Robert Howsmon Hay High School Football 1902

October 24, 1902 Washington Post
Washington Post, October 24, 1902 -- "Thought you might have overlooked it."

Article (picture caption):
Left, is the way Paul (Maggy) Magoffin looked shortly after leading Central High to a 23-6 victory in its first clash with Tech in 1902. He scored 10 points. Above is the team with Magoffin indicated by arrow. Left to right (top) -- Chris Cox, Donald MacDonald, Jock Snow, Magoffin and Coach Arba Tyndall. Center --Albert West, Capt. "Gal" Purcell, Backus, Peter Yoder and Bob Hay. Lower -- Manager John Tyssewski, Kid Kelly, Archibald, "Block" Kipp, Perry Miller, Logan Cunningham and Louis Dent. At right is Magoffin as he appeared last Thursday night as Tech and Central played to a 0-0 tie in the thirty-eighth renewal of their rivalry. He is one of the most popular referees in town.

Photos: newspaper, and larger team photo -- Bob Hay is in back row on left.