Grandchildren of Martha Frost and John Howsmon

1. William Howmon (12/15/1782 Frederick, VA - 8/19/1863 Madison, OH), married (1) Abigail Britton (4/16/1883 VA-11/26/1831 OH) on 5/26/1802 and (2) Frances Wrenn Roberts on 12/29/1833 -- 12 children:
-----1a. Letticia Howsmon (4/3/1804 Winchester, VA - 9/23/1842 Madison, OH) married John Britton on 5/8/1820 John Britton -- 7 children
-----1a. John Britton Howsmon (6/12/1807 Winchester, VA - 12/22/1880 London, OH) married Mary Foster on 7/28/1833 -- 11 children
-----1a. Isaac Frost Howsmon (8/13/1809 Ross, OH - 4/9/1856 Madison, OH?) married Elizabeth Fisher on 9/22/1831 -- 4 children
-----1a. Mary Martha Howsmon (11/27/1811 Ross, OH - 11/7/1859 Towanda, IL) married David Rayburn on 10/7/1830 -- 9 children
-----1a. William Howsmon (10/7/1813 Madison, OH - 11/3/1813 -- died young
-----1a. Joseph Howsmon (6/23/1815 Madison, OH - 9/29/1890, Illinois) married Elizabeth Gregory on 6/1/1837 -- 9 children
-----1a. Frances Howsmon (2/19/1818 Madison, OH - 2/22/1873 Madison, OH)married John Byers on 7/7/1836 -- 7 children
-----1a. James W. Howsmon (3/28/1820 Madison, OH - 9/8/1849 Madison, OH) -- never married
-----1a. Martha Howsmon (1/28/1822 Madison, OH - 1876 Madison, OH) married John Nicholson on 11/18/1868 -- 1 child
-----1a. Charles Howsmon (1/17/1824 Madison, OH - 9/17/1825 -- died young
-----1a. Jacob Wrenn Howsmon (12/10/1834 Madison OH-7/6/1835 -- died young
-----1a. (adopted) Loraine Byers (1830s-2/1/1864 Madison, OH) married A. B. Walker -- 2 children

2. Frances Howsmon (2/10/1785 Frederick, VA - 4/18/1865 Madison, OH -- never married (census: 1850, 1860)

3. Abraham Howsmon (7/8/1787 Frederick, VA - 1812 Sandusky, OH) -- never married

4. Isaac Howsmon (12/3/1789 Frederick, VA - 11/10/1866 Madison, OH) married Sarah McClimons (8/28/1791 PA-6/29/1845 OH) on 4/1/1819 -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860)
-----4a. John W. Howsmon (4/22/1820 OH-5/2/1882) married unknown Wiley
----------4b. unknown children
-----4a. Jacob Frost Howsmon (5/14/1821 OH-2/1/1845) -- never married
-----4a. George M. Howsmon (11/12/1822 OH-1/24/1876 OH) married Rebecca Cox (~1828 OH-3/17/1856 OH) on 2/5/1846 -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------4b. Isaac Taylor Housmon (11/29/1846-11/1936 Lawrence,KS) -- never married
----------4b. Wilson A. Housmon (~1848 OH-) married Eliza McLean in 1878 bio)
---------------4c. infant Housmon (6/1880-6/25/1880) -- died young
---------------4c. Howard Housmon (1/1882-)
----------4b. Sarah J. Housmon (1850-? Kansas City) married Dr. Tom R. McClintock, Jr -- no children
----------4b. John L. Housman (7/18/1852-4/1937) married Frances Fletcher (~1859-8/19/1944) on 11/15/1878 -- 5 children
---------------4c. Thurman Howsmon
---------------4c. George M. Howsmon (of Mobile,AL)
---------------4c. John T. Howsmon (of Leesburg,OH)
---------------4c. Florence Howsmon married Unknown Crisman
---------------4c. Mildred Howsmon -- never married
----------4b. Rebecca J. Housman (3/1/1856 OH-12/18/1860 OH) -- died young (smallpox)
-----4a. Mary Jane Howsmon (3/26/1825-8/28/1886) married William Baldwin (~1819 OH-1880s/90s) on 3/26/1846 -- 12 children (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------4b. Isaac C. Baldwin (~1846 OH-)
----------4b. Sarah C. Baldwin (~1848 OH-)
----------4b. Nancy M. Baldwin (~1949 OH-)
----------4b. William H. Baldwin (~1851 OH-)
----------4b. Thomas H. Baldwin (~1853 OH-)
----------4b. Jonathan R. Baldwin (~1854 OH-)
----------4b. Martha J. Baldwin (~1856 OH-)
----------4b. Elizabeth A. Baldwin (~1858 OH-)
----------4b. George Baldwin (~1860 OH-)
----------4b. Enoch Baldwin (~1862 OH-)
----------4b. Mary Frances Baldwin (~1865 OH-)**
----------4b. James H. Baldwin (~1868 OH-)
-----4a. William Howsmon (12/24/1826-12/6/1827) -- died young
-----4a. Martha Minerva Howsmon (6/9/1829-1880s/90s) married Granville Rodgers (~1825 OH-1880s/90s) on 8/21/1849 -- 7 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880 p.2
----------4b. Mary E. Rodgers (~1851 OH-)
----------4b. Isaac Rodgers (~1853 OH-)
----------4b. Sarah Rodgers (~1854 OH-)
----------4b. John Rodgers (~1856 OH-)
----------4b. Margaret Rodgers (~1860 OH-)
----------4b. William Rodgers (~1963 OH-)
----------4b. Alma Rodgers (~1869 OH-)
-----4a. Margaret Miriam Howsmon (1/20/1831-10/20/1886) married Rev. John W. Steele (11/11/1811 VA-11/17/1900 OH) -- 1 child (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------4b. (step-daughter) Sarah J. Steele (11/1839 OH-) married Unknown Sturgeon -- 5 children
----------4b. may be other stepchildren
----------4b. (step-daughter) Theodocia Steele (~1846 OH-)
----------4b. (step-son) John W. Steele (~1850 OH-)
----------4b. (step-son) Cornell Steele (~1853 OH-)
----------4b. (step-daughter) Alice D. Steele (~1855 OH-)
----------4b. (step-son) Rufus Steele (~1859 OH-)
----------4b. Isaac Elmer Steele (~1867 OH-)
-----4a. Isaac Howsmon, Jr (2/2/1833-7/18/1868) -- never married
"History of Madison County, Ohio, Range Township" Isaac Housman married Sarah McClimans and spent his life as a farmer near the old home place of his father. He also engaged largely as a stock-dealer, and accumulated a large property prior to his death; was a leading, prominent man, and represented this county in the Legislature, and was Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for some years. He was the father of eight children; three now survive - Mary, wife of William Baldwin, and resides in Fayette County, Ohio; Martha, wife of Granville Rogers, and resides near Knowville, Tenn.; and Margaret, wife of John W. Steel. (1885 bio)

Note: special request of Isaac and Mary descendants: we are missing their 1805 fraktur page -- a copy of this would be most appreciated if it still exists in the family. Please
5. Mary "Polly" Frost Howsmon (4/18/1791 Frederick, VA - 6/18/1847 Madison, OH) married Thomas T. Reeves (~1889 VA-1870s OH) on 3/28/1815 -- 12 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
-----5a. Martha Margaret Reeves (10/30/1815-1904) married Benjamin Harrison (~1815 VA-1880s/90s OH) on 3/9/1827 -- 4 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------5b. Mary E Harrison (~1838 OH-)
----------5b. Batteall Harrison (~1840 OH-1880s/90s) married Lydia -- 6 children (census: 1870 p.2, 1880)
---------------5c. Etura F. Harrison (12/1864 OH-) married Herman Kennedy -- 3+ children
---------------5c. Elma B. Harrison (~1866 OH-)
---------------5c. Marcus A. Harrison (~1867 OH-) -- died young
---------------5c. Benjamin R. Harrison (3/1869 OH-) married Celia unknown -- 2+ children
---------------5c. Massey Harrison (~1873 OH-)
---------------5c. Martha Harrison (2/1881 OH-) -- Note: Phyllis Housman Pollock states that Martha Harrison Baker has in her possession an old coin which was handed down to her by her grandmother, Martha Reeves Harrison, a Spanish "Pieces of 8"; it is so worn that the date is scarecely legible, but it is marked "J. Frost" (much like tools are now marked/die-stamped) -- it is said the date may have commemorated his birth.
----------5b. Isabelle Harrison (~1847 OH-)
----------5b. Winnie Harrison (~1850 OH-)
----------5b. (adopted) Roda Busish (~1857 OH-)
----------5b. (adopted) Belle Vance (~1861 OH-)
-----5a. Elizabeth Jane Reeves (12/4/1815 OH-2/25/1853) -- never married
-----5a. Phetney (Phoetina?) Powell Reeves (3/23/1818 OH-1850s?) married Alfred Jenkins (~1820 OH-1870s? OH) -- 3 chldren (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------5b. Elizabeth Jenkins (~1841 OH-)
----------5b. Hannah Jenkins (~1843 OH-)
----------5b. Maranda Jenkins (~1847 OH-)
-----5a. William Henry Harrison Reeves (8/13/1819 OH-2/5/1886) -- never married
-----5a. Hannah Amanda Reeves (10/2/1821 OH-1840s OH) married Dr. William McClintock (~1817 OH-) on 7/23/1841 -- 2? children (see Frances below)
----------5b. Hannah A. McClintock (1842 OH-) married David Beale (11/1/1840 OH-) on 12/30/1863 -- 3 children
---------------5c. Flora A. Beale (11/3/1864-)
---------------5c. Everett Beale (6/24/1866-)
---------------5c. Ross Beale (5/6/1870-)
----------5b. Thomas R. McClintock (~1846 OH-)
-----5a. Thomas Frost Reeves (9/23/1923 OH-9/30/1844) -- never married
-----5a. Isaac Howsmon (12/9/1825 OH-1907) -- never married
-----5a. Frances Carolina Reeves (12/12/1827 OH-) married Dr. William McClintock (~1817 OH-1870s OH) by 1850 -- 3? children (see Hannah above)(census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------5b. Martha McClintock (~1849 OH-)(could be Hannah's daughter?)
----------5b. Frances McClintock (~1855? OH-)
----------5b. William McClintock (~1857? OH-)
-----5a. Mary Anne Reeves (2/7/1831 OH-) -- never married
-----5a. James Foster Reeves (1/6/1833 OH-) -- never married (invalid)
-----5a. John Davis Reeves (1/16/1835 OH-10/1/1855) -- never married
-----5a. Sarah Ellen Reeves (7/21/1837 OH-) married (1) James Langley on 10/8/1854 and (2) Leander Hicks on 1/4/1866 -- ? children
----------5b. unknown children

6. Jacob Howsmon (10/30/1794 Frederick, VA - 12/18/1859 Madison, OH) -- never married (census: 1850)

7. Hannah Howsmon (6/4/1797 Frederick, VA - 12/23/1866 Madison, OH) -- never married (census: 1850, 1860)

8. Samuel Taylor Howsmon (6/26/1800 Frederick, VA - 8/10/1819 Madison, OH) -- died young

9. Margaret "Peggy" Howsmon (6/26/1803 Frederick, VA - 4/22/1885 Madison, OH) married James McClimans (7/29/1796 PA-6/15/1860 OH) on 5/12/1822 -- 10 Children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
-----9a. Abraham McClimans (1823-1824?) -- died young (TB)
-----9a. Martha McClimans (1/1824-1908) married Samuel C. Tenney (1825 NH-1880s/1890s OH) on 8/26/1854 -- no children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
-----9a. (maybe) Mary McClimans (1827-1829) -- died young
-----9a. Miranda (Amanda?) McClimans (~1828-8/13/1860) married Daniel Foster (7/7/1828 OH-8/26/1915 OH) on 1/22/1852 -- 2 children (census: 1860, 1870)
----------9b. Bernard W. Foster (~1853 OH-)
----------9b. Jennie Foster (~1854 OH-)
-----9a. Hannah McClimans (~1831-1850) -- died young (TB)
-----9a. Margaret McClimans (~1832-1853) -- died young (TB)
-----9a. Caroline McClimans (~1835-1856) -- died young (TB)
-----9a. Clara McClimans (~1837-1854) -- died young (TB)
-----9a. Emma (Emily?) McClimans (~1839-1864?) -- died young (TB)
-----9a. Sarah McClimans (~1841-8/6/1864) married Emery Smith (4/1838 OH-) on 6/9/1864 (see Frances following)
-----9a. Frances McClimans (5/4/1842-1/8/1914) married Emery Smith (4/1838 OH-1900s OH) on 2/6/1867 (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------9b. Forest Smith (11/1868 OH-1900s OH)
---------------9c. Richard S. Smith (8/1896 OH-) (blind? -- census 1910?)
----------9b. Howard Smith (12/2/1869-1869 OH)(twin) -- died young
----------9b. Seward Smith (12/2/1869-1869 OH)(twin) -- died young
Six children were said to have died young from tuberculosis; birth and death dates may not be entirely accurate.
"The History of Madison County, Ohio - 1883" -- Emery Smith was born in Delaware County, Ohio, April 9, 1838, and in 1844 removed to Canaan Township, of this county, where he received the benefit of a common school education. In 1856-57, he attended Oberlin College; thence, in 1858, he went to the Clevelenad Law Collage, graduating in the spring of 1860, and was immediately admitted to the law bar by the Supreme Court, at Columbus. On the 16th of August, 1860, he came to London, and formed a law partnership with Col. J. C. McCloud, which lasted about seven years, when it was dissolved and he continued alone. He subsequently was in partnership with John J. Bell, B. H. Lewis and D. C. Badger, respectively, but since the dissolution of the last partnership, has practiced alone. He was married to Sarah MCClimans, daughter of James and Margaret McClimans, of Madison County. She lived but a few months after her marriage, and he was subsequently united to Frances McClimans, a sister of his first wife, who has borne him one son, Forest. Politically, Mr. Smith is a Republican, and in 1861 enlisted in Company C, Seventeenth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, for the three months' service. After the expiration of that term, he was appointed Deputy Provost Marshal of the Seventh District, which he held until the close of the war. He has been Mayor of London one term, and is a well-read lawyer, who obtains a fair share of the law business of Madison County.

10. Martha "Patsy" Howsmon (2/14/1806 Frederick, VA - 8/16/1878 Madison, OH)** married (1) William Rayburn (~1803-9/18/1829 OH) on 9/23/1824 and (2) Philip McDaniels (~1815 VA-) on 7/15/1838 -- 7 children (census: 1860, 1870)
-----10a. Margaret Rayburn (11/12/1825?-2/13/1883?) married John Jay Blue on 2/5/1845 -- 6 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------10b. Martha J. Blue (~1845 OH-)
----------10b. Clinton D. Blue (11/1846 OH-) and Mary Unknown (1/1846 VA-) -- 14 children (census: 1880, 1900,)
---------------10c. Margaret Blue (7/1879 OH-)
---------------10c. Martha Blue (12/1882 OH-)
---------------10c. Unknown Blue -- died young
---------------10c. Belva Blue (10/1886 OH-)
----------10b. Jonathan R. Blue (~1852 OH-)
----------10b. Marcus Blue (~1856 OH-)
----------10b. Isabelle Blue (~1859 OH-)
----------10b. William Socretes Blue (~1865 OH-)
-----10a. John Rayburn (11/21/1827-8/2/1847 OH) -- did not marry
-----10a. James H. McDaniel (4/28/1838 OH-1/14/1923) married Mary Ann Smith (9/1843 OH-) -- 7 children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920)
----------10b. Laura McDaniel (~1866 OH-)
----------10b. Mary M. McDaniel (~1868 OH-)
----------10b. George F. McDaniel (~1870 OH-)
----------10b. Clarence E. McDaniel (4/1872 OH-)
----------10b. Phillip McDaniel (5/1876 OH-)
----------10b. James McDaniel (6/1880 OH-)
----------10b. child McDaniel -- died young
-----10a. Isabelle McDaniel (6/23/1843 OH-7/30/1897) married James Sever on 6/30/1870 -- ? children (census: 1900)
----------10b. ? Earl Sever (1/1883 OH-)
----------10b. not sure this is right -- Isabelle supposedly died in 1897, but this looks like a Gabriella married to James, and married 30 years in 1900?
-----10a. Jacob McDaniel (10/27/1844 OH-9/22/1915) married Lucinda Mitchell (12/1846 OH-) -- 1 child (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910?)
----------10b. Ida Bell McDaniel (~1867 OH-)
-----10a. George McDaniel (12/15/1847 OH-2/6/1880) (a cripple) -- died young
-----10a. Isaac Scott McDaniel (10/14/1851 OH-2/6/1937 OH) married Nora Spurgeon (11/1855 OH-1930s?) -- 9 children (census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------10b. Raymond McDaniel (2/1883 OH-)
----------10b. Thomas S. McDaniel (5/1886 OH-)
----------10b. Herman McDaniel (6/1888 OH-)
----------10b. Alvah McDaniel (10/1889 OH-)
----------10b. child McDaniel -- died young
----------10b. William McDaniel (11/1892 OH-)
----------10b. child McDaniel -- died young
----------10b. Lizzie McDaniel (10/1895 OH-)
----------10b. Anna McDaniel (12/1897 OH-)

Pages from William Perry Hay's book (based on personal family interviews in 1900-1940):
John Howsmon (16,17,18,19,20,21,22) and Martha Frost (23,173)
Their children: William Howsmon-24,35,36, (wife Abigail Britton-39,183, wife Frances Wren-40), Frances-25, Isaac-26, Mary-27, Jacob-28, Hannah-29, Samuel-30, John-31, Abraham-32, Martha-33, Margaret-34

*1883 The history of Madison County, Ohio by Robert C. Brown

Sources: According to the book "The Houseman (Housman) Family of Frederick County, Virginia and Madison County, Ohio" (by Hansy and Slattery in 1955 I think) -- information on George M Howsmon and Rebecca Cox and their five children.

** 1937 letter from Frances Baldwin to William Perry Hay confirmed dates on Martha Howsmon Rayburn's birth and death. "She was buried in Bethel Cemetery but did not have a tombstone." Frances Baldwin was working on the Crevistine and Frost lines -- I assume Crevistine is an ancestor on the Baldwin side and not the Howsmon side.

Biography of Wilson A. Houseman From HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY W. H. Beers [Chicago, 1883] Page 1049 WILSON A. HOUSMAN, merchant, Danville. George M. Housman, the father of our subject, was born in Madison County, where he engaged in merchandising for eight years prior to his death. He married Rebecca Cox, by whom he had five children, viz.: Isaac Taylor, born November 29, 1846; Sarah J., born in 1850, and married Dr. T. R. McClintick, of Karns City; John L., born in 1852, and married Fanny Fletcher; Rebecca J., died aged eight years, and William [sic] A. The latter remained with his parents until he reached his majority, when he rented a farm, which he operated eight years, and at the death of his father he carried on merchandising in connection with his farming. In 1878, he married Eliza McLean, by whom he has had two children. In connection with his brother, he operates a large tile factory at Danville, which they built in 1882, and in which they manufacture extensively drain tile of all sizes. They also carry on a store in Danville. Mr. Housman is a Democrat in politics. His grandparents emigrated from Virginia at an early day, and located in Madison County.

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