Thomas and Sarah Maiden Hay

Sarah Maiden

Thomas Hay

Parents: Mary Passwater and Andrew Maiden

Parents: Jane Ann Taylor & William Hay

Born: June 2, 1800, Hunting Creek, Iredell Cty, NC

Born: November 26, 1800 Linton (near Kelso) Roxborough, Scotland (certificate)

Emigrated: 1811, Scotland to NY probably on the Hindustan

Naturalized: Nov 1920 in Jefferson County, IN (court record)

Married: 11/23/1820 Thomas Hay in Saluda, IN

Married: 11/23/1820 Sarah Maiden in Saluda, IN (see 1877 reference below)

Died: July 6, 1885 in Annawan, IL (death certificate) (Iowa obit)

Died: July 2, 1885 in Annawan, IL (death certificate) (Iowa obit)

Interred: Annawan Cemetery (tombstone)

Interred: Annawan Cemetery (tombstone)

Occupation: Farmer

Genome: Hay genome

"The Maiden family moved to southern Indiana from Raleigh, NC in 1806. There were four children: Sarah, John, Abner and Mary. Andrew Maiden’s father, John Maiden, is said to have been of Welsh descent and a Revolutionary soldier. Aunt Margaret Patterson told me that the Maidens were in some way related to the Polk family in North Carolina, from which President Polk sprang. It is also said that Sarah Maiden claimed relationship to General Marion of Revolutionary fame." -- William Perry Hay (1871-1947). Although W.P.Hay thought the Maidens were from Raleigh, it is certain they were more immediately from the Western part of the state, although the Maidens did live in Raleigh at least in the 1750s. After their daughter-in-law Elizabeth Crawford died, Sarah and Thomas took her middle child Silas to live with them when they were in their late 50s. Sarah died at age 85, just four days after her husband.

"While it has always been my belief that Thomas was the eldest of the children brought to America in 1811 by William and Jane Hay, I have not been able to ascertain the birth date of his sister Isabel, and she may have been older than he. [She was, and already married - see the Taylor-Hay page.] After his marriage, he lived for a while on his father’s farm and then bought a place of his own, more recently [1930s] known as the 'Cromwell place' and built the house in which most, if not all, of his children were born. In 1856 he moved to Illinois, settling in Henry County near the town of Annawan, [with his five youngest children, following children Robert Lyle and Minerva], where he lived on his farm for many years. He later moved into the town and it was there that he died." -- William Perry Hay (1871-1947). Thomas had black hair, was a Democrat, and owned 240 acres in IL.

Census data: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880

Census data: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880

William Perry Hay's reminiscences about his great-grandparents

William Perry Hay's "Hay Genealogy" book
William Perry Hay's 1941 notes



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Robert Lyle

9/30/1821, Saluda IN

12/7/1903, Annawan IL

3/12/1845 Margaret Crawford, 1891 Mary Baker


2. Mary

~1823? Saluda IN

~1826? Saluda IN



3. William Green

12/19/1825 Saluda IN

2/28/1900 Colorado Springs CO

5/4/1853 Samantha Shaw/Shaul


4. Andrew Jackson

~1827? Saluda, IN*

~1829? Saluda, IN*



5. John Champlain

6/2/1828 Saluda IN

10/12/1915 Austin IN

1/8/1852-Elizabeth Crawford, 2– 2/10/1858 Susan Hardy, 3– 11/7/1893 Mary Jennings


6. Minerva Jane

10/2/1830 Saluda IN

6/15/1901 Hawthorne IA

7/2/1846 Henry Giles, Jr.


7. Francis Marion

1/22/1833 Saluda IN

2/25/1911 Annawan, IL

11/26/1868 Hannah Adelaide Tower


8. George Washington

10/13/1835 Saluda IN

10/30/1887 Clyde KS

~1858 Almira Berry, 2-~1878 Isabella Burge


9. Thomas J.

5/12/1838 Saluda IN

1908 Payne OK

6/9/1861 Columbia Berry 2-3/22/1885 Nanie Reigle


10. Lawrence B.

11/23/1840 Saluda IN

1914/1915 Cushing OK

7/29/1871 Phoebe Jane “Jennie” Foster


11. Margaret

8/26/1844 Saluda IN

8/27/1912 Annawan IL

4/28/1866 Daniel J. Patterson



1865 letter from Thomas Hay to his son Robert Lyle Hay upon the death of Minerva Hay Giles' second-born daughter Sarah Catherine Giles, age 16.

Note: *One biography mentions child Andrew Jackson as the first-born child of Sarah and Thomas; it is certain this is incorrect. While the marriage record of Sarah and Thomas has never been found, it is certain they were married in 1820, although William Perry Hay did have one story told to him that Sarah and Thomas were just 16 when married (which would be 1816/1817) -- first, they were not living together on the 1820 census and there is no child, and second an 1877 reference, for which the information would have been supplied by Thomas and Sarah themselves, specifies a marriage date of November 23, 1820. Since there is no Andrew on the 1830 census, and he supposedly lived 2 years, 1827 and 1829 are guesses based on child spacing. Almira & Columbia were sisters; Margaret and Elizabeth were sisters.

The Hays emigrated in 1811, just prior to the War of 1812. This "second Revolutionary War" caused special hardships along the frontier, as the British goaded the Indians into attacking Americans, even offering rewards for scalps. There is a fascinating story handed down about how Andrew Maiden protected his family against the Indians (Sarah was just 12), after the infamous attack at nearby "Pigeon Roost" (from the 2011 Jefferson County Genealogical Society newsletter - pdf, p.5). While Andrew Maiden sent his family into a fort at Concord for protection, he stayed behind to protect his cabin and cattle. His four children ranged in age from 12-year-old Sarah to baby Abner.

Thomas Hay and his father William are found in several 1820/21 court records in Scott County, Indiana for larceny probably regarding a purchase of land there. Since they never lived in Scott, while William's son-in-law Andrew Davidson did, I wonder if this had something to do with Andrew, and was the basis of what I assume was a falling out, which is why William left him and his children only $1 in his 1849 will. This was prior to Bella Hay Davidson's death in 1826, however, and may not be related.

From the 1910 History of Henry County, IL by Henry Kiner, p.623 - "Francis Marion Hay. ... He was born in Saluda township, Indiana January 22, 1833, a son of Thomas and Sarah (Maiden) Hay. Thomas Hay, the father of F. M. Hay, grew to manhood upon the homestead in Jefferson county, Indiana, and there was married to Miss Sarah Maiden. In 1854 he came to Annawan on a visit, and despite the fact that it was the year of the great snow storm he was so favorably impressed with the country that in 1855 he returned, bringing his family with him, and bought some land in section 13, Annawan township. There on he lived the rest of his life, save for two years he spent in the village of Annawan, and his active years were busily occupied with agricultural pursuits, where from he derived a gratifying success. ..."

Thomas and Sarah were also mentioned in biographies about their son Robert: 1885 Bureau County and a 1901 Henry County, and in addition, Thomas himself had a short listing in an 1877 book titled "The History of Henry County, Illinois, Its Tax-Payers and Voters" where Thomas Hay's complete entry reads "Farmer; Sec. 13; P. O. Annawan; born Roxburghshire, Scotland, Nov. 26, 1800; came to this country 1811; to Henry Co. 1856; Dem; Univ; owns 240 acres of land, value $6,000; wife was [sic] Sarah Maden, of N. C. born June 2, 1800; married Nov. 23, 1820; has had eleven children." (Sarah is still alive; Sarah and Thomas both die in 1885, so this information would have been directly from Thomas and Sarah themselves; "Univ" is assumed to mean they were members of a Universalist Church.) (Note: the entry above Thomas is for his son Francis Marion Hay, and the previous page includes daughter Minerva Jane Hay Giles.) A marriage date of 1820 is confirmed in the 1885 Iowa obit, which states "they had lived together as man and wife 65 years in June" -- curiously stating the month as June and using the words "lived together" instead of "married;" no record of a marriage has been located.

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