Bethel Cemetery -- Range Township, Madison County, OH

Bethel Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery: 1982 - click here for key to Howsmon graves
The Howsmon (Housman) Family Cemetery, was established in 1810. John and Martha Frost Howsmon, Winchester, Virginia, came to Ross County, Ohio in 1804; and with their family of ten children, moved to Range township, Madison County, Ohio about six years later. At the rear of their homestead, beside a large orchard, a burial plot was reservd for members of the Howsmon family and for their neighbors. One of the earliest legible dates of burial is that found on a headstone for Martha Burris, April 7, 1812.

Many of the gravestones are now worn off or sunken in the ground and are past identification. Many graves were not marked, but names of the Howsmon family buried in unmarked graved have been included. [in the book]. The will of Jacob Howsmon, son of John and Martha Howsmon, provided that additional land for a cemetery be added when the Howsmon plot was filled. [1859] This was done, and Cemetery is now known as Bethel, or East Range Cemetery.

Names have been tabulated alphabetically for easy reference. Data in parenthesis has been added from family records and published obituaries.

1958. Prepared by Alice b. Haney, D.A.R. No. 272165 for Mt. Sterling, Ohio Chapter: map; introduction; Howsmon p.1; Howsmon p.2; Howsmon p.3
Gravestones for several members of the name Howmon family are spelled Houseman, Housman, or Howsman -- all were transcibed in the book at Howsmon.

Britton, Letticia, b. Apr 3, 1804; d. Sep 23, 1842 (tombstone)**

Fletcher, Frances; wife of John L. Howsmon; Dau (Geo Fletcher, born Oct 1, 1858; died Aug 17, 1914)

Foster, Daniel B b. Mar. 7, 1828 d. Aug. 26, 1915 (tombstone)**

Foster, Miranda b. 1852 d. Aug. 13, 1860 (tombstone and tombstone) -- not sure if this is a transcription error or if it is for an infant daughter Miranda who died perhaps at the same time as mother Miranda (who definitely died in 1860)**

Howsmon, Abigail Britton; wife of William Howsmon; (daughter of Jesse Britton); Died November 26, 1831; aged 48 yrs 7mos 10 da. (tombstone)

Howsmon, Abigail; daughter of J. B. and Mary Howsmon; died August 1819, aged 2 yr 11 mo

Howsmon, Charles; son of Wm. and Abigail Howsmon; Died September 17, 1825; aged 1 year, 8 da.

Howsmon, Frances Fletcher; wife of John L. Howsmon; (daughter of Geo. Fletcher); born Oct 1, 1853; died Aug 17, 1944

Howsmon, George M.; (son of Isaac and Sarah Howsmon); died Jan 24, 1876, aged 53 yr 2 mo 12 da

Howsmon, Hannah; daughter of J. and M. Howsmon; died Dec 23, 1866, aged 69 yrs 6 mo 18 day

Howsmon, (infant); child of Wilson and Eliza Howsmon; died June 23, 1880

Howsmon, Isaac, Sr; son of J. and M. Howsmon; died Nov 10 1866, aged 76 yr 11 mo 7 da

Howsmon, Isaac, Jr.; son of Isaac and Sarah Howsmon; died July 18, 1868, aged 35 yr 5 mo 16 da

Howsmon, Jacob; son of J. and M. Howsmon; died Dec 18, 1859, aged 63 yrs

Howsmon, Jacob Frost; son of Isaac and Sarh Howsmon; died Feb 1, 1845, aged 23 yr 8 mo 17 da

Howsmon, Jacob Wren; son of Wm. and Frances Wren Howsmon (2nd wife); Died July 5, 1835 (written in correction of Aug 5); aged 6 mo 26 da (tombstone)**

Howsmon, James W.; son of Wm. and Abigail Howsmon; died Sep 6 1849, aged 29 yr 5 mo 10 da

Howsmon, J. Britton; son of Wm. and Abigail Howsmon (1st wife); died Dec 22 1880, aged 73 yr 6 mo 10 da

Howsmon, John; Died July 29, 1818, aged 63 yrs (tombstone)

Howsmon, John W.; son of Isaac and Sarah Howsmon; born April 22, 1820; died May 2, 1882

Howsmon, Martha; wife of John Nicholson; daughter of William and Abigail Howsmon; died Aug (3), 1876, aged 54 yr 6 mo 8 da

Howsmon, Martha; wife (1) William Rayburn (2) Philip McDaniel; daughter John and Martha Frost Howmon; died Aug 16, 1878 aged 72 yr 7 mo 2 da

Howsmon, Martha Frost; wife of John Howsmon; (daughter of William and Hannah Frost); Died June 19, 1832; aged 73 yrs. (tombstone)

Howsmon, Mary; wife of Thos. T. Reeves; daughter of John and Martha Frost Howmon; died June 19, 1847, aged 55 yr 2 mo

Howsmon, Mary (Foster); wife of J. Britton Howsmon; died Aug 12 1899, aged 86 yr 9 mo 12 da

Howsmon, Mary Frances; daughter of J. B. and Mary Howsmon (grave not marked)

Howsmon, Rebecca (Cox); wife of George Howsmon; died Mar 17, 1856, aged 28 yr, 2 mo 19 da

Howsmon, Rebecca; daughter of Geo. M. and Rebecca Howsmon; died Dec 16, 1860 aged 4 yr 9 mo 15 da (also stands for two infants -- not legible)

Howsmon, Samuel; son of John and Martha Howsmon; Died August 10, 1819; aged 18 yr

Howsmon, Sarah; wife of Isaac Hosmon, Sr.; (daughter of John and Mary Creviston McClimans); died June 23, 1845 aged 53 yr 9 mo 24 da

Howsmon, William; son of Isaac and Sarah Howsmon; Died December 6, 1827, aged 11 mo 12 da

Howsmon, William; (son of J. and M. Howsmon), died Aug 19, 1863, aged 80 yrs 8 ms 4 da (tombstone) (tombstone)

Hubbard, Clara Isabel; wife of Frank Hubbard; daughter of J. B. and Mary Howsmon (grave not marked)

Jenkins, Alfred; b. 1811, d. 1891. (tombstone)**

Jenkins, Phetney P.; b. Mar 28, 1819, d. Mar 9, 1858 (tombstone)**

Reeves, Elizabeth J.; b. dec 4, 1815, d. Feb 25, 1853 (tombstone)**

Reeves, Isaac H b. 1825 d. 1909 (tombstone)**

Reeves, James F b. 1833 d. 1905 (tombstone)**

Reeves, John D b. Jan. 16, 1835 d. Oct. 1, 1859 (tombstone)**

Reeves, Mary F. b. Apr. 18, 1792 d. Jun. 18, 1847 (tombstone)**

Reeves, Mary A b. 1831 d. 1907 (tombstone)**

Reeves, Thomas F b. Sep. 23, 1823 d. Jul. 30, 1844 (tombstone)**

Reeves, Thomas T b. Feb. 7, 1790 d. Sep. 5, 1871 (tombstone)**

Reeves, William H b. Oct. 15, 1819 d. Feb. 6, 1896 (tombstone)**

** Online list of 237 burial records/tombstones:; this was used to add in non-Howsmon names, and to add in tombstone pictures.

pdf pages from Phyllis Pollock -- complete listing of bethel cemetery (with some differences from above and from online site), pictures (B&W) and a letter from a relative.