Miscellaneous Pennsyvania Recors

Early marriages at Christ Church, Philadelphia
Britain, Benjamin and Mary Pugh, Apr 21, 1759
Britain, Rachel and Frederick Fetzer, June 12, 1753
Britton, Ann and John Mallineux, June 16, 1794
Britton, Benjamin and Rebecca Smith, Oct 13, 1802
Britton, Eleanor and William Dewees, Dec 10, 1805
Britton, John and Eleanor Waters, Apr 1, 1767
Briton, Mary and William Dewees, July 12, 1800
Britton, Rachel and Albertson Walton, Apr 15, 1755
Britton, Sarah and Standish Ford, Dec 5, 1795
Britton, Susannah and George Bud, Nov 23, 1782
Britton, Thomas and Catherine Forbes Sep 29, 1768
Britton, William and Elizabeth Northorp, Sep 16, 1720.
Swedes' Church of Philadelphia
Brittain, Benjamin and Mary Martingiel, Feb 17, 1781
Britton, Elizabeth and Adam Hammer, Apr 9, 1782
Britton, Hanna and John Smith, Dec 3, 1789
Britton, Thomas and Susannah Madders, Feb 17, 1785
Britton, William and Cathrine Smith, Sep 23, 1794
First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle -- no Brittons!
German Reformed Church, Philadelpha
Briton, Anna and William Sintelton, Aug 7, 1768
Britton, Sarah and Benage Brown, Nov 5, 1795
First Baptist Church, Philadelphia
Britton, Ann and John Cook, Apr 21, 1801
Britton, Catherine and John W. Batson, Esq, Dec 16, 1794
Britton Catherine and Thomas Edward, Oct 19, 1786
Britton, Kezie and George Sweetman, Feb 11, 1785
Britton, Rebecca and Thomas Fleeson, Jan 24, 1771.
---Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810, vol. 1, 1968.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania -- Church Records of the 17th and 18th centuries
Early Britton Records in Buck County, PA:
Josep of Derrick van Pelt and Mary Britten, bapt Jan 15, 1743.
p. 357. Patrick Poe, of Plumstead, Innholder. Sept 7, 1758. Proved Feby 9, 1759. Wife Abigail and son Edward, exrs. Children, Edward, Patrick, John, Sarah, Rich, Abigail Brittain, Martha and Ann Poe. Wit: William Jessup, Samuel Simson, John Russell.
p. 210. Philip Wood of Plumstead Twpl., Yeoman. Jan 3, 1782. Proved June 11, 1782. Son Peter. Daus. Elizabeth Miller and Deborah ____. Gd.son William Miller eldest son of dau. Elizabeth. Benj. Fell and Wm. Mains, exrs. Caveat filed May 28, 1782. by Peter Wood. Wit: Joseph Britton, James Davis, Jesse Britton. "Great age and infirmities." Will confirmed June 11.
p. 388. John Brittian of Plumstead Twp. yeoman. 3-21-1770. Proved 5-2-1785. Sons Nathaniel and Nathan exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William, Nathaniel, Nathan, Joseph and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth wife of Edward Morris, Anna wife of William Young, Hannah wife of Peter Cosner, Mary wife of James Lewis and Martha wife of Edward Poe. Lot adj. Peter Cosner and Robert Gibson. Wits: Joseph Michener and James Erwin.
p.104. Martha Baxter of Plumstead Twp., widow. Aug 18, 1787. Proved Aug. 22, 1788. Joseph Brittain and William McCalla, exrs. Sons George and John Cook. Daus. Ann Howard, Mary Fetherby, Mary Comble. Gdsns. John Howard and William Cook. Gddaus. Martha Howard and Mary Dunn. Wits: Jesse Britton, Smith Price.
p. 117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved Aug 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees.
p. 129. Cornelius Vansant. Wrightstown Twp. Feb 8, 1788. Proved March 26, 1789. "Far advanced in years." Wife Mary. Nephew David Dungan and Joseph Carver exrs. Cornelius Brittain son of nephew Joseph Brittain. Cornelius Dungan, son of nephew David Dungan and Cornelius Carver, son of nephew Joseph Carver. Wits: Robert Ware, Hannah Lee, John Terry Junr.
p. 195. John Thomas of Hilltown Twp., Minister. May 31, 1788. Proved Nov. 15, 1790. Codicil Oct 24, 1789. Wife Sarah and gdsons. John Brittin and John Pugh, exrs. Daus. Ann, widow of Nathan Brittin dec'd.; Rebecca wife of Daniel Pugh; Leah wife of Samuel Jones and Sarah wife of John Blackwell. Gdch. John Brittin, Samuel Jones. Thomas Rowland, son of Stephen. MarK Hardy. Land adj. Amos Thomas, Abraham Miller, Peter Boder, James Shannon. Thomas Morris. Thomas and John Biggle. Josiah Lunn. Wits: Benjamin Morris, Joseph Thomas, Thomas Jones, Junr.
p. 236. Jane Grier, widow, May 19, 1797. Proved Jan 15, 1800. Son Matthew Grier exr. Eldest son John Grier. Daus. Agnes wife of Cephas Child., Susanna wife of Joseph Greer, Mary wife of Josiah Ferguson., Wits: Benjamin Jones, Elizabeth Brittin, Thomas Jones Senr.
p 446. Eve Kepler, Plumstead Twp. June 4, 1814. Proved Dec. 26, 1814. Ch. Elizabeth Luse, John Kepler and Jacob Kepler. Wits: George Rice and Robert Gibson. Sons John and Jacob Kepler exrs.
Early Gibson records in Buck County, PA
Lancelot Gibson, of Bucks Co., m. 10th day of 2nd month, 1707, Mary Meadecalf, of said co., at the house of Stephen Twining in Middletown Tp.
1/3/1707 -- Marriage of Lancelot Gibson and Mary Meadcalf orderly accomplished.
1/7/1709 -- Lancelot Gibson was overtaken with too much strong liquor.
Children of Lancelot and Mary (Meadcalf?) Gibson: Joseph Gibson b. 17th day of 2nd month, 1708; Mary Gibson b. 1st day of 10th month, 1709; Martha Gibson b. 9th day of 12th month, 1712; Agnes Gibson b. 20th day of 5th month, 1715; Grace Gibson b. 25th day of 12th month, 1717; Rachael Gibson b. 5th day of 5th month, 1720; Hannah Gibson b. 13th day of 12th month, 1722; Rebecca Gibson b. 24th day of 3rd months, 1725; John Gibson b. 14th day of 7th month, 1729.
5/6/1764 -- Spoke to John Gibson concerning his proceeding in marriage contrary to the disipline of Friends and his driving a wagon with military stores to the Army.
p. 117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved Aug 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees.
16/1/1794 -- Margaret Gibson having gone out in marriage.
p. 300. Mathias Sandham, New Britain Twp., yeoman. Nov. 9, 1811. Proved Aug 13, 1812. Mother Rebecca Sandham and Thomas Morris exrs. Sister Anna wife of Barton Stewart. Wits: James Evans, John Gibson and David Evans.
Early Frost records in Buck County, PA
3/1/1709 -- John Frost, clear from other women and the children's estate secured.
7/2/1709 -- marriage of John Frost and Margaret Stackhouse orderly accomplished.
3/2/1712 -- John Frost complains against Thomas Cutler for delaying to pay him a certain sum of money.
Mary Frost was bur. 19th day of 1st month, 1714.
John Frost was bur. 25th day of 8th month 1716.
Note: These Bucks PA records are most interesting. What we know about William Frost of Winchester, VA is that he was born circa 1710s, died 1775 in Winchester. The Frost line was thought to have been in Virginia as early as the late 1800s, as William's father John was thought to have been born there circa 1684 -- however, the first Virginia records found were for land in 1735. In 1740 both William and John Frost bought items from an estate sale in Winchester. The Frosts were Quakers, but were known to have also volunteered in the military. In the Hopewell Meeting records, the Frost family was recorded as having moved through Pennsylvania to Maryland, and William Perry Hay (1871-1947) in his many years of research thought the Frosts were originally from New York, along with the Howsmon and Britton families -- all three families "helped erect the settlement of Stony Brook and later Richmond" (Staten Island), and "subsequently all three pioneer frontiermen families traveled west together to NJ, MD, PA, VA and finally OH." These facts make the possibility of this being a match more likely.
-----------------more from this book -- oragne abstracts of Bucks County Wills 1685-1785. didn't do tax records either in big book. or look at pioneers. (tons of Vansant/Vanzant. no more Frosts).