Jesse Britton's will of 1842

Jesse Britton died on August 8, 1842, at the age of 83. His last will and testament, still available in Pickaway County today, reads:

          In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I, Jesse Britton of Pickaway County and State of Ohio, do make and publish this my last will and testament.

          Item 1st, - I give and devise to my Beloved wife, Susannah, in lieu of her dower, together with my son Harrison, the farm whereon we now reside, situated in Pickaway County, containing about one hundred and twenty-eight acres, during her natural life, during which time said farm to be in possession, and under control and cultivation of my said wife and son Harrison . . . Also to my beloved wife the whole remainder of my household furniture, after certain devises hereafter mentioned, during her natural life . . . Likewise I give and devise to my beloved wife, 2 Bay mares, one called Fly and the other Jim, also four cows, choice also of 10 head of sheep, also 10 hogs, 1st choice and one saddle which she claims.

          Item 2nd, - I give and devise to my son Joseph Britton the sum of $100, after the decease of my wife, to be drawn from my real Estate, more than his equal dividend thereof.

          Item 3rd, - I give and devise to my daughter Nancy Britton, one brown coalt, Rone-Oak, to be kept on the place of my residence, while she continues to make her home here . . . Also one bed and furniture, also 1 saddle which she calls her own, and also 1 cow, 2nd choice.

          Item 4, - I give and devise to my daughter Amanda Britton 1 bed and bedding, 1 womans saddle, the one she claims, and 1 cow, 3rd choice.

          Item 5, - I give and devise to my son Harrison Britton 1 sorrel horse, and all my farming utensils, belonging to me and also $100 at the decease of my wife, to be paid out of the proceeds of my real estate, more than what would be his equal dividend arising from the sale of my real estate . . . Also 1 yellow coalt and all the cattle and hogs which he now claims as his own property, and 1 new saddle which he now claims.

          Item 6, - I give and devise to my daughter Carissa Britton, 1 bed and bedding, 1 young white cow 3 years old, and also $15 out of personal estate in lieu of (?) 1 womans saddle.

          Item 7, - I devise and bequeath that the residue of my stock and other property, which I may be possessed with at my death, more than what I have given and devised, after paying My funeral charges and debts, to be sold at Public venue, and the proceeds thereof to be equally divided among my sons and daughters, eleven in number, and at the decease of my wife that my farm whereon I now reside be sold to the best advantage and the proceeds arising therefrom (after deducting $200 before bequeathed to Joseph Britton and Harrison Britton) be equally divided between my eleven sons and daughter, namely: Abbigal Housimanís [sic] heirs (deceased), Joseph Britton, Letitia McCutcheon, Elizabeth Dunlap, Louise Thompson, Nancy Britton, Amanda Britton, Harrison Britton, Carissa Britton, Cynthe Jimmerson and Susan Bennett.

          Item 8, - I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Joseph Britton, Executor of my last will and testament hereby authorising and empowering him to compromise, adjust, release and discharge in such manner as he may deem proper, the debts and claims due me.

          I do hereby revoke all former wills by me made.

          In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st day of December, A.D., 1841.

                              Jesse Britton (Seal)

Note: since Carissa is the only child who does not get a saddle, and she never marries, and she dies at an early age (in her 20s in the 1840s), I wonder if she might have been infirm.