Sophie Guth and Johann Conrad Rueb (Rüb)

Sophie Henriette Guth

Johann Conrad Rueb/Rüb

Parents: Mariana Christiana ?? and Johann Adam Guth

Parents: Anna Catherina Schneidmuller and Johann Heinrich Rueb

Born: in Usenborn

Born: March 30, 1800 Gedern (record)

Married: 5/4/1820 Conrad Rueb (record)

Married: 5/4/1820 Sophie Guth (record)

Died: 12/28/1854 Gedern (record)

Died: March 29, 1860 Gedern

Interred: Gedern

Interred: Gedern




Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Carl Engelhardt

8/1819 Gedern

2. Catherine Henriette

12/9/1820 Gedern

12/6/1864 Gedern

10/12/1840 Lorenz Stiebeling


3. Catharine Christiane

5/19/1822 Gedern

Conrad Christian

11/25/1824 Gedern




Carl Heinrich

1835 Gedern



10/1839 Gedern


Note: 1839 death record for Johann Heinrich Rueb. Note that Sophia Guth married Johann Conrad Rueb after their first son was born, as did daughter Catherine Henriette Rueb.

It was Catherine's brother Conrad listed above who emigrated to America on 12/1/1854 on the S.S. Palestine (list), London to New York: Conrad Rueb, 30 male saddler; Louisa Rueb, 28; Fredr Rueb 10; Louisa Rueb 3; Hendrich Rueb 19, miller; Jacob Rueb 15; with Catherine's first-born child Herman Stiebeling 14 -- so Conrad took his own family, his two younger brothers, and his nephew with him to America. Shockingly, they landed 12/1 and their mother died just 27 days later back home in Germany! The Ruebs, and undoubtedly Hermann too, initially settled in New York -- Conrad Rueb, upholsterer, at 168 Third is listed in the 1855/56 directory, along with an unknown Gustavus Rueb, baker at the same address. Gustave shows up again at the same address in 1857/58. However, they are not found in subsequent directories, nor is the family located in the 1860 census or any other. In 1860 Herman is a soldier in Texas (this is the only Herman Stiebeling in America -- despite the age of 23 and the Irish ancestry, it is the right one) -- he was stationed at the Ringgold Barracks in Texas, with the US Cavalry, when the Civil War broke out. When the post was evacuated, Hermann made his way to Washington DC where he reenlisted on 26 November 1863, at age 23 (correct ge now) as a private for the Union, in the Regular Army (H 5.812 Cavalry -- see pension), and he was discharged on 26 November 1868.

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