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Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution who lived in Ohio. by D.A.R., - Vol 2

Gregory, Jehiel, Athens, Fayette and Madison co. Enl 1775 in Joseph Benedict co Col James Haolmes N Y Line. B Gregory's Pt L. I 1755; son of Nehemiah who with his son servd in Westchester co Rgt [INCORRECT - Nehemiah Sr was deceased; only his son served] under Gen Thomas. Soldr mar Elizabeth Andrews; one son was Andrews; one dau was Annis wh mar Ozias Strong. Soldr d 1818 bur Yankeytown Fayette co but body of his wf and of him moved to cem at London by Theodore Annette Phelps Lincoln (first state regent of Ohio D A R). Soldr came to O 1801; was a trustee of Coonskin Libry; first postmaster of Athens co; moved to Fayette co 1815; recd title of Col in war of 1812 his militia brigade being the first brigade mustered in Athens co; He with John Haver by special act of Legislature built first dam across the Hock-hocking R 1808; was memb of House Rep fr Washington co 1811-12-14. Data fr Elizabeth Andrews Felton West Bainbridge and co Hists. Ref No. 1921 and No. 93975 D A R

Biographical Annals of Ohio, Vol 1, 1902-03.

Membership of the Ohio House of Representatives for one hundred years:
The tenth General Assembly, convened December 2, 1811 - representing Washington County - Jehiel Gregory (source).
The eleventh General Assembly, convened December 7, 1812 - representing Athens-Washington county - Jehiel Gregory.
The thirteenth General Assembly, convened December 5, 1814 - representing Athens-Washington County - Jehiel Gregory.

The History of Madison County, Ohio (1883)

p.513. Land-owners residing in Madison County, March 1819 -- William Howsman [sic]

p.360. Associate Judge -- ... in March, 1820, the Associates were Baskerville Thomas Gwynne, Isaac Howsman [sic], the two latter being only temporary, and in November Howsman was re-appointed. William Lewis and Samul Culbertson, succeeding Baskerville and Gwynne. In the following year, Lewis was elected to the Legislature, and was succeeded by John Arbuckle as Judge; so that in 1821-23, they stood Isaac Howsman, Samuel Culbertson, John Arbuckle; 1824-35, Howsman, Arbuckle, George Linson; 1836-37, Howsman, Linson, Nathan Bond; 1838-39, Howsman, Bond, William Blaine; 1840, Howsman, Blaine, Isaac Jones; ...

p.729. Bio of John McClimans - ... Sarah [McClimans] married Isaac Housman [sic]; ...
John Housman, a native of Virginia, married Martha Frost; emigrated to Ohio, and settled in Ross County; thence, about 1813, removed to Madison County and settled in Range Township, on land now owned by Mrs. Hicks. They had nine children, of whom but one now survives -- Mrs. Margaret McClimans Those deceased were William, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, Samuel, Francis, Mary, Hannah and Martha. Of these, William married Abigail Britton, and spent his life in this county as a farmer till quite advanced in years, when he removed to London and engaged in the business of keeping hotel till his death. He was twice married. By his first wife he had ten children; two now survive -- Joseph and Francis. His second wife was Frances Roberts, by whom he had one child, now deceased. Isaac married Sarah McClimans and spent his life as a farmer near the old home place of his father. He also engaged largely as a stock-dealer, and accumulated a large property prior to his death; was a leading, prominent man, and represented this county in the Legislature, and was Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for some years. He was the father of eight children; three now survive -- Mary, wife of William Baldwin, and resides in Fayette County, Ohio; Martha, wife of Granville Rogers, and resides near Knoxville, Tenn.; and Margaret, wife of John W Steel. Jacob never married, but spent his life on the home farm with his sister Frances, who also remained single, and both died at the old homestead. Mary married Thomas Reeves; Hannah never married; Martha married William Rayburn; he died, and she married for her second husband Philip McDonald, and remained a resident of the county till her death. ...

p.740. Constables -- ... 1858, Hugh Workman and George Housman [sic]; ... 1860-61, William Alspaugh and J. B. Housman; ...

p.491. Charles Howsman [sic], private, Co. K, 26th Ohio Volunteers, 1861
p.511. John N. Howsman [sic], private Co. A, 113th Ohio Volunteers, 1863
p.511. Otho W. Loofbourrow, corporal, Co. G, 113th Ohio Volunteers,1863

Pickaway County, Ohio 1810 and 1816 Tax Lists

1810 ... Gibson, George, ... (no Britton)
1816 ... Britton, Jesse ... Gibson, George ...

Portrait and Biographical Record of Fayette, Pickaway and Madison Counties, Ohio (1892)

No Britton, no Craig, no VanDolah.

Isaac Scott Cook. Among the native-born citizens of Fayette County who are gaining a good maintenance by tilling a portion of its soil, is Mr. Cook, who is located in Madison Township. ... the son of Isaac Thompson and Elizabeth (Lewis) Cook, the former of whom was born March 6, 1797, at Shippensburgh, Pa., and the mother in February, 1804, in Chillicothe, this State. The father was brought hither by his father, Isaac Cook, when a year old, and grew to manhood on a farm near Chillicothe, where also he was married. The young couple located on three hundred acres of land which had been given them by their respective parents, and began housekeeping on the tract which is the present home of our subject. The elder Mr. Cook accumulated a handsome property, and at his death owned fourteen hundred acres of land. ... Isaac Cook, the great-grandfather of our subject, was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, in which conflict he served under Washington. ... Our subject's grandfather was elected County Judge in Ross County, this State, and also a member of the State Senate. ... ---Note: Isaac and Elizabeth Lewis Cook were the couple who took in 6-year-old orphan Elizabeth Gregory in 1824, four years after they were married. Isaac and Elizabeth were married in a double-ceremony with Letitia Howsmon and John Britton on 5/8/1820. The Gregory family must have known the Cook family from their times in Chillicothe -- Jehiel Gregory Sr (Elizabeth Gregory's grandfather) was elected to the State Legislature for three terms in 1811-1814 and only moved to Fayette Ohio in 1815.

Ohio Source Records from the Ohio Genealogical Quarterly

Gleanings from the Supporter, printed by Nashee and Denny, Chillicothe, Ohio. Blanche Collins.
1823. November 8 - The estate of Jehiel Gregory, deceased, Fayette county, Marion twp. Sally Gregory, Adm.

Chancey and Common Pleas Court Records, Fayette County, Ohio -- 1828-1878

p. 225 - Robert Abernathy vs. Adley Gregory, Guardian of heirs of Jehiel Gregory, dec'd. Jehiel died Sept. 1823 leaving wife Sarah widow and children: Elizabeth, Annis, John and Mary Jane minors; Sarah died Feb 1824.

p. 581 - Andrews Gregory, Guardian of Jehiel Gregory one of the heirs of Nehemiah Gregory, dec'd. Jehiel Gregory of 19 years of age.

p. 426 - June 1836. John Gilmore, Senr. vs Elizabeth Gregory, et al. Elizabeth, Annis, John and Mary Jane Gregory minor heirs of Jehiel Gregory, dec'd. land converyed to Jehiel Gregory by his father, Jehiel Senr. Jehiel Jr. died intestate leaving above heirs.

p. 432 - July Term 1841. Joseph Houseman et al vs. John Gregory et al. Joseph Houseman and wife Elizabeth and George W. Knotts and Annis his wife; The Wives are daughters of Jehiel Gregory, Jr.; Jehiel Brown and Maria Gregory heirs of Nehemiah Gregory, dec'd. other heirs of Jehiel, Jr. were John and Mary Jane now wife of James Loofbourrow, who are minors under 18 and 21; each heir owns 1/4.

The Fayette County Chronicle: A Collection of Genealogical and Historical Records, by Sandy Fackler

Guardianships - Administrators and Guardian's Docket B
Britton, Almer-6, Emma-11, Letitia-13, Wm. L-8, Mary A-10 as of 1868/1869 to Samantha Britton
Britton, Chas and Dora to Ezra Britton in 1879.
Soldier's Discharges (for Civil War in 1860s) included John A. Britton (private, Captain Cyrus Massey's Company A., 48th Regiment of Ohio Infantry, enlled 9 September 1861 for 3 years or during the war, discharged 1 December 1864 at Columbus, born Fayette County, age 18, 5'7 1/2" high, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, farmer, resident of Fayette County), Charles Craig, John Craig.

Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: an index, by Bell, 1981

Britton, Jesse, W-1842; PC (Pickaway), wbIII p.74 (will)
Britton, Joseph, W-1836, GU (Guernsey)
Britton, William E-1837, PC (Pickaway)
Gregory, Jehiel, W-1818, FY (Fayette), ChA p.432, cpFbF p.46, 225
Gregory, Nehemiah, E-182, FY (Fayette), cpm&E p.169, ChA pl.432
Vandolah, James, W-1811, HM, CA7691, wb7 p.370
Vandolah, Joseph, E-1815, GR (Greene County), wbc&D p.128
Vandolah, Peter of Fayette Co, PA, W-1804, GR (Greene County); wbc&D p.151 (will)
Vandolah, Peter, E-1823, HR c169

Early plat maps

Madison County -- by Wallings, 1862 -- Bethel church in Range twp, near Sedalia is land belonging to Margaret McClimans, D. McClimans, Emily McClimans, Isaac Howsman, Jacob Howsman, George Howsman, John Fischer. In Pike twp is J. M. Gregory.

Athens County -- by Moore, 1866 -- no names of landholders are given.

Fayette County -- Watkins, 1867 -- Mrs. Gregory in Yankeetown, A. Gregory West of it, J. G. Loofbourrow NE of it. In Union twp there is a John Bayers (maybe meant to be Byers). In Marion Twp, Thos. J. Cook.

Pickaway County -- Kellogg and Kendall, 1858 -- In Perry Twp J. Britton. In Monroe Twp a Gregory -- this Gregory is probably no relation

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