The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk
Compiled by Edwin Hall, pastor of the First Congregational Church, 1865
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Our Gregory ancestors in Norwalk harken back to founder John Gregory/Greggorie in 1649 (the date on the Founders Stone monument -- see below). John Gregory (~1612 Nottinghamshire, England -8/15/1689 Norwalk,CT) was the son of immigrant Henry Gregory, the first generation in America. John married Sarah St. John ~1635 (in Duxbury,MA?) and had seven children. The first-born child was John Gregory Jr (~1639 MA? -~1720/1721 Norwalk,CT) married first Elizabeth Mouthrop, the mother of all his children, and second Sarah Messenger?. Their seventh and final child was John Gregory III (~1677 Norwalk,CT-1/18/1751 Norwalk,CT) married first Sarah Seeley and second Clement Denton Smith. Our ancestor, their son Nehemiah Gregory (1712 Norwalk,CT-11/11/1771 Wilton,CT) moved to Wilton,CT and has no records in this book, although his brother John IV (~1705-1786) does. Thus, in this book, my main interest is the records for the three John Gregorys, 1649-1751.

map of Ancient Norwalk - 1847

map of Ancient Norwalk - enlarged part with John Gregory's lots and the notation about the road to Gregory's Point

monument for the first settlers of Norwalk - this is not in the book
The Principal Parts of Norwalk, in the Year 1847, with a Plan of the Ancient Settlement.

I found noticed references to three Gregorys on this 1847 map:
Capt Gregory has a house on Main Street at the top left.
Dr. Gregory has a house/office further south on that street
John Gregory and son had two large lots on the bottom right
Note that to the right of this property on the lower right-hand side there is a road that is labelled "To Gregory's Point" confirming that Gregory's Point was south of Norwalk. Also see pages 104-105 below. Although the map is dated 1847, it seems to have information on it from much earlier -- under John Gregory Sr the map mentions the land he got from Beckwith, which was the original purchase in the 1600s. So I believe this part of the map is for immigrant John Gregory Sr (1612-1689) and his son John Gregory Jr (1639-1721), and not later Johns. As there are later dates from the 1700s and even 1800s, perhaps it reflects the original owners of each piece of property.

Entries in the book for Gregorys

These are 1665-1783 entries found in the town meeting notes, which seem to have been held every three months or as needed. Although I only extracted the Gregory entries, note that there are many entries for related families, such as Barnum, St. John, Olmsted, etc. The original spelling as it was listed in the book was retained.

p.17. The first settlers. There is no complete list of the original settlers, but a Table of "Estates of lands and accommodations" in 1655, contains the names of the following inhabitants.
Griggorie, John
full list

p. 18 And in 1656 the following. ... And in the Table of Home Lots, the following some of whom must have come in several years later:
Gregory, John, Jr.
Greggorie, Jakin
full list

p.19 The following notices of the first settler of Norwalk, I find in the "Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Conolony of Connecticut" -- "by R. R. Hinman. Hartford, 1846"
Gregory, John -- a deputy, 1662-3

p.20 The following additional particulars concerning some of the first settlers are taken from the 1st book of Grants and Deeds. "Elizabeth Webb, relicke of Richard Webb,: in 1677, employed her "Beloved brother John Gregory to make an agreement with Thomas Butler of Hartfd, and his wife," they "laying claime to the estate of my deere husband, Richard Webb, deceased, --" fol. 51

p.21 Fort Point.
In 1689, John Gregory gave a deed to his son Thomas, of a piece of land "Lying on the West side of Norwalke Towne plott, 2 acres -- bounded East by the common land banck; West, Norwalk river; South by the poynt of common land where the Indian Fort formerly stood; North by Thomas Betts' Marsh Meadow."

p.24 Table of Original Grants of Homelots to the First Settlers
compiled from the records in the first book of grants and deeds.
Note: these records appear to have been made some twenty years and more after the grants. They are generally without date, interspersed with other records from 1670 to 1690. Probably some original grants were never put on record; they are incidentally mentioned in the boundaries of other grants. The estimated quantity, and the boundaries are given; but not the length of any of the boundaries. Over some of the records, another hand has inserted the date 1652. The book is complete; the folios being numbered from 1 onward. [The Grantees include: Richard Olmstead, Thomas Fitch, Nathaniel Eli (sold to Thomas Betts), Samuel Hales (sold to Robert Stewart), John Platt, Isacke More, Richard Seamer, John Bowten, Matthew Marvin, Thomas Lupton, Jonathan Marshe, Walter Haite, Nathaniel Richards, Matthias Sention Sen., Ralph Keeiler, Thomas Hanford, Nathaniel Campfield, Samuel Campfield, Thomas Benedick Sen., Samuel Haies, John Gregorie Sen., John Gregorie Jr, Richard Web, Daniel Kellogg, Matthew Marvin Jr., Christopher Comstock, Ephraim Lockwood, Thomas Betts, Thomas Ward, Thomas Benedict Jr, Richard Raimond, Jakin Greggorie, John Platt, John Crampton, Thomas Fitch Jr, Samuel Smith, Joseph Ketchum, Thomas Taylor, Robert Stewart, John Ruscoe.

drawing of South Norwalk
John Gregorie, Sen. (4 acres granted, bought 4 acres of Stephen Beckwith), 8 acres. Bounded east by Town Highway, west by John Raimond's, north by Mr. Haies' lot and John Benedict's lot that was George Abbott's, south by Highway runny by "the coafe bancke," and John Gregorie, Jr's.
John Gregorie, Jr, received from John Gregorie, Sen., of the above, 1 acre 2 roods.
Jakin Greggorie (in 1666, grant of home-lot upland and loe-land), 4 acres. Bounded east by Common upland, west by Common Highway, north by Common upland, south by Tho. Taylor's home-lot.
Richard Raimond's lot bounded east by John Gregorie's lot that was George Abbott's...
James Pickett's lot was bounded on the south by Judah Gregory's home-lot. Thomas Benedict Jr's home lot was bounded on the south by John Gregory, sen.'s lot.
Samuel Sention's lt was bounded on the east by John Gregory sen.'s lot
James Beebe's lot follows two hollows in the land that lies against Judah Gregory's

p.44 1653. Attotments of Land.
Ordered allso that the allotments to beginne to be layed out as following: Videlicett to geinne -- at the end of the hither plaine where John Greggory mowed the last yeare, &c

p.46, The estate of lands and accommodations 0-- in the hands of as followeth [in 1655] ... John Griggorie, 188 pounds 10 s
full list

p.55 Dec 4 1668. Making a fence for a winter wheatfield, anno 1668.
Dec. 4, 1668. It was agreed and concluded that a fence shall be made and sett up for ye taking in of a winter wheat field, which sayd fence is to begin at the gate by goodman Nash hs house, and to end at the creek that comes in between Matthue Camfield his Island, and Nathaniell Richards out meddow, which fence is to be made good sufitient fence; eyther postes and Rayls, or stones or logs; but not hegg; and this to be finished by the last of September next ensuing, and to be layed out and divided by Mr. Fitch, Daniell Kellogg, and Christopher Comstok; and also it was concluded that the first lott should begin at the gate; which first lott was drawn by:
19 John Gregory sen
27 John Gregory, Junr
full list

p.55 Ash House.
At a towne meting in Norwalk, January the 22d, '69, it was voted and granted that Thomas Oviet of Milford shall have the liberty to set a house by the waterside before John Gregory's, senr., to put ashes in.

p.57 Dec 25, 1669. Boundaries.
At a town meeting in Norwalk, June the first, 1670, it was voted and ordered that Lieutenant Olmsted and John Gregory, senr. ar to be joyned with Mr. Fitch and Mathu Marvin Jun. to git the bounds marked out between Norwalk river and Saketuk river as is expressed in a former order; and being so done to such satisfaction as their is exprest in that former order, the Indians are to receive six cotes at the town's charg.

p.58 John Gregory.
At the same meting it was voted and concluded that their shall be two men chosen to prosecute the case against John Gregorie, senior, as touching the lands he howlds from the right of James the Indian, eyther by law or otherwise, as that they may howld and maintaine the rights which the town _____ or any other land which he claims in the like natuer, as the island called Cokkanus Island.

drawing of Norwalk from the Rocks
p.61. 1671 The Estates of land & Accommodations of ye town of Norwalk
Imprimus ... pounds-shillings-pence
John Gregory senr 253-10-0
Thomas Gregory 50-00-0
John Gregory, jr. 50-00-0
Judah Gregory 50-00-0
Jakin Gregory 50-00-0
Joseph Gregory 50-00-0
full list

p.62 The children of the town -- Feb 20, 1672
John Gregory Jr have childring - 3
John Gregory, Sr - 1 Jachin Gregory - 2
Judah Gregory - 3
full list

p.62 Thos. Gregory, a soldier in the Indian war.
Granted by the plantation unto Thos Gregory as a gratuity, being a soldier in the Indian warr, eight acres of land, and lyeth in two parcells, the first parcell lying upon the West Rocks, containing six acres, &c Feb 25, 1677.

p.74 1679. Marking Colts.
At the aforesayd meeting it was voted and agreed that Jachin Gregory John Hayt, John Keeler, and Joseph Gregory shall be the masters or overseers of those pounds lieing by five mile river side, who are to be sworne to a faithfull performance of the trust committed to them; who are to mark all colts and yeerlings as they apprehend belong to the owners of such mares as shall be brought in, with their owners markes, and also they are to bring in all such strays or unmarked horses, as they shall take in those pounds, unto the towne.

p.78. Selling the Old Meeting House.
Feb. 19, 1683. The Towne voted to make sale of the old Meeting House; and forthwith at the sayd meeting the Towne sould the sayd house unto Josiah Gregorie for the some of fowre pounds, to be payd to them in one yeere, in currant marchantable pay, for the use of the towne.

79. [December 16, 1684] A Cattelog of a division of land agreed to be layed out at three acors to the hundred; with the severall lotts as they were drawn by the inhabitants.
John Gregory, senr., 4
John Gregory, junr. 9
full list

p.80 Seating the Meeting House.
At the same meeting the towne did vote John Gregory, senr. and Mr. Fitch, and Thomas Betts, senr., for to be seated in the round seat. At the same meeting the towne did vote that their should be five more seated in the round seat with Mr. Fitch, John Gregory, and Thomas Betts, senr,, and fowre in the seat behind, and five in the long seats throughout. And also the cross seat to be reputed the third seat of the long seats, and foure to sitt in the sayd seat,

p.82 Division of Over River Land
....Also Jachin & Thos. Gregory, "liberty to come off from their division, and to take on the West side of the path -- "bounded North by Ponasses path;" also Richd. Cosiar -- 1 1-2 acres on the north side of the path commonly called Ponasses.

"General view of the Green, Norwalk, Conn." published in 1855 by Balloyu's Pictorial -- not in pdf book

p.82-84 The number of Lotts and the order as they were drawn, of that Division of Land over Norwalk River, below the path leading to the Meadow field.
John Gregory Jun., - 6
John Gregory, sen. - 16
full list

The Estate of Commonage of the Inhabitants of Norwalk, Presented and Accepted by the towne, January the 3rd, 1687
John Gregory jun., 100-00-00
John Gregory sen 243-00-00
Joseph Gregory 100-00-00
Thomas Gregory 100-00-00
Jachin Gregory 100-00-00
full list

-----Note: John Gregory Sr died in 1689. John Gregory II (Jr) is 50 and John III is 12. After this date I believe John Gregory Jr is now referred to as John Gregory, and when John III becomes of age, John Gregory II is then referred to as John Gregory Sr and John Gregory III is referred to as John Gregory Jr.

p.84-85 Fortifying the Meeting House
April the 30, 1690. ... These had the power to proportion to every inhabitant his allotment of work, and to take them in "the order of house rows;" beginning "at John Gregorie's" and "so along that row" and "the first man's proportion to begin at the south gate, and so goe along in the same order."

p. 86-87 List of Voters at Town Meetings
On the 4th of December, 1694, an order was taken "that all persons who are members of town meetings, who have a vote and suffrage in towne affairs" -- who should not attend town meetings when legally warned, and within one hour after the time should pay a fine of two shillings. (The following is the roll, with the names checks according as they were present or absent t some subsequent meeting.)
John Gregory, jun.
Jachin Gregory
Joseph Gregory
full list

p.89 Purchasing a Minister's lot
May 23, 1695, voted and agreed by the towne, that that lott obtained of Joseph Gregory shall be for the accommidating of a Gospell minister for the towne; and that it is allso agreed by the towne, that at such time as God shall please to bring in unto us such a minister, then and at that day that he shall be called to office and ordayned pastor of the church in Norwalk, then the aforewayed lott shall be and remaine to him, his heires for ever.*
*This was the lot between Capt Daniel Hanford's and the residence of the late Hanford Fitch. It was occupied by Rev. Stephen Buckingham. The railroad now crosses it.

p.94 Deed signed by Winnipank Indian, Dec 28, 1698. Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of John Greggory, Samuel Hanford

p.95 Charges for Wolves
Tho. Gregory, one wolfe 0-10-0

p.98. Sitting in the Deacons' seat.
Jan. 14, 1702. The towne did, by their vote, allow John Gregory, Senior, liberty to sitt in the Deacon's seat before the pulpitt, for the advantage and benefitt of his hearing the word preached.

p.103 The Tide Mill
Dec 15, 1709. The town grants by a major vote, to Joseph Birchard, Thomas Betts, John Betts, and John Gregory, jr., the liberty to Damm up ye crick lying before ye sd Gregory's, with also the privilege of the stream that runs into ye said crick and through the said damm: provided that they the said Joseph, &c do sett upon the said work in order to the erecting a grist mill upon the damm that they shall so erect, within one year from this date; and do accomplish the work of the said mill within ye term of three years from the day of these presents; and so long as they the said undertakers do maintaine a good sufficient grist mill, the said stream shall remain to them and to their successors that shall so maintaine ye same: they to grind all grain into good and sufficient meal for the town, for the toal stated in ye law; and not to grind for any strainger coming with his grain to said mill, so long as any of ye inhabitants of this Towne's grain is lying in said mill unground; excepting any of said inhabitants shall allow any strainger their turn. (Note: the mill is noted on the map below right.)

map of Ancient Norwalk - enlarged part with John Gregory's lots and the notation about the road to Gregory's Point

modern map of Gregory Point and Calf Pasture beach and point

p.104-105 Gregory's Point.
Dec. 29, 1710. (The town granted some land to John Benedict) "which grant is by way of exchange with the said John Benedict for a free passage for carts, horses and men, as they may have occasion, unto ye point of land extending itself into ye harbor, which passage is limited to ye way that is and hath been improved, along through ye said Bennedick's land unto ye said point, which privilege is to remain to the town forever; which point is known as commonly called Gregory's Point."

-----John Gregory Jr died in 1720/21. John III is 43 and John IV is 15.

few records 1730-1760.

-----John Gregory III died in 1751.

p.127 The Continental Congress.
Dec. 5, 1774. Whereas, this meeting have taken into consideration the matters contained in the association come into by the Continental Congress held at Philadelphia the 5th day of September, 1774, and approved of by the lower house of assembly, and recommended by them to the several towns in this colony, to appoint committees for the purposes in the eleventh article in sd association contained -- D approve of the same, and in pursuance therof do appoint ... Ezra Gregory

p.128 The Committee of Inspection.
Feb. 6, 1775. Noted that those persons which have been warned by the committee of inspection, to bring in their arms, shall not vote in choosing a committee of inspection at this meeting. At the same meeting were chosen Messrs. ... Jabez Gregory, Ezra Gregory ... a committee of Inspection during the pleasure of the town.

p.133 1777. Messrs Eli Reed, Asa Hoyt, John Gregory, jr., Levi Taylor, Nathan Hubbell, and Moses Comstock were appointed a Committee to endeavour to find the number of soldiers enlisted in the continental army, in this town, and report to this meeting.

p.140. [4th day of Dec. 1781]. ... We the subscribers, agreeable to an act and appointment of the Honorable Gen'l Assembly, having been called upon and requested by the Civil aughority and select men of the Town or Norwalk, to enquire into the character and conduct of a number of persons whose names are contained in a list or roll by them presented to us, and Inimical and Dangerous to the Liberties and Independence of the United State of America; and we having duly examined into the premises, are of opinion that the following persons whose names are hereafter expressed, are inimical and dangerous as aforesaid; and therefore give judgment and order that their names be enrolled in the town clerk's office in sd town of Norwalk as dangerous and inimical as aforesaid for the purposes mentioned in an adct of the Gen'l Assembly of this state, entituled, An Act more ffectually to prevent robberies and plunder from our open and secret enemies, vizt.: ... Nathan Gregory, ... all of Norwalk aforesaid; each of the above named persons having first been duly notified and cited to appear before us at time and place by us appointed for that purpose; to shew reason if any they had, why their names should not be enrolled as aforesaid. Done at Norwalk, this 20th Day of April, A.D. 1781.

p.145 Dec. 1, 1783. [Hezekiah Rogers, Job Bartram, Isaac Keeler, Saml. Deforest, Justus Hayt, Matthew Gregory, Saml. Comstock, Stephen Betts, Eli Reed, a committee] to take directions from the select men of this town, and deal with those persons who have been to the enemy and returned, according to their directions.

End of Town Records.

Gregory entries from the Genealogical Register

p.185 - John Benidict, Junior, tooke to wiffe, Phebe Griggorie, the daughter of John Griggorie, and was married the 11th of November, Anno 1670. [See page 312 below]

p.186 - Mary Griggorie the daughter of Jakin Griggorie, borne the fifth of Desember, Anno 1669.
John Griggorie the sonne of Jakin Griggorie, borne the twentie fifth of January, Anno 1670.
Thos. Griggorie the sonne of Jakin Griggorie, borne the 17th of January, Anno 1672.

p.186-187 - Elissabeth Griggorie the daughter of John Griggorie, junior, borne in January, Anno 1665
Sarah Griggorie the daughter of John Griggorie, junior, borne in Desember, Anno 1667.
Jonathan Griggorie the sonne of John Griggorie junior, borne in Jume, Anno 1671.
Abigail Griggorie, the daughter of John Griggorie, junior borne in June, Anno 1672.

p.187 - Judah Griggorie tooke to wiffe Hannah Haite, the daughter of Waltar Haite of Norwake, and was married, October the twentieth, Anno 1664.
Hannah Griggorie, the daughter of Judah Griggorie, was borne the twentie fowrth of September, Anno 1665.
John Griggorie, the sonne of Judah Griggorie, was borne the 17th of March, Anno 1668.
Percie Griggorie, the daughter of Judah Griggorie, was borne the eleventh of ffebruary, Anno 1671.

p.188 - James Benidicte tooke to wiffe Sarah Gregorie, daughter of John Gregorie, Sen., of Norwake, and married the tennth of May, Anno 1676.

p.190 - Josiah Gregotie, the sonne of Judah Gregorie, was borne the 13th of July, 1679.
Benjamin Gregorie, the sonne of Judah Gregorie, borne the 26 of March, 1682.

p.191 - Thomas Gregorie toke to wiffe Elissabeth Pardie, the daughter of George Pardie, of Newe Haven, and was married the twenty-five of Desember, Anno 1679.
Martha Gregorie, the daughter of Thos. Gregorie, born the thirtee one day of Aprill, Anno 1680.

p.191 - Samuell Gregorie, the sonne of Jackin Gregorie, born the 10th of March, one thousand sixe hundred seaventie five, seaventie sixe.
Sarah Gregorie, the daughter of Jackin Gregorie, born the 15th of September, 1678.
Matthew Gregorie, the sonne of Jackin Greogorie, borne the 17th of Desember, 1680.
Jackin Gregorie, the sonne of Jackin Gregorie, borne the 10th of May, 1682.

drawing Grumman's Hill - somehow this was omitted from the pdf file, but was in the copy of the Los Angeles library book I examined
p.192 - Joseph Griggorie, the sonne of Judah Griggorie, born the sixteenth of July, Anno 1674.

p.193 - Liddia Griggorie, the daughter of Judah Griggorie, borne the ninth of January, one thowsand sixe hundred seaventie sixe.
Mary Griggorie, the daughter of John Grggorie, Junr., borne in Desember, 1674.

p.199 - Ebenezer Gregory took to wife Mary Fitch, the daughter of Mr. John Fitch of Norwalk, Dec. 13, 1711.

p.210 - Moses Fountain, of Norwalk, took to wife the widow Elizabeth Gregory, Aug. 13, 1719. Moses, born Sept. 7, 1720, Joseph, born Dec. 4, 1723, Sam's, born March 7,1725-6, Matthew, born March 4, 1730-1.

p.222 - Saml Gregory Jr., son of Saml and Abigail Gregory born Aug. 24, 1749.

p.232 - Seth Betts married to Mary Gregory Dec. 7, 1752. Silas, born Oct 27, 1753; Molly, born Mar 19, 1757; Esther, born Feb. 17, 1763; Seth, born Dec. 12, 1765.

p.234 - Nathan Gregory married to Sarah St. John, July 3, 1754. Ebenezer born Jan 10, 1755; Anna born Mar 14, 1758; Noah born Feb 20, 1760; Sally born Mar 9, 1763; Polly born Nov 28, 1772.

p.236 - Thomas Gregory married to Mary Betts, May 18, 1747. Naomi, born Apr 13, 1748; Josiah, born May 12, 1750; Mary, born Oct 8, 1752, Jehiel, born Nov. 17, 1754; Abigail, born Dec. 13, 1762.

p.240 - Aaron Gregory m. to Betty Keeler, June 25, 1772. Esther, born July 4, 1773; Ebenezer, born Mar 7, 1775. The said Betty, wife to s Aaron, died 1778. The said Aaron Gregory m. Bridget Belden, Feb 15, 1780. Betty, born Apr 21, 1784.

p.241 - Theophilus Fitch married Anna Gregory, Feb 7, 1781. Samuel, born Dec 17, 1781; Betsey, born July 2, 1784; Nathan, born Apr 14, 1787.

p.243 - Darius Olmsted married to Esther Gregory, Sept. 10, 1775. Aaron, born Mar 3, 1776, David, born Feb 2, 1779; Silas, born Dec 5, 1780; Mary, born Jan 12, 1783; Esther, born June 19, 1785; Charles, born Nov. 6, 1791.

p.246 - Elias Gregory married to Elizabeth Gregory, Dec 29, 1776. Sarah, born Mar 5, 1777; Matthew Fitch, born Aug 2, 1778; James, born June 24, 1788.

p.246 - Isaiah Gregory married to Sarah Comstock, Feb. 18, 1767. Mabel born Apr 18, 1773; Jerrol, born Mar 3, 1776; [twins] Grace and Matthew born April 20, 1779; Sherman, born Aug 20, 1782; Zillah, born Mar 30, 1786; Anna born Feb 10, 1789

p.250 - John Hayt married to Ruth Gregory, June 5, 1783. Aaron born Sep 2, 1784; Esther born May 10, 1787; Betsey born Feb 8, 1789; Sally born Apr 25, 1791; Sukey born Feb 7, 1795; Nathaniel born May 1, 1797; Ruth born June 16, 1799.

p.255 - Nathan Williams married to Sarah Gregory, April 1761. -- 8 children

p. 260 - Jabez Gregory married Mercy St. John, Jan 20, 1782. Lucretia born Apr 10, 1763; Moses born Feb 13, 1766.

p.260 - Moses Gregory married to Esther Hayt, Feb 22, 1789. Francis H* born Oct 9, 1789; Edmond born Dec 5, 1791 -- died May 20, 1792; Esther Antinetta born Oct 5, 1795; Augusta born ___
*Capt. Francis H. Gregory of the U. S. Navy.

p.260 - William Maltby Betts married Lucretia Gregory June 26, 1785 -- 3 children.

p.266 - James Mead married Sarah Gregory, Nov 7, 1792 -- 2 children

p.266 - Ebenezer Gregory married Olive Smith, March 10, 1757 -- no children listed

p.277 - Ebenezer Crofoot, Jr., married Sarah Gregory, Sept. 3, 1795 -- 1 child

p.279 - Thaddeus Waterbury married Polly Gregory, Mar 24, 1787 -- 4 children (first daughter was named Annis)

drawing of the harbor at Norwalk
p.284 - Moses Gregory married Abigail Gregory, Mar 22, 1789. Polly born Feb 24, 1790; Lewis born Sep 3, 1794; Henry born Apr 1, 1796; Abbe born Apr 26, 1797.

p.289 - Jehiel Gregory married Phebe Arnold, March 13, 1776 -- no children listed. [not Jehiel son of Nehemiah; this is Jehiel son of Thomas; see p.236]

p.290 - Zacharia Whitman Fitch married Sarah Gregory Feb 20, 1796 -- 1 child

p.293 - Chauncey Johnson married Polly Gregory, Mar 13, 1794 -- 2 children

p.297 - Noah Morehouse married Hannah Gregory, Mar 9, 1797 -- no children listed.

p.299 - Elijah Gregory married Rhuama Gregory, Nov 175-. Joseph born Feb 1758; Jemima born Apr 1760; Elizabeth born Oct 1761

p.312 - John Benedict was born at Southold, Long Island. He continued to reside with his parents till they removed to Norwalk. He there married Phebe Gregory daughter of John Gregory of Norwalk, Nov. 11, 1670. They had nine children. Sarah, Phebe, born 1673, John, March 3d, 1676, Jonathan, Benjamin, Joseph, James, born January 5, 1685; Mary or Mercy, and Thomas. He succeeded his father as deacon of the church in Norwalk, and used that office until old age rendered him unable to serve. -- and further on 313-314: Sixth Generation (the children of John Benedict and Phebe Gregory): Sarah' Phebe born at Norwalk 1673; John born at Norwalk March 2, 1676 and died in Horwalk January 16, 1766.

p.312-313 - James Benedict was born at Southold, Long Island. He continued to reside with his parents until after their removal to Norwalk. He there married Sarah Gregory, May 10, 1676. They had seven children. Sarah, born 16th June, 1677; Rebecca, Phebe, James, John, Thomas and Elizabeth. He was one of the eight who purchased and settled Danbury. He sold his property in Norwalk, 26th March, 1691, to Samuel Smith.

p.316. Seventh Generation, the children of John and Mary Benecict. Son Nathaniel Benecit, born 1786, had a daughter Hannah Benedict who married Matthew Gregory, and removed to Danbury.

Connecticut Vital Records -- looking for the Gregory family of Norwalk in the Barbour Collection. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut town vital records covers 137 towns -- 14,333 typed pages of birth, marriage, and death records to about 1850 (earliest record is 1630). Each volume contains multiple towns, and is organized alphabetically (volume 1 = Andover, Ashford, and Avon; volume 55 is Windsor). In all the volumes, the entries are in strict alphabetical order by town and give name, date of event, names of parents (in the case of births and sometimes deaths), names of both spouses (in the case of marriages), and sometimes such items as age, occupation, and specific place of residence.

Norwalk records from the Barbour Collection for the Gregory family:
Gregory: A Gregory: A-E Gregory: E-J Gregory: L-R Gregory: R-Z

Our first ancestor born in America would be John II in 1639; he is not found in the Barbour collection, including either of his marriages in 1663 or 1699. Neither are birth records for his siblings. Although there is a 1664 marriage record for his brother Judah. There are no records for Jehiel son of John, even though there is a birth and marriage record for Jehiel son of Thomas with approximately the same dates. These volumes obviously include all existing records found, but have many ommissions.

Wilton records from the Barbour collection for the Gregory family: No Nehemiah -- p.1 (A-S) and p.2 (S-W).

Records for our ancestral Gregory line (Note how only one was found in the Barbour Collection records):

Note: the dates will seem odd to modern readers due to the change in the calendar. In 1751, the English Parliament made Jan. 1 instead of March 25 the first day of the year; America as a British colony used the same calendar and was therefore subject to this change. This act took effect Jan. 1, 1752. Before that, March had been called the first month and April the second. Modern notation usually specifies a double year such as 1672-3 to refer to the period between Jan. 1 and March 25, which under the old style was in 1672, but under the new style was in 1673. Eleven days were dropped, making, for instance, Washington's birthday Feb 22, instead of 11th, as it appears in his family's bible. Some of the children's birthdates above will look odd compared to a marriage date or compared to the birthyears of the other children, as in the original notation above, January 1670 is 13 months after December 1669 not 1 month.

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