War of 1812 - Indiana

Colonel McFarland's Detachment, Indiana Militia
War of 1812 Service Records
Andrew Maiden -- private on induction, private on discharge -- roll box 131, roll exct 602
James Maiden -- private on induction, private on discharge -- same
Andrew Davidson -- private on induction, private on discharge -- roll box 53 roll exct 602
Zael Passwater -- private on induction, private on discharge -- roll box 160, roll exct 602

Also in War of 1812: Samuel Passwater in Capt Elliott's Company in Delaware and Thomas Passwaters in Captain Morris' Company in Delaware. There was also an Alfred Maiden in 1 Regt (McArthur's) Ohio Vols and Militia. (And Jacob Maiden in VA, James Maiden in VA, John Maiden in PA and William Maiden in VA).

War of 1812 papers, 1789-1815

no records found

War of 1812 pension application files, 1812-1815

Thomas Passwater of Delaware
Andrew Davidson (record) -- from Davidson family notes -- volunteered 4/13/1813 under Capt Williamson Dunn's Co of Mounted Rangers, on old Muster (pay) roll, supposedly published in Madison Courier about 1895, oral tradition from John Wallace that Andrew had spoken of campaign on the Wabash -- it was snowing enroute and took 6-8 days to reach -- it is thought the Indiana volunteers arrived too late for battle. Discharged 3/1/1814, Jefferson Co from Capt Dunn's Co. (notes)
no VanDolah or Maiden
Andrews Gregory, widow Isabell, Pvt-Capt Gregory's Co Ohio Mil, enlisted 7/28/1813, discharged 9/3/1813, received bounty land, residence of soldier: 1850 1855 Fayette Co OH, residence of widow 1878 1887 Lovington Moultrie Co IL, Sold first wife Sarah Roberts, maiden name of widow Isabell Foster, marriage of Soldier and widow 8/3/1848 Circleville Pickaway Co OH, death of soldier 7/21/1866 Yankeetown OH, death of widow 2/19/1894 (record)
no Jehiel Gregory, no Nehemiah Gregory, no Adley Gregory

1855 affadavit for Andrew Maiden:

March 28, 1855 Andrew Maiden affadavit about 1812 service - page 1
affadavit - page 2
State of Indiana
Scott County
On this 28th day of March A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty five personally appeared before me William K. Marhsall a Notary Public within and for said county duly authorized by law to administer oaths and affirmations for general purposes, Andrew Maiden, aged about seventy-three years a citizen of Scott County, Indiana who being by me duly sworn according to law upon his oath says and declares that he is the identical Andrew Maiden who served as a private soldier in the company common elect by? by Captain Stucker, of the ___ commanded by Colonel Mc____ in the ___ Indiana wars in the ste (then territory) of Indiana which was ___ connected with __ grow out of the war with Gret Brittain ___ by the United States on the 18th day of June 1812 that he volunteered in said service at Scott County, Indiana on or about the monty of October the year not now precisely remembered, but it was in some one of the years in which ____ ____ ___ with Great Brittain was continued, and ___ __ actual service in said was was for and ___ a period of nine months as near as ___ ___ now recollect and was honorably discharged at the expiration of same term of service was of sufficient length to ___ hom to ____ for 130 acres of land ___ ___ ___ __ September 28th ___. That he applied for a warrant under the acot of September 1850 for said service and ____ warrant for 120 acres of land which is appears +++ +++ kept was to 8601 and dated June 6th 1851?, which said warrant I have >>>>>>>>>>>

Also testimony by Abner Maiden, March 26, 1855 (maybe both the 26th or 28th?)

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