1782 Randolph,NC-11/6/1848 Blount,AL) married Leah Chaney (1784 TN-2/4/1854 Blount,AL) -- 7+ children (census: 1850)
----------1b. Enoch Alldredge (5/16/1807 TN-11/22/1879 Blount,AL) married Amelia Pace (6/24/1811-3/18/1864 Blount,AL) -- 14 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870?)
----------1b. William Aldridge (3/7/1809 TN-Blount,AL) married Nancy Sophronia Brooks (5/6/1839 NC-4/19/1899) on 1/24/1828 in Blount,AL -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870?)
----------1b. Jacob Chaney Aldridge (5/5/1813 TN-1863 Blount,AL) married Sarah Russell (~1822 TN-1870s? Blount,AL) -- 8 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. Elizabeth Aldridge (4/27/1816 TN-10/14/1888 Blount,AL) married Garland Smith (1805 VA-1904 Blount,AL) -- 7 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Mary Frances Aldridge (6/2/1818 AL-1884 Blount,AL) (census: 1850, 1860, 1870?, 1880)
----------1b. Nathan Aldridge (9/4/1820 AL-1875 Blount,AL) married (1) Elizabeth Silvey (11/3/1822 AL-12/15/1868 Blount,AL) and (2) Susan Unknown (widow Unknown)(~1820 AL-) -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. Andrew J. Alldredge (~1828 AL-) married (1) Susan B. Unknown (~1827 AL-1860s Blount,AL) and (2) Nancy E. Unknown (widow Unknown))(~1842-) -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)(see footnote about Andrew Jackson Aldridge born ~1812.)
-----1a. Elizabeth Alldredge (1784 Randolph,NC-) married James Brown -- unknown
-----1a. James Alldredge (5/21/1788 Randolph,NC-4/18/1859 Story,IA) married Anna Wood (5/19/1791 NC-9/24/1854 Story,IA) on 11/23/1807 in Knox,TN -- 7+ children (census: 1850)
----------1b. Joseph Aldridge (9/8/1808 TN-1850s Moniteau,MO) married Rachel Unknown (~1814 TN-?) -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860)
----------1b. Elizabeth Aldridge (7/26/1811 TN-1870s? Story,IA) married (1) James Brown on 7/22/1830 in Carroll,IN and (2) John B. Olinger (1800 VA-1870s? Story,IA) on 10/12/1841 in Carroll,IN -- 7 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------1b. John Calvin Aldridge (5/8/1814 TN-1900s Gentry,MO?) married Nancy Wood (4/1821 TN-1910s Benton,AR) on 12/11/1839 in Carroll,IN -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------1b. Sarah Aldridge (12/24/1816 TN->1880 IA?) married Amariah Mullen (1812 KY-1870s, IA) on 2/23/1836 in Carroll,IN -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1856, 1860 p2, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Julia Ann Aldridge (2/17/1822 TN-3/17/1898 Story,IA) married John Sidney Thomas (4/20/1817 Washington,MD-) on 5/21/1840 in Carroll,IN -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1856, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885)
----------1b. William E. Aldridge (10/13/1826 TN-11/25/1886 Clackamas,OR) married Martha J. John (1/31/1831 Montgomery,OH-9/20/1905 Clackamas,OR) on 8/9/1849 in Carroll,IN -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880?, 1900)
----------1b. Mary Wood Aldridge (7/6/1829 Carroll,IN-1900s Jewell,KS) married Abner Huntsinger (1826 OH-1896-1899 Jewell,KS) on 12/21/1848 Carroll,IN -- 8 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885 p2, 1895, 1900)
-----1a. Enoch Alldredge (5/4/1790 Randolph,NC-8/31/1852 Carroll,IN) married Elizabeth LaRue (1800 MD-8/10/1888 Carroll,IN?) on 8/13/1840 in Knox,TN -- 1+ child (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Oliver H. P. Aldridge (6/1842 Carroll,IN-1910s?) married Mary McMillen (6/1860 VA-) ~1892 -- 2 children (census: 1900, 1910, 1920?)
-----1a. Hannah Alldredge (6/17/1793 Randolph,NC-3/29/1858 Knox,TN) married Clement Wood (5/28/1793 NC-4/14/1858 Knox,TN) -- 8+ children (census: 1850)
----------1b. John Wood (6/17/1816 Knox,TN-11/16/1889 Knox,TN) married (1) Mary A. Tillery (3/15/1831 Knox,TN-) on 12/29/1846 and (2) Nancy Margaret Worthington (10/29/1838 Anderson,TN-1900s? TN?) on 10/14/1858 in Anderson,TN -- 9+ children (census: 1850 p2, 1860, 1870?, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Talitha Wood (9/9/1823 Knox,TN-1/16/1882 Knox,TN) married John Tunnell (4/20/1816 Anderson,TN-8/30/1887 Knox,TN) on 2/11/1841 -- 12 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Alfred Wood (9/22/1813 Knox,TN-3/27/1882) married Sylvania Allred (4/16/1819 AL-9/13/1885 Knox,TN) -- 5+ children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Calvin Wood (12/13/1817 Knox,TN-11/20/1866) married Martha Jane Hall (12/15/1825 TN-3/18/1906 Knox,TN) -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860 p2, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Rufus Menefee Wood (~1827 TN-1863)(civil war) married Martha M. Connor (7/21/1831-8/3/1904 Knox,TN) on 7/4/1850 in Knox,TN -- 7 children (census: 1860, 1870 p2, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Robert H. Wood (1/28/1821 Knox,TN-8/29/1897 Knox,TN) married Margaret Ann Tillery (2/18/1827-3/31/1906 Knox,TN) in 1845 -- 12 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Harriet Wood (7/22/1829 Knox,TN-2/4/1908 Knox,TN) married Robert Wallace (1819 Anderson,TN-1897 Knox,TN) on 9/2/1847 -- 10 children (census: 1850?, 1860, 1870 p2, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Sarah Wood (4/3/1832 Knox,TN-1/2/1852 Knox,TN) married Richard M. Tillery (~1827 TN-1870s Knox,TN) on 12/28/1850 -- no children (census: 1860)
**(Disclaimer: It is not confirmed that the #1 Hannah Madden whom Nathan Alldredge married was the daughter of Andrew and Eleanor Maden of Rowan,NC. However, Andrew Maiden was known to live in Orange in 1754, and his first record in Rowan is 1768 (and he is not on the 1759 Rowan tax list). Andrew and his family could have been still living in Orange in the mid 1760s when Hannah met Nathan. That plus Hannah's children's names (first daughter Eleanor and third son Andrew) as well as no Rowan records for Hannah, plus no other known Madden family in Orange (and certainly no other known Hannah) makes me think this Hannah is daughter of this Eleanor and Andrew. It should be pointed out that it is unusual to list a daughter first in a will; this strongly indicates that Hannah was the oldest, and likely to be married to someone with whom the parents were pleased; sure wish Andrew had mentioned her married name in the will! Hannah's birthdate is approximated from the known 1754 birthdate of Larons; she could be older, with intervening children having died young. Nathan was a Regulator. A William Aldred was the bondsman for Larons Maiden's 1781 married to Alander Clarck -- Hannah's son William is too young; it is thought this is another Alldredge relative, and also suggests a familial relationship of Maddens to Alldredges.)

John Maiden's census data:
Males: 1 adult, 2 boys; Females: 5
Males: 1 adult, 4 boys; Females: 3
Males: 1 45+, 2 0-10;
Females: 1 45+, 2 16-25, 1 10-16, 1 0-10
Males: 1 45+, 1 10-16;
Females: 1 45+, 2 10-16
Males: 1 45+, 1 18-26, 1 0-10;
Females: 1 26-45, 1 16-26, 1 10-16, 2 0-10
Therefore, John is thought to have had four sons born in 1775-1789 and 2 daughters in 1770-1789 (one 1774-1784 and one 1785-1789), 2 sons born in the 1790s, one daughter born in the 1790s -- a total of 6 sons and 3 daughters, plus any sons born before 1775 (thought to be two: John and Andrew).
2. John Maiden (~1750 PA/VA/NC-1827 [1825-1829?] Iredell,NC) married Unknown -- 11+ children (census: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820)
-----2a. John W. Maiden (~1770s Rowan?,NC-1840s Humphreys,TN) married (1) (maybe) Mary Polk ~1795 in Mecklenburg,NC? and (2) Jean/Jane Guthrie (~1776 Orange,NC-4/1860 Humphreys,TN) on 12/10/1801 in Orange,NC -- 5 children (census: 1800?, 1850)
(Could be a son of #3 Andrew instead, but land contract found in Rowan, and family history said he was from Rowan. John Sr (#2) is thought to be older than Andrew (#3), so this child John is more likely to belong to the older brother. Plus, Andrew is thought to have had a son born ~1770, so perhaps not room for both. The Polks were involved in the Regulators but the Guthries only moved to Orange,NC 1771-1776, after the Battle of Alamance.)
----------2b. Samuel M. Madden (1/7/1796 Meckenburg,NC-5/19/1871 Benton,TN) married Jane Allison (~1800 NC-3/31/1870 Benton,IL) on 2/27/1817 -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870 p2)
(Many genealogists have this Samuel as the son of Samuel Madden, b~1777 who married Elizabeth Allison on 2/21/1799 in Orange; this is incorrect as Samuel Jr was born three years before this marriage.)
----------2b. Mary Madden (1802 Orange,NC-1857 Hopkins,TX) married (1) John Hamilton (3/1/1803 Sumner,TN-1841 Hopkins,TX) in 1818 in TN -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860 p2)
----------2b. William Morgan Madden (8/29/1812 Orange,NC-1/30/1862 Humphreys,TN) married Isabella Anderson (6/30/1817 TN-12/4/1890 Humphreys,TN) -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860 p2, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. John P. Madden (~1815 Humphreys,TN-1850s Humphreys,TN) married Margaret Ann Latimer (2/6/1814 Humphreys,TN-1880s/1890s Humphreys,TN) -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. James W. Madden (10/1/1824 Humphreys,TN-5/10/1856 Benton,TN) -- never married (census: 1850)
----------2b. (maybe) Nancy Maden -- there is a marriage record for a Nancy Maden marrying Major Tilly on 4/2/1821 in Wake county; the bondsman is John W. Maden. But other genealogists do not list Nancy as a daughter to John.
-----2a. Andrew Maiden (~1770s Iredell,IN-1850s Scott,IN) married Mary Passwater (~1780 NC-1830s Scott,IN?) ~1798? -- 6? children (census: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850?)
----------2b. Sarah Maiden (6/2/1800 Iredell,NC-7/6/1885 Annawan,IL) married Thomas Hay (1800 Linton,Scotland-7/2/1885 Annawan,IL) on 11/23/1820 -- 10 children (census: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. John Maiden (~1805 Iredell,NC-~1839 Clark,IN) married Malinda Gobin on 11/5/1829 -- 4 children (census: 1830, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. son Maiden (~1808-1820s Jefferson,IN) -- died young
----------2b. Abner J. Maiden (1811 Jefferson,IN-1860s Scott,IN) married Margaret Gobin on 12/19/1832 -- 7 children (census: 1830, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. daughter Maiden (1810s-1820s Jefferson,IN) -- died young
----------2b. Mary Maiden (~1815 Jefferson,IN-1860s? IN/West?) married (1) Lawrence "Abner" Brooks on 7/31/1834 and (2) Madden Beck (~1805 Rowan,NC-1860s?)(see below) -- 8+ children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850?, 1860 p2 -- see below)
-----2a. James Maiden (~1780s Rowan,NC-1840s? Lawrence,IN?) married Elizabeth Julian (~1780s-) -- 13+ children (census: 1820, 1830, 1840)
James is thought to be a brother to Andrew as they served together in the same 1812 militia unit in Jefferson,IN along with Andrew's brother-in-law Zael Passwater. In fact, James seems to have moved from Tennessee to Indiana in 1812 just to fight in the War of 1812 with Andrew Maiden. Note that Nathan Aldredge above also married an Elizabeth Julian, underscoring the likelihood that Hannah Maiden is a relative. Jame's wife's name is known from his son George's 1883 biography.
----------2b. Isaac Maiden (~1801 NC-1830s? IN?) married unknown -- 3+ children (census: 1830, )
----------2b. James Maiden (1800sNC-) married unknown -- 1+ children (census: 1830, 1840)
----------2b. (maybe) Nancy Madden (~1806 NC-) married (1) Ambrose Snow on 7/26/1821 in Jefferson,IN and (2) William Core Brooks on 6/23/1833 in Bartholonew,IN --1+ children (census: 1830, )
----------2b. boy Maiden (1810sNC/IN-1820s IN) married Rebecca Unknown -- 2 children (census: 1830, )
----------2b. George Maiden (2/17/1811 Knox,TN-2/17/1891 Tama,IA) married (1) Jaley Chitty (~1814 KY-11/16/1844 IN) on 2/14/1836 (four/five children), (2) Sarah Templeman (~1811 KY-11/1/1853 IL) on 10/16/1846 in IN (four children), and (3) Sarah A. McAnulty (12/11/1823 PA-12/11/1906 IA) in IA ~1858 (three children)(1883 biography; obit) (census: 1810(TN), 1820(IN), 1830(IN), 1840(IN), 1850?(IL), 1860(IA), 1870(IA), 1880(IA)-note, asserts George's parents both born in TN but I think this is in error [1860 census-G Maiden M 49 TH (George), S A Maiden F 38 PA (Sarah), H Maiden M 12 IL (Henry), G A Maiden M 8 IL (George), B F Maiden M 1 IA (Benjamin) -- where are Emily, Jaley, Charles?]) (Tama county Iowa marriages and obituaries)
---------------2c. Andrew Maiden (~1837 IN- >1893 SD? or >1926 OR?) married Jane S. McRoberts on 7/7/1859 (article) (census: 1860 census A and J S in Tama, 1880)
---------------2c. Jane Maiden (1839 IN-12/11/1918 IA) married (1) James Weir on 5/30/1858 and (2) William Waddell (curiously she is not mentioned in her father's bio but her obit confirms she is a daughter; some sources list her as Emily Jane but her obit deathdate is 1918 and her father's bio states Emily died in 1873). The 1840 census data in Lawrence,IN suggests that there was a transcription error (James instead of Jane) as George and wife are shown with a boy under 10 and a girl under 10.
---------------2c. Joseph Maiden (10/17/1841 IN-1/19/1926 OR) married (1) Maria Grant (1845 IN-1913 CA) in 1861 in IL (Joseph deserted Maria and 7 children) and (2) Julia Kernell (1857 TN-1909 IA) in 1888 in NE -- 8 children (census: 1880)
---------------2c. James Maiden (error?) -- James is only known from George's bio, as no other records have been found for him. I believe this was a transcription error -- the written "Jane" was mistaken for "James". Given that the bio does not mention Jane, and specifies just four children, and no records have been found for a James, and the bio lists the children in birth order, and most compelling, the 1840 census data in Lawrence,IN details George and wife with a boy under 10 and a girl under 10, a transcription error seems likely. Unfortunately, 1850 census data (IL) has not been found to unquestionably confirm.
---------------2c. Emily Maiden (~1843? IN-12/22/1873 IN) -- never married?
---------------2c. (William) Henry Maiden (4/1/1848 IL-5/23/1911 NE) (suicide; mother's name listed as Clara Hamilton??) married Dora Derrick -- 1 child
---------------2c. Jaley Alice Maiden (12/26/1849 IL-4/15/1936 SD) married Thomas Pickett on 9/27/1866 (curiously named after George's first wife although a child of the second wife) -- 10 children (census: 1880)
---------------2c. George Alexander Maiden (1/1852 IL-8/4/1947 MI) married Elizabeth Tyner (~1858 IN-<1947) on 9/24/1874 -- 15 children (census: 1880)
---------------2c. Charles Maiden (6/1853 IL-4/6/1940 SD) married Etta Hull (?-1892) on 8/28/1878 in IA -- 2 children
---------------2c. Benjamin F. Maiden (5/8/1859 IA-8/7/1860 IA) -- died young; never married
---------------2c. Annie Elizabeth Maiden (9/14/1862 IA-7/1890 NE) married John Leffler on 10/29/1895 -- 3 children (census: 1880)
---------------2c. Mary Ella Maiden (8/4/1864 IA-2/27/1891 IA)(obit) -- never married (census: 1880
----------2b. girl Maiden (1810sNC/IN-)
----------2b. William Maiden (1810sNC/IN-) married Unknown -- children (census: 1830, )
----------2b. boy Maiden (~1810s NC/IN-1820s IN) married Lydia Unknown (~1812 IN-) -- no children (census: 1830)
----------2b. Isaac Maiden (12/29/1825 Lawrence,IN-2/11/1899 Tama,IA) married Bernetta Lewis (1830 AR-9/8/1922 Tama,IA) in 1847 -- 8 children (Note: have problem reconciling this with the 1830 census for Isaac Maiden above who was clearly born in the 1800s)(Tama county Iowa marriages and obituaries)
---------------2c. Laura Frances Maiden (3/19/1849-8/7/1887)
---------------2c. Emily "Emma" Elizabeth Maiden (10/3/1850-?) married Joseph Shaller (1828 Germany-?)(perhaps married (1) George Watts in 1860 in IA?)
---------------2c. Lucinda Maiden (10/7/1852-4/7/1887) married Byron Knowles
---------------2c. Emory Gusta Maiden (7/1854 IN-8/12/1932 KS) married Emma Frances Sherwood (1863-1923 KS) -- 8 children
---------------2c. Anna Maiden (5/1/1855 IN-8/7/1855 IN) -- died as infant
---------------2c. Monroe Maiden (2/19/1860 IA-1918 IA) married (1) Ida Blanche Anderson (?-1907 IA) and (2) Mrs. Mary Aulary Ball -- 2 children
---------------2c. Benjamin "Frank" Franklin Maiden (11/7/1865 IA-1/26/1955 IA) married Sarah Roseta Davis (3/29/1874 IA-5/141920 IA) on 3/29/1885 -- 4 children
---------------2c. Lydia Bernetta Maiden (7/19/1869-?)
----------2b. girl Maiden (~1825-29)
----------2b. boy Maiden (~1825-29)
----------2b. girl Maiden (~1825-29)
----------2b. boy Maiden (~1825-29)
----------2b. girl Maiden (~1830-35)
-----2a. Richard Maiden (1780s Rowan,NC-1840s? Saluda,IN?) married unknown (1780s-) -- 7+ children (census: 1820, 1830?, 1840, 1850?)
(Note: a Richard W. Madde supposedly was the bondsman for Elizabeth's 1801 marriage, and Richard W. Maden was bondsman for Sarah Maden's 1812 marriage, but this Richard seems a little young to be it in 1801?)
----------2b. boy Maiden (1805-1810 Iredell,NC-)
----------2b. daughter Maiden (1805-10 Iredell,NC-)
----------2b. boy Maiden (1810s Iredell,NC-)
----------2b. boy Maiden (1810s Iredell,NC-)
----------2b. girl Maiden (1810s Iredell,NC-)
----------2b. girl Maiden (1810s Iredell,NC-)
----------2b. boy Maiden (1820-1825 Iredell,NC-)
-----2a. William Madden (1780s? Rowan,NC-1810s? Rowan,NC) married Unknown -- 3? children (census: 1820, 1830?)
----------2b. son Madden (1805-09 Rowan,NC-)
----------2b. son Madden( 1805-09 Rowan,NC-)
----------2b. (maybe) Mary "Polly Madden (~1815 Rowan,NC-) married David Bradley Tutterow (~1813 Rowan,NC-) ~1833 -- (census: 1850, 1860, 1870?)(Mary placed here as she named her first son William)
---------------2c. Ann Tutterow (~1834 Rowan,NC-)
---------------2c. Sarah Tutterow (~1836 Davie,NC-)
---------------2c. Nancy Tutterow (~1838 Davie,NC-)
---------------2c. William W. Tutterow (~1843 Davie,NC-)
---------------2c. David Tutterow (~1846 Davie,NC-) -- died young?
---------------2c. Berry R. Tutterow (~1852 Davie,NC-)
---------------2c. Ruther M. Tutterow (~1854 Davie,NC-)
---------------2c. Jess A. B. Tutterow (~1858 Davie,NC-)
This 1820 census record, the only one found for William who is living near Nathan below, is very odd. The entry is in the name of William but there is no male adult: there are only 2 boys 10-15, 1 girl under 10 and 2 females 26-44. It is virtually unheard of to have a boy under 16 listed as head as he is not "of age" and could therefore not be the landowner; it would be far more common to list the adult woman as head of household. I am guessing that perhaps William had died and the enumerator forgot to inscribe widow as he had done for the widow of Nathan Maddin below; this guess is supported by the fact that only one child was born in the last decade, suggesting William died over 5 years ago. If that is the case, then William having two sons 10-15 would mean he would have been most likely in his late 30s in 1820, and therefore born in the early 1780s. There is a record that William Madden enlisted in the war of 1812 for 3rd regiment in Rowan county; no mention of whether or not he was wounded/killed.
-----2a. Alford/Alfred Maiden (~1780s Rowan,NC-1820s? Lawrence,IN) married Polly Mitchell ~1815 -- 4+ children (census: 1820, 1830?) with four children, but is not on any census thereafter.
-----2a. (maybe) Elizabeth Maiden (~1784 Rowan,NC-1840s? Davie,NC?) married Sentleger Beck (~1776 Davie,NC/Kent,MD-1843 Davie,NC) on 12/23/1801 in Rowan,NC -- 7+ children (census: 1800, 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840)
----------2b. Madden Beck (~1804 Rowan,NC-6/1860s? Madison/Clinton,MO) married (1) Rebecca Hatley (widow of Nathan Maddin, see below)(1802 NC-) ~1821 in Rowan,NC (divorced ~1849) and (2) Mary J. Maiden (~1815 IN-11/10/1860s? St. Louis,MO?) (widow of Abner Brooks, see above) ~1849 -- 13 children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 p2, 1870?)(In 1850, Rebecca and the children [including 2 year old Mary] were living next door to my Hay ancestors! :) Robert Lyle Hay was the first-born child of Sarah Maiden and Thomas Hay, and 28 in 1850. It appears that Rebecca and Madden were divorced ~1849 when their youngest child Mary was 1 year old, as he married a Mary Brooks and had a daughter by 1850. Curious that this story was not handed down by Robert Lyle Hay to his grandson, genealogist William Perry Hay! Perhaps because she was a relative? Or perhaps it was, and he was discreet in his publication.)
----------2b. David H. Beck (5/4/1808 Rowan,NC-2/17/1885 Davie,NC) married Mary P. Richardson (5/4/1814 VA-5/23/1898 Davie,NC) -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Enoch Beck (2/24/1809 NC-7/17/1886 Pulaski,MO) married Mary Ward (11/19/1810-1/17/1891) on 3/11/1832 -- 11 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870?, 1880/1880)
----------2b. (maybe) William Beck? -- Karen ( said that Enoch who died in Pulaski,MO had a brother William; this is a concern as I do not see where William can fit into this tree with the census data known -- more research is needed in specifically MO too.
----------2b. Edy Beck (~1810 Rowan,NC-1870s Davie,NC) married John Reavis (1802 Surry,NC-) 8/1824 in Rowan,NC -- 12+ children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)(for more Reavis info: lists she is born in Davie on 1850 census; Davie formed out of this part of Rowan in 1836)
----------2b. daughter Beck (b.1815-1820 Rowan,NC-) -- unknown (note that it is possible that this is the Sarah Madden Beck (b~1818 NC-~1859 IN) who married Emsley Hooker in IN 11/28/1841 (7 children: Lucinda, Eliza Jane, Abner, Nancy, Sarah A., Mary E., Rebecca S. -- census: 1850, 1860)
----------2b. Andrew N. Beck (2/1817 Rowan,IN-1900s NC) married Julia J. Thomas (~1817 NC-<1900 Davie,NC)(Aug, 1841 - Andrew Beck and Wife Julia J. sold interest in estate of John Thomas in Davie,NC -- see below) -- (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 p2)
----------2b. daughter Beck (~1825-1829 Rowan,NC-?) -- unknown
Jefferson: Dinah Ann Beck m. Joseph T. Sanders on 6/27/1839, Mary S. Beck m. Robert W. Mckinney on 5/15/1841, Samuel H. Beck m. Eliza A. Cocran on 8/17/1841, Nancy Madden m. Ambrose Snow on 7/26/1821, William Madden m. Louisa Bench on 11/20/1824, Mary Madden m. Jacob Stone on 10/12/1826, Abner Madden m. Susanna Giles on 2/22/1833, Louisa Madden m. John Hammon on 2/27/1845, Bridget Madden n. John Joyce on 4/25/1850
Scott: Elizabeth Beck m. David Blocher on 10/11/1846, Lydia Beck m. John A. Smith on 2/15/1855, James Madden m. Ruth Robb on 4/16/1844, Matilda Madden m. Brazeal Wilson on 10/2/1855, Catharine Madden m. John Thomas Righthaus on 9/9/1859.
(Many genealogists assume that the 10 children listed in the 1822 will of Sentleger Beck belong to this family; but it was an 1822 will that does not list Madden Beck, and the census data for this Sentleger Beck only show 6 children; it is thought the will belongs to a cousin Sentleger to this Sentleger. Some Beck researchers place the 1807 St. Leger and the 1810 Edy in James' tree; I assumed St. Leger would name a son St. Leger and a daughter after Elizabeth's sister. More research needed.)
(I placed this Elizabeth here in John's tree as both Madden and St. Leger Jr moved to Indiana in the 1830s, where John's son Andrew and his children are. Note that if Elizabeth were actually born in 1781 or earlier, she would definitely be too old to be a daughter of Larons. Plus, I am guessing that it is Larons' children whose marriages are listed with his; Elizabeth's 1801 marriage is not on this list.) Finally, there is another Elizabeth, born ~1783 who married James Reeves in 1805 -- probably one Elizabeth belongs to John and one to Larons, but it may be the other way around (see Larons below), or one could even belong to Andrew.
-----2a. daughter Maiden (~1786 Rowan,NC-) -- unknown
-----2a. Abner Maiden (~1791 Iredell,NC-1870s? Scott,IN?) married Ellen Unknown -- 3+ children
-----2a. Nathan Maddin (<1795 Iredell,NC-~1820 Rowan,NC) married Rebecca Hatley (~1802 NC-1850s? IN?) on 10/20/1815 -- 3 children (census: 1820) (she then married Madden Beck above)
----------2b. daughter Maddin (1810s Rowan,NC-)
----------2b. daughter Maddin (1810s Rowan,NC-)
----------2b. Sarah Ann Maddin (~1818 Rowan,NC-1859 Clark,IN) married Emsley Hooker (1808 NC-1862) on 8/11/1841 in Clark,IN -- 7 children (and 4 stepchildren)(census: 1850, 1860)
(Nathan was a bondsman for the 1809 marriage of Allen Lenningham and Catharine Patrick; Jno Giles and C. C. were witnesses. Nathan appears to be listed as aged 26-45 on the 1820 census [effective 8/7/1820] but "widow" appears to have been written above his name; it is thought he had died by the time the census was enumerated which took up to 13 months.)(It is assumed John named this son after his brother-in-law Nathan Alldredge.)
-----2a. (maybe) Edy Maiden (~1790s? Iredell,NC-) married William Wootan on 3/11/1813 -- unknown (census: 1820?, 1830?) (Edy put in this tree as she is thought to live near Nathan and William in the 1810s, and what I think is her sister Elizabeth I believe names a daughter Edy.)
(Disclaimer: there is much uncertainty in this tree, and it is certain there are ommissions. The records in Rowan/Iredell are particularly scarce. With no wills found for Andrew's sons John, Andrew, Larons and James (at least not in the book of Abstracts for Iredell wills, 1788-1845; it is possible that Larons was after 1845), research is mostly based on the few documents left, especially census data and marriage records, and "intelligent guesses." John Maiden is thought to have been a Regulator; he is known to have been a Patriot.) First son John (~1770, if he does belong to this tree) as well as Andrew (~1772) are not on the 1790 census (they would both be over 16 so would be "men"), so they have been added in to the 9 known children on the census to make 11+; it seems that when the boys turned 16 they either worked on someone else's farm or they explored the new territory. Thus, while John's descendants are mostly male and Larons' mostly female -- John had ~8 males and 3 females; while Larons had ~1 male and ~6 females -- it is especially hard to guess to which families the females belong. And while John's known descendants seem to move to IN while Larons' stay in NC, this need not be the case with the daughters. Note that John's birthdate of ~1750 is far from exact; I had thought that since he was not listed as a son on the 1768 tax list he might be under 16 -- now I think it more likely he just was out of the home. Plus Larons' 1840 census states he was 89, so all the children might be a couple years older.)
--- this does not include Elisha in the tree -- Elisha Madden married Charlotte Robinson on 9/26/1803 in Rowan, and the name Elisha does show up later in this tree (John's son Andrew's son Abner names a son Elisha in 1857); Elisha and Charlotte live in Butler,KY in 1810-1830 and move to Warrick,IN by 1840 (his birthdate appears to be 1780s on the census data, but one genealogist says he was born in 1777) but his son Elisha Patrick Madden born 10/6/1817 in Butler,KY says on his 1880 census that his father was born in MD and his mother in DE, so why married in NC?? -- more research is needed.

Andrew Madden's census data:
1790: none (curious when 4 sons and 3 daughters)
1800: none (curious when 2 sons and 1 daughter)
Males: 1 45+, 1 26-44, 2 0-10;
Females: 1 26-44
I assume Andrew was living with his father-in-law in 1790-1800, and the father-in-law died in the 1800s. It is thought his wife also died in the 1800s, as the entry for a female 26-44 is thought to be a daughter (or daughter-in-law) who was the mother of the 2 young boys. It is thought Andrew died in the 1810s as he cannot be found anywhere on the 1820 census, but he could be living with a son or daughter.
3. Andrew Madden (~1752 PA/NC-1810s? NC?) married Unknown (?-1800s? Orange,NC) -- 7? children
It is not certain that this "Orange" Andrew is the son of Andrew and Eleanor Maiden of Rowan; it is possible that "Rowan" Andrew could have died young (perhaps in his 20s in the 1770s after the 1772 will, perhaps even in the Revolutionary War) and the children below for "Orange" Andrew have a different ancestry.
-----3a. Stephen Madden (~1770?) married Eliza Hargues on 12/28/1791 in Orange,NC (John Elliott bondsman)
-----3a. Samuel Madden (~1772) married Eliza Allison (~1780 NC-) on 2/21/1799 in Orange,NC (Andrew Madden bondsman)
Many genealogists list Samuel M. Madden born 1796 as a son of this union; I think this is incorrect as Samuel and Eliza did not marry until 1799, and I think Samuel belongs as a son to John Madden above.
-----3a. Alexander Madden (~1774/1781 Orange,NC-8/26/1870 Putnam,TN) married (1) Patsey James (?-1830s TN) on 7/4/1801 in Orange,NC (Stephen Ellis, bondsman) and (2) Martha Unknown (1830&1840 in Jackson,TN; children according to Linda Smith, 2014 -- moved to TN 1814-1821)
----------3b. William Madden (1807 TN-~1864 MO) married Jane Irene Yount
----------3b. Elisha A. Madden (1810s TN-1860s) married Martha Unknown
----------3b. Monroe "Wiley" Madden (1810s TN-1870s MO) married Nancy Ann Cartright on 7/17/1847 in MO.
----------3b. Hosea Madden (1810s NC-) married Henrietta Terry ~1835
---------------3c. John A. Madden (4/13/1836 TN-6/16/1898) married Mary W. Dowell on 10/30/1873
---------------3c. Elizabeth Madden
---------------3c. Polly Madden
---------------3c. Mary Madden
-----3a. Andrew Madden (~1776 Orange,NC-) married (1) Rebecca Rhoark on 1/31/1807 in Orange,NC (Richard Breeze and John Dickie, bondsmen) and (2) (maybe) Polly Maiden on 10/13/1813 in Rowan?? (see below) I can find no other Andrew Maiden/Madden to whom to assign this marriage record; I am guessing that maybe Rebecca died and Andrew remarried. It is possible that Polly was a widow of a brother or cousin to Andrew as well.
-----3a. Margaret "Peggy" Madden (3/11/1778 Orange,NC-12/4/1865 Putnam,TN) married Elijah S. Ellis on 1/17/1798 in Orange,NC -- 6 children (census: )
----------3b. Elizabeth Ellis (~1799 Orange,NC-) married John Keith (~1793 KY-) -- unknown
----------3b. Martha Ellis (1801 Orange,NC-~1863 Putnam,TN) married Daniel Brown -- 3 children
----------3b. Parthena Ellis (~1806 Orange,NC-1860s Jackson,TN) married Elias Jones -- 12 children
----------3b. Woodson H. Ellis (~1811 Orange,NC-~1889 Putnam,TN) married Susan Allen (widow Price)(divorced 1870s) and (2) Mariah Rush (divorced 1880) -- no children (2 stepchildren)
----------3b. Albert Lindsey Ellis (3/25/1813 Orange,NC-11/7/1888 Putnam,TN) married Sarah Jane Brown (4/19/1821-2/9/1888 Hamilton,IL) on 4/19/1839 in White,TN -- 8 children
----------3b. Elijah John McClellan Ellis (7/5/1815 Orange,NC-2/24/1899 Putnam,TN) married Margaret Jane McCaleb (6/11/1815-4/16/1900 Putnam,TN) -- 6 children
-----3a. Mary Madden (~1780?-) married John Towell on 2/11/1798 in Orange,NC
There are trees online for Martha Madden, daughter of George Madden and Edith Harvey, born 8/15/1780 in Chester,PA marrying John Towell on this date, having 10 children, and moving to Wayne/Lawrence/Orange,IN where she died on 6/13/1817. Note that Chester was largely a Quaker community in the 1780s.
-----3a. Elizabeth Madden (~1788? Orange,NC-) married Joseph Allison (~-5/1828 Smith,TN)(Will Book 1828-1896, Books 6-8,) on 8/19/1809 in Orange,NC -- 5 children
----------3b. Lewis Allison (~1811 Orance,NC-~1880 Smith,TN) married Nancy Unknown -- 6 children
----------3b. Littleberry Allison (4/30/1817 Smith,TN-8/8/1867 Crittenden,KY) married (1) Sarah Jane Paris ~1836 in Smith,TN and (2) Sarah J. Smart on 5/11/1852 in Crittenden, JY -- 11 children-- 5 children
----------3b. Moses J. Allison (~1816? Smith,TN-~1872 Crittenden,KY) married (1) Elizabeth Hughes and (2) Ruth Payne on 5/10/1868 -- 1 child
----------3b. Samuel Allison (?-?)(in father's 1827 will; last son listed after Moses)
----------3b. Rebecca Allison (1/3/1820 Smith,TN-3/1/1907 Crittenden,KY) married Stephen A. Farmer on 1/2/1839 in Smith,TN -- 11 children
(Disclaimer: it is not certain that #3 "Orange" Andrew is the son Andrew of Andrew and Eleanor Maiden of Rowan. It is curious that there is no census data for Andrew Sr in NC in 1790 or 1800; it is assumed he was living with his father-in-law. And if the descendants of these children confirm that the family ancestry is Irish and not Welsh, it is certain that these children belong to a different Andrew.)

Lawrence Madden's census data:
Males: 1; Females: 3
1790: none (curious when 2 daughters)
Males: 1 26-45, 1 0-10
Females: 1 26-44, 1 16-25, 1 10-15, 2 0-10
1810: none (curious when at least 1 daughter)
Males: 1 45+
Females: 1 45+, 1 16-26
1830: no census
1840: no census
1840: (Veteran Schedule - p1 p2)
I assume Lawrence was living with his Clark father-in-law in 1790, 9 years after his marriage. It is unknown why he is missing in 1810. In 1840 Laurance Maiden, 89, is in the home of Samuel Henderson, assumed to be a son-in-law; the Samuel Henderson home has 1 male 50-60 (Samuel), 1 male 80-90, and 1 female 40-50; it is assumed the woman born in the 1790s was a daughter of Larons. Unfortunately, no Samuel Henderson was found in 1850 (hoping to find the daugher's name). In 1832 Larons stated he was born in 1754 on his Patriot pension application; it is odd he lists his age as 89 here instead of 86, just 8 years later.
4. Larons (Lawrence) Maiden (1754 Orange,NC-1840s Iredell,NC) married Alander Clarck on 6/1/1781 in Iredell, NC -- 7+ children (census: 1790?, 1800, 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840 p2)
-----4a. Elizabeth Madden (~1783 Iredell,NC married James Reeves on 10/7/1805 in Orange -- unknown (or could be daughter or Andrew above, but I placed her here since what-I-assume-to-be-a-sister Sarah also marries a Reves. Note, there is another Elizabeth Madden born about the same time who was placed in John's family above.)
-----4a. Sarah Maiden (~1790 Iredell,NC-1840s Lincoln,TN) married Solomon Reves (~1785 NC-1860s Lincoln,TN) on 4/9/1812 (he then married Elizabeth Unknown (~1808 TN?-1870s? TN) in 1840s) -- 10 children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870?)
----------4b. William Reavis (~1813 NC-)
----------4b. Nancy Ann Reavis (~1814 NC-)
----------4b. Dennis Reavis (~1816 NC-)
----------4b. Joseph Reavis (~1821)
----------4b. Andrew William Reavis (~1825)
----------4b. Simeon Solomon Reavis (~1827)
----------4b. David Reavis (7/7/1830-2/10/1907 Moore,TN) married Elizabeth Hurdlow (~1832-) in 1851 -- 6 children
----------4b. Sarah Jane Reavis (6/1831 TN-8/7/1909 Moore,TN) married Charles Timothy Cates (5/1829 Bedford,TN-12/31/1904 Moore,TN) on 12/28/1852 -- 8 children (census: 1860, 1870 p2, 1880, 1900)
----------4b. Jonathon Johnson Reavis (7/1834-1910s? ID?) married Sarah A. Unknown (~1830 TN-1900s? TN?) -- 4 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910?)
----------4b. Mary Reavis (~1836) -- unknown (Don't think she is the Mary on the 1870 census as Mary Ray, as she is not listed as daughter/stepdaughter, and she is on the 1880 census living with brother H. R. Ray.)
-----4a. daughter Maiden (~1790s? Iredell,NC-) -- unknown
-----4a. Polly Maiden (~1790s Iredell,NC?-) married Andrew Meadon/Maiden on 10/13/1813 in Rowan (see 3a. Andrew Madden above) -- unknown
-----4a. Jonathan Maiden (1790s Iredell,NC-) married Elizabeth Beck on 10/31/1817
-----4a. daughter Maiden (1790s Iredell,NC-) married Samuel Henderson (1780s-) -- unknown (census: 1840 p2, 1850?) -- no children?
-----4a. Nancy Maiden (~1800s? Iredell,NC-) married Jesse Pierce on 7/14/1818 -- 1+ child (census: 1820, 1830?, 1840?, 1850?)
Civil War: Isaac Maiden, born ~1837, residence Iredell, enlisted as Corporal on 6/13/1861 at age 24 in Company H, 4th Infantry Regiment, killed 6/28/1862 at Williamsburg,VA. Wilson Maiden, residence Iredell, enlisted as private on 3/1/1862 in Compnay H, 4th Infantry Regiment. Not sure where fit in this tree. Also for the War between the sates, roster rolls, Richard Maddin e.Sept 15, 1863 Cumberland co with Maddin, M.
(Disclaimer: again, much guesswork. The basis of most of these assumptions are marriage records from Rowan/Iredell, and the fact that only Andrew and Larons were having Maiden children who would be marrying there in the 1800s/1810s. From the 1800 census data, it seems likely that Larons had two daughters born in the 1780s, a son born in the 1790s, two daughters born in the 1790s and probably two in the 1800s. Since the Jonathan who married Elizabeth Beck is thought to be Larons' son, perhaps the Elizabeth who married Sentleger Beck is Larons' daughter instead of John's; if her birthyear is found to be 1781 or earlier, she is definitely John's daughter, but she could be the one born 1782-1784, and the Elizabeth Maiden who married Reeves in Orange could belong to John or Andrew. Lawrence lists his birthyear as 1754 on his 1832 Patriot pension application, but the 1840 census lists him as 89; so his birthdate could be ~1751. It is curious that with all these daughters, I have found no records for one named Eleanor after his mother; perhaps there was one who died young.)

James Maiden's census data:
1787 Males: 1; Females: 3
1790:Males: 1; Females :1
1800:Males: 1 26-45; Females: 1 45+
1810: not enumerated
1820:Males: 1 45+; Females: 1 45+
5. James Maiden (~1756? Orange?,NC-1820s? Iredell,NC?) married Unknown (~1754?-1820s?) -- no children (census: 1787, 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820)(There was no provision for a guardian for James in his father's 1772 will; it is assumed he was at least 16.)
-----5a. (maybe) 1-2 daughters who died prior to 1790; could be adult women on census and not daughters, but probably not. One woman could easily be his mother, Eleanor Maiden; we know she was alive in 1772, and she could have died 1773-1789.

I usually added in just the census data starting in 1850, as that is when individual enumeration started. In 1790-1840, the census data will only give the name of the head of the household and the number of household members (not family members) by age range. It is a useful tool, when you can positively identify the head, to get an idea of family size and identify locale. Caution: the 1790 census only has a total female count -- women plus girls -- so cannot be used to determine the number of daughters. Plus, households may contain extra people temporarily living there (such as nieces to help out with newborns, male teens to help out on the farm, or maiden aunts, unmarried siblings, etc) and may not contain such family members living elsewhere.

There no census in TN in 1790-1810, and lots missing in 1820. In 1820 six states were added to the national census: Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama and Maine. There was, however, a district wide loss for Arkansas Territory, Missouri Territory and New Jersey. Partial losses included half the counties in Alabama, and roughly 20 eastern Tennessee counties supervised by the Federal Court District out of Knoxville. Some of the schedules for these states have been re-created using tax lists and other records.

Rowan/Iredell and Orange census data for 1790-1820. I am including a summary of all Maiden/Madden/Mayton data in NC in these years to aid in assigning the children to the right families. There are some tax records too, but unlike census data which is supposed to include every household, the tax records only include the heads of household with taxables (property).

This summary illustrates the difficulties with old records. The name of the head only means that family composition is difficult if not impossible. The age ranges makes it hard to follow from one census to another (and a range of under 10 means that a newborn child could be 0 on one census and under 10 on the next), and even ommissions can be meaningless, such as James and Larons not on the 1810 census, but there in 1800 and 1820. I think of it as a snapshot -- a record indicates that on that day there were these number of people (some could be distant relatives or even non-relatives) living in that home.

Misc records that I have not fit in the tree:
-- Sarah Madden married Mathias Pame on 3/3/1829
-- 1842 Iredell will for Bazel Baither mentions daughter Nancy Madden.
-- Sarah Davis married (1) Madden and (2) Causey. She was the daughter of John, Sr and Elizabeth Davis; her father's will (1839) lists her as Sarah Madden, widow and states that that if she remarries, her part of the estate goes to her children: Davis Madden, Elizabeth Madden and Elisha Madden.
-- Richard W. Madden witness to the marriage of Sarah Maden to Solomon Reves 1812.

Some Rowan Maiden marriages:
-- Elisha Maddan married Charlotte Robinson on 9/26/1803 -- unknown -- maybe #3 Andrew had another son named Elisha? His son Alexander named a son Elisha, perhaps in his honor?
-- Nathan Maddan married Rebeccah Hatley on 10/20/1815 -- thought to be John's son. Madden Beck married Rebecca Hatley ~1820 (madden born ~1805 and Rebecca born ~1802). The 1820 census data lists a widow of Nathan Maddin in Rowan, so it is assumed she married Madden Beck shortly after this census.
-- Jonathan Madden married Elizab eth Beck on 10/31/1817 -- thought to be Larons' son; ancestry of Elizabeth Beck unknown
-- Davison Madden married Patsey Smith on 5/22/1830 -- unknwon where Davison fits in tree; since Davison is generally a surname, it is thought his mother's maiden name may be Davison.

Beck family issues: in 1820 the only Beck families in Rowan (part of which later becomes Rowan in 1836) are: in Yadkin: Aquilla Beck age 45+, James Beck 26-44, St. Ledger Beck 26-44; in Salisbury: Casper Becke age 45+, Edward Becke 26-44; also some Buck entries, but they appear to really be Buck, not Beck. Where is the Sentledger Sr who wrote the 1822 will?
Note that there are two Beck families in Rowan in the 1780s -- the English Becks west of the Yadkins river (became Davie county) and the German Becks east of the Yadkin river (Salisbury township, became Davidson county) -- unrelated. The German Becks named children Frederick, William, John Jacob, Johann, Sally, Mary Anna. Leonard, Davalt); the English Becks named children James, Sentleger, Margaret, Herminta, Jane, Edward, Isral, Amos, David, Enoch in addition to Aquilla, Alfred, Freeland, Edy, Nacny, Rachel, Posey, Julius, Emly, Mildred, Samuel.

FHC #20377 Kent county,MD MM -- from 1698. Lots of Becks. Edward Beck Sr.... Caleb, Ann. lots of minutes from all the meetings -- I did not read through this 100 years of meeting minutes.

The Samuel Maiden (~1777-?) who married Elizabeth Allison on 2/21/1799 in Orange is thought to be a relative. They are thought to have had children:
1-2+ unknown Maddens born 1800s
3. Martha "Patsy (~1810-) married (1) William Parker on 2/20/1838 and (2) John Allison on 11/24/1856 -- 4 children
4. Jane Madden (~1812-) married Wilson Horner on 10/11/1839 -- 5 children
5. Massey Madden (~1820-?)

The George Madden (~1759 Chester,PA-1823 Clinton,OH) who lived in Orange in 1790- . He had children Elizabeth, Martha, George, Edith, Eli, Hiram married Susanna Stuart in 1826 IN and Elizabeth Osborn in Clinton,OH -- 10 children, Solomon (~1793-1849 Clinton,OH) married Ruth Robbins in 1819 in Wayne,IN -- 10 children, John, Nancy married Henry Harvey in 1817 in Clinton,OH -- 7 children, Ruth and Deborah.

Nathan Aldridge 1818 will: Will of Nathaniel Aldridge -- "The last will and testament of Nathan Alldredge was produce to Court for probate whereupon Alexander Howell Maxwell Brown subscribing witness ….. made ..alls that they …. said Nathan Alldridge sign and seal and heard him pronounce publish and declare the same as his last Will and Testament and that at the time of publishing the same he was of sound mind and memory to the best of. his knowledge and belief – and the same is committed to record and in the words and figures following towit -
In the name of God …… I Nathan Alldridge of the County of Knox being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory for which I thank God, and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life, and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly substance, and it has pleased God to bless me with I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Hannah to live in the house I now live in, during her natural life if she should continue a widow, also two feather beds and furniture and bedstead and cord, one cow and calf and all the puter and kitchen furniture and one chest, one table, one flax wheel one check reel one arm chare & one common chare,
Item I give to my son William Alldridge 1 dollar;
Item I give to my daughter Ellenor York one dollar;
Item I give to my daughter Margaret Allred one dollar;
Item I give to my daughter Sylvania Leong one dollar;
Item I give to my daughter Mary Allred one dollar;
Item I give to my daughter Sarah Julian one dollar;
Item I give to my son Nathan Alldredge one dollar;
Item I give to my son Andrew Alldredge one dollar;
Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Alldredge one lume one flax wheel and one cotton wheel one cow @ calf and two year old heifer and one sorrel horse saddle and bridle, two feather beds and furniture, one bedstead and cord. One Ewe and two weathers & one lamb and one Bible.;
Item I give to my son James Alldredge fifty acres of land where he now lives – Running strait across the tract – Beginning on the lower line of the tract I live on – Running North forty five – East so as to include fifty acres on his part.;
Item I give to my son Enoch Alldredge fifty acres of land where I now live to run strait across the tract with James line, also one sorrel mare one saddle and bridle and one gray horse and all the plantation and carpenter tools, two feather beds and furniture and one bedstead and cord, one cow and two year old heifer, five head of sheep, and all the tubs barrels and cogs and all other such like plunder and twenty two dollars that is due from Julian Millicom, and Enoch to be at the expense of all demands against the estate. I also give to Enoch one Rifle gun, and it is my desire that all the hogs be left for the familys use.;
Item I give to my daughter Hannah Wood one dollar.
And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my son William Alldredge and James Alldredge Executors of this my last will and testament. By me [x’d out] Hereby revoking all other former wills or testaments by me heretofore made; in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23d day of March and in the year of our Lord 1818
signed, sealed, published and declared to be the last will and testament of the above named Nathan Alldridge in presents of us who at his request and in his presents have hereunto subscribed our names as witneses to the same.[signed] Alexander Howell Jr.,Aron Gentry, Nathan Alldredge, Maxell Brown Jr. (marks) (seal)
-- Probated at the October 1828 Sessions of the Knox County Court, TN."

Unknown Alldredge entry:
----------1b. Andrew Jackson Aldridge (~1812 TN-1850s? AL) married Lucinda Unknown (~1812 KY-) -- 7 children (census: 1850, 1860?)(two sons named Andrew? -- this is the one that is more questionable)
Some genealogists have ascribed this child to Andrew Jackston Alldredge Sr, but it is certain his son Andrew Jackson Aldridge was born ~1822, and he would not have named two sons Andrew.

Alexander Madden from Linda Smith, 2014 -- I am researching my Madden ancestors, who lived in NC>TN. My earliest known ancestor was Alexander Madden b. abt. 1781 in NC, d. 26 Aug 1870 in Putnam Co., TN. He married Patsey James 4 Jul 1801 in Orange Co., NC. Their children, as far as I can find, were William, Elisha A., Monroe “Wiley,” Hosea, and John A.In the 1810 census, Orange Co., N. Carolina lists Andrew, Ar. (Alexander?), and John Madden (John & Andrew on same pg.). In 1830, Jackson Co., Tennessee lists Alexander, Andrew, Charles, and William together, township unlisted. Alexander + 1 m. 5-10 + 1 m. 50-60 + 1 f. 10-15 + 1 f. 50-60. The 1840 Jackson Co., TN, census lists Addison Ma**on, Alex Madden, and Hasea Maddin. I am almost sure my Maddens are somehow related to your Maidens. Could Alexander be the son of John Maiden/Madden b. abt. 1750 d. 1823? Do you have any research that shows the relationship?

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