Alma Elizabeth Bischoff Hay Will and Probate

Alma's 1954 Will (and the one-page recording) -- click on photo for a larger image (note: the copy I received was in very poor condition)
1954 Last Will and Testament of Alma E. Hay

          I, ALMA E. HAY of Washington, District of Columbia, being of sound and disposing mind, and revoking any and all previously made wills, declare this my Last Will and Testament

          FIRST, I direct that my Executors, hereinafter named, pay all my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my decease as conveniently may be.

          SECOND, I nominate and appoint my sons, Donald A. Hay and Perry I. Hay, as joint executors of this My Last Will and Testament, and direct that neither shall be required to give bond for the performance of the duties of such office.

          THIRD, I give, bequeath and devise all of my property, real, personal and mixed, heretofore or hereafter acquired, wheresoever (situated?) to my sons Donald A. Hay and Perry I. Hay, share and share alike.

          IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, ALMA E. HAY, have hereunto set my hand and seal in the City of Washington, District of Columbia, this 9th day of April, 1954.


          SIGNED, SEALED, PUBLISHED AND DECLARED By ALMA E. HAY, the (testatrix?), as, for and to be her Last Will and Testament, in the presence of (us?) and as each of us, whereupon we, at her request, in her presence, and in the presence of each other, have hereonto set our names as witnesses this 9th day of April, 1954.
(seal) Dorothy S. (Davidson?), 5314 8th Road, Arlington, Va.
(seal) Robert (Sheet?), 6725 Fairfax Rd, Chevy Chase, Md.
(seal) (scribble), 1717 G. St., NW, Wash., DC

Alma's 1956 Probate, p.2 -- click on photo for a larger image -- and all 19 pages
1956 Probate documents

Alma Hay died Sunday, May 6, 1956, and her funeral was two days later on Tuesday, May 8. Her death was a result of a cerebral hemorrhage thought to be brought on from insulin shock (she was a diabetic) and she fell and hit her head while mowing. Her will was filed nine days later on Wednesday, May 17. The estate probate papers were filed the day previous on Tuesday, May 16, with many subsequent papers in 1956 and 1957, most specifying stock sales.

The probate document details an estate of $171,914

Assets ($173,944):
1. $13,944 residence at 1635 Roxanna Rd
2. $1,000 in cash
3. $1,000 in furniture
4. $6,700 in accounts receivable from son Donald A. Hay
5. $151,300 in stocks
Debts ($2,030):
1. $30 utilities
2. $2,000 expenses of last illness and funeral

Robert's estate four years earlier in 1952 was $254,154, and that did not include the residence at Roxanna Rd. Therefore, Alma's comparable estate was $157,970 ($171,914-13,944), and this amount is $96,184 less than Robert's. It is thought that this decrease might be roughly equivalent to the worth of the Hay Rubber Stamp Company (the $50,911 sale to Elfrieda and the $23,190 office building and lot). However, it should be pointed out that the decline in stock value from $170,000 in 1952 to $151,300 in 1956 is unusual for this time -- over this four-year period the DJIA actually almost doubled (269 on 6/9/52 to 513 on 6/7/56) -- so it is probable that Alma also sold some shares of stock over the four years. It is thought that Alma invested in her son Perry's real estate business and did not recklessly spend the money, as Don was upset that Perry had received so much more of his father's estate. Since the 13th Street Hay Rubber Stamp property was not in Alma's 1956 estate but was listed in Robert's 1952 estate, it is assumed she sold this property prior to her death, and the Hay family did not therefore own it or have any claim to it in 1987 when it was abandoned.