Britton Genealogy.

Abbo Le Breton is perhaps the first of the name found recorded, and is said to be descended from the highest nobles of France and Brittany. The family name of Breton, Britain or Britton originated in that westernmost peninsula of France, then called Brittany (incorporated with France in 1532), where resided the remnant of the Roman race (Celtic Tribes) that had been driven out of England by the Angles and Saxons in about 418 AD. For 600 years they multiplied and became the highest citizens in Nobility, government, and military affairs in France.

The Brittons came to England with Duke William ("William the Conqueror", King William I -- the first Norman King of England) in 1066. Thomas Le Breton is said to be one of the followers of the Duke, and William I was very liberal with the confiscated estates of English royalty and nobility, granting vast lands and property to his followers, even to his menial servants. The Brittons were granted lands in the northern part of Yorkshire, and along the River Tees, and for more than 500 years from their appearance in England, to the time they began to settle in America, they spread out all over England, particularly southward and westward in the counties of York Rutland, Leisester, Surry, Northhampton, Huntingdon, Campridge, Herteford, Essex, Oxford. Worcester, Hereford, Middlesex, Norfold, Wilts and Cloucester. The Britton families continued to be prominent in civil and military affairs, occupying many of the highest positions the King could offer. (The two major Britton source books -- one by Thomas Bailey (1962 "Bailey-Britton History and Genealogy") and one by Elmer Garfield Van Name ("Britton Genealogy, Early generations from Somersetshire, England to Staten Island, New York," 1970) -- then proceed to detail many English records substantiating the claim of prominence). Note that although these sources were well-researched, both contain errors due to additional information found after their publications (see sources for all information).

Given the number of Britton descendants in America, there have been many interested in the genealogy of this family. Unfortunately. the records in the 1600s and 1700s are sporadic and incomplete. Much conjecture goes into the process, and there is much information published, in books and on the internet, that is erroneous. (Note: Names in italics are not of general agreement in this tree). Users of the information herein are cautioned to examine the source data provided to see what assumptions are made for the individual's inclusion in this tree. Given that the two main branches of the Britton tree, William and Nathaniel, both marry Stillwells of Long Island and Staten Island, the parallel Stillwell Tree is of interest.

Richard Britton/Brittaine Sr. of Batcombe, our English ancestor, and his wife (maybe) Christian Reymers

The American Britton family to which we belong can be traced back to Richard Britton Sr. of Batcombe, Somesetshire, England. Richard Briton was the father of seven children, at least four of whom came to America -- his known children include the following, birth order unknown, born circa 1630s in England:

A. Richard Britton, Vicar of Bisley (1613-1679 England-will) married Sarah Pope. No children.

B. Cananuiel Britton, a Pennsylvania Quaker, who died intestate in 1682 in Chester,PA. Maybe born circa 1611 (or 1620) in Birmingham, Warwick, England; wife's first name may have been Jane, who may have died 10/1/1675 in NY. Descendants unknown.
1. (maybe) (Quaker) Peter Britton (?-11/22/1710 Chester,PA-will) married Mary Coppock (1679 Chester,PA-?) on 3/27/1696 in Chester,PA. (She subsequently married Richard Woodward on 1/5/1717, and after his death in 1727 David Davis). I (DLH 2008) assume Peter was born in 1660s/1670s; it is known he was a Quaker in Chester,PA. It is possible he is a grandson of Cananuiel, instead of a son.
-----1a. Elizabeth Britton (~1697-?) married Philip Horbury
-----1a. Deborah Britton (~1698-1820? impossible death date) married John Philips (9/12/1702 Bucks,PA-1762 Bucks/York,PA) of Gwynedd,Montgomery,PA in 1729
----------1b. James Phillips (6/25/1718 New Castle,DE-?)
----------1b. John Phillips (1725 Chester,PA-?)
----------1b. William Phillips (1727-?) -- got these 3 from internet, but seem young if father b.1702, and they are before the marriage in 1729 -- look up will
-----1a. Thomas Britton (~1700-?)
-----1a. Samuel Britton (~1700s-by 1764 Frederick, VA) sent certificate from Oppeckon,VA to Chester,PA in 1737, married Mary Martha Burtis (~1710 Burlington, NJ-Frederick, VA) (widow of Robert Worthington) -- 3 children
----------1b. (stepdaughter) Martha Worthington (1731 VA-1757 Frederick, VA) and Samuel Pearson (8/23/1724 Chester, PA-1/8/1790 Newberry, SC) -- 3 children
----------1b. Sarah Britton
----------1b. Susannah Britton (1752-1809 Pickaway County, OH) married Thomas Crow (1746 VA/PA-?) -- ? children [moved to Pickaway County, OH in the 1790s]
----------1b. Jonathan Britton and Elizabeth Crow -- 4 children -- lived in Berkeley, WV
---------------1c. Thomas Brittain
---------------1c. John Brittain
---------------1c. William Brittain
---------------1c. James Britton (~1765 Frederick, VA-1832 Washington,OH) and Maria Elizabeth Pickenpaugh (3/27/1758 Frederick,MD-1823 Washington, OH) -- 1 child
--------------------1d. Mary Britton (~1795 Greene, PA-) and Abraham Hill (1/3/1787 Frederick, MD-10/11/1857 Washington, OH) -- 1 child
-------------------------2e. Mary Ann Hill (3/16/1833 Washington, OH-10/22/1917 Butler, KS) and Henry J. Palmer (4/8/1834 Washington, OH-5/24/1912 Butler, KS) -- 9 children
-----1a. Jonathan Britton (~1700s-?) This may be the John of Bucks -- see entry below under #3 William's son Richard Was a witness as his mother's marriage: Mary Britton, of Springfield township, and Richard Woodward of the same place, were married 1-5-1717, at Springfiled Meeting. Among the witnesses were Bartholomew Coppock senr, William West, Deborah West, Elizabeth Norbury, Sarah Brittan, Jonathan Brittan...
-----1a. (maybe) Hannah Britton (~1710-?) (would have been born after his will was written)
2. (maybe) John Britton (~1660s-?)
-----2a. unknown children (but obviously John of Bucks, known to have been born circa 1695, could easily fit in here....)
(Note: no published Britton genealogies that I (DLH-2008) have found mention any children for Cananuiel Britton of Philadelphia. However, Gilbert Cope of Chester County, PA did significant work on this family in the 1890s and 1900s, primarily searching Quaker records in the Philadelphia area, and he felt it likely that Cananuiel did marry and have issue. It is curious that the "standard" family names were not used for the males in this branch of the family.) Note that this is the only Britton line that is known to have Quakers, and it definitely has PA-VA-OH ties. It seems possible that most if not all the Briton Quakers may fit in here -- including John of Bucks -- he was a Quaker marriage witness in 1718, and his son Joseph is thought to have also been a Quaker. Arguing for John being here is a specific mention of a child John in Peter's will, the presence of John assumed to be a brother of Peter, the Quaker ties, and the Bucks, Frederick, Pickaway ties; arguing against are the Monmouth ties for John and his age (Peter's John seems to have been born circa early 1700s which would make him too young to have married Elizabeth Stillwell by 1718; however, this is not the case for Peter's brother John's potential son John). There was a James Britton who with his wife Mary owns land in Frederick, VA in the 1740s and 1750s and then moves to Carolina (see sources) maybe a child of Thomas or Jonathan? Surry Tax Lists 1815-1819: there is James Britton, John Britton, William (Little) Britton as well as Thomas Day Sr. in Surry county. Day, Brittain (Britton) and Poe come from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Think this Richard belongs here somewhere because of Quaker and Delaware (specifically New Castle,DE!) and Chester,PA ties -- maybe a son of Thomas or of John, or the son of a different son of Cananuiel:
----------1b. Richard Britton (~1730 Wilmington, New Castle,DE-~Jan. 1802 Chester,PA/9/9/1802 DE) married Catherine Unknown on 12/15/1750. Resident of Chester County by 1779. Manumitted his two slaves in 1798 and 1799.
---------------1c. Catherine Britton (11/5/1765 Wilmington,DE-6/30/1838) married on 4/5/1792 Caleb P. Bennett (Governor of Delaware) -- 13 children (buried in Quaker cemetery in Wilmington,DE)
---------------1c. Mary Britton (4/5/1767 Wilmington,DE-1839) married Isaac Stidham in 1794 -- 2+ children
--------------------1d. Anna George Stedham (3/8/1800 Wilmington,DE-4/11/1879 ?) married William Augustus Mendenhall (8/10/1798 Wilmington,DE-8/19/1839 Wilmington,DE) on 8/12/1824
---------------1c. Ezekial Britton (1770 Wilmington,DE-~Mar 1815 New Castle,DE) -- never married
---------------1c. Sarah Britton (1772 Wilmington,DE-?) married Unknown Ford
---------------1c. Richard Britton Jr. (1774 Wilmington,DE-?)
---------------1c. Amy Britton (1775 Great Valley?-?) married John Forman/Fairman -- 3+ children
--------------------1d. Jonathan Fairman
---------------1c. Ann Britton (8/25/1778 Great Valley?-9/1801) married William George -- 2+children

C. Daniel Britton (?-?) married (maybe) Annetie Derdeman.
1. Richard Britton (8/5/1668-?)
(Daniel is listed in most genealogies as "probably emigrated to America." There are no Daniel or Richard or even unknown Staten Island Brittons on the 1706 census, or any other New York records found for Daniel. There is no Daniel mentioned in Richard Britton, Vicar of Bisley's, 1678 will -- while it is possible there were unknown descendants, it is also possible that Daniel and his son predeceased the will, especially since the Vicar would likely have remembered a nephew who was a namesake. See Britton Theories.)

Looking for where John of Bucks fits here. He had a brother William and probably a brother Nathaniel. The children of William Britton and Ann Young went to Virginia!

D. Abigail Britton, who married Unknown Duck. (There are no Duck families in Staten Island on the 1706 census -- unknown where the Duck family lived; appeared to have stayed in England)

E. Jane Britton, who married Unknown Fernley. (There are no Fernley families in Staten Island on the 1706 census -- the Fernleys stayed in England)

F. Nathaniel Britton (1630s? Batcombe,England-2/1684 Old Town, Staten Island, NY-will) married Anne Stillwell (eldest daughter of Lieutenant Nicholas Stillwell and Anne (maybe)Van Dyk/Van Dincklage) (~1637 NY-1709 SI) -- 5 children
1. Nathaniel Britton [called Sr after his father's death to distinguish him from his cousin] (~1666-1729) married (1) Mary Stillwell and (2) Elizabeth Garretson (1680s SI-?; married unknown Brewer after Nathaniel died) -- 13 children (census: 1706 Staten Island) (military roll: 1711-1715)
-----1a. Nathaniel Britton (~1688-1746/7) married Frances Stillwell -- no children known; no children mentioned in his will (military roll: 1711-1715)
----------1b. (maybe) Richard Britton (~1710s SI-1771) and Hannah Salter (?-1785) -- 4 children (bought SI land from father 1723) -- Maybe this is the Richard with wife Hannah of Bucks County who sold land in Monmouth,NJ -- see source.
---------------1c. John Britton (7/21/1737 Monmouth, NJ-3/7/1816 Philadelphia, PA) and Eleanor Waters (4/25/1746 Montgomery, PA-1797) -- 14 children (John Was taxed on an estate of 194,000 pounds. His old house was still standing in 1916 -- First Families of America, Vol. IV, p. 553. He probably was a Federalist and opposed to the "Jacobinism" or Republicanism of Thomas Jefferson. He would have been Zeboeth's rich cousin in Philadelphia. Source: "Brittain Genealogy" by James E. Brittain, p. 4.)
---------------1c. Thomas Britton (1739-) married (1) Sarah Salter Harvey and (2) Catherine Forbes -- 3 child
--------------------1d. Thomas Brittain (~1769-?) married Ann Warman -- 1 child
--------------------1d. Alexander Britton (~1770-?)
--------------------1d. Forbes Britton (~1771-?) married Elizabeth Pindle (~17750?)
-------------------------1e. Forbes Britton, Jr (1812 TX-1861 TX) married Rebecca Millard (~1816-)
---------------1c. Sarah Britton married Jesse Williamson in Bucks County,PA in 1763
---------------1c. Rebecca Britton (~1743-?) married Thomas Fleeson at Thomas Saltar's home
--------------------1d. Catherine Fleeson (1777-10/17/1826) married William Britton (8/1776 Montgomery,PA-?)
-----1a. Richard Britton (~1689) (military roll: 1711-1715) (bought SI land from father 1723)
-----1a. Abraham Britton (~1690s?-before 1729)(likely born 1690-1700) married Sarah Stillwell in Monmouth, NJ -- 1 child
----------1b. Nathaniel Britten (~1720-1792) married Unknown (maybe Fountain) -- 6 children
---------------1c. Abraham Britten (?-before 1791) married Phebe Vanderbilt (daughter of Jacob Vanderbilt; later married Wilhelmus Cozine)
--------------------1d. Cornelas Brittain (6/1/1778-9/30/1832 Bergen, NJ) married Sarah Prior (8/29/1781-9/26/1860)
-------------------------1e. Abraham Britten (3/12/1803 NJ-4/18/1866) married Gertrude Van Clief -- 11 children (census: 1850,-2)
-------------------------1e. Catherine Britten (11/25/1804-?) married Andrew Rapp
-------------------------1e. Phebe Britten (7/21/1807-?) married John MLaughlin
-------------------------1e. Mary Britten (3/27/1811-2/6/1846) married James McLaughlin
-------------------------1e. Eleanor Prior Britten (3/21/1814-?) married Abraham Post
-------------------------1e. Cornelius Britten (2/13/1815-?) married Eliza Sturge
-------------------------1e. Andrew Britten (11/5/1816-4/18/1866)
-------------------------1e. Nathaniel Britten (10/9/1818-?)
-------------------------1e. John Britten (3/9/1822-?)
-------------------------1e. Jasper Prior Britten (1809 Jersey City, NJ-?) married Adrinna Welsh (8/27/1810-?) -- 8+ children (census: 1850)
--------------------1d. Mary Britten
---------------1c. Nathaniel Britten (~1755-12/22/1843) married (1) Elsey Van Buskirk and (2) Margaret Bedell(~1768-9/21/1849)
--------------------1d. Deborah "Debby" Britton (8/4/1782-3/28/1840) married Joshua Mersereau (1773-3/7/1847
-------------------------1e. Nathaniel Mersereau (1802-1805) -- died young
-------------------------1e. Paul Mersereau (1904-?)
-------------------------1e. Mary Mersereau (1807)
-------------------------1e. Cornelius Britton Mersereau (5/12/1811)
-------------------------1e. Josha Mersereau (1814)
-------------------------1e. Margaret Mersereau married Aaron Van Name
-------------------------1e. Elizabeth Britton Mersereau
-------------------------1e. Elsey Mersereau (1818-8/23/1831) -- never married
-------------------------1e. Deborah Ann Mersereau
-------------------------1e. Robert Murray Mersereau (1823-)
-------------------------1e. John Mersereau (1826-1927) -- died young
-------------------------1e. Margaret Mersereau (1827-1829) -- died young
--------------------1d. Cornelius Britton (7/1/1785-4/3/1867) married Jane Bedell (~1784-3/14/1822)
-------------------------1e. Alice/Elsie Britton (?-1809)
-------------------------1e. Elizabeth Britton
-------------------------1e. Matilda married Abraham Lockman
--------------------1d. Abraham Britton (1787-8/26/1866) married Magdalane "Lena" de Hart
-------------------------1e. Henry Britton (?-7/1/1876) -- died young
-------------------------1e. Abraham Britton Jr. (?-8/1876)
------------------------------1e. (son) H. Britton (?-1949)
-------------------------1e. Mary Ann Britton married Peter Martling
------------------------------1f. John Martling
------------------------------1f. Mary Elizabeth Martling married Garret Vroom
------------------------------1f. Helen Salina Martling married James Swift
------------------------------1f. Dorcas Martling married Unknown Mills
------------------------------1f. Jane A. Martling married Unknown Hyler
------------------------------1f. Abraham B. Martling
-------------------------1e. Elsie Jame Britton married Thomas Lisk
-------------------------1e. Eleanor Britton
--------------------1d. John Britton (1791-)
--------------------1d. Nathaniel/Nathan Britton (1793-2/13/1841) married Mary Ann Bodine (1798-10/18/1861)
-------------------------1e. Jane Britton married Edward Burbank
-------------------------1e. Harriet Britton married John Wood
-------------------------1e. Deborah Britton married David Burgher
-------------------------1e. Mary Ann Britton (1821-1/1-/1865) married Alfred Ditton
-------------------------1e. Emily Britton married James B. Wood
------------------------------1f. Mary Ann Wood (1844)
------------------------------1f. Henrietta Wood (1850)
------------------------------1f. Henry Wood (1855)
-------------------------1e. Nathan Britton (1/8/1826)
-------------------------1e. John Britton (1/9/1826-6/15/1848) married Mary Amanda Unknown
------------------------------1f. Mary Amanda Britton
-------------------------1e. Catherine Matilda Britton (12/9/1827)
-------------------------1e. Cornelius Britton (1830)
-------------------------1e. Elizabeth Britton (1832-2/26/1849) -- never married
-------------------------1e. Isabella B. Britton (1835-1/14/1865) married Jacob B. Decker
--------------------1d. Jasper Alexander Hamilton Britton (1811-1882) married Harriet Lord
-------------------------1e. Richard H. Britton
-------------------------1e. Nathaniel Lord Britton (1/15/1859-1934) married Elizabeth Gertrude Knight
-------------------------1e. Harriet Louise Britton (1871-2/24/1951)
---------------1c. Catherine "Caty" Britten (3/30/1759-12/29/1838) married John Bodine (2/1753-3/22/1835)
--------------------1d. John Bodine (~1781-1831) married Elizabeth Cruser -- 11 children
--------------------1d. Nathaniel Bodine (?-11/31/1830) married Maria Garretson -- 7 children
--------------------1d. Vincent Bodine (?-1862 Elizabeth NJ) married Sarah Ann Martling -- 5 children
--------------------1d. Jacob Bodine (?-4/9/1845) married Johannah Housman (daughter of Capt. John Housman and Mary Johnson) -- 9 children
--------------------1d. Abraham Bodine
--------------------1d. Mary Bodine (3/20/1779) married Joseph Lake -- 8 children
--------------------1d. Ann Bodine (?-7/7/1852) married Jabez B. Cooley -- no children
--------------------1d. Phebe J. Bodine (1/1/1800-5/21/1884) married Egbert Lisk (8/19/1797-3/4/1890) -- 4 children
--------------------1d. Patty Bodine
--------------------1d. Martha (1789-2/17/1843) married William Edmonds/Edwards
---------------1c. Joseph Britten
---------------1c. Antone Britten
---------------1c. William Britten
-----1a. Nicholas Britton (~1695)
-----1a. Sarah Britton (~1686 SI-) married Daniel Gerneau/Gano (1691-) -- 8 children
----------1b. Daniel Gano
----------1b. Jane Gano
----------1b. Nathaniel Gano
----------1b. Sarah Gano
----------1b. David Gano
----------1b. Stephen Gano
----------1b. John Gano (1727- -- misc historical collections of NJ and its early setters. 12 pages on John Gano. b. 7/22/1727 at Hopewell, NJ. served under Geor Wash. minister mostly at Morristown, but also went to VA NC NY and finally KY 1755 married Sarah Stites died 8/10/1804. studied at princeton. Mother was a baptist father was a presbyterian. he was baptist minister)
----------1b. Susannah Gano (5/12/1722-8/1765) and Joseph Reeder (5/23/1716-) -- 13 children
-----1a. Abigail Britton (~1698-10/30/1766 Imlaytown, NJ)
-----1a. Elizabeth Britton (9/19/1704 SI-) married James Poullion
-----1a. Alice Britton (~1705-10/30/1766 Inlaytown, NJ) married (Rev.) John Hugh Coward (1705 England-7/30/1760 NJ) -- 9 children
----------1b. John Coward (8/26/1728 Monmouth, NJ-4/13/1777)
----------1b. Joseph Coward (10/25/1729 Monmouth, NJ-~1730) -- died young
----------1b. Joseph Coward (1/26/1730/1 Monmouth, NJ-7/26/1798) married Lucretia Schudder
----------1b. Thomas Coward (9/11/1732 Monmouth, NJ-~1736) -- died young
----------1b. Samuel Coward (4/27/1734 Monmouth, NJ-2/21/1759) -- never married
----------1b. Alice Coward (5/13/1735 Monmouth, NJ-3/3/1810 NJ) married John Brown
----------1b. Deliverance Coward (11/24/1737 Monmouth, NJ-2/13/1787 NJ) married James Fitz-Randolph (10/1/1730-12/20/1781) -- 6 children
--------------1c. Hannah Fitz-Randolph (3/23/1781-) married Capt. William Longstreet (10/6/1759-9/1/1814 Augusta GA)
-------------------1d. James Longstreet (1784 Allentown, NJ-1833 August, GA) married Mary Ann Dent (3/13/1793 MD-9/14/1855 Macon, MS)
------------------------1e. Sarah Jane Longstreet (7/10/1831-1/21/1921) married (Judge) Charles Bingley Ames (10/1/1812-8/8/1888)
---------------1c. Samuel Fitz-Randolph (9/20/1762 Monmouth, NJ-)
---------------1c. John Fitz-Randolph (3/5/1764 Monmouth, NJ-)
---------------1c. Isaac Fitz-Randolph (11/13/1766 Monmouth, NJ-)
---------------1c. Benjamin Fitz-Randolph (8/3/1767 Monmouth, NJ-)
---------------1c. Stephen Fitz-Randolph (1/12/1769 Monmouth, NJ-)
----------1b. Patience Coward (2/7/1739/40 Monmouth, NJ-) married (1) Jacob Blackwell and (2) Nathaniel Seers and (3) Thomas Rogers
----------1b. Rebecca Coward (10/27/1742 Monmouth, NJ-6/6/1815-) married Tobias Hendrickson
----------1b. Thomas Coward (4/14/1746 Monmouth, NJ-) married Unknown Applegate
----------1b. Elizabeth Coward (4/14/1746 Monmouth, NJ-) married Thomas Sill
----------1b. Johnathan Coward (12/28/1748-12/16/1833) married Theodosia Unknown
---------------1c. Jonathan Coward Jr. (4/6/1776 Imlaystown, NJ-3/22/1845) married Mary Emley (11/25/1772-10/26/1835)
--------------------1d. Clayton Coward (6/14/1798-10/13/1872) married Elizabeth Darby (12/18/1801-6/20/1867)
-----1a. Rebecca Britton (~1709-1712) -- died young
-----1a. John Britton (~1713-1754 Monmouth, NJ) married Rachel Wall (~1715 Monmouth, NJ->1754) -- 1 child
----------1b. Nathaniel Brittain married Diana Robbins Think this is wrong. In Van Name's book in addenda it says Nathaniel Brittain, Upper Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co., died 7/8/1791 intestate, Administrator was Rachel, his wife (1848-8/9/2820) (NJA37:50). Had son Abraham, who wed Rebecca Robins. Sarah Britton wed Elijah Robins (NYGBB 81:80)
-----1a. Samuel Britton (~1715-?) and (likely) Alice Unknown -- unknown children
this is not the Samuel Britton who moves to Virginia (see above); this Samuel Britton would be too young and would not be living in PA in 1737. Wife Alice is inferred from brother John's 1736 land contract: D.25. Apr 17 1736. John Britten of Staten Island yeoman and Rachel his wife to Daniel Stillwell of Gravesend in Kings Co for L400 mess and 100 acres upland late of Nathaniel Britton father of John also 80 acres meadow ground next? Samuel Britton and some meadow at the great Kill. Wits: Samuel Britten, Alice Britten.
-----1a. Mary Britton (~1717-?)
-----1a. Sarah Britton (~1719-?)
-----1a. Rachel Britton (~3/5/1721-1814 Montgomery, PA) arried Isaac Boileau
-----1a. William Britton (~1723 SI-3/15/1804 Hunterdon, PA) married Mary Collins (1724 Monmouth-8/13/1805) on 11/30/1753 (he lived in Long Island then and she in Monmouth) -- 10 children (this family is interesting since it seems to have split down the middle -- the older children were Patriots and fought for America in the Revolution, and the younger ones were Loyaltists who fought for Britain, and subsequently left for Canada where they settled and became successful there. Likely, other of these Brittons were also Loyalists and moved to Canada. It is said that William was the loyalist and Mary was the Patriot.)
----------1b. Nathaniel Britton (3/12/1744 NJ-10/2/1817 Columbia, PA) (NJ Patriot) volnteered out of Bucks County, PA in McCalla's Company married Jane Simanton (1750-1817)
---------------1c. Samuel Brittain (1770-1840) married Sarah Silliman (1773-1815) in 1796.
----------1b. Zeboath Britton (1/9/1746 Hunterdon County, NJ-7/11/1790 Northampton County, PA) (NJ Patriot) married Elizabeth Marr (1748 NJ-1813 PA) -- 8 children
---------------1c. William Britton married Sarah Aton
---------------1c. Joseph Britton (3/1/1771-1821) married Anne White (1773-1825)
--------------------1d. Zebulon Britton (10/20/1794 Northumberland County, PA-1851 Williams County,OH) married Experience Potter (widow Perry) (6/13/1798 PA-1854 MI)
-------------------------1e. Brookins Britton
-------------------------1e. Joseph P. Britton
-------------------------1e. Silas Britton
-------------------------1e. Walter C. Britton
-------------------------1e. Henry O. Britton
-------------------------1e. Hiram Gilmore Britton
-------------------------1e. Eliza Britton
-------------------------1e. Anne Britton
-------------------------1e. Susanna Britton
-------------------------1e. Margaret Ann Brittain (5/27/1837 OH-1900 OH) married (1) Chandler Baird and (2) Michael Crawford (3/23/1833 PA-9/27/1898 OH) -- 6 children
------------------------------1f. Ugelia M. Baird married Willis Crane -- 4 children
------------------------------1f. Augusta Baird maried Lyman Hutchins -- 3 children
------------------------------1f. Ella P. Crawford married David Hutchins -- 3 children
------------------------------1f. Melville G. Crawford married (1) Mollie Snyder and (2) Olive Roberts -- no children
------------------------------1f. Lula M. Crawford (8/1/1867 OH-3/30/1939 MO) married Edwin S. Lord (11/30/1860 WI-7/11/1911 MI) -- 2 children
------------------------------1f. Arletta M. Crawford -- never married
--------------------1d. Jeremiah Britton
--------------------1d. Abraham Britton
--------------------1d. Isaac Britton
--------------------1d. others?
---------------1c. David Britton
---------------1c. John Britton married Margaret Albertson
--------------------1d. (Rev.) Alem Marr Brittain (?-1890)
---------------1c. Elizabeth Britton
---------------1c. Rachel Britton
---------------1c. Ellen Britton
---------------1c. Sarah Britton
----------1b. Elizabeth Britton (3/11/1748-) married Peter White
----------1b. Samuel Britton (3/9/1750 NJ-1795 MD) (NJ Patriot) married Sarah Bright -- served in Revolution out of Bucks, PA in McCalla's Company
---------------1c. Jeremiah Brittain married Elizabeth Hutchinson
---------------1c. Joseph Brittain married Belinda Clark
---------------1c. Sarah Britain (1786-1852) married John Bowman (1786-1843)
----------1b. James Britton (8/3/1754-?) married Elizabeth Butler Loyalist -- moved to N.B. Canada
----------1b. William Britton (10/15/1754) Loyalist -- moved to N.B. Canada
----------1b. Mary Britton (3/4/1757) married John Van Voorhees (~1747-1793)
---------------1c. Anna Van Voorhees (1786-1878) married Benjamin Hyde (1786-1852)
--------------------1d. Amy Hyde (1831-1914) married Henry Harman Kephart (1828-1894)
----------1b. Joseph Britton (9/24/1759) Loyalist -- moved to N.B. Canada
----------1b. Rachel Britton (5/5/1761)
----------1b. Sarah Britton (11/7/1764-12/4/1843) married Abraham Willett (1750-1822)
-----1a. Richard Brittain (~1728-)

2. Sarah Britton (~1668-1750?)

3. Rebecca Britton (1669-7/14/1713) married Abraham Cole on 3/9/1695. (census: 1706 Staten Island) -- 6 children
-----3a. Richard Cole (~1687 SI-)
-----3a. Ann Cole (1701 SI-)
-----3a. Rebecca Cole (~1702 SI-)
-----3a. Mary Cole (~1704 SI-)
-----3a. Andrew Cole
-----3a. Cornelius Cole

4. Richard Britton (~1670-1690s?) Assume Richard died young as not on the 1706 census, but it is possible he moved to NJ too (see F3 above, and E1)

5. Abigail Britton (~1674-~1724) unmarried as of 3/30/1697; married Hendrick Jansen (Henry Johnson (1677-~1730) -- 6 children (source GNJF) (census: 1706 Staten Island)
-----5a. William Johnson (received birthright in will) (-1760 SI) married Lydia Helena Vangelder -- 1 child
----------5b. Nathaniel Johnson (~1741-)
-----5a. Anne Johnson (called eldest daughter in will)
-----5a. Mary Johnson (7/14/1713 SI,NY-?)
-----5a. Matthias Johnson (5/29/1719 SI,NY-11/1752 Middlesex County, NJ)(birth record at Dutch Church of Staten Island: 1719 den 29 Mey Matthys to Hendrik Janszen and Abigail Britton) married Eleanor Lake -- 2 children
----------5b. John Johnson
----------5b. Elizabeth Johnson
-----5a. Nathaniel Johnson (?-~10/1797 SI,NY) married (1) Sophia Van Gelder (3/12/1712-~1740 SI,NY) and (2) Mary Cole
-- 3 children
----------5b. Nathaniel Johnson married Eleanor Vanderbilt
---------------5c. Nathaniel Johnson (8/18/1765-?)
---------------5c. Jacob Johnson (8/26/1767-?)
---------------5c. Winant Johnson (10/2/1769-?)
---------------5c. Cornelius Vanderbilt Johnson (3/19/1786-?)
---------------5c. Sophia Johnson (1795-?)
----------5b. Hendrick Johnson (11/19/1738 SI,NY-?)
----------5b. Winant Johnson (5/20/1746 SI,NY-?)
-----5a. Sarah Johnson
-----5a (Henry, Belitje and Esther born to Hendrick's second wife Frances Perrine).

Although it is possible that Nathaniel and Anne may have had other children, it is deemed unlikely as no other children were listed in Nathaniel's will -- specifically, note no William (~1661), Rachel (~1665), Joseph (~1667 or ~1669), Benjamin (~1669), Daniel (1675) or Nicholas (1679) (see Nathaniel's will). It is certain that the references by other genealogists for Daniel and Nicholas are incorrect as Nathaniel specifically mentions in the will that Richard and Abigail are his youngest children. If these were based on some birth records, it is possible that some of these were in fact children of Nathaniel and Anne, but they died young, without issue.

G. William Britton (~1630s? Batcombe, England-1683 Staten Island, NY) and Maria/Mary Unknown (1645 ?-?) -- 8 children (known from 1678 baptism records) [built Britton home on Staten Island] (census: 1706 Staten Island) Although William Britton is widely accepted as having married Mary Stillwell, daughter of Lieutenant Nicholas and Ann Stillwell (sister to Ann Stillwell whom his brother marries), this does not appear to be the case. While there is documentary evidence her surname is Stillwell, there is also documentary evidence she is not -- "He [William Britton] appears to have married Mary, the daughter of Nicholas Stillwell of Gravesend, for on Sep 26, 1663 he is described as a son in law.--Staten Island and Its People, Leng and Davis, Vol 1-5, 1930 -versus- a marriage record for Mary Stillwell and Adam Mott on 7/16/1678. I, DLH 2008, think it is more likely she is not a Stillwell -- see Britton Theories.)

1. William Britton (1663 Long Island, NY-4/5/1704 Staten Island, NY) married about 1684 Ann Unknown (who married a Nathan Whitman after she was widowed) -- 2 children (census: 1706 Staten Island)
-----1a. William Britton (~1685 SI, NY-1766 Philadelphia, PA-will) who married Rachel Stillwell (daughter of Thomas Stillwell and Martha Billiou)(1684-1767 Philadelphia, PA) – 3 children (Abington Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia) (census: 1706 Staten Island) (military roll: 1711-1715)
----------1b. Frances Britton (~1708 SI-?) married James Wollard
----------1b. William Britton (~1715 Philadelphia, PA-1789 Philadelphia, PA) married (1) Mary Thomas (11/3/1713 Cheltenham, PA-10/14/1780 Fox Chase, PA) and (2) Sarah Totten in 1783
---------------1c. John Britton (~1730 Philadelphia,PA-1811 Sussex, NJ) married Martha Gray
---------------1c. Joseph Britton (~1735 Elizabthtown, NJ-~1836 Schenectady, NY) married Elizabeth Ward -- he was 101 years old? born in Elizabethtown? looks wrong
---------------1c. Rachel Britton (~1735-) married Albertson Walton
---------------1c. William Britton (1738 Long Hill, Essex, NJ-7/22/1783 Elizabeth, Union, NJ) married Mary Pierson (1744 NJ-4/5/1797 Elizabeth, Union, NJ) -- 7 children
--------------------1d. Abby Britaine married Joseph Green
--------------------1d. Mary Britaine (1767 Morris, NJ-3/31/1773) -- died young
--------------------1d. William Britaine (1768-2/22/1783 NY) married Freelove Lewis (census: 1800)
--------------------1d. Vashti Britaine (1769-8/2/1832 Elizabeth, NJ) married Jeremiah Crane Garthwaite (1765 Elizabeth, Union, NJ-7/29/1822 Elizabeth, Union, NJ) -- 8 children
-------------------------1e. Henry Garthwaite (1791 NJ-)
-------------------------1e. Abigail Britton Garthwaite (1794 NJ-)
-------------------------1e. William Garthwaite (1795-)
-------------------------1e. Samuel Spraggs Garthwaite (1797-)
-------------------------1e. Elizabeth Garthwaite (1801-)
-------------------------1e. Anne Garthwaite (1805-)
-------------------------1e. Jacob Thomas Garthwaite (2/24/1807 Newark, NJ-)
-------------------------1e. John C. Garthwaite (12/19/1814 Elizabeth, Union, NJ-)
--------------------1d. Abigail Britaine (1770 Morris, NJ-) married Joseph Green
--------------------1d. Fanny Britaine (1775 Morris, NJ-) married Elias Thompson
--------------------1d. Elihu Britaine (1778 Elizabeth, Union, NJ-11/8/1849 Elizabeth, Union, NJ) married (1) Mary Price (1780-1843) and (2) Alzina Ralston (?Canada-7/12/1876?) -- 8 children (census: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830)
-------------------------1e. John Pierson Britton (-)
-------------------------1e. Emiline Britton (-)
-------------------------1e. Henrietta Britton (Queens, NY-)
-------------------------1e. Henry M. Britton (2/22/1802-)
-------------------------1e. Julie Ann Britton (1804-)
-------------------------1e. Maria Britton (1808-)
-------------------------1e. (maybe) Mary Helen Britton (1767???-) -- died young
-------------------------1e. (maybe) Luna Peizatto Britton (1848???-)
---------------1c. Jacob Britton (8/14/1744 Elizabeth, Union, NJ-)

----------1b. Mary Britton (~1720-? proably by 1766) married Benjamin Parker on 5/31/1748
---------------1c. Benjamin Parker
---------------1c. William Parker
---------------1c. Martha Parker
---------------1c. Rachel Parker
............. (not clear where this one fits in) Thomas Britton -- thomas, son of william Britain, b, jan 9 1731. -- philadelphia

2. Nathaniel Britton [called Jr to distinguish from cousin Nathaniel below] (1665 LI, NY-~11/19/1702 SI, NY) married Mary Stillwell (daughter of Capt. Richard Stillwell, and who when widowed, married the widower Valentine Dushan/Duchan, and subsequently the widower (Judge) Lambert Garrison/Garretson who died ~1725) – 1 son (census: 1706 Staten Island)
-----2a. Nathaniel Britton Jr. (1688 SI, NY-1754 Smithfield, Philadelphia County, PA-will) [will dated 6/15/1754] married Elizabeth Saunders on 4/13/1710 [Penna. Magazine, Vol 23, p.105] – 4 children (Abington Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia) (lived in the Britten home on Staten Island; sold it 4/9/1714 to Walton] (census: 1706 Staten Island) (military roll: 1711-1715)
----------2b. Elizabeth Britton (1713-) married Lambert Dorland (10/21/1707-(
---------------2c. John Dorland
---------------2c. Nathaniel Dorland
----------2b. John Britton (1715-9/14/1795) (Made his will Aug 25, 1791. In his will is a Rebecca Billiou and a Rachel Barnes (Rebecca might be a child of Rachel and Issac Billiou) married Eve Dorland (1720-12/26/1797) (sister of Lambert Dorland) -- no children
----------2b. Sarah Britton (2/5/1717/8-?) -- unknown
----------2b. Mary Britton (baptized 10/6/1724-3/1808) married on 5/18/1744 Nicholas Van Sandt (1/1/1711 Bucks,PA-5/1/1801 Bucks,PA) (son of Jacobus VanSandt and Rebecca Vandergrift originally of Flatbush,LI,NY; moved to Bucks in 1699; Dutch -- "friend" Nathaniel Brittain was executor of Jacobus VanSandt's 1744 will)
---------------2c. (Captain) Nathaniel VanSandt (3/13/1745 Southampton,Bucks,PA-) married on 8/27/1768 Hannah VanSandt/Brittain (disputed) (1/16/1746-8/19/1818)
--------------------2d. Harman VanSandt (~1770-1790s yellow fever) -- never married
--------------------2d. Nicholas VanSandt (2/25/1771-4/19/1850) married Mary Larzelere (daughter of Nicholas Lazerlere and Hannah Brittain)(9/8/1772-10/27/1863)
-------------------------2e. Mary VanSandt (9/6/1795-) married Jacob VanSandt
------------------------------2f. Franklin VanSandt married Unknown Hogeland
------------------------------2f. Angelina VanSandt
-------------------------2e. Nathaniel VanSandt (4/14/1797-1883) married Alice Vanartsdalen
------------------------------2f. Mary Amanda VanSadt (3/26/1834-) married Anderson Leedom -- 3 children
------------------------------2f. Casper R. VanSandt (4/3/1826-6/26/1881) married Ellen Field -- 2 children
------------------------------2f. Nicholas B. VanSandt (1/28/1828-?CA)
------------------------------2f. Hiram R. VanSandt (1/12/1831-9/19/1888)
------------------------------2f. Jacob VanSandt (3/7/1833-) married Esther Buckman -- 5 children
------------------------------2f. Howard S. VanSandt (2/13/1835-7/9/1866) married Elizabeth Peter
------------------------------2f. Martin VanBuren VanSandt (2/4/1839 PA-) -- never married
-------------------------2e. Elizabeth VanSandt (2/24/1799-) married Silad Rhoads
------------------------------2f. Mary Ann Rhoads married William Goforth
-------------------------2e. Benjamin VanSandt (2/14/1803-6/1869) married (1) Sarah Campbell and (2) Jane Lukens
------------------------------2f. Lendrum L. VanSandt (10/4/1832-)
------------------------------2f. Elizabeth R. VanSandt married J. Paul Knight
------------------------------2f. Harriet P. VanSandt married George Shoemaker
------------------------------2f. Charles R. VanSandt married Carrie Saurman
------------------------------2f. Benjamin VanSandt
-------------------------2e. Nicholas L. VanSandt (9/7/1807-) married Margaret Vandergrist
------------------------------2f. Mahlon VanSandt
------------------------------2f. Mary Ann VanSandt
---------------2c. Rebecca VanSandt married Daniel Boileau on 1/9/1768
----------2b. Rachel Britton (12/29/1724-10/1814) married Isaac Billiou (12/19/1722-10/22/1803)
----------2b. Anne Britton (3/3/1727/28-?) -- died young
-----2a. (maybe) Francis Britton -- unknown
Note the first inventory of Nathaniel's estate in 1702 was performed by Stoffel VanSandt, who moved to Bucks, PA check the children Mary and Rachel both born 1724? Ann a child? Francis?

3. Richard Britton (~1667 LI, NY-~1732 Middlesex County, NJ) married Ann Unknown (perhaps Aft?) (1669 SI, NY-1690) -- unknown children
-----3a. unknown children
look up these Sources: Title: Register of Richard Britton Author: Sally Britton Shreeve Publication: Email attachment Note: Sources: IGI Family History Library; Britton Genealogy Early Generations from Somersetshire, England to Staten Island, NY; Early Settlers of Kings co, Bergen, NY;Stillwell Genealogy; Throckmorton Haught Genealogy; Descendant of Nicholas Stillwell; The Roll Family Windmill; John Stillwell Genealogy; Fisher Ohlfest Genealogy; My Brittain Family; Descendants of John Britton; Descendant of Richard Brittain; Brittain Family from Deats Collection Hunterdon, NJ; Willett Family of PA; The Willett Family of North America; History of Columbia and Montour Counties, PA; Bowman and Brittain Families, Columbia Co, PA; Family Bible of Zeb J Brittain 1934; The White Family Record; Descendant of Peter White; Lee Co IL Census; House of Waltman and its Allied Families; Lycoming County Bible Records Joseph Brittain Bible Repository: Note: Email attachment Media: Manuscript
-----3a. (maybe) John Britton* (~1695 SI,NY-10/28/1784 Bucks,PA) (Bucks County, PA; will) married (1) Elizabeth Stillwell (~1695 Middleton, Monmouth, NJ-~1718? NJ?) and (maybe -- see notes at bottom of John's will) (2) Rebecca Van Sandt (?-~1760 Bucks,PA) (sister of Cornelius VanSandt who died ~1789) and (maybe) on (3) Elizabeth Stevens (?-9/10/1777 Bucks, PA) -- 11 children (The correct placement in this tree of 6a John is very much in doubt. See notes below and sources for more discussion.) 1802-1815
john britten, witness to marriage of joseph wardell to margaret parker, both of shrewsbury, 10-21-1718 -- friends records of shrewsbury nj

----------3b. Richard Brittain (~1716 NJ?-between 1745&1749) married Unknown -- moved to Monmouth, NJ
---------------3c. Elizabeth Brittain (in NY 1745)
----------3b. William Britton (~1718 NJ?-) married Mary Runkin/Rankin -- moved to MD?
---------------3c. Abraham Britton. moved to TN
--------------------3d. Abraham Britton Jr
--------------------3d. Richard Nathaniel Britton
--------------------3d. Samuel Britton
--------------------3d. John Britton (probably)
---------------3c. Nicholas Britton (~1759 PA-? MD/PA/NJ?)
---------------3c. Richard Britton (? PA?-2/11/1818 Baltimore, MD) married Temperance Tolbutt (8/5/1760-2/5/1818 MD) -- children unknown
---------------3c. Joseph Britton (1753 PA-) moved to MD by 1777 and to TN in 1786 -- Thomas Bailey's ancestor
---------------3c. William Britton (?MD-?TN)
---------------3c. John Britton (?MD-1826 MD) married Mary Unknown -- 4+ children
--------------------3d. Elizabeth Britton married Unknown Long
--------------------3d. Catherine Britton married Edward Lewis
--------------------3d. Anne Mariah Britton married Richard Lewis
--------------------3d. Sophia Britton married Michael Switzer
----------3b. Elizabeth Britton (~1720 NJ?-) married Edward Morris
----------3b. Anna Britton (~1722 NJ?-) married William Young (According to the records of the 1st Presbyterian Co. of Philadelphia, Anne Brtton was married 4-10-1745 to William Young who is said to have been the son of Bernard Young, who for his second wife married, 1-10-1741, at the above church, Susanna Britton, who was the daughter of a William Britton. Bernard Young lived in Hilltown and owned land adjoining that of David George and William Britton. He afterward went to Virginia and thence to S. Carolina.)
---------------3c. Mary Young (? PA-? VA) married Abraham Slacto?
---------------3c. Elizabeth Young (? PA-? VA) married Unknown Strickland
---------------3c. John Young (1/16/1759 PA-4/9/1815 ?) married Mary Mathias (daughter of David Mathias) -- unknown number of children
----------3b. Nathaniel Britton (~1724 NJ?-1791 Freehold Twp, Monmouth Cty, NJ?)(but sold land in Bucks Cy PA in 1753 too) married Rachel Jones (daughter of Samuel Jones Sr) -- moved to NJ by 1791 but I (DLH 2008) wonder if it was in fact Virginia, since son Timothy is in Virginia, and perhaps Joseph and Nathaniel were the N and J mentioned in Dyer's diary as moving to VA in 1790.
---------------3c. Nathaniel Britton Jr (?-1770 Bucks,PA) -- died young (kicked by horse)
---------------3c. Samuel
---------------3c. Timothy Britton (5/18/1764 Bucks,PA-12/23/1855 Staunton, VA) married Hannah Unknown -- 1+ child
--------------------3d. Margaret Britton
----------3b. Hannah Britton (~1726 NJ?-) married Peter Cosner
----------3b. Mary Britton (~1726 NJ?-) married James Lewis
----------3b. Martha Britton (~1728 Bucks, PA?-1770 VA) married Edward Poe (1732 Bucks, PA-1816 KY) -- married ~1753 in Baltimore, MD
---------------3c. Joseph Poe (~1754 Bucks, PA-3/16/1838 Clermont, OH) married Barbara Rod (1757 Bucks, PA-1860s OH) -- 11 children
--------------------3d. Elizabeth Poe (~1780-) married Nicholas Shedrick
--------------------3d. Edward Poe (~1782 Baltimore, MD-) married Anne Sanders (~1784-)
-------------------------3e. Absalom Poe (~1805-)
--------------------3d. Jesse Poe (1784 Baltimore, MD-1866 Highland, OH) married Mary Ireland
--------------------3d. Joseph Poe (1786 Baltimore, MD-6/1864 KY) married Rebecca Roe
--------------------3d. David Poe (1788 Baltimore, MD-) married Elizabeth Harris
--------------------3d. Margaret Poe (1792-) married Unknown Lafferty
--------------------3d. Naomi Poe (1794-) married John Riley
--------------------3d. Ruth Poe (1796-) married Beverly R. Young
--------------------3d. John Poe (1798- )
--------------------3d. Jehu Poe (1800-)
--------------------3d. Mary Poe (~1803-) married John Pyle
---------------3c. John Poe (~1756 Bucks, PA-) married Mary Unknown
---------------3c. Patrick Poe (~1758 Bucks, PA-1844) married Hannah Swain (1754-
--------------------3d. Thomas Poe (4/12/1790-) married Sarah Latham
-------------------------3e. Ezekiel Poe
---------------3c. Abigail Poe (~1760 Bucks, PA-4/33/1845 Clermont, OH) married John Day (1/29/1755 Bucks, PA-) -- 11 children
--------------------3d. Martha Poe Day (1/1778 MD/PA-9/11/1855 IN) married Henry Hendricks
-------------------------3e. Jesse Henricks (4/12/1802-)
--------------------3d. Matthew Day (1779 MD-10/1819) married Jane Wark
--------------------3d. John Day (1782 MD-1817) married Catherine Hendricks
--------------------3d. Edward Poe Day (8/6/1788 NC-1/24/1873 Marion, IN) married Elizabeth Williams (2/4/1790 VA-) -- 10 children
-------------------------3e. Abigail Day (1/2/1809 OH-) married Robert D. Tombs
-------------------------3e. John Edward Day (12/23/1810 OH-) married Mary Ann Samuels
-------------------------3e. Elizabeth Day (5/1/1812 OH-) married John Hmilton Dunn
-------------------------3e. John Wesley Day (9/28/1814 OH-) married Rachel McCord -- 5 chilren
-------------------------3e. Nathaniel Calvin Day (11/26/1820 OH-) married Margaret Ellen Underwood
-------------------------3e. Joseph Nelson Day (11/5/1826 OH-) married Philena E. McCord
-------------------------3e. Josiah Washington Day (2/27/1828 OH-) married (1) Elizabeth Stoner and (2) Mary Flanagen Clawson
-------------------------3e. Evaline Day (2/19/1829 OH-) married John B. Stoner
-------------------------3e. Caroline Day (12/8/1831 OH-) married Stephen T. Fee
-------------------------3e. Euphemia Day (8/31/1836 IN-) married John Francis Urbain
--------------------3d. Elizabeth Williams (2/4/1790 VA-) (adopted) -- married stepbrother (see above)
--------------------3d. Mark Day (11/10/1790 PA/MD-1870 Marion, IN) married (1) Cassandra Boring and (2) Elizabeth Huff -- 7 children
-------------------------3e. Michael Huff Day
-------------------------3e. Mary Ann Day
-------------------------3e. Samuel Day
-------------------------3e. Angeline Day
-------------------------3e. Sanford Day
-------------------------3e. Jeremiah Day
-------------------------3e. July A. Day
--------------------3d. Thomas Day (1793 MD-12/11/1813 Fort Ball)(killed in war of 1812)
--------------------3d. Isaac Day (5/19/1795 MD-~8/1870 Marion, IN) married Rachel Trout -- 2 chilren
-------------------------3e. Edit Day
-------------------------3e. Thomas J. Day
--------------------3d. Jesse Day (9/19/1797 KY-3/10/1879 Brown, OH) married (1) Martha Lambert and (2) Sarah Marsh
--------------------3d. Mary Day (9/19/1797 KY-) married Amos Williams
--------------------3d. Joseph Bennett Day (6/25/1800 KY-) married Deborah Lambert
----------3b. Nathan Britton*** (1732 Bucks,PA?-9/2/1778 Bucks,PA) married Ann Thomas (1739 PA-1819 PA) (daughter of John Thomas of Hilltown Twp, Bucks Cty, PA)
---------------3c. Elijah Britton? (~1758 Hilltown,PA-1816 Ross, OH) married Jane Ann Evans (1759-) [moves to OH, first Chillicothe, then Ross -- son John marries Jesse Britton's granddaughter Letitia Howsmon.]
--------------------3d. Sarah Brittin (~1781 PA-) married John Rhodes
--------------------3d. Nathan Brittin (11/16/1782-) married (1) Leah Timmons and (2) Sarah Jones
--------------------3d. Eleanor Brittin (~1783-) married James McDougal
--------------------3d. Anna Brittin (~1787-)
--------------------3d. Jane Brittin (~1790-) married John Hendricks
--------------------3d. Evans Elijah Brittin (19/28/1791-) married Mary Jane England (4/28/1800-) -- 10 children
-------------------------3e. Stephen Brittain (1819-)
-------------------------3e. Miranda Brittain (1/12/1824-)
-------------------------3e. Elijah Brittain (11/12/1825-)
-------------------------3e. James Madison Brittain (1827-)
-------------------------3e. Evans E. Brittain (1829-)
-------------------------3e. Elizabeth Brittain (~1830-)
-------------------------3e. George Washington Brittain (1832-)
-------------------------3e. William Henry Brittain (1835-)
-------------------------3e. Mary Jane Brittain (1837-)
-------------------------3e. Eleanor Brittain (1840-)
--------------------3d. John Brittin (8/20/1794-) married Mary Letitia Howsmon
---------------3c. John Britton (~1761 Hilltown,PA-5/1846 Champaign, OH) married Mary Parker
---------------3c. Sarah Brittin (~1762 Hilltown,PA-PA) married Joseph Thomas
---------------3c. Rachel Brittin (~1763 Hilltown,PA-5/1789 PA) married Josiah Lunn
---------------3c. Elizabeth Brittin (~1765 Hilltown,PA-7/1809 Hilltown,PA) married Owen Rowland
---------------3c. Anne Britten (~1765 Bucks, PA-) married John Evans
---------------3c. (maybe) Benjamin Brittin (~1772?-?) married Elizabeth Grace (Nathan may have had a son Benjamin, but the references to a Virginia birth and a marriage to Elizabeth Grace do not belong to this Benjamin -- see Benjamin entry below, son of Benjamin. Because of the confusion over this Benjamin, it is not clear that Nathan ever moved temporarily to Virginia; I think not-DLH 2008)
---------------3c. Nathan Arthur Brittin (1/25/1776 Hilltown,PA-1/8/1864 Leroy, McLean, IL) married (1) Isabell Duffield and (2) Kitty Stevens (in Chillicothe,OH) and (3) Mary Ann Walker -- 2 children
--------------------3d. Nathan T. Brittin (10/18/1809-)
--------------------3d. Morris Brittin (1814-)
--------------------3d. George Perry Brittin (1824 IN-)
--------------------3d. Sarah F. Brittin (1824 IN-)
--------------------3d. John R. Brittin (1829 OH-)
--------------------3d. John Elijah Brittin (1829 IN-)
----------3b. Joseph Britton (before 1727 Bucks,PA?-before 10/16/1795 Winchester, VA) married Unknown
---------------3c. (maybe) Hosea Britton (~1750?-10/30/1822 Franklin, OH) and Unknown -- 1+ child
--------------------3d. (maybe) Hosea Britton (~1780?-10/30/1833 OH) and Rachel Taylor (1781-1869) -- 1+ child
-------------------------3e. Mary Britton (1807-1835)
-------------------------3e. Matilda Britton (1813 OH-1884 OH) married Henry Dildine -- 1 child
------------------------------3f. Rachal Lorain Dildine (1843-1929)
-------------------------3e. Samuel Taylor Britton (1820-1889)
---------------3c. Cornelius Britton [moved to Washington County, TN]
---------------3c. Jesse Britton** (3/27/1759 Reading, Berks Cty, PA-8/3/1842 Pickaway, OH) married (1) Anna Gibson and (2) Susannah Noland -- [moved to Winchester,VA and then to Pickaway,OH]**
--------------------3d. Abigail Britton (4/14/1783 Winchester VA-1/26/1831 Madison, OH) married William Howsmon -- 10 children (daughter Mary Letitia Howsmon marries John Britton -- see above)
--------------------3d. Joseph Britton (~ 1785 Winchester, VA-1866 Fayette, OH) married Elizabeth Denham -- 10 children
--------------------3d. Letitia Britton (~1787? PA-1840s? OH?) married Joseph McCutcheon -- 0 children
--------------------3d. Mary Britton (~1789 PA? VA? 1807-1810? VA?) on 12/27/1806 married Samuel Young -- 0? children
--------------------3d. Elizabeth Britton (~1791 Winchester, VA-4/13/1854 Pickaway, OH) married John Dunlap -- 11 children
--------------------3d. Jesse Jr. Britton (~1793 Winchester, VA-~18xx Pickaway, OH) -- died young
--------------------3d. Hiriam Britton (1803 Winchester, VA-9/10/1820 Pickaway, OH) -- died young
--------------------3d. Louisa Britton (~1807 Perry twp, OH-1870s Fayette, OH) married Presley Thompson -- 7 children
--------------------3d. Nancy Britton (3/12/1809 Perry twp, OH-2/28/1865 Fayette, OH) married Elijah Bloomer -- 0? children
--------------------3d. Margaret Britton (1813 Perry twp, OH-2/19/1839 Pickaway, OH) -- (never married?)
--------------------3d. Susan Britton (~1815 Perry twp, OH-1850s Pickaway, OH) George Bennett -- 6 children
--------------------3d. Cynthia Britton (12/14/1816 Perry twp, OH-3/11/1844 Pickaway, OH) married Joseph Jamison -- 3+ children
--------------------3d. Amanda Britton (9/1/1818 Perry twp, OH-10/16/1855) Pickaway, OH -- (never married?)
--------------------3d. Harrison Britton (~1820 Perry twp, OH-~1852) Julia *Unknown* -- 2 children
--------------------3d. Carissa Britton (~1821 Perry twp, OH-1840s Pickaway, OH) -- never married
---------------3c. Joseph Britton? [1763-?]*** [moves to Winchester VA and stays there except for 5 years in Chillicothe.] -- CHECK FOR HIS BIRTHPLACE -- where did this Joseph say he was born on his Patriot application?
---------------3c. (maybe) Wilson Britton? (1766 Frederick, VA-8/1851 Monongalia, WV) and (1) unknown and (2) Martha Jane Wade (1788-1849) -- or may be a son of Benjamin below.
--------------------3d. Jonah Britton (11/1/1797 Frederick, VA-?)
--------------------3d. Edith Britton (1800-1898) married Elisha Snider
--------------------3d. Nancy Ann Britton (1814 WV-?)
--------------------3d. George Washington Britton (1814 WV-?)
--------------------3d. Gustavus S. Britton (1818 WV-?)
--------------------3d. Horatio Britton (5/3/1820 WV-?)
--------------------3d. Jerusha Britton (6/23/1823 WV-?)
--------------------3d. John H. Britton (~1826 WV-)
---------------3c. John?
---------------3c. Thomas?
---------------3c. others? William? check census and will in Pickaway
Note: Descendants of Wilson Britton have his father as "John Wilson Britton," born circa 1750 in Bucks. It is thought that this is based on inaccurate memories, and that the grandfather, not the father, is John. Plus, these dates would make Wilson's father only 16 upon his birth, which is very contrary to the marriage patterns of his ancestors. Plus, Wilson is mentioned as a bond-holder in Joseph Britton's 1795 Virginia inventory. Finally, Wilson said he was born in VA in 1766. Benjamin did not move there until 1769, but Joseph was known to have had land there since 1752. These facts suggest that Wilson was a son of Joseph.
----------3b. Benjamin Britton (~1730s Bucks, PA?-1780s/1790s? VA) married Margaret Unknown (m. prior to 1767) -- unknown children
---------------3c. (maybe) Benjamin Brittin (9/14/1779 Frederick,VA-9/26/1760 Franklin,OH) married Elizabeth Grace (1/20/1780 Rockingham, VA-3/26/1846 Franklin, OH) --
--------------------3d. Benjamin Britton (Rev.) (~1797 Rockingham, VA-?)
--------------------3d. Noah Frank Britton (1805 Frederick, VA-)
--------------------3d. John Taylor Britton (11/24/1808 Monongalia, WV-?)
--------------------3d. Hosey W. Britton (6/1/1811 Monongalia, WV-?)
--------------------3d. James S. Britton (10/20/1822 Franklin, OH->1901) and (1) Virginia Saunders (-2/2/1896 OH) and (2) Melvilta Barbee -- no children?
---------------3c. other descendants -- maybe even Wilson above
On the 1782 VA tax list, Benjamin is listed with a household of eight, indicating he had as many as six children (some could be other relatives, like inlaws). Note that many other genealogists have very different fathers listed for the son Benjamin married to Elizabeth Grace -- either Nathan (impossible since Nathan died a year prior to Benjamin's birth, or some unknown John William Britton of Bucks born circa 1750, also supposed to be Wilson Britton's father. It is possible that Wilson and Benjamin are both children of this Benjamin -- what is known is that the PA Brittons who moved from Bucks to Frederick were definitely this Benjamin in 1769 and definitely his brothers Joseph and Nathaniel in 1790, and maybe others. Also note that many genealogists also erroneously have this Benjamin as the baker who moves to Philadelphia -- this is clearly incorrect according to "Memoranda from the diary of John Dyer of Plumstead, Bucks, Co -- 1769 -- 11/9 Ben. Brittain moved for Virginia" and Benjamin Britton is indeed found in Virginia in the 1770s -- see sources). Furthermore, only Benjamin is known for sure to be in VA in 1779 when Benjamin Jr is born -- his brother Joseph is known to be in Pennsylvania based on 1778 Bucks tax list and 1780 Bucks militia records, plus Joseph was not on the Virginia 1782 census. LOOK FOR DEATH RECORDS IN MONONGALIA FOR BENJAMIN SR -- SINCE NONE FOUND IN VA.
-----3a. John "probably" has brothers William and Nathaniel, based on the Bucks County records for these two nams.
Note: First mention of Richard in Middlesex, NJ 1710, and specifically Piscataway in 1711 (see Britton NJ sources). (Note: this could not be cousin G1a Richard Britton (~1689) as he was on the military roll in Staten Island: 1711-1715; however, it is possible it is cousin G4 Richard Britton (~1670) or cousin E1 Richard Britton (1668).)
Maybe -- Richard has son Joseph Britton who marries Ann Mount (1695-?) on 4/5/1714 Dutch Church NYC and daughter Ann Britton who was second wife of Humphrey Mount -- both children of Richard Mount Sr of Monmouth then Middlesex, NJ. Joseph Britton (this one or below #4?) owned 255 acres in Nottingham, 1724 -- part of Burlington County near Trenton. (see Britton NJ sources)

4. Joseph Britton (1669 LI, NY- NJ?) married (maybe) Elizabeth Sayre -- 2+ children (census: 1706 Staten Island)
-----4a. (maybe) Joseph Britton (~1790s-?) married unknown
----------4b. (maybe) Joseph Britton who died 1756 in Monmouth,NJ whose will mentions wife Charity and sons Isaac and Joseph?
-----4a. James Britton (4/23/1707-) (joseph britten zyne gedoopte kinderen, zyn foon, jeams britten heeft zynen Kriste, lycken Doop ontfangen, anno 1707 den 23 Apr-, De Getuigen bennen, Jeams Hanzen en zyn Vrouw, -- Dutch church record, Staten Island). Could this perhaps be the James Britton who with his wife Mary owns land in Frederick, VA in the 1740s and 1750s and then moves to Carolina? (see sources)
-----4a. Alice Britton (1708-1766) married John Coward (son of Patience Throckmorton and Hugh Coward) (?-1760) married 1727
----------4b. Deliverance Coward (1737-1787) married James Fitz-Randolph (10/1/1730-1781) in 1760 -- 2 children
---------------4c. Hannah Fitz-Randolph married William Longstreet
--------------------4d. James Longstreet (1786, Monmouth County, NJ-1833 Augusta, Richmond County, GA) married Mary Anne Dent (3/13/1793 Harford, MD-) -- 2 children
-------------------------4e. James Longstreet
-------------------------4e. Sarah Jane Longstreet (7/31/1831 August, GA-1/16/1920 Noxubee, MS) married Charles Bingley Ames -- 6 children
---------------4c. Samual Fitz-Randolph married Sally Harrison in 1790, 11 1 child
--------------------4d. Deliverance Fitz-Randolph (1791-1858) married Abner Fairchild -- 1 child
-------------------------4e. Hannah Elizabeth Fairchild (1811-1884) married Joseph Wright -- 1 child
------------------------------4f. Caroline Shiffell Wright (1836-1893) married Abraham Hunter -- 2 children
-----------------------------------4g. Mary Randolph Hunter (1857 Philadelphia, PA-)
-----------------------------------4g. George Harrison Hunter
----------4b. Jonathan Coward (12/28/1748-12/1833) married Theodosia Brown (4/16/1751-12/1804) -- 1 child
---------------4c. Jonathan Coward (4/6/1776-4/22/1845) married Mary Imlay (11/25/1773-10/26/1845) -- 1 child
--------------------4d. Theodosia Coward (1801-1849) married Charles Ashton (1799-9/10/1868) -- 1 child
-------------------------4e. William Ashton (8/24/1834-12/27/1907) married Helena Souder (3/5/1844-4/27/1915) -- 1 child
------------------------------4f. Helena Ashton (Burlington County, NJ-) married Archibald N. Maddock
(One genealogist has this Joseph as a son of Nathaniel Brittain and Anna Stillwell, however, there is no record of Nathaniel and Anna having a son Joseph.)
Joseph Britton (this one or above #3a?) owned 255 acres in Nottingham, 1724 -- part of Burlington County near Trenton (see Britton NJ sources) -- assume it's more likely to be this one due to Burlington ties of descendants.

5. Benjamin Britton (1671-) married Martha Stillwell (~1674-) (daughter of Thomas and Martha Billiou Stillwell) (Lived in Staten Island in 1706 -- 1706 census)
-----5a. Mary Britton
-----5a. Unknown other children
It is certain Benjamin lived in Staten Island in 1706, and specifically Stony Brook in 1708, and that he married Martha Stillwell. What is uncertain is the names/dates of birth of his child(ren) and when he died. His mother-in-law Martha Billiou Stillwell married Reverend David DeBonrepos; in her 1736 will she mentions daughter Martha Britton (as well as William and Rachel Stillwell Brittain and Nicholas and Francis Stillwell Britton, and Jacobus and Annie Stillwell Billiou. Her son Thomas has predeceased his father, and died without issue). In some genealogies it says daughter Martha married Peter Le Conte (but this is apparently Ann Stillwell instead); others say Benjamin married Maud LaTourette after Martha Stillwell dies. However, it is certain that at least as of 1736 Martha is alive, not remarried, and perhaps Benjamin too (although he is not mentioned in the will).

6. Jan/John Britton (1673 LI, NY-??) -- unknown
It is widely, but erroneously, accepted that it is William's son John who dies in Monmouth in 1754 -- however, NY land records state: D.25. Apr 17 1736. John Britten of Staten Island yeoman and Rachel his wife to Daniel Stillwell of Gravesend in Kings Co for L400 mess and 100 acres upland late of Nathaniel Britton father of John also 80 acres meadow ground next? Samuel Britton and some meadow at the great Kill. Wits: Samuel Britten, Alice Britten. See 1a above -- "Monmouth" John is son of Nathaniel (~1666-1729) and Elizabeth Garretson, and the grandson of Nathaniel Britton and Anne Stillwell. There is a John Brittain who shows up in the Beekman Patent lands in Dutchess County,NY (see sources), taxed 1748-1753 with a Glodo Brittain taxed 1761-1771. The Beekman source mentions "A John Britton was son of Nathaniel Britton of Richmond Co. whose will was dated 1 June 1729. (Wn-YHS XI:150). -- but this John who dies in 1729 is unknown Find this 1729 will. Note that Jan/John could have died as a child/teen too; the only certain record for him is his baptism at age 5 in 1678.

7. (Captain) Daniel D. Britton (1/1676/1677 LI, NY-4/1733 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ-will) married Elizabeth Powell (daughter of Richard Powell) (~1684-4/1760 Woodbridge, NJ)(married John Murrney after Daniel's death) -- 7 children
-----7a. Mercy Britton (2/24/1700NJ-?) (either died before 1733, childless, or married John Moorse -- see below)
-----7a. Daniel Britton (~1700-1736-will) married Alphie Unknown
----------7b. Nicholas Britton (maybe died 1765 Essex.NJ-will) so (maybe) married Kezia Unknown
---------------7c. (maybe) John Britton
---------------7c. (maybe) David Britton
---------------7c. (maybe) Phoebe Britton
---------------7c. (maybe) Terrill Britton
----------7b. Elizabeth Britton and (maybe-see brother's will) Abraham Terrill
----------7b. Mary Britton (1/1730-5/10/1731 Middlesex.NJ) -- died young
-----7a. Deliverance Britton married Unknown Morse
----------7b. James Morse
----------7b. Sarah Morse
----------7b. Elizabeth Morse
-----7a. (maybe) Unknown daughter (?-by 1733) who married John Moorse
----------7b. Daniel Moorse [not clear if this is the same family as Morse above – mentioned separately in the will; could be son of daughter Mercy, daughter Deliverance or another daughter]
-----7a. Benjamin Britton (1722-9/4/1733 Middlesex.NJ) -- died young
It is confirmed that this Daniel is the one who moved to Middlesex,NJ by 1699 and married Powell by his tombstone record (see sources)

8. (Col.) Nicholas Britton (1680 SI, NY-1/12/1740 SI, NY-tombstone, will) married Frances “Franke” Stillwell (3/31/1681-5/7/1748 Staten Island, NY-tombstone) (daughter of Lt. Thomas and Martha Billew Stillwell) – 6 children (took over Capt Thomas Stillwell's home; Franke sold it on Aug 13, 1746 to Walter Dongan; on Nov 12, 1749 son-in-law Thomas Dongan sold it to Joseph Holmes) (census: 1706 Staten Island) (military roll: 1711-1715)
-----8a. Nathaniel Britton (~1700??-1736 SI, NY) married Martha Unknown
----------8b. Mary Britton
----------8b. Franke Britton
----------8b. Natalie Britton
-----8a. Martha Britton (~1702) wed Samuel Moore
-----8a. Nicholas Britton (~1704-(before 1740)) -- died young
-----8a. Mary Britton (~1704-(before 1740)) -- died young
-----8a. (perhaps) William Britton (baptised 10/11/1708-(before 1740)) -- died young
-----8a. Rachel Britton (~1710?-1748) married Thomas Dongan
Although Nicholas was born after the 1678 baptism record, it is certain he belongs to William and Mary as Nathaniel's children are known from his will.

Other possibly related Britons:

1. Lionel Britton (~1650s Almy,England-? PA) and his wife Elizabeth Unknown, emigrated from Almy in the county of Bucks, England, arriving in America April 1680, and settling in Bucks County prior to their deaths in Philadelphia. While Lionel is not a brother to the A-H Brittons above, the fact he is concurrently in Bucks and Philadelphia, and a Quaker, probably indicates he is a relation. Lionel and his family were Quakers.
-----1a. Elizabeth Britton (?-4/1680 Burlington,NJ) -- died young
-----1a. Elizabeth Britton (11/19/1683-?) married Michael Kearny (~1710s-?)
-----1a. Mary Britton (10/15/1690-?) married Philip Kearny (1710s-?)
Lionel's daughters married Kearny brothers who were of Irish descent.

2. Benjamin Britton (~1710s? England-1782 Oxford,Philadelphia,PA-will) married Unknown Lacy (daughter of Thomas Lacy) and Mary Johnson? -- moves to Philadelphia (Bristol, Bucks County) by 1751, a baker; in various sources this Benjamin is said to have been born circa 1739 in Bucks as the son of John, but clearly a son of John could not be old enough to move to Philadelphia by 1751 as a baker and have a daughter who married in 1759. Since this Benjamin's 1782 will (will) states he has a brother Richard "in Old England," it would appear that this Benjamin was born in England circa 1710s. The ties to Bucks,PA seems to indicate that this Benjamin may be related to "our" Britton branches, but if so, he is at least one generation after Lionel above, and probably three after brothers William and Nathaniel (F and G above).
-----2a. Sarah Britton (?-~1802) married Jacob Vandergrift (~1730-1769) in 1759
----------2b. Jacob Vandergrift
----------2b. Benjamin Vandergrift
----------2b. Sarah Vandergrift
----------2b. Rebecca Vandergrift
-----2a. Hannah Britton married Michael Lazarlier
-----2a. Kezia Britton
-----2a. Abraham Britton (?-1782 Bristol,Bucks,PA), married Kezia Vansant of Bucks,PA on September 1763 (who after his death apparently married George Sweetman)
----------2a Benjamin Washington Britton.
Bucks County tax records: Abraham in Middletown in 1760, 1762; then Abraham in Bristol in 1766, 1775, 1778, 1779. Then Keziah in Bristol in 1783.

3. John Britten (Quaker) (~1700s/1710s? Ireland-?) and Unknown -- 3+ children
-----3a. Jacob Britten
-----3a. John Britten
-----3a. Susanna Britten
Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. John Britten and three children, Jacob, John and Susanna, all unmarried. From Cooledine Mtg., County Wexford, Ireland. Received 6 MO 31, 1750. Note: given their Irish roots, it is assumed this branch is not related, even though they are Quakers.


Note: Names in italics mean that this entry is not in general agreement, and care should be taken to examine sources for verification prior to acceptance of this or other information as accurate.

FURTHER NOTES: early (pre-census, especially pre-1790) genealogy is America is primary deductive from wills. However, it is important to remember that wills often only cover children who are still alive, and usually offspring of deceased children. Plus, wills do not usually mention either the names of the descedent or his/her children (other than a notation of "minor" children). This is the only firm family composition data available, as other sources such as deeds and marriages do not list composition or ages. Birth records are not generally available, as well as death records or burial records. Newspapers generally do not exist, and there is virtually no census prior to 1790 and limited tax records. If family bibles survived these 300 years, they too are the best source. Therefore, this information should be considered a "best-guess" scenario, and is certain to contain innacuracies; original sources should be examined to understand the assumptions inherent, and the expected level of accuracy.

Most of this information is based on the works of two Britton genealogists and one Stillwell genealogist, to whom we are most beholden:
--- Thomas Bailey (1962 "Bailey-Britton History and Genealogy") who laboriously researched the #G William Britton line. Thomas Bailey is also descended from John Britton (~1695-1784) of Bucks, PA.
**I [DLH 2008]agree with his hypothesis that Jesse Britton is the son of Joseph who is the son of John.
*However, after more research, I do not concur with his placement of John as the son of John of Monmouth County, NJ. It is important to note that neither of these hypotheses has firm documentary support, such as wills that clearly specify children/grandchildren -- see Britton Theories for an extended discussion on who John's father is likely to be.
--- Elmer Garfield Van Name ("Britton Genealogy, Early generations from Somersetshire, England to Staten Island, New York" October, 1970), mostly for information on #F Nathaniel Britton genealogy. Although Van Name's book termed William as "believed to be a son", it also stated that "it has been asserted by an eminent historian that Nathaniel Britton arrived in America, with his brother, William, and that they settled in New Hampshire in 1652 (SIH 21:17), and later moved to Newtown and Flatland." (SIH is The Staten Island Historian, a periodical, published by SIHS -- the Staten Island Historical Society, Richmondtown, S.I., N.Y.)
--- Dr. John Stilwell, Add in Stillwell here -- incomplete without! See Stillwell Tree.

Much other detail, generally detailing descendants, has been added in through research by more modern genealogists, but this comes with a warning. Even the casual reader will quickly understand that research of this family is an extremely difficult task -- every branch of every generation used the same given names (especially Joseph and Nathaniel/Nathan, and in the latter case sometimes Nathaniel was a different person than Nathan and sometimes the same). Additionally, in the computer age, research is hindered by the multiple spelling variations of the surname -- Britton Briton, Bretin, Britten, Britain, etc (the best search is Br*t*n, Br*tt*n, Br*t**n, Br*tt**n for single letter wild cards -- not soundex). Our branch has more generally used the Britton variation, but in documents (such as census data) one will run across many variations. It should be noted that most of the early family composition (pre-1850 individualized census) is based on wills and church records (as available); should a man die young unexpedtedly, the presence of children may not be able to be determined. Data from descendants, based on family stories and bibles, is the only way to fill in these gaps. Researchers should be aware that especially for the Britton family, there appears to be a lot of misinformation both in print and on the internet. Many people see a name with a close date and/or a close place, and assume it is a match. Even the books above discuss information in print that is erroneous, and have erroneous information themselves (when not all information was used for the inferences). Additions to this tree should be made with caution, noting that other sources that are in conflict with this tree are likely to be in error -- these trees, based on these three books, were researched meticulously, attempting to utilize all the records available, and assumptions were clearly noted. Even so, there are likely to be errors in this tree too.

**T. H. Bailey, seems to have placed Jesse Britton in this part of the genealogical tree based solely on the 1790 census data -- Jesse's 1790 census entry is adjacent to that of Joseph Britton Jr and within a page or two of that of Joseph Sr.'s -- "it appears that Joseph Jr. and Jesse were sons of Joe, Sr" (p.378). It is certain that this 1790 census entry is our Jesse's entry. Unknown to T. H. Bailey, Jesse married Ann/Anna Gibson (relationship to Mary Gibson uncertain) circa 1782. Plus, both Jesse and Joseph (the following entry) were known to have served in the Revolutionary War in Bucks County 1775-1779, then moved to Winchester, VA, and then apparently moved back and forth between Bucks,PA and Winchester,VA in the 1780s (children born in VA-1783, VA~1785, PA~1787, VA~1791+) (Bucks,PA tax lists in 1783 and 1785) (not on 1787 VA; on 1790 census PA). Although a 200 mile trip, it appears the family made the VA-PA trip several times, perhaps upon receiving news of the imminent deaths of Jesse's grandfathers in 1783 and 1788 (note the initial move seems to be after the 1778 death uncle Nathan -- but this Nathan too had moved temporarily to VA in 1772 when son Benjamin was born!). Captain Robert Gibson, Jesse's maternal grandfather and perhaps a relative of his wife Anna, died in 1788 in Plumstead Twp, Bucks Cty, PA, and Jesse's father, Joseph Britton Sr, was an executor of Robert Gibson's will, along with William McCalla -- Jesse enlisted (at age 16!) in Captain William McCalla's company in the Revolution, and company leadership was later assumed by Captain Robert Gibson. Also, note that several of these Britton cousins, sons of Nathan who died in the 1880s and Nathaniel, also go to Ohio, even to Pickaway County in 1830.]. Furthermore, Jesse's daughter Letiticia married XX and lived in Chillicothe,OH, and Jesse's granddaughter Letitia Howsmon married John Britton in Range,OH, a grandson of Elijah Britton. Finally, confirming Jesse's father as Joseph, and the Joseph who purchased land in Frederick in 1752 are the Joseph Britton estate documents of 1795 -- on the sale account, Jesse is administrator, and Abigail, Joseph and Jesse are buyers. It appears that Joseph's wife Mary predeceased him.

***Some genealogists show a Joseph Britton (1735-9/20/1830 Union, PA) (wife Hannah Frank/Frame, two daughters) as the Joseph, son of John Britton (~1695-1784). This is clearly incorrect. First, he would have been an unlikely 95 upon his death. Secondly, he enlisted in Montgomery PA and not Bucks. Thirdly, and most definitive, this Joseph was apparently born in 1755 not 1735 (BIR-MAR-DEA: "Early Central Pennsylvania Lineages by Fisher, p. 67 (BRI HIS 003), and also according to his Patriot pension application). Some other genealogists, realizing the age problem, seem to have just assumed that this Joseph is a son of Joseph of Bucks, apparently due to the proximity of Montgomery and Bucks, and the common name. I [DLH 2008] feel this is not correct, and while this Joseph is probably relative, he does not fit in this part of the tree. Note that by the 1770s, there were several Joseph Brittons born circa 1755 in the Philadelphia area -- I do believe Jesse had a brother Joseph, both sons of Joseph Sr, but that this brother Joseph volunteered out of Winchester, VA with Jesse (as he was too young while living in Bucks, see Britton Patriot information), and remained in Virginia after the war (except for 5 years in Chillicothe,OH). It is certain that our Jesse Britton was in Bucks County (records and family stories), and Jesse and his Britton cousins not only fought together in the Revolution in Bucks (and so would have this Joseph, born in 1755), but also both emigrated to Virginia and Ohio at about the same times, and intermarried in Ohio (confirming a relationship post-emigration). This example is addressed here in detail as it impacts our particular lineage, and once it was published, it was republished by many other genealogists from other Britton branches. The "wrong" Joseph is known to have remained in PA and have had two daughters only; I am certain that this Joseph is not the son of John Britton Jr (~1695-1784), and do not believe that this Joseph is the son of Joseph and Mary Gibson Britton as well due to the Bucks County muster fines of Jesse and Joseph.

Wilson Britton was added as a brother to Jesse based on the facts that he was known to be born 1766 in Winchester, VA, lived in Monomgalia as did brother Joseph briefly, his father was from Bucks County, and there are only two 6b Brittons in Frederick, VA -- Joseph and Elijah -- and he is not a son of Elijah, while Joseph's family composition is uncertain. Furthermore, Joseph's inventory seems to mention a Wilson Britton. Note that descendants of Wilson think his father was named John Wilson Britton and born 1750 in Bucks -- I (DLH 2008) believe this to be in error -- this date would make him extremely young upon Wilson's birth (16), and there is no John born circa 1750 in Bucks that would fit. Finally, Wilson was known to have emigrated from Frederick, VA to Monongalia, VA/WV in 1804-1806, "crossing the mountains with three brothers," who did not settle in Monongalia with Wilson, but continued on to PA and OH. Jesse is thought to have emigrated in 1807.

Hosea was added as a potential brother, as he is supposed to be a brother to Wilson. His supposed birthdate of 1750 suggests that Hosea, if he is a brother to Wilson, may have been the first-born. However, there is much confusion over what may or may not be his son, Benjamin Britton. Benjamin was born in supposedly Sep 1779 in Winchester, VA and was living in Norwich, Franklin County, OH in the 1800s -- near Chillicothe. Benjamin is listed by some genealogists as Wilson's brother, son Of "John William Britton" born 1750 in Bucks, and by others as the son of Nathan Britton (1732-1778) and Ann Thomas, and still others as the son of Hosea. First, Benjamin and Wilson are unlikely to be the son of John William Britton (see above notes about Wilson). If Benjamin was born in 1779 he cannot be the son of Nathan and Ann, since he was born a year after Nathan's death (Nathan died 2 Sep 1778 and Benjamin was supposedly born 14 Sep 1779), although other genealogists have his birthyear as 1773 instead of 1779. Note that this Benjamin is most unlikely to be the son of Joseph and Mary, as they would be 51+ and 49+ at his birth in 1779, and Mary Gibson Britton was known to still be alive in 1788 in her father's will. However, since Joseph is thought to be younger than Nathan based on the order listed in their father John's will, it is still more likely that Joseph is Benjamin's father than Nathan. Plus, Joseph Britton born circa 1763 said in his Patriot pension application that he moved to Monongalia then Chillicothe for five years before returning to Frederick Virginia. BI am looking for any information on a Hosea W. BRITTON and his wife Rachel (TAYLOR) Britton that had settled in Franklin County, Ohio about 1820. One of there son's (Samuel Taylor Britton) is my great great grandfather. I have found that the couple were married in 1800 in Monongalia, Virginia (now West Virginia), but moved with their children to Ohio in 1820. Samuel Taylor Britton was born in Norwich Twp, Franklin County. The Brittons owned property and most of the family is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Hilliard, Ohio. As of this date, I have not found any further information on this couple. Hosea's brother Rev. Benjamin Britton came along with them and raised a family of his own. The Brittons were charter members of the United Methodist Church in Hilliard, Ohio. The Britton farmland is now housing developments. Online reference: If anyone has any information on the Britton Family from Hilliard, Ohio, Please email me at born circa 1780 in Frederick, died 1823.

"The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, NY, vol II, by Frank J. Doherty, 1993. Chapter 91 The Brittain Family -- John Brittain was taxed in Beekman from June 1748 through Feb 1753 with assessments of £1. There are no local records for this family other than several early 19th century baptisms at Rhinebeck and some grave stones. A John Britton was son of Nathaniel Britton of Richmond Co. whose will was dated 1 June 1729. (Wn-YHS XI:150)." Despite this mention in print, it is incorrect -- this John whose will was dated 1729 was not the son of Nathaniel of Richmond Co (Staten Island) -- this Nathaniel-son John was the "Monmouth" John who died 1754 in Monmouth; the John Britton who died 1729 is unknown try to find this will and attribute it to a John in the tree, and likewise the assumption that Thomas Bailey made about #6a being the Monmouth John are also incorrect. It is possible that this Dutchess John belongs to 6 or 6a John Britton.

Billiou has many spelling variations in the old records, especially Billew, but also Bellew, Belue and others.

put in Gregory tree: Beekman. vol V. The Gregory Family. There were two branches of Gregory families in the Beekman patent. One made a brief stop in Beekman in 1738/39 and then returned before 1790 and operated a store in Dover. The other came just after the Revolution and some members died here. The emigrant ancestor of the first family was John Gregory, son of Henry Gregory of Nottinghamshire, Encland (1). John was born ca. 1612-15, probably at Nottinghamshire and may have been the John Greogy of Duxbury, MA. He married Sarah ___ and died at Stratford, CT 1655. Childre: 1. Dau; m. ___ Perry. ii John. III Dau; m. William Crooker. iv. Juday; m. Sarah Burtl v. Elizabeth; m. Richard Webb. The son John Gregory was probably born in Stratford and married Sarah ___. He wrote his will 15 Aug 1689 and his widow wrote her will 9 Oct 1689. They both died 1689. Children: i. John, b. ca. 1636; m. Elizabeth Moulthrop. ii Jachin, b. ca. 1640; m. Mary ___. iii Judah, b. ca. 1642; m. Hannah Hoyt. iv. Joseph, bp. 26 July 1648 at New Haven. v. Thomas, pb. 19 March 1648/49; m. Elizabeth Pardee. vi. Phebe, b. ca. 1650; m. John Benedict. vii. Sarah, b. Ca. 1654; m. James Benedict. -- then goes on with son v. Thomas. unknown Gregories -- Jehiel Gregory and James I Webb were appointed administrators of the estate of Johnathan Webb of Delaware Co. N 6 June 1827. Nehemiah Gregory was in Kortright Delaware Co in 1800 at 3-0-0-1-0 and 0-0-0-1-0. He married Fanny, dau of Jermiah and Beulah (Sheldon) Butts. Joseph Gregory m. Hannah, b. 1589 dau of John Russell [see1573 AFNH] Her sister m. a Brewster of Dutchess County and others m. Utters. Lydia Russell m. Abraham Utter who was of Woostershire in DC in 1737-8. Joseph Gregory was of Norwalk Ct. (2) Joseph Gregory was taxed in Beekman in 1738/39 and in Rombout Precinct in 1738 through 1740. He was probably the man then taxed in South Precinct (now Putnam Co) from Feb 1753 through June 1759. He was son of Joseph, John, Henry (3). (1) Primary source for this family, other than local records, is Ancestors and Descendant of Henry Gregory, Grant Gregory, 1938. (2)p. 1573, Ancient Families of New Haven, Jacobus, seems to deal with this family. (3)Gregory Genealogy, #96.