Robert Hay and Alma Bischoff marry in Baltimore in 1909

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Robert Howsmon Hay and Alma Elizabeth Bischoff traveled to Baltimore to get married. Their entry is the last one on the cropped list -- 1909, issued December 15, Hay, Robert H. of Washington, D.C., age 27, White, Single, no relationship (to bride), Bischoff, Alma E. of Washington, D.C., age 24, White, Single, no relationship (to husband), date of marriage: December 15, 1909, minister: Geo. W. Miller, date of filing: Jan 6, 1910.

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Alma and Robert wrote in their diary: "Went to Baltimore and were married by Rev. G. Miller, with mamma and Anna as witnesses. Visited Bushmans. Mother and Father Hay, Aunt Annie and Uncle William, Paul and Miss Wood, Fannie, Mamma, Papa and Anna were our guests that evening." (Perhaps Bushmans is a restaurant or hotel in the Baltimore-Washington area. Anna is Alma's sister. Aunt Annie and Uncle William are Alma's mother's brother and his wife, Paul is Alma's half-brother, and Fannie is Robert's sister. Surprisingly missing are Alma's brother Hermann/"Buddy" and Robert's brother William and his wife Annie.)