David and Sarah McNeeley Crawford

Sarah McNeeley

David Crawford

Parents: *unknown* and Jeremiah McNeeley

Parents: *unknown* and William Crawford

Born: June 2, 1799, PA

Born: December 22, 1795 Oldham County, KY

Married: 6/28/1820 David Crawford in Saluda, IN (record)

Married: 6/28/1820 Sarah McNeeley in Saluda, IN (record)

Died: September 22, 1870 Saluda, IN

Died: October 10, 1861 Saluda township, Jefferson County, IN (will)

Interred: Place of interment: New Bethel Cemetery, Chelsea, IN (tombstone)

Interred: Place of interment: New Bethel Cemetery, Chelsea, IN (tombstone)

Occupation: Farmer

W.P.Hay ascertained that Sarah’s father was Jeremiah, but never discovered her mother's name, or information on other siblings. On March 27, 1820, Joseph McNeeley bought items from an estate sale in Saluda, and on the 1820 census, taken 11 months later (but effective 8/7/20), the only male McNeeley is 23-year old John, Sarah’s brother -- this may be a transcription error (an abbreviation for John or Jeremiah read as Joseph), or another brother of Sarah's. Sarah’s parents were both foreign-born (her 1870 census), thought to be Irish, and probably immigrated in the 1790’s. They lived in Pennsylvania in 1797-1799—where both Sarah and John were born—probably near the Ohio border as both Sarah’s and John’s children thought both were born in Ohio! The McNeeleys cannot be found on the 1790 census (not immigrated yet?), or 1800 (already moved to OH?), or 1810 (in OH/IN, no census available). John McNeeley’s son John (1826 IN-1902 IL), said that his father was a native of Ohio and married there in 1815, so perhaps John and Sarah moved as infants from PA to OH, then to IN in 1815-1819, or perhaps it was the most western part of PA that later became OH.

David’s ancestry is uncertain also, but they are thought to have been originally from North Carolina prior to Kentucky. W.P.Hay had not known of siblings for David, but I am certain he had a brother John (2 years younger, also born in KY and jointly purchasing land -- see note below) and likely several half-siblings. No Oldham KY records have been found (in the 1790’s Oldham was part of 3 other counties; formed 1823). The Crawfords moved first to Clark County, IN (sometime between 1797 and 1809) where William and John both marry, then move to Jefferson County in 1817 (David and John both bought land in 1817). William, David and John remain in Saluda the rest of their lives, but not their children. David and Sarah’s son Jeremiah was the first child to leave Indiana for Illinois, about 1847 by way of Kentucky, followed by Margaret Hay and Isabel Baker in 1850; the other children stayed in IN. After their daughter Elizabeth Hay died in 1857, David and Sarah took her oldest child, their granddaughter Sarah, age 4, to live with them, when they were both about 60, perhaps because almost all their grandchildren were in IL.

Census data: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870

William Perry Hay's "Hay Genealogy" book, and his page on Sarah McNeeley

Census data: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860

William Perry Hay's "Hay Genealogy" book, and his page on David Crawford



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Jeremiah

12/4/1823 Saluda, IN

3/26/1881, Prairie, AR

~1847 Jane *unknown*, 2-Patience *unknown*


2. Mary “Polly”

12/22/1825 Saluda, IN

1/2/1905, Saluda, IN

3/29/1853 John Snodgrass


3. Margaret

10/15/1826 Saluda, IN

1/7/1885 Bradford, IL

3/13/1845 Robert Lyle Hay


4. Isabella

8/5/1828 Saluda, IN

1/8/1888 Hancock, KY?

3/2/1850 John Baker, 2~1864 John Colbert


5. Elizabeth

5/2/1831 Saluda, IN

4/15/1857 Bradford, IL

1/8/1852 John C. Hay (Robert’s brother)


6.-8. 3 more girls?

(see 1840 census)

all three died by 1850



9. Delilah

9/14/1833 Saluda, IN

12/25/1891 Saluda, IN

4/24/1861 James McCaslin


10. Maria/Mariah

3/24/1836 Saluda, IN

8/9/1917, Saluda,IN

2/31/1857 Thomas M. Cavin 2-James Anderson


11. William

3/9/1839 Saluda, IN

4/1/1881, Shelby,IN

11/27/1873 Celia Wheeler



William Perry Hay (1871-1947) also did individual pages for Jeremiah Crawford, Mary Crawford, Margaret Crawford, Isabella Crawford, Elizabeth Crawford, Delilah Crawford, Maria Crawford, William Crawford, William's picture. Note that while he had originally thought that child William Crawford died in infancy, he did later found a photograph of him, and revised his history to say that he died young without issue.

Note: While eight children are definite, three more potential daughters are added above as potential offspring due to the presence of three extra girls on the 1840 census. There are four female Crawford tombstones at Carmel Cemetery: Dianah (5/25/1808-6/10/1892), Rebecca (1/9/1810-1/2/1867), Mary (8/28/1811-7/25/1854) and Margaret (7/15/1819-2/15/1856) -- born too early for either William or John as well as David -- but there was also a Margaret Crawford, wife of Samuel, buried at Carmel, 1783-1836.

As additional confirmation of the familial relationship between David and John, there was a Saluda township land record that specifies that "David and John Crawford, 160 acres, Section 8, 9/3/1817" as a joint record (not two entries) -- clearly they would not have arrived together in Saluda and puchased land together if not siblings.

Note that son William Crawford moved to Shelby county, which is where his niece Sarah Ann Hay Worland lived. Although William was 13 years older than Sarah, she must have been like a little sister to him -- she was raised by his parents after his sister Elizabeth died. She was Elizabeth's first-born child, and undoubtedly named after Elizabeth and William's mother. Sarah Ann Hay lived with her maternal grandparents starting in 1857 when she was four and William was 17, and he was still living at home taking care of his mother Sarah and his niece Sarah in 1870 when they were aged 70 and 18 respectively, and he was 30. Sarah married in 1871 and William in 1873, and they both moved to Shelby.

There was a Kentucky record for a Jeremiah McNeeley serving as a 2nd corporal in the War of 1812. While this looked to be of interest as the Crawford family is known to have been from KY, it is not thought to be a match -- our branch was thought to be in OH/PA in the early 1810s. There appears to be another Jeremiah McNeeley family in KY in the 1810s, confirmed by other genealogists.

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