North Carolina Archives - Sep 29, 2009

On September 29, 2009 I visited the North Carolina archives in Raleigh, NC. I had wanted to examine records from the 1700s in the following places:
Orange - 1750-1770s for Maiden and Passwater
Rowan/Iredell - 1750s-1820s for Maiden
Surry - 1750s - 1800 for Passwater
State - 1770s for Revolutionary War records for Passwater and Maiden -- this was my main research objective
Note that in addition to Maiden, the following variations were examined: Maden, Madin, Maddin, Madden, Mayden (looked at everything starting with Mad and May), and for Passwater the following variations were examined: Paswater, Passwaters, Paswaters, Papwater.

Documents located:

Resources examined with no source documents found:

Further Revolutionary War research should be conducted in Tennessee and at the Federal level for both Maiden and Passwater. There could at least be some land grant to a John Maiden. I (DLH 2009) still think it is likely that a Passwater served in the Revolution, as I cannot imagine traveling 50 miles with babies to watch the Battle of Cowpens unless there is a compelling personal reason. Additionally, all able men 16-50 were automatically enrolled in the militia, so Samuel Passwater would have been in the NC militia, assuming he lived in NC and not another state (VA?) in the 1770s. Since Virginia also automatically enrolled all able-bodied men in their militia, Virginia records should also be examined for Passwater, although from the Cowpens story, it would appear that the Passwaters lived in Surry long before the 1790 census and the ~1780 NC births of Mary and Zael. I also did not do much work in Orange County due to time restrictions, and more could be done to look for deeds in Orange, especially since based on the results in Rowan, I found land grants at the Archives that I have not found listed in deed books.

Harriet Siebel's 1989 DAR application was approved and stated the following about the Patriot John Maiden:
1. born circa 1752/1750 in Wales or PA
2. died in NC, living Iredell County, NC
3. died probably on 1 Mar 1823
4. wife's name was Mary
5. Andrew Maiden b.1782 NC, living Iredell Co. NC (1800 census), Rowan Co, NC 1787 tax list shows only John Maden had a male under 21 in his household - John's brothers James and Lawrence had no younger males in their households - John's father was Andrew who died Rowan 1772.
References Harriet cited include:
1. biographical sketches from Henry and Bureau Counties in IL
2. land records from IN and NC
3. censuses (including 1820 Iredell)
4. bounty land papers of Andrew Maiden from War of 1812 (application)
5. deeds, abstracts, censuses and letters from Rowan and Iredell to prove that Andrew Maiden was the son of Patriot John Maiden
6. papers from PA Historical Commission giving the military records of John Maiden/Maddin in PA
7. Deeds from Rowan to show that John's wife's name was Mary
8. Stated that the Maidens moved to NC after the Revolution
9. Jo White Linn's book "Abstracts of Wills & Estates Records of Rowan Co, NC 1723-1805".
10. Tax lists of 1759 and 1778, p.7
11. Iredell Co, NC Deed Abstracts p.73, Deed Book B, pp324-325, Book M, p.185

The DAR checked birth circa 1750, wife Mary, name Madden, residence during Revolution Rowan,NC, received land grant, died p.1 Mar 1823
What we think is true:
born circa 1750 probably in PA; lived in Rowan during Revolution, fought under General Washington, father was Andrew Maden who died in Rowan in 1772, and was likely the emigrant from Wales, migrating to NC from PA circa 1750, died in Iredell (which was split off from Rowan).
What we know is not true:
died after 1825 not in 1823 due to court record.
Only one deed in 1795 states the name of Mary Maiden; not clear if this deed is for this John or perhaps a son/nephew named John -- this is the only source of the name Mary as a wife of John, and even if this record refers to John Maiden Sr, Mary may have been a second wife and not the mother of his children.
Not clear what land grant was checked -- I have yet to find a revolutionary war land grant -- perhaps this was for son Andrew's 1812 service?
Note: any land grant/war records from PA would not be for this John Maiden; he is known to have been in NC as of 1754 (son Lawrence born in Orange County,NC then).