Stillwell Genealogy.

Note: It is not certain that the Hay ancestry includes Stillwell ancestors. It is certain that the Hay ancestry includes Britton ancestors from PA, but the PA Brittons' ancestry has not been proven. My (DLH) pet theory is that John Britton of PA (~1695-1784) was a descendant of (Quaker) Cananuiel Britton; however, it is widely assumed that John was a descendant of the NY Britton branch -- usually William (who had several sons who married Stillwells), and not so often Daniel (no known Stillwell connection) or Nathaniel (who married Anne Stillwell) (see Britton tree). (see more detailed discussion on the ancestry of the Britton branch). Richard Britton of Batcombe, Somerset, England (probably born in the 1580s) had five documented children: Richard (the Vicar of Bisley, no children), Abigail, Jane, Cananuiel (Quaker, undocumented children) and Nathaniel (of NY, documented children); it is assumed by virtually all genealogists that William (and often Daniel) were also related to Nathaniel (my pet theory, first cousins). Thus, this Stillwell tree is included as most available genealogies assume that John Britton of PA is descended from Stillwells, and this work was collected to help determine the validity of this assumption.

Descendants of Lt. Nicholas Stillwell

Lieut. Nicholas Stillwell (1603 Dorking, Surrey Co., England - 12/28/1671 in Dover, Staten Island, NY) married Anne/Annetje (maybe) Van Dyck (~1618 Guilford, Surrey Co., England-?) ~1642.

Nicholas Stillwell was (probably) the son of Nicholas and Alice Stillwell, (probably) grandson of John Stillwell, Jr. Although many genealogists list Nicholas as the brother of Jasper Silwell, son of Nicholas and Alice, this is not of general agreement. For example, John E. Stillwell, in his volume 1, p.15, does not list Nicholas the Emigrant, born about 1603, as one of the issue of Nicholas Stilwell and Alice. Additionally, there is much lack of agreement over his wives -- many genealogists list Abigail Hopton as his first wife and mother of his first two children, Richard and Nicholas, and some list an Anne Baxter as a wife and mother of Richard. It is certain that his wife's name, upon his demise, was Anne. Records confirming her maiden name have not been found. It is not certain if his first and/or second marriages were in England before emigration, as some stories have been handed down. Note there has been much conflicting information published about this family, even in older books. Today (2008), many genealogists rely on the work of John E. Stillwell, M.D., of New York City, who wrote several volumes on the family (his work references as JES). Vol. 1 deals with roots in England and the early Stillwells in America, including Lt. Nicholas Stillwell (the first), of Virginia and New York. Vol. 3 discusses in detail the family line going back to Capt. Nicholas Stillwell (the second), son of Lt. Nicholas Stillwell (the first). Dr. Stillwell alerts his readers to the contributions and possible errors of two previous and popular works, one by Benjamin Marshall Stilwell, "Early Memoirs of the Stillwell Family", 1878, and the other by A. Manusell Bradhurst, "My Forefathers--Their History", 1910.

Nicholas Stillwell apparently emigrated 1620s/1630s, with destinations to Virginia as well as New England: Name of Immigrant: STILLWELL, Nicholas. English Parish Name: Dorking. Ships Name: None given. New England Town: Virginia. Reference: Stillwell, Long Island Genealogies 1/35 (vol 1. of John E. Wtillwell's history of Lieutenant Nicholas Stillwell, volume 1, p.35) -- Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620-1650, by Charles Banks, 1957. This entry is from a table showing all the known emigrants to America from Surrey, England in the period from 1620 to 1650. His parish was Dorking, the main town of which is Dorking, a town in which many Stillwells lived at that time, and his destinations in America were Virginia and Long Island. This finding is among the stronger pieces of evidence that Nicholas Stillwell is from the Stillwell family in and around the Dorking area of Surrey in England, but it does not show which of those families he comes from, nor does it show precisely when and how he came to America. Of the 55 emigrants from Surrey during this time period, 15 are identified with the ship on which they sailed; Nicholas is not in that group. Since there are records of Nicholas as a successful tobacco planter in Virginia in 1639 (JESv1p45), it is reasonable to assume that his passage was sometime between 1620 and a time which would allow him to become established in Virginia by 1639. This entry would not prevent his having gone from Surrey to the Netherlands, and having sailed from there to America, a scenario which would be consistent with his sympathies for the Dutch in New Amsterdam and New York.

"But if there were nothing in the lives of our progenitors specially calculated to minister to our pride of ancestry, their history would still concern us; for they were among the pioneers of civilization, who first penetrated these wilds, then known as New Netherlands, and prepared the foundations upon which has been built the metropolis of the western world [New York City]; and a relation of their sufferings and trials, their contests with the wilderness and its savage inhabitants, and their acts and doings in the infancy of the country, could not be without interest to their descendants." -- "Early Memoirs of the Stilwell Family, by Benjamin Marshall Stilwell, 1878 (the first major genealogical researcher of the Stillwell family in America)

Chronology for Nicholas Stillwell: 1630s-1645 York County, Virginia:
Sometime Prior to 1635 -- settled on York River in Viriginia
1635 -- Perhaps a member of a group from Virginia who attacked the Dutch at Fort Nassau; held captive in Manhattan
1639 -- Appears in Virginia as an evaluator of tobacco quality
1642 -- Granted patent on 200 acres of land to allow four persons to live there (identities unknown)
1645 -- Had a house and plantation on the east side of West Creek in York County
1645-46 -- Participated in an abortive attempt to regain an island for a friend
1645-46 Left Virginia for New Amsterdam; others took his land in Virginia.
Chronology for Nicholas Stillwell: 1645-1665 Gravesend (Long Island) NY:
1646 -- Traded a house in New Amsterdam for a plantation in the outlying area
1648 -- Purchased some property in Gravesend, Long Island, New York
1649 -- Sold a house in New Amsterdam; confirmed as a magistrate in town of Gravesend
1649 -- Purchased a farm in Gravesend for his son Richard Stillwell for 900 pounds of tobacco
1650 -- Nominated and confirmed as a town magistrate (also 1651, 1652, and 1653)
1650 -- Sold on Oct. 19, 1650, land to Thomas Doxsey. Sale was through Richard Cluffe [Clough?], and the land had been bought from George Homes in Gravesend
1651 -- With his wife Ann, presented their son Thomas for baptism in the Dutch church in New Amsterdam
1652 -- Sold a plantation
1653 -- Sold his Turtle Bay estate and other property; moved to New Amersfoort (Flatlands) on large farm
1653 -- Son Daniel baptised in New Amsterdam
1654 -- Made President of the Court Martial for trying freebooters and pirates held in Brooklyn
1654 -- Nominated and confirmed as a magistrate of his village, Amersfoort (Flatlands)
1655 -- Nominated and confirmed as a magistrate of Gravesend (also 1657)
1655 -- Sold a farm on credit; it reverted to him and he sold it again
1655 -- Bought on Dec. 25, 1655, land through Richard Clough from William Hallett. Land was plantation lot No. 40 in Gravesend, with the buildings thereon
1656 -- Was one of three to inventory the estate of John Morris
1657 -- Bought and sold a plantation; leased meadow lots to John Browne for 21 years.
1657 -- He was one of 36 on a list of residents and the amount of land under tillage in Gravesend, 1657, with 7 morgens out of about 365. A morgen is the equivalent of 2.116 acres -- same source
1659 -- Sold plantation-lot No. 40 on Aug. 29, 1659, to John Wilson
1660 -- Bought of [?] on Feb. 9, 1660, the patent Lot No. 29 in Gravesend for 1600 guilders. He sold the land on Feb. 28, 1664 to Francois de Bruynne, after whom it was named Bruynnsberg. -- same source
1660 -- Sold, on May 31, 1660, a house and garden to William Scot
1660 -- Leased on April 2, 1660, 12 acres of plantation to Richard Ast (Aste). This was land he "bought of Anthony Jansen from Salee, lying on the E. end of said plantation, as per Gravesend record"
1660 -- Joined 12 others in petition to have a minister sent to Gravesend; none came
1660 -- Showed he could protect his farm from Indians and thus was exempted from requirement to move in to town
1661 -- Sold a house and lot in Gravesend
1662 -- Bought a farm in Gravesend
1663 -- Son Jeremiah baptised in New Amsterdam
1663 -- Sold a plantation
1663 -- Commissioned as ensign then as lieutenant in the Indian war then in progress
1663 -- Involved in civil unrest among the whites of the Long Island area
1663 -- Bought from Jan Janse [perhaps full name was Abraham Janse Ver Ryn] plantation-lot No. 27 on March 4, 1663.
1664 -- Sold his plantation in Gravesend to escape the turmoil and unrest
1664 -- Purchased land in the City of New York on Manhattan Island
1665 -- Final land ownership and ties with Gravesend, Long Island ended; moved to Staten Island
Chronology for Nicholas Stillwell: 1665-1672 Staten Island, NY:
1665 -- His land was near the location (1929) of Dongan Hills, between Liberty and Jefferson Avenues (See map of the Town of Dover upon Staten Island, page 83 of JES, Vol. 1)
1667 -- Elected as constable of Staten Island
1668 -- He and his wife Annetie were sponsors at baptism of Pieter Belou of Staten Island
1670 -- Thomas Morell of Staten Island, with no heir, willed his estate to Nicholas Stillwell
The source for the land transactions was: "Register In Alphabetical Order, of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y., from its Frist Settlement by Europeans to 1700" by Teunis Bergen, 1881.

NOTE: His mark consistently was a reversed capital N.

"All that is now known concerning Lieutenant Nicholas Stillwell has been recited. Perhaps more may come to light, but enough has been rescued, to establish him as one of the most conspicuous and stirring figures of his eventful time. At this late day he seems like an adventurer of fiction, or a hero of the romantic past. With his great natural force he dominated his fellowman, who during his long career perpetuated him in public office, both elective and appointive; and in private life he was the chief adviser of Lady Deborah Moody and a host of his fellowtownsmen. Though possessed of a martial spirit, he was free from the swashbuckling and buccaneering qualities which in that day were prone to accompany prowess. Likewise his deportment was such that he avoided the many scandals and lawsuits common to his time, in the vicinity of New Amsterdam. His persistent activity, ready exposure to hardship, and the age he attained, justly creates the impression that he was a man of great physical strength and robust constitution. He was ever foremost where valor was called for, or where Dutch resistance to English aggression was needed. His sense of loyalty to his benefactors was paramount to all personal interests, and the intensely Dutch authority, T. G. Bergen, Esq., who was never accused of favoring any person or thing English, paid him the merited compliment of saying that he never swerved from his allegiance to the Dutch, which is more than could be said of many of his English neighbors. That he was hasty and passionate of speech under excitement, we concede, but it was only by a handful of malcontents and wrongdoers, against whom he had fearlessly stood alone in the turbulent moments, that he was called unreasonable and a disturber of the peace.

There is nothing extant which proves the religious convictions or affiliations of Nicholas Stillwell, but the tone of his last will indicates that he possessed the piety of his day, which is confirmed by a letter dated, April 12, 1660, to the Director and Council, signed by Nicholas Stillwell, and other residents of Gravesend, wherein they bitterly lament the licentiousness of their town, the desecration of the Sabbath, confusion of religious opinions, and: "as the fear of the Lord alone holds out promises of temporal and eternal blessings, and as we, your petitioners, to our sorrow and constant regret, see no means by which to make a change for the better, we have concluded to address ourselves to your Honors as being the only hope for us and the well-being of the Community and humbly and respectfully do ask and pray that a preacher or pastor may be sent here that the glory of God may be spread, the ignorant taught, the simple and innocent strengthened and the licentious restrained.

Certain it is that Nicholas Stillwell lived for the ultimate betterment of the human race. Amid quieter scenes Nicholas Stillwell's life drew to its close. A few days prior to his demise he made a will conveying practically all of his estate to his wife Anne. His mantle of authority descended to his children, who were called to fill many high offices in the government. Surrounded by a numerous and respected family, his last years were spent in reposeful dignity awaiting the final summons which came Dec. 28, 1671. Post tempestatem tranquillitas. -- JES Vol 1 pp. 86-87, a summary of the life of Nicholas Stillwell (1st)

His will was executed 22 Dec 1671 and probated 17 June 1672. As the custom common at this time among the early English settlers was the observance of a year and a day of widowhood before remarriage, and Anne, the widow of Nicholas Stillwell, married December 29th, 1672, it has been deduced that the exact date of Nicholas Stillwell's demise was December 28th, 1671. This may be correct, but we are only sure of the fact that he died between December 22nd, 1671, and June 17th, 1672, the respective dates of the execution and probate of his will -- Long Island Genealogies, by Thomas Powell, 1895, p.292 ("Searing Family").

In ye name of God, Amen, I, Nicholas Stillwell of Staten Island in ye terrytoryes of his Royal Highness, James Duke of York in America, Husbandman, being sick and weake in body, but of perfect and sound understanding, Thanks bee rendered to Allmighty God for the same, doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and for me following, Viz:
Imprimis: I give and bequeath my Soull unto ye Hands of Allmighty God who gave it in hopes to be saved in and through ye Passion, merritts and mediacon of Jesus Christe my only Saviour and Redeemer and my bodye to ye earth to be buryed in decent and Christian like Buryall according to ye discretion of my executrix hereafter named.
Item. I give and bequeathe unto my youngest son Jeremiah one Iron Grey Mare of about 4 years old to runn upon ye Island for his use.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my well beloved and affectionate wife Anne Stillwell all my whole estate consisting of Lands, Housing, Cattle, Come, Oxen, Kine, Horses, Mares, Sheep, Swine, bee they of what nature or kind soever, as also all manner of Household goods moveable and Immoveables whatsoever being and lying upon Staten Island aforesaid or elsewhere with all manner of debts whatsoever and of Right belonging unto mee.
And I do also hereby constitute and appoint my said wife to be my full and sole executrix of this my last will and testament. Revoking all former wills and Testaments by mee formerly made.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale ye 22nd day of December in Annon 1671. Nicholas Stillwell
his marke (Seal)
Sealed and Delivered in the presence of N. de Meyer, Richd Charlton
June 17th, 1672, Letters of administration were granted unto Anne Stillwell ye widow and relict of ye deceased as executrix of this his last will, and testament above written. -- New York Wills, Book 1, p.161.

1672 -- Sold to the person named above lot No. 18 on Feb. 10, 1660. This lot was sold back to widow Ann Stillwell on June 21, 1672. -- "Register In Alphabetical Order, of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N.Y., from its Frist Settlement by Europeans to 1700" by Teunis Bergen, 1881.

Ann Stillwell, the mother of most if not all of Nicholas Stillwell's children, was presumably somewhat younger than her husband Nicholas Stillwell, and perhaps somewhat older than her last husband William Foster. Nicholas Stillwell may have married her in Old England, or perhaps in Virginia. Shortly following the death of her husband, she removed from Staten Island to Gravesend. Here she had bought, June 21, 1672, while residing at Dover, from Jan Jansen Van Ryn (Rhyn) the house and lot, No. 18, with the meadow reserved, which the grantor originally had purchased from her husband Nicholas Stillwell -- source: Gravesend Town Records. Upon this property she probably took her up residence in company with her children Mary and Jeremiah, and perhaps John. Capt. Nicholas Stillwell, her son, one of the most eminent men of the town, was her neighbor. Her interests therefore were equally divided between the Staten Island and the Long Island settlements. On Dec. 29, 1672, a few months following her arrival in Gravesend, and so close as to be the likely cause of her removal to that town, she married the local magistrate, William Wilkins. Mr. Wilkins died in 1676, and after a brief widowhood, Ann married William Foster of Jamaica, Long Island, NY. (Original marriage license, dated Jan. 13, 1679, in possession of Dr. John E. Stillwell). Ann Stillwell's death probably occurred about 1686, for she joined her husband, William Foster, in conveyances, as late as 1684, and was alluded to in an inventory of the estate of Cornelius Stenwick, taken about July 29, 1686, as "Nicholas Stillwell's wife," debtor to the amount L177.4.0, wampum value. That her demise must have occurred about 1686, is further confirmed by the fact that William Foster, in 1687, had another wife, Hannah, alluded to in deeds, as also in his will of this date, 1687. No will has been found for Ann Stillwell Foster; she may have given her lands on Staten Island to her daughter Anne Stillwell Britton, or to her son Thomas Stillwell; her Gravesend property she gave, June 20, 1683, by deed, in which her husband William Foster joined, to her son Jeremiah Stillwell, in consideration of his paying L3, annually, during the life of the longest liver. (JES,v1,p.88-89).

The 10 Children of Nicholas Stillwell and Annetje Van Dyck are:

1. John Stillwell (?-?) ("Supposed son of Nicholas the First" (JESv1p88). "Possibly lived in Piscataway, NJ." No record of marriage or children. (JESv4p117))

2. Richard Stillwell (1634 England?-~1688) married Mary Cook (1635-?, daughter of John Cooke) on 5/1/1655. (JES,v.2)(other wives listed by some genealogists include (a first wife) Mary Holmes a daughter of Obadiah Holmes, and Freelove Cook, perhaps another name of Mary/Mercy Cook) ("Capt. Richard Stillwell, the eldest son of Lieut. Nicholas Stillwell, was born between 1633 and 1638, for, in 1649, when his father bought him a farm he was not qualified to bear arms, that is, he was not sixteen years old; therefore born after 1633; and in 1660, he was the eldest of three sons, all qualified to bear arms, hence he, Richard, could not then have been less than twenty years old, and, as his sister Ann was also likely of age at this time, he consequently was born not later than 1638, and more likely as early as 1636." (JESv2p1).) (Richard stillwell with his brother-in-law Nathaniel Britton made the treaty with the Indians in 1670 for Staten Island: "On February 16, 1670, Governor Lovelace appointed a committee. Richard Stillwell, Nathan Whitmore, and Nathaniel Brittaine, together with the constable and overseers" to negotiate with the Indians. "By this time the Staten Island Indians seem to have acquired some skill in selling real estate. In addition to merchandise there was, on May 6, 1670, a ceremony of delivery and a barbecue." -- "Staten Island and Its people" by Leng and Davis, vol 1.) ("While yet a youth Richard Stillwell reached distinction. Positions and honors came to him unsought. Tactful and upright, he adjusted impartially the differences of the Indian, as well as the quarrels of the settler, whose racial and religious characteristics were bound to bring them into conflict. The admonition of John Cooke, the Regicide, to his daughter, Freelove, to secure 'one that is gracious and a man that feareth God; be sure to prefer grace before wealth and parts, for a little with the fear of God is better than great riches with an ungodly man,' was singularly applicable to Richard Stillwell. Apparently a frail, gentle man, with strong religious inclinations, he is found midst the strifes of contest and conquest, comporting himself in a quiet, dignified manner. This attitude he maintained until his death. He was probably less robust than his progenitor and his brothers, as his demise took place at a comparatively early age. It occurred in 1688, and was sudden, for in this year Richard Stillwell, Thomas Lovelace and Jacob Garretson sat as Justices of the Court of Sessions held in Richmond County whereof Thomas Stillwell, his brother, was the Sheriff. He left a modest estate and no will. Administration was given to his chief creditor[William de Meyer]." (JES,v2,p.10f). -- 9 children
-----2a. Sarah Stillwell (?->1715) married Richard Crego (?-1710 NYC) on June 29, 1696 -- "may have been a daughter of Richard Stillwell" (JES,v2,p.28)
-----2a. Capt. John Stillwell (5/18/1660 Gravesend-1724 SI,NY) married (1) Elizabeth Hubbard ~1684 and (2) Rebecca Throckmorton (1680-?) ~1696. (lived early in Gravesend, then moved to Staten Island) (In 1708 and 1714 John Stillwell conveyed property in Middletown NJ to Thomas Stillwell and Alice his wife) (1706 census) (Will: 1724 Stillwell, John, Garratt's Hill, Middletown Twp., Monmouth Co., New Jersey -- August the 16 day, 1724. "I, JOHN STILLWELL, being in perfect memory and senses, Blessed be God." I leave to my wife my dwelling house in which I now live, and the lot on which it stands, during her life, and then to my two sons Richard and Thomas, and I leave to them all my land in the County of Richmond. I leave to my son John all my Plantation called Garratts Hill in the township of Middletown in New Jersey, and all my lands lying near the said Plantation, with the Poplar Lots, and 1/2 of my meadows in said township. I leave to my sons Joseph and Daniel all my land lying at a place called Parrassye in said township, and one house lot and orchard in Middletown, and the other 1/2 of my meadows in said township, and my son Joseph is to have his choice in the division. And I give my rights in all other lands in New Jersey to my sons John, Joseph, and Daniel. I give to my granddaughter, Rebecca Salter, £5. To my daughter, Alice Stillwell, £80. To my daughter, Mary Stillwell, £80. I leave to my wife Rebecca, 1/3 of all the rest of my movable estate, and the other 2/3 to my 8 children above named. I appoint my wife and my brother Richard Stillwell, and my two sons, John and Richard, executors, and Trustees for my three youngest children. Witnesses, Thomas Walton, Martha Rue, Richard Walton. Proved, January 17, 1725/6.) -- 7 children
----------2b. Richard Stillwell (?-1748 SI) -- never married? (will dated 3/25/1748 lists no wife or children; entire estate left to sister Mary Seabrook, a widow who lived with him)
----------2b. Thomas Stillwell (?-<1757 SI) (JES,v2,p.32 -- May have gone briefly to Middletown NJ in 1728 then returned to Staten Island. May have left one child Thomas. Fathered an illegitimate daughter, for whom he paid support)
----------2b. Rebecca Stillwell (1693->1750) married (1) Esq. James Cox and (2) Ebenezer Salter about 1714
---------------2c. John Cox (11/1/1727-?) married Margaret Morris (no, father died in 1724 and she was a Salter then -- John Cox born before 1724.)
---------------2c. Manassah Salter
---------------2c. Daniel Salter
---------------2c. Thomas Salter
---------------2c. Elezor/Ebenezer Salter
---------------2c. Alice Salter
----------2b. Mary Stillwell (1696-?) married (1) Daniel Seabrook and (2) Gent. Daniel Corsen (~1714-1/26/1761) (JES,v2,p.26 -- "Probably" married Daniel Seabrook. Lived with her brother Richard Stillwell in Staten Island as a widow in 1748 [JESv2p31]. Married Daniel Corsen sometime between 1748, date of brother Richard's will, and Nov. 1757 when she was Mrs. Corsen. Her business abilities are reflected in the fact that she was appointed executrix of both brother Richard's and father-in-law Christian Corsen's estates)
---------------2c. Anna Corsen
---------------2c. Daniel Corsen (~1753-?)
---------------2c. Richard Corsen (~1753-?)
----------2b. Joseph Stillwell (6/28/1705 SI-11/12/1760) married Sarah Shepherd (5/2/1708 Middletown,NJ-2/28/1771 Middletown,NJ) on 12/28/1728
---------------2c. Deborah Stillwell (7/22/1730-1795)
---------------2c. Rebecca Stillwell (3/10/1731-2 Middlesex,NJ-?)
---------------2c. Catharine Stillwell (2/15/1732'3-?) (probably died young)
---------------2c. Sarah Stillwell (2/23/1734'5-?)
---------------2c. John Stillwell (11/25/1737-?)
---------------2c. Catharine Stillwell (5/12/1740-?)
---------------2c. Mary Stillwell (5/14/1742-?) (twin)
---------------2c. Anna Stillwell (5/14/1742-?) (twin)
---------------2c. Thomas Stillwell (6/12/1744-?)
---------------2c. Elizabeth Stillwell (8/23/1746-?)
---------------2c. Lydia Stillwell (7/23/1748-?)
---------------2c. Daniel Stillwell (1/22/1749-50-?)
---------------2c. Joseph Stillwell (3/3/1752 NJ-1829)
----------2b. Alice Stillwell (1706-?) (single in 1724) may have married an Emmons (JES,v2,p.40) or Daniel Lake (internet)
----------2b. Daniel Stillwell (5/10/1720-5/20/1770) (NO- Too young to be child) married Maria Poillon (lived on Staten Island; JES notes he could be son of Jeremiah Stillwell b.1681) (will of Jacques Poillon of Staten Island 1732 mentions daughter Mary wife of Daniel Stillwell--check, others say will was 1772) Daniel was the youngest, based on father's will, but not this young.
---------------2c. Jeremiah Stillwell
---------------2c. John Stillwell
---------------2c. James Stillwell
---------------2c. Mary Stillwell married John Moore
---------------2c. Abraham Stillwell
---------------2c. Joachim Stillwell (~1730-?) married (1) Ann Jenners and (2) Charity Burbank(note he would be 10 -- this too impossible)
--------------------2d. Richard Stillwell (5/23/1749-?)
--------------------2d. John Stillwell (7/28/1751-?)
---------------2c. Frances Stillwell (6/7/1731 SI-?)
---------------2c. Daniel Stillwell (4/4/1736-?)
---------------2c. Jaques (3/26/1738 SI-?)
-----2a. Nicholas Stillwell (1/11/1663'4-~1739 NY) married Mary Moore (?-? daughter of Gersham Moore) (No will: 1739 Stillwell, Nicholas, Intestate, Richmond County, Staten Island, New York. Page 243.--George Clarke, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor. Whereas, NICHOLAS STILLWELL, of Richmond County, died intestate, Letters of Administration are granted to Adam Mott, as principal creditor, by Walter Dongan, Surrogate, and confirmed in New York, August 14, 1739. The widow Marytie having resigned her right.) -- 5 children
----------2b. Gersham Stillwell (8/17/1685-6/24/1752)
----------2b. Richard Stillwell (9/16/1688-?)
----------2b. John Stillwell (5/9/1690-8/9/1750)
----------2b. Mary Stillwell (?-?)
----------2b. Elizabeth Stillwell (?-?)
-----2a. Thomas Stillwell (12/1666 NY-1726 NJ) married (1) Alice Throckmorton 4/9/1703 and (2) Hannah Taylor (1/16/1679'80-?) (JES,v2,p.22 -- spent youth on Staten Island, appeared in Middletown, Monmouth, NJ about 1703 where his wife inherited land, and lived there as a country squire) (another wife listed by some is Ann Hubbard) -- 7 children
----------2b. Thomas Stillwell (?-?)
----------2b. Mary Stillwell (?-?) (erroneously listed by some as the Mary Stillwell who marries Nathaniel Britton Sr -- not possible, as their first child was born in 1688, plus in published period biographies it lists her fathers as "Captain Richard Stillwell")
----------2b. Alice Stillwell (?-?)
----------2b. Hannah Stillwell (?-?)
----------2b. Obadiah Stillwell (?-?)
----------2b. Jeremiah Stillwell (?-?)
----------2b. John Stillwell (1709-?) married Mary Burroughs
---------------2c. Joseph Stillwell (1739-1805)
-----2a. Mary Stillwell (7/13/1668 NY-? NY) married (1) Nathaniel Brittain (1665 LI-11/19/1702 SI) and (2) Valentine Duchane and (3) Judge Lambert Garrison. (Note: many reference books (including JES) have this Mary Stillwell ("born <1672") as the wife of Thomas Walton -- but I (DLH 2008) suspect this was confused with her sister Martha, for whom they have no further information. Britton genealogists confirm that the Mary Stillwell who married Nathaniel Brittain was the daughter of Capt. Richard Stillwell) -- 1+ child
----------2b. Nathaniel Britton Jr. (1688 SI-1754 Smithfield, Philadelphia,PA) married Elizabeth Saunders on 4/13/1710 -- 6 children
---------------2c. Elizabeth Britton (1713-) married Lambert Dorland (10/21/1707-?) -- 2 children
--------------------2d. John Dorland
--------------------2d. Nathaniel Dorland
---------------2c. John Britton (1715-9/14/1795) (Made his will Aug 25, 1791. In his will is a Rebecca Billiou and a Rachel Barnes (Rebecca might be his niece) married Eve Dorland (1720-12/26/1797) (sister of Lambert Dorland) -- no children
---------------2c. Sarah Britton (2/5/1717'8-?) -- unknown
---------------2c. Mary Britton (baptized 10/6/1724-3/1808) married Nicholas Van Sandt (1/1/1711-5/1/1801 of Bucks,PA)
---------------2c. Rachel Britton (12/29/1724-10/1814) married Isaac Billiou (12/19/1722-10/22/1803)
---------------2c. Anne Britton (3/3/1727'8-?) -- died young
----------2b. (maybe) Francis Britton -- unknown
-----2a. Richard Stillwell (6/5/1671 NY-<3/31/1747 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ) married (1) Debora Bowne (1/26/1667-8 Gravesend-<1710) in 1705 and (2) Mercy Sands (1693-10/24/1746 Shrewsbury, NJ) in 1708 (JES,v2,p.17-19 -- made his fortune as a merchant in NYC; will was proved 3?/31/1743 in both NYC and Freehold, NJ) (sympathized with the Jacobites, according to a family tradition) (1713 Will of his father-in-law: Sands, Samuel, Hempstead, Queens County, Long Island, NY -- In the name of God, Amen. December 11, 1713. I, SAMUEL SANDS, of Cow Neck, in Hempsted, in Queens County, on Long Island, alias Nassau Island, yeoman, being very sick. I direct all debts to be paid. ,,, . I leave to my daughter Margary, wife of Richard Stillwell, of New York, two bonds of Mr. Richbell Mott, of £30 each. Also a silver tankard, and £10, and £5 due to me from Stephen Johnson, of Staten Island. Also a cow the next spring after my decease. ...) (1742 Will:Stillwell, Richard, Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., NJ -- In the name of God, Amen. I, RICHARD STILLWELL, of Shrewsbury, in the County of Monmouth in East New Jersey, merchant, being somewhat indisposed in body. I leave to my wife Mercy all my real and personal estate that I have, both in New Jersey and New York, during her widowhood, also £200 in lieu of dower. I leave to my eldest son Richard, £100. To my eldest daughter Mary, £250 and a negro girl. I leave to my daughter Deborah Smith, 5 shillings and a negro girl. To my daughter Catharine, £250 and a negro girl. To my daughter Anne, £200. To my son Samuel, £100. The reason why I have not given more to my eldest son, and to my daughter Deborah, and to my son Samuel, is because I have already provided for them. I leave to my daughter Elizabeth and to my youngest daughter Lydia, each £200. After the death or marriage of my wife, all my estate is to be sold by my executors, and the proceeds of the sale, and the rest of my personal estate is to be paid to all my children, except my eldest son Richard, for whom I have already provided. I leave to my grandchildren, Richard and John, the children of my son Richard, £50 each. I make my wife Mercy and my brother-in-law, John Reed, and my cousin, Richard Stillwell, of Staten Island, and Joseph Stillwell, of Middletown, executors. Dated November 17, 1742. Witnesses, John Reid, James Daniel Seabrook. Proved 3/31/1747.) -- 8 children
----------2b. Dr. Richard Stillwell (1710 NYC-2/27/1773) married (1) Mary Gowne (5/22/1712-2/22/1742'3) and (2) Lydia Leonard on 3/24/1752 (practiced medicine in Middletown, but resident of NYC in 1749) -- 7 children
---------------2c. Richard Stillwell -- died young
---------------2c. John Stillwell -- died young
---------------2c. Mary Stillwell
---------------2c. Gershom Stillwell (Keyport,NJ)
---------------2c. Millicent Stillwell -- died in infancy
---------------2c. Augusta Stillwell -- died young
---------------2c. Mercy Stillwell
----------2b. Mary Stillwell (8/17/1714-7/22/1802) married Capt. Thomas Clarke (8/11/1692-?) (lived on Manhattan) -- 5 children
---------------2c. Charity Clarke (6/28/1747-?)
---------------2c. Mary Clarke (6/20/1748-?)
---------------2c. Thomas Clarke (1749-?) -- probably died unmarried
---------------2c. Maria Theresa Clark (1750-?)
---------------2c. Clement C. Clark (5/17/1752-?)
----------2b. Anne Stillwell (8/17/1714-?) married (1) Theodosius Bartow (2/1711-12 - 10/5/1746) and (2) Capt. Philip de Visme (?-1762) (Captain in the British army) -- 6 children
---------------2c. Theodosia Bartow married (1) Col. Aaron Burr and (2) Marcus Prevoost on 7/28/1763 NYC
---------------2c. Samuel de Visme
---------------2c. Philip de Visme -- never married
---------------2c. Pierre de Visme
---------------2c. Eliza de Visme
---------------2c. Catharine de Visme
----------2b. Catharine Stillwell (~1716-<1757) married Rev. Ebenezer Pemberton (1704 Boston, MA-?) ~1753
----------2b. Deborah Stillwell (~1718-1/23/1791) married Lieut. Richard Smith (merchant in NYC) -- 6 children
---------------2c. Margaret Smith
---------------2c. Catharine Smith
---------------2c. Mary Smith
---------------2c. Samuel Smith
---------------2c. John Smith (a reverend who lived in England)
---------------2c. James Smith (?-1837) (an artist who died in Florence, Italy)
----------2b. Elizabeth Stillwell (~1723-1815) married (1) Capt. Peter Wraxall (?-7/11/1759) 12/9/1756 and (2) Gen. John Maunsell (?-7/27/1794) 6/11/1763 in NYC (lived in NYC) -- no children
----------2b. Samuel Stillwell (~1725-12/10/1765 Philadelphia, PA? NYC?) married Sarah Clayton/Hannah Van Pelt (?-<1765) (Will: 1762 Stillwell, Samuel, NY -- In the name of God, Amen. I, SAMUEL STILLWELL, of New York, merchant, being in good health. After all debts are paid, I leave to my sister, Deborah Smith, the interest on £1,000 during her life, and then to her children, Margaret, Catharine, Mary, and Samuel Smith. All the rest of my estate to be divided into three parts, "in some decent and convenient time after my decease." I leave one third to my sister, Anne Devisme, and her daughter, Theodosia Bartow; one third to my sister, Elizabeth Wraxall; and one third to my sister, Lydia Watkins. I make my sisters, Ann Devisme and Elizabeth Wraxall, and my brother-in-law, Mr. John Watkins, executors. Dated September 4, 1762. Witnesses, Jonathan Holmes, Henry Van Vleeck, Thomas Bartow. Proved, November 7, 1766. Confirmed July 7, 1767. At this time Elizabeth Wraxall was Elizabeth Maunsell.; his will makes no mention of a wife or children) -- no children
----------2b. Lydia Stillwell (~1726-~1815) married John Watkyn/Watkins (a shipping merchant in NYC) -- 6 children
---------------2c. Mary Watkins -- died young
---------------2c. Lydia Watkins
---------------2c. John W. Watkins
---------------2c. Charles Watkins
---------------2c. Samuel Watkins
---------------2c. Elizabeth Watkns
-----2a. Martha Stillwell (<1679 NY-?) and (maybe) (1) Thomas Walton (~1672-1728) and (maybe) (2) John Reed. (Note that although many reference books list this Thomas Walton as having married Mary Stillwell, daughter of Richard and Mary Cook Stillwell, this is clearly in error, as there is no Mary Waltin (but there is a Martha Waltin) on the 1706 census and his will specifies his wife's name as Martha.) (1727 Walton, Thomas, Richmond County, Staten Island, NY. In the name of God, Amen. February 19, 1727/8. I, THOMAS WALTON, of Richmond County, Gentleman, being very sick. Whereas it has pleased God to give unto me 6 children, Thomas, Richard, Matthew, William, Martha, and John. My wife Martha is to continue in possession of the farm or Plantation, where I now live, during her widowhood. I leave to my son Thomas, a negro boy, and to my daughter Martha, a negro girl. I leave to my three older sons, 1/2 of all my estate real and personal, and 1/2 to my wife and my three younger children. I make my wife and my son Thomas, and Richard Stillwell, executors. Witnesses, John Mitchell, Matthew Reev, Catharine Reev. Proved 11/26/1728. (Note that the references that cite Thomas' wife as Mary Stillwell list the identical children below. These erroneous Stillwell references, plus the presence of Richard Stillwell as an executor, support the belief that Thomas married Martha Stillwell.) (I-DLH 2008-also list Martha with a tentative second husband, as her brother Richard mentions a brother-in-law John Reed as executor of his will. As this is not likely to be a husband of a sister of his wife, it must be a husband of either Sarah, Mary or Martha. It's unlikely to be Sarah due to her age, and known not to be Mary, so Martha seems the most likely.) -- 7 children
----------2b. Thomas Walton (?-?)
----------2b. Richard Walton (?-?)
----------2b. Matthew Walton (?-?)
----------2b. William Walton (?-?)
----------2b. Martha Walton (?-?)
----------2b. John Walton (?-?)
----------2b. Abraham Walton (?-?) -- died young
-----2a. Jeremiah Stillwell (1681 NY-1750 Hancock,MD) (JES,v2,p.17 -- no wife or children. "As his father Richard died when he was young, he grew up in the home of Richard's brother John.)(on 4/23/1748 he was witness to Job Throckmorton's will who was named as his uncle.)(Another genealogist also says he moved from Gravesend to Aquackanonck, NJ and then to Hancock,MD, and lists 3 children) -- 3 children
----------2b. (maybe) Richard Stillwell (1712-?)("Register of Early Settlers of Kings County, LI, NY, Teunis, 1881)
----------2b. (maybe) John Stillwell (1718-?)("Register of Early Settlers of Kings County, LI, NY, Teunis, 1881)
----------2b. (maybe) Jeremiah Stillwell (1725-?)("Register of Early Settlers of Kings County, LI, NY, Teunis, 1881) (Jeremiah supposedly settled in Montgomery, VA, according to Bergen (1881, p.276) who cites B. M. Stillwell's "Memoirs" p.282 as source)
-----2a. Gershom Stillwell (8/17/1683 NY-1/24/1752 NJ) married Elizabeth Grover (6/7/1685-1/18/1763) (1706 Staten Island census) (moved to Moreland, PA near Philadelphia about the time of his marriage, later to Middletown NJ by 1717) -- 4 children
----------2b. John Stillwell (3/15/1715'6-?)
----------2b. Mary Stillwell (4/2/1718-?)
----------2b. Hannah Stillwell (11/11/1720-?)
----------2b. William Stillwell (9/20/1722-?)

3. Capt. Nicholas Stillwell (~1640 in Gravesend, Kings Co., NY - 1715 in Gravesend, Kings Co., Long Island, NY) married (1) Rebecca Byles (1640s-1671) ~1661 in LI and (2) Catherine Huybert (widow Charles Morgan)(~1636 Harlem,NY->1696 Gravesend, LI, NY) on 8/29/1671 in Gravesend, LI and (3) Elizabeth Cornell on 12/6/1703 ("Capt. Nicholas Stillwell's career was as active as his father's, though far less tumultuous. He was a man of education, integrity and ability and served the public from youth to old age in the capacity of Captain of Militia, Sheriff of King's County, Member of the New York Colonial Assembly for nine years, and Magistrate for the extraordinary period of nearly half a century." (JESv3p9)) (1715 will: 1715 Stillwell, Nicholas, Gravesend, King's County, Long Island, New York. Page 452.-- NICHOLAS STILLWELL. In the name of God, Amen, the 19th of January, 1715. I, Nicholas Stillwell, of Gravesend, in Kings County, being weak in body. I leave to my wife Elizabeth £40, and a negro woman, and she is to remain in possession of all tenements and lands, and to have two horses, and use of a waggon and "Slay" and furniture, until the 1st day of August, 1717. I leave to my son Nicholas £100, and a negro boy. To the children of my son Elias, £25. All the rest of my estate to my sons Nicholas, John, Richard, and Thomas, and to my daughters, Anne Christopher, and Mary Johnson, and the children of my son Elias, and my grand children, John Emans, Nicholas Emans, Abraham Emans, Isaac Emans, and Catharine Emans. I make my sons Nicholas and Richard executors. Witnesses, Samuel Hubbard, Thomas Craen, Elias Hubbard. Proved March 5, 1715/16.)
-----3a. Elias Stillwell (~1663 Gravesend, LI, NY-~1713 Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ) married Unknown Stanley (maybe first name Anne)(1667-?) circa 1698 (owned a mill at Gravesend in 1696; moved ~1699 to Middletown NJ with his uncle Jeremiah (#10), who looked after Elias' children after his early demise)(property inventoried on 11/30/1715
----------3b. Nicholas Stillwell (9/3/1698 Middletown, Monmouth, NJ-1/1760 Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ) married Mary Holmes (9/17/1707->1766 Monmouth,NJ) (weaver in Middletown,NJ)
---------------3c. Obadiah Stillwell (5/18/1751 Shrewbury,NJ-<9/17/1771 Monmouth,NJ)
---------------3c. Martha Stillwell (10/11/1733 Monmouth,NJ-?)
---------------3c. Mary Stillwell (1/12/1734'5-?) married Edward Stevenson
---------------3c. William Stillwell (9/28/1737 Shrewsbury->1787 Shrewsbury)
---------------3c. Rebecca Stillwell (3/9/1738'9-?)
---------------3c. Elias Stillwell (2/9/1740'1 Monmouth,NJ-8/5/1826 Troy,Miami,OH)
---------------3c. Lydia Stillwell (4/24/1743 Shrewsbury,NJ-?) married Daniel Barculo/Barkalow
---------------3c. Pryscilla Stillwell (8/3/1745 Shrewsburty,NJ-?) married Benjamin Cheesman 4/2/1778
---------------3c. Joseph Stillwell (3/29/1747 Freehold,NJ-?)
----------3b. Obadiah Stillwell (1703 Middletown-?)
----------3b. Richard Stillwell (1705 Middletown-? Crooked Neck, Mecklenberg, NC) married Catherine Unknown (1710 Monmouth,NJ-2/12/1755 Big Cove, Bedford,PA--she was massacred by Indians) in 1729
---------------3c. Elijah Stillwell (1730-? Mecklenburg,NC)
---------------3c. Hannah Stillwell (1735-?)
---------------3c. Jesse Stillwell (1740-?)
---------------3c. John Stillwell (1754?-1842)(birthdate in question since after mother's death) (supposedly married (1) Leminous/Seminous/Semivous and (2) Jane Becket)
---------------3c. Richard Stillwell (1748-?) (lived in Beth, VA)
---------------3c. David Stillwell (1750-?) (Rev. War Patriot)
----------3b. Jeremiah Stillwell (~1707 Middletown-?) (became a pioneer settler in PA along with Elias and Richard. In 1775 was one of the Freeholders of Berkeley Co, VA)
----------3b. Esq. Elias Stillwell (1708 Middletown-2/4/1792 Bethel Twp, Bedford Co, PA) married Ann Barbank
---------------3c. Elias Stillwell (1/20/1725-?)
---------------3c. Daniel Stillwell (3/24/1727-?)
---------------3c. John Stillwell )5/17/1730-?)
where do these go?
----------3b. Esq. Elias Stillwell (1708 Middletown-2/4/1792 Bethel Twp, Bedford Co, PA) married Mariam Eddy (1/29/1706'7-10/19/1803) in 1731 (brothers Richard and Jeremiah moved to PA with him in 1736)
---------------3c. Obadiah Stillwell
---------------3c. Elizabeth Stillwell (1732-10/3/1804)
---------------3c. Jeremiah Stillwell (4/3/1739-3/4/1821 Morgantown,WV)
---------------3c. Mary Stillwell (1742-?)
---------------3c. Rachel Stillwell (1744-?) married Joseph Wharford
---------------3c. Rebecca Stillwell (1744-?) married Edward Coombes
---------------3c. Sarah Stillwell (~1745 Woodbridge,NJ-?)
---------------3c. John Stillwell (12/1/1746-10/3/1823 Hancock,MD)
----------3b. John Stillwell (1710 Middletown-?) married Unknown
---------------3c. Mary Stillwell
---------------3c. Daniel Stillwell (who maybe married Sarah Ashton on 11/7/1741 Upper Freehold,NJ)
---------------3c. John Stillwell
----------3b. (maybe) Rebecca Abagail Stillwell (~1710 Hancock Co, MD/Monmouth,NJ->1775 Ayers Twp, Bedford Co, PA) married LaRue Jacob Truax (this was added in based on other genealogists, but I, DLH 2008, think it is in error -- if she was born in MD she was not the child of Elias)(some say her mother was Ann Burbank)
---------------3c. Benjamin Truax (11/25/1731 Middletown,NJ-5/10/1801 Fulton,PA) married Perthena Pittman 1/26/1761 in Monmouth,NJ
---------------3c. Elizabeth Truax (1733 Monmouth,NJ-6/5/1810 Needmore,Fulton,PA) married Esq. Jacob Wink in 1755
---------------3c. John Truax (~1740-11/17/1807 Bedford,PA) married Jane Pittman
---------------3c. Samuel B. Truax (1743 Woodbridge,Middlesex.NJ-3/12/1801 Belfast,Bedford,PA)
---------------3c. Jacob Truax (1743 Sideling Hills,Fulton,PA-9/30/1807 Fulton,PA) married Ruth Pittman on 11/3/1759
---------------3c. Obediah Truax (1744 or 1754-?)
---------------3c. Catherine Truax (4/9/1745 NJ-9/10/1804 PA) married Jeremiah Stillwell
---------------3c. Phillip Truax (~1752 Monmouth,NJ-5/10/1822 Ayr,Bedford,PA) married Mary Smart
---------------3c. Joseph Truax (5/15/1758-6/25/1859 PA) married (1) Sarah Stillwell and (2) Clarissa Nan Narnum and (3) Susannah Skinner on 10/15/1825
-----3a. Nicholas Stillwell (~1672 Gravesend, NY-? Jamaica, Queens Co., NY) married Micaham Lake (1664-1702) (he is referred to as Nicholas the Third) (moved from Gravesend to Jamaica in 1704, died intestate). (seems like these children are all too old to be his)
----------3b. Nicholas Stillwell (2/18/1716'7-?)
----------3b. Catharine Stillwell (7/12/1719-?)
----------3b. Deborah Stillwell (?-?)
----------3b. Rebecca Stillwell (?-?)
----------3b. Alice Stillwell (?-?)
----------3b. John Stillwell (5/9/1690 Springfield, LI-8/9/1750) married Eleanor Furman
---------------3c. William Stillwell (~1722-1783)
---------------3c. John Stillwell (1722-1783)
---------------3c. Stephen Stillwell (~1726-?)
---------------3c. Miceal Stillwell (~1728-?)
---------------3c. Abigail Stillwell (~1730-?)
---------------3c. Mary Stillwell (~1732-?)
---------------3c. Elizabeth Stillwell (~1736-?)
-----3a. John Stillwell (~1684? Gravesend-?) married Elizabeth Parein -- (probably moved to either Cape May or Upper Freehold, NJ)(other genealogists list possible wife Mary Muliner) (Placement in his father's will suggest he was born between Nicholas and Richard.)
----------3b. Jan Stillwell (1719-)
-----3a. Col. Richard Stillwell (~1675 in Gravesend, NY-2/6/1758 Gravesend) married Mary Goulding (7/25/1678 Middletown, NJ-10/10/1766 Gravesend) ~1700 (may also have had a wife named Ida
----------3b. Daniel Stillwell (7/7/1702-?) married Catherine Johnson 10/14/1735
----------3b. Catharine Stillwell (2/16/1702'3-?) married Jerome Rapelye
----------3b. Nicholas Stillwell (10/9/1707-2/13/1707'8) -- died young
----------3b. Mary Stillwell (6/1/1712-?) married (1) William Vorhees 9/16/1731 and (2) Jacobus De Bevoise 2/20/1733-4
----------3b. Richard Stillwell (11/10/1714-4/6/1715) -- died young
----------3b. Richard Stillwell (10/3/1718-~1781) married Ann Unknown -- 4 children (Will:1780 Stillwell, Richard, Gravesend, Kings Co., New York. Page 142.--In the name of God, Amen. I, RICHARD STILLWELL, of the Township of Gravesend, in Kings County, (September 29, 1780). Lawful debts and funeral charges to be paid. I leave to my beloved wife, Ann Stillwell, all my lands and tenements as long as she remains my widow, but if in case she marry again it is then my will that she have £1,000 and a negro girl in lieu of her dower right; to my two sons, Richard and Jaques, all my real estate as follows: to my elder son, Richard, the old farm I live on; to my younger son, Jaques, all my farm and plantation I purchased of Cornelius Van Siclen; to my eldest daughter, Ida, the sum of £1,000 and a negro girl; to my younger daughter, "Motye," £1,000 and a negro girl. It is my will that my daughters, Ida and Motye, have their money or legacies at the expiration of five years after my decease out of my moveable estate, and further, that if any loss or losses be on my estate that my wife and children, names above mentioned, "Loose" in proportion to their legacies, or what I have given them, and if there be any overplus to go to my two sons, Richard and Jaques, equally. I make my trusty and well-beloved friends, Isaac Cortleyou, Richard Stillwell, and Rutgert Stillwell, executors.)
---------------3c. Richard Stillwell
---------------3c. Jaques Stillwell
---------------3c. Ida Stillwell
---------------3c. Motye Stillwell
-----3a. Ann Catharine Stillwell (~1678 Gravesend->1732 Richmond Co, NY) married Barent Christopher (1680->1732) ~1701 in New York
-----3a. Rebecca Stillwell (7/14/1678 Gravesend-<1715 Gravesend) maried Abraham Emans (1670 Gravesend-<1750 Freehold, Monmouth, NJ) 10/20/1693 in Flatbush, Kings, NY (Baptised 14 July 1678 in the Dutch Church, Flatbush, Long Island, NY (JESv3p9), same date as her sister Ann Catharine)
----------3b. John Emans (1694-?)
----------3b. Nicholas Emans (1696-?)
----------3b. Abraham Emans (1697-1738 Yonkers,NY)
----------3b. Isaac Emans (1699-?)
----------3b. Catharine Emans (1701-?)
-----3a. Major Thomas Stillwell (~1680 Gravesend-<10/26/1759 NJ) married (1) Ann Hubbard (~1695 NY-<1753 Kings Co,NY) and (2) Catrina Duryea (?->1759 NY) (lived in Gravesend, then Flatlands, then NYC. Lived in Yellow Hook, LI where he ran a ferry to Staten Island, and owned all of Coney Island)
----------3b. John Stillwell (?-?)
----------3b. Thomas Stillwell (?-?)
----------3b. Nicholas Stillwell (?-?)
----------3b. Elizabeth Stillwell (~5/22/1718-?)
----------3b. Charitie Stillwell (?-?) (may be the Charity Stillwell b~1720 who marries Jacob Corson II (~1716-1803)
----------3b. Christopher Stillwell (?-?)
-----3a. Mary Stillwell (~1683 Gravesend-?) married Barent Johnson (listed by some genealogists as Hendrick Johnson)

4. Anne Stillwell (~1637 VA?-1709 SI, NY) married Nathaniel Britton (1610-~1684-will) ~1655 (BRITTAN, NATHANIELL, (English,) m. in 1660 Anna da. of Nicholas Stillwell; d. in 1683 on S. I. [Staten Island] Resided at one period in a house on the Anthony Jansen from Salee patent, which he built when these premises were owned by his father-in-law, probably cultivating a part of the same. De Bruynne, on the purchase of the patent from Stillwell, was required to satisfy Brittan for his house and outbuildings, which appear to have been located on the N.W. side of the plantation, and on the portion De Bruynne sold to Jan Janse Ver Ryn. In 166o Brittan bought of Hendrick Cornelise his plantation in Flda [Flatlands] of 25 morgens, as per p. 15 1/2 of Lib. B of Flb [Flatbush] rec. Apl. [April] 3, 1664, he bought of Albert Albertse (Terhune) his N. U. farm, with the meadows thereunto appertaining, which purchase he applied to the court to declare void or to have a deduction made of L100, in consequence of the loss of the meadows by the convention at Hempstead of 1665 (convened after the conquest of the colony by the English) deciding that the meadows in question belonged to Gd [Gravesend]. After considerable litigation the court decided that a deduction of 500 gl. wampum value should be made, as per p. 496 of Valentine's Manual of 1852. In 1664 he obtained a patent for a tract of [illegible] 44 A. [acres] on S. I., on which he finally settled. In 1665 he was licensed to keep a tap-house (tavern) in the city of N. Y. By the Stoothoff books it appears that at one period he was a dry-goods dealer. Issue:-- William, of S. I. in 1701, b. 1661; Nathaniel, of S. I. in 1701, b. 1663; Sarah, b. 1664; Rachel, b. 1665; Joseph, b. 1667; Rebecca, b. 1668, m. Mar. 1695 Abram Cole; Benjamin, of S. I. in 1701, b. 1669; Jan, b. 1670; Abagail, b. 1671; Daniel, b, 1674; Abagail; and Nicholas, bp. [baptized] Sept. 17, 1680, m. Frances --. --source: Bergen, Teunis (1881). "Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y.") -- Note: the striked out children are those of Nathaniel's brother William. Bergen included all the Brittons found in Staten Island in apparently 1701, and did not differentiate between the children for William and those for Nathaniel; also, Britton genealogists generally use slightly different birthyears -- see Britton sources for more information.
-----4a. Nathaniel Britton (~1666-1727) married (1) Mary Stillwell and (2) Elizabeth Garretson/Garritzen (1681-?) in 1696
----------4b. Richard Britton (~1702 SI-1771 Monmouth,NJ) married Hannah Salter (~1714-?) in 1733 in Monmouth,NJ.
---------------4c. John Britton (1737 Monmouth,NJ-1816 Philadelphia,PA) married Eleanor Waters on 4/1/1767 in Philadelphia
----------4b. Nicholas Brittain
----------4b. Abigail Brittain
----------4b. Elizabeth Brittain
----------4b. Alice Brittain
----------4b. Rebecca Brittain
----------4b. John Brittain
----------4b. Samuel Brittain
----------4b. Mary Brittain
----------4b. Rachel Brittain
----------4b. Nathaniel Brittain (1680-?)
----------4b. William Brittain (1725-3/15/1804) -- this looks wrong -- too late -- have this as marrying Mary Collins (1724-8/13/1805) on11/30/1743.
---------------3c. Zebedee Brittain (1/9/1745'6-7/10/1790) married Mary Elizabeth Marr (9/2/1748-6/18/?)
---------------3c. Nathaniel Brittain (3/12/1743'4-1812)
---------------3c. Elizabeth Brittain (3/11/1747'8-?)
---------------3c. Samuel Brittain (3/9/1749'50-?)
---------------3c. James Brittain (8/31/1753-?)
---------------3c. William Brittain (10/15/1754-?)
---------------3c. Mary Brittain (3/4/1757-?)
---------------3c. Joseph Brittain (9/24/1759-?)
---------------3c. Rachel Brittain (5/5/1761-?)
---------------3c. Sarah Brittain (11/7/1764-12/7/1843) married Abraham Willett (12/15/1759-8/13/1822) in 1783
-----4a. Sarah Britton (~1668-?) married Daniel Gano
----------4b. Susanna Gano (1722-1760 Hopewell,NJ)
----------4b. John Gano (7/22/1727-?)
-----4a. Rebecca Britton (1669-?) married Abraham Cole on 3/9/1694-5
-----4a. Richard Britton (1670-?)
-----4a. Abigail Britton (1674-<1727) married Hendrik Jaszen after 1697
Note: many other genealogists have other children listed for Anne Stillwell and Nathaniel Britton, but the will clearly specified just these five children. While it is possible that Anne could remarry in 1685+ and have more children, since she would likely be in her late forties, and no second marriage has been found, this is considered most unlikely.

5. Alice/Ales Stillwell (~1644 Gravesend, Kings Co., NY-?) married (1) Lieut. Samuel Holmes on 10/26/1665 and (2) William Osborne (?-6/20/1682) on 2/7/1679'80 and (3) Esq. Daniel Lake (1658-?) >1683.
-----5a. Samuel Holmes (2/12/1667-8-?)
-----5a. Ann Holmes (12/20/1670-1/9/1701-2??) married Jacobus Kierstede (<11/28/1663 NYC-1/9/1701-2 NYC) and (maybe) (2) Peter Prince in New Dorp, SI.5/22/1691 (I-DLH 2008-think her deathdate is in error)
-----5a. Joseph Holmes (3/17/1671'2-?) married (1) Annake Daws and (2) Adriaentje Laan
-----5a. Catherine Holmes (6/15/1675-?)
-----5a. Mary Holmes (1679-?)
-----5a. Henry Holmes (?-?)
-----5a. Samuel Osbourne (1680-?)
-----5a. Daniel Lake Jr., (~1685-1727) married Sarah Unknown
----------5b. Daniel Lake
----------5b. Joseph Lake
----------5b. William Lake
----------5b. Alice Lake
-----5a. Thomas Lake (1691-?) married Jannetie Stryker

6. William Stillwell (5/11/1648 New Amsterdam,NY-? Cape May, NJ) married Mary Perrine and (maybe)(2) Hannah Unknown and (maybe)(3) Ann Unknown -- (went to Cap May, NJ ~1691)
-----6a. (maybe) Richard Stillwell
-----6a. John Stillwell (~1678-~1752) (maybe) married Elizabeth Perrine (?-<1752)
----------6b. Nicholas Stillwell (~1710-?) married Sarah Hand
---------------6c. Sarah Stillwell (~1740-?)
----------6b. John Stillwell
----------6b. Richard Stillwell
----------6b. Daniel Stillwell
----------6b. Patience Stillwell
----------6b. Elizabeth Stillwell
-----6a. (maybe) William Stillwell (?-?) married Sarah Perrine of SI

7. Capt. Thomas Stillwell (sheriff of SI 1685-1691)(7/9/1651-1704 SI) married Martha Billiou (?-1736) on 6/8/1670. (Thomas died intestate: 1708 ABSTRACTS OF WILLS ON FILE IN THE SURROGATE'S OFFICE, CITY OF NEW YORK. Page 484.--Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Captain-General and Governor, etc. Whereas THOMAS STILLWELL, Sr., lately died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his wife Mary[perhaps mistranscribed as it should be Martha], April 10, 1708.) (1736 will: Martha Billiou Stillwell DeBonrepos' -- Know all men whom it may any ways concerne, that I, MARTHA DE BONREPOS, of Staten Island, widow, being very sick. All my estate is to be sold by my executors, except two beds, two brass kettles, a negro girl and an old negro wench. I leave to my daughter Rachel, my negro wench, and large brass kettle, and I leave to her daughter Martha, my negro girl, and to her daughter Mary my best bed and brass kettle. I leave to my son-in-law, Jacobus Billve, all that he owes me, and a silver cup of £5 value. And a cup of same value, to my children, Martha Brittain, William Brittain, and to Nicholas Brittain's daughter Martha, and to Jacobus Billvee's daughter Martha, and to Peter Le Count's daughter Martha. All the rest of my estate to my children Francis Brittain, Annie Billve, Rachel Brittain, and to Thomas Stillwell's three children, Nicholas, Jane, Musho (?), and to Mary Hoffer's two eldest daughters, Mary Jurne and Elizabeth Jurne. I make John Le Count and Richard Stillwell executors.) (Thomas Stillwell was owner of the "Perine House" in 1685; the title passed to his son-in-law Nicholas Britton, and in the 21st century is now the home of the Staten Island Historical Society -- it is now known at the "Britton Cottage.") -- Martha Stillwell is listed on the 1706 census, but only one, and there should be more: mother, daughter and daughter-in-law) -- 5 children
-----7a. Thomas Stillwell (1671-1703) married Martha Biyon (1699 will of father-in-law: 1699 Peter Biyon, Richmond County, Staten Island, NY -- "In the name of God, Amen. Be it known and manifest unto all to whom these presents may come, that I, Peter Biyon, of the County of Richmond." ... I leave the rest of my estate to ... Martha, wife of Thomas Stillwell, ...) (Thomas died intestate: 1711 Stillwell, Thomas, Richmond County, Staten Island, NY -- Robert Hunter, Esq., Captain-General and Governor. Whereas THOMAS STILLWELL, of Richmond County, died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his mother, Martha, now wife of Daniel De Bonrepos, In trust for Nicholas Stillwell, an infant son of said Thomas Stillwell. October 25, 1711 -- not sure why this is 1711; Thomas supposely died in 1703, and is not listed on the 1706 census; also not sure why his mother is granted the trust instead of the widow -- perhaps she quickly remarried and had more children which would also explain her absence on the 1706 census as a Stillwell.) -- 3 children
----------7b. Nicholas Stillwell
----------7b. Jane Stillwell
----------7b. Musho Stillwell
(some genealogists have Thomas married to Marie Poillon with children Nicholas, Mary and Ann. However, the names were revised to be in line with grandmother's will and the 1699 will of Peter Biyon as there appears to be no other Thomas Stilwell this Martha could be belong to. Furthermore, it appears that the Marie Poillon reference was based on a 1732 will-see below-referencing a Marie Poillon married to Daniel Stillwell.)
-----7a. Martha Stillwell (~1674-?) married Benjamin Britton (1671-?) (Martha Stillwell listed on 1706 census, but only one, and this could be her mother or sister-in-law; no Martha Britton on census.)(Martha is mentioned in her mother's will, but not Benjamin -- perhaps Benjamin died by 1736?) -- unknown descendancy
-----7a. Frances Stillwell (3/31/1681-5/7/1748 SI) married Col. Nicholas Britton (10/17/1680 SI-1/12/1740 SI-will) (Martha is mentioned in her mother Martha Billiou Stillwell DeBonrepos' 1736 will) (Frances Britton and Nicholas Britton listed on 1706 Staten Island census) (Will: 1740 Brittain, Nicholas, Richmond County, Staten Island,NY -- In the name of God, Amen, January 5, 1740. I, NICHOLAS BRITTAIN, of Richmond County, Gent., being very sick. My wife Francke is to have a good and sufficient maintainance, and to be furnished with good clothes, and a good horse and saddle when she wants to go abroad, also a negro man, with the proviso that she surrender and relinquish the 60 acres of land that she claims to be her own. I leave to my two daughters, Martha Moore and Rachel Brittain, all my lands, messuages, and tenements, and other estate, and they are to pay to my son Nathaniel's 3 daughters, Mary, Francke, and Natalie Brittain, £50 each when of age. They are also to give to Randal Slive, my apprentice, a good horse, saddle, and bridle. I make Samuel Moore and Samuel Holmes, and my two daughters, executors. Witnesses, Richard Stillwell, Vincent Fountain, Salem Comes. Proved before Walter Dongan, Esq., February 27, 1739.) -- 3 children
----------7b. Nathaniel Britton (?-10/1736) married Martha Unknown (Will: 1736 Brittain, Nathaniel, Staten Island,NY -- In the name of God, Amen, October 2, 1736, I, NATHANIEL BRITTAIN, of Staten Island, being very sick. After payment of debts I leave all estate to my wife Martha and my two children Mary and Francis. "As also I do suppose my wife to be pregnant, now with child, if soe, that to have as much as any of the rest." I make my father, Nicholas Brittain and Paul Musho, executors. Witnesses, Barent Martling, Christopher Riley, Ebenezer Salter. Proved 10/10/1736.)
---------------7c. Mary Britton (?-?)
---------------7c. Franke Britton (?-?)
---------------7c. Natalie Britton (~1736-?)
----------7b. Martha Britton (?-?) married Unknown Moore
----------7b. Rachel Britton (?-?)
-----7a. Anne Stillwell (~1682-1752) married Jacobus Billiou (1684-9/1747). (There is an Anne Stillwell listed on 1706 Staten Island census, but it is a "girl" 18 or younger, and not a woman, so should not be this Anne. There is no Jacobus or Ann Billiou on the census; perhaps they live elsewhere). -- 1 child
----------7b. Isaac Billiou (12/19/1722-10/22/1803) married Rachel Britton (12/29/1724-10/2/1814) on 10/22/1747.
-----7a. Rachael Stillwell (~1687-1767 Philadelphia) married William Britton (~1685 SI-1766 Philadephia) (note: some Britton genealogists have her birthyear as 1684; William Britton mentioned as "son" in Martha DeBonrepos' 1736 will; Rachael Stillwell listed on 1706 Staten Island census) -- 4 children
----------7b. Frances Britton (~1708 SI-?) married James Wollard
----------7b. William Britton (~1715 Philadelphia-1789 Philadelphia) married (1) Mary Thomas (11/3/1713 Cheltenham, PA-10/14/1780 Fox Chase, PA) and (2) Sarah Totten in 1783 -- 5 children (see Britton Tree)
----------7b. Mary Britton (~1720-? probably by 1766) married Benjamin Parker on 5/31/1748-- 4 children (see Britton Tree)
----------7b. Martha Britton

8. Esq. Daniel Stillwell (11/13/1653 New Amsterdam,NY-~1720 in SI,NY) married Mary Mott (~1623 Buckingham, England?-?) on 12/27/1680 (lived Gravesend, Staten Island, Woodbridge NJ (JES,v4,p73)) (all this research has been contributed by others and unverified)
-----8a. Daniel Stillwell Jr (10/10/1687-2/14/1760) married (maybe) (1) Sarah Unknown and (2) Catherine Larzelear -- 6 children (Will: 1760 Stillwell, Daniel, Richmond County, Staten Island, NY -- In the name of God, Amen, February 14, 1760. I, DANIEL STILLWELL, of Richmond County, being sick. I leave to my wife Catharine the use of all my estate until my son Abraham is of age, if she remains my widow. Also £100. I leave to my son and heir, Richard Stillwell, that part of my farm or Plantation which lyes below the road that leads from the Smoking Point to the Fresh Kill lands and meadow (except 3 acres of salt meadow, which I purchased of John Brown), and 5 acres of woodland lying next to the land of Tunis Van Pelt, and he is to pay to his brother Daniel £170. I leave to my son, Nicholas Stillwell, all that part of my farm that lies above or at the south side of the above-mentioned road (except 5 acres given to his brother Richard), and 3 acres of salt meadow which I purchased of John Brown, and he is to pay to his brother Abraham £170. I leave to my daughter Catharine £100 and a negro girl. To my daughter Hester £100 and a negro girl, and the same to my daughter Mary. The rest of my estate I leave to all my children. If my wife should marry before my son Abraham is 21 she shall have her legacy of £100, and remove off from my estate. My executors may sell land to pay legacies. I make my wife and father-in-law, Nicholas Larzelear, and my son Richard executors. Witnesses, Benjamin Seaman, Saxton Parmar, Sr., Joseph Van Pelt.)
----------8b. Richard Stillwell
----------8b. Nicholas Stillwell
----------8b. Catharine Stillwell
----------8b. Hester Stillwell
----------8b. Mary Stillwell
----------8b. Daniel Stillwell
----------8b. Abraham Stillwell (<1739-?)
-----8a. (maybe) Richard Stillwell (?-1756 Monmouth Cty, NJ)
-----8a. Capt. Nicholas Stillwell (1678-5/15/1759 Shrewsbury, Monmouth,NJ) married Mary Throckmorton (1688-1759 Shrewsbury,NJ)(not included in JES list of children of Daniel)
----------8b. Martha Stillwell (~1704-)
----------8b. William Stillwell (~1706-)
----------8b. Mary Stillwell (~1708-)
----------8b. Lydia Stillwell 9~1710-) -- check whether lycia or lydia
----------8b. Priscilla Stillwell (~1712-)
----------8b. Elias Stillwell (~1716-~1785)
----------8b. Joseph Stillwell (~1720-?)
----------8b. Obediah Stillwell (~1724-?)
----------8b. Rebecca Stillwell (~1728 Shrewsbury, Monmouth,NJ-1809 Bloomfield, Nelson,KY) married Thomas Heady (1725-8/12/1794 Bloomfield,Nelson,KY) on 6/24/1749 in Egg Harbor,NJ (lived in Fayette,PA and Cumberland,PA near Elias Stillwell and Obediah Truax
---------------8c. Mary Heady married Brazillai Silwood
---------------8c. Rebecca Heady married John Drake (1747-8/8/1825) in 1781
---------------8c. Martha Heady (1749 NJ-1799) married John Goodwin/Goodin (1740-4/1832) in 1770
---------------8c. James Heady (1759-1833)
---------------8c. Stillwell Heady (1763 NJ-10/1934 IN) married Rebecca Coombs (1767 NJ-?)
---------------8c. Charity Heady (1765-?) married (1) John McIndoo in 1785 and (2) Robert Sturgeon on 7/6/1788
---------------8c. Elizabeth Heady (~1750-?) married (1) Obediah Truax ~1745 NJ-9/20/1787 Fayette,PA) in 1766 in Fayette,PA and (2) Zebulon Collings in 1790
-----8a. Thomas Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. Mary Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. Catherine Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. Susannah Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. Ann Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. Francis Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. Sarah Stillwell (?-?)
-----8a. (maybe) Samuel Stillwell (1680-?)
-----8a. (maybe) Daniel Stillwell (1687-?)

9. Mary Stillwell (1658 LI-?) married Esq. Adam Mott (11/14/1649-?) on 7/16/1678 ("Her marriage to Adam Mott, Jr., Esq., of Hempstead, Long Island, NY is important for our Stillwell family because of the possible connection of the Mott (Mote) name to the naming of Harry Mote Stillwell and association with the Mote family in Darke Co., Ohio." (Source: JESv1,p.88). (Adam was Baptised in Dutch Church, New Amsterdam on 14 Nov 1649. Lived and died at Hempstead, Long Island. Called "my eldest son Adam" by his father [JESv4p69]). I (DLH 2008) find this connection-comment curious as brother Daniel above married Mary Mott.) (the Motts do not live in Staten Island in 1706; no Mott on 1706 census.)
-----9a. Adam Mott (?-?) married Elizabeth Mott
-----9a. Jane Mott (1680-8/21/1759) married Richard Seaman (1673-7/25/1749) in 1673 -- 15 children (Richard was a Quaker minister-NJ,MD,PA,VA)
----------9b. Richard Seaman (1694-?)(question this -- mother would be 14 upon his birth)
----------9b. Thomas Seaman (1696-?) married Philadelphia Titus in 1722
----------9b. Tamar Seaman (1699-?)
----------9b. Jane Seaman (1701-?) married James Titus
----------9b. Adam Seaman (1704-?) married Hannah Pine
----------9b. Sarah Seaman (1706-?) married Henry/Benjamin Dusenberry
----------9b. Hannah Seaman (1710-1782) married Isaad Doty in 1733
----------9b. Giles Seaman (?-1782) married Lititia Onderdonk in 1735
----------9b. Elizabeth Seaman married Unknown Townsend
----------9b. Phebe Seaman
----------9b. Mary Seaman married William Mott in 1749
-----9a. Ann Mott (?-?)
-----9a. Mary Mott (?-?)
-----9a. Elizabeth Mott (?-?)
Although William Britton is widely accepted as having married (this) Mary Stillwell, daughter of Lieutenant Nicholas and Ann Stillwell (sister to Ann Stillwell whom his brother marries), this does not appear to be the case. While there is 1663 documentary evidence her surname is Stillwell, there is also 1678 documentary evidence she is not -- "He [William Britton] appears to have married Mary, the daughter of Nicholas Stillwell of Gravesend, for on Sep 26, 1663 he is described as a son in law.--Staten Island and Its People, Leng and Davis, Vol 1-5, 1930 -versus- the above marriage record for Mary Stillwell and Adam Mott on 7/16/1678. I, DLH 2008, think it might be more likely she is not a Stillwell, as it would appear that Maria might be of Dutch heritage instead of English heritage -- in 1678 she was baptised with seven of her children in a Dutch Church (July 9, 1678, Maria, wife of William Britton of Staten Island and seven children were baptized in the Dutch Church of Flatbush -- Year Book, Holland Society, 1898). Note that both the Brittons and the Stillwells were of English heritage, and Ann Stillwell Britton, her supposed sister, did not have her children baptised here at the same time. Unfortunately, Mary's father's will (above) only mentions two of the ten children, and no will has been found for the mother, so firm source documents have not been found. Note that although Ann was born circa 1637, Mary is thought by Stillwell genealogists to have been born circa 1658 -- Maria Britton is known to have been born 1645, so if this 1658 birthdate is correct, or even close to correct, Maria Britton was definitely not a Stillwell.

10. Capt Jeremiah Stillwell (1/13/1663 New Amsterdam, NY - ~1749 in Monmouth Co., NJ) married (maybe) Mary Unknown (who died before 1715) or (maybe) Elizabeth Unknown. (Baptised as "Jeremias" in the Dutch Church at New Amsterdam on 13 Jan 1663.) (1698 Kings County Census: Jeremiah Stillwell, English, 1 man, 1 woman, 4 children, 0 apprentices, 3 slaves: of Gravesend" [JESv4p2].) (Moved from Gravesend, Long Island to Middletown, NJ shortly after 1698 [JESv4p2]. He probably was accompanied by his nephew, Elias Stillwell, son of Capt. Nicholas [2]. This Elias, born before 1665 and died about 1713, probably was the grandfather of the Elias who migrated to Ohio with his sons Joseph and Daniel about 1819. He has in some sources been listed as "joining the Quaker")
-----10a. (supposed) Samuel Stillwell (~1687-?) married Anna Unknown. (Samuel Stillwell and wife Anna of Monmouth Co., NJ sold property near Upper Freehold in 1710 (JESv4p18)) ("Must have been born between 1685 and 1690" [JESv4p18]. "He doubtless died childless, during the lifetime of his father Jeremiah Stillwell, who made no mention of him nor of any of his children in his will" [JESv4pp18-19].) (I, DLH 2008, think this more likely to be an unknown cousin of Jeremiah)
-----10a. Mary Stillwell (1690-2/5/1738/39 Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ) married Judge John Throckmoron (8/10/1688 Middletown,Monmouth,NJ-10/31/1741 Monmouth,NJ)
----------10b. Samuel Throckmorton
----------10b. John Throckmorton
----------10b. Mary Throckmorton married Samuel Leonard
----------10b. Elizabeth Throckmorton married James Stevenson
----------10b. Job Throckmorton (1715-?)
----------10b. James Throckmorton (>1719-?)
----------10b. Joseph Throckmorton (1720-?)
----------10b. Sarah Throckmorton (1727-?) married Jonathan Forman
-----10a. Capt Jeremiah Stillwell (~1695 Kings Co., LI, NY-2/18/1758 Middletown, Monmouth, NJ) married (1) Rebecca Ashton (10/12/1735-<1750) and (2) Mary widow Woodward on 11/29/1750
----------10b. Samuel Stillwell (?-1753) married Margaret Unknown (he was a merchant in Freehold,NJ)
---------------10c. Samuel Stillwell
----------10b. Daniel Stillwell (1737-1831) -- never married
----------10b. John Stillwell (2/1738-9 Allentown,NJ-?) (probably died young with second John)
----------10b. Jeremiah Stillwell (6/1740 Allentown,NJ-?) (probably died young with second Jeremiah
----------10b. James Stillwell (11/1741-?) (probably twin) (probably died young with second James)
----------10b. Jeremiah Stillwell (11/1741-?) (probably twin)
----------10b. James Stillwell (5/18/1742 Allentown,NJ-?) married Elizabeth Shaw (1738-3/22/1822) on 12/5/1762 in Shrewbury,NJ (he was a Loyalist and property was confiscated in 1777)
---------------10c. John Stillwell (7/7/1765-?)
---------------10c. Thomas Stillwell (?-4/30/1772) -- died young
---------------10c. James Stillwell (11/28/1773-?)
---------------10c. Rebecca Stillwell (11/28/1773-?)(may be a twin, or just baptised same day)
---------------10c. Samuel Stillwell (7/23/1778-9/15/1804)
----------10b. John Stillwell (11/26/1744-3/3/1814) married Sarah Rogers (4/18/1752-2/1/1831) (lived in Nottingham,Burlington,NJ)
---------------10c. Benjamin Stillwell (11/19/1774-?)
---------------10c. Joseph R. Stillwell (1/11/1776-?)
---------------10c. Hannah Stillwell (2/9/1785-8/2/1802) -- never married
---------------10c. Ann Stillwell (9/11/1793-?)
----------10b. Rebecca Stillwell (2/5/1745'6-?)
----------10b. Joseph Stillwell (3/12/1746'7 Shrewsbury,Monmouth,NJ-3/31/1813 Monmouth,NJ) married Jemima Throckmorton (1/31/1748'0 Monmouth,NJ-3/25/1813 Monmouth,NJ) on 6/14/1770 (he was a master carpenter and an active Whig) -- 9 children
---------------10c. Job Stillwell (5/24/1772-6/2/1773) -- died young
---------------10c. Rebecca Stillwell (4/20/1774-10/31/1791) -- died young
---------------10c. Joseph Stillwell (1/14/1777-3/12/1650) married (cousin) Hannah Stillwell
---------------10c. James Stillwell (6/19/1779-11/28/1780) -- died yougn
---------------10c. Daniel Stillwell (9/18/1781-5/27/1861
---------------10c. Abraham B. Stillwell (3/29/1784-1/13/1831
---------------10c. Job Stillwell (8/23/1786-7/1/1788)(twin) -- died young
---------------10c. Jeremiah Stillwell (8/23/1786-3/20/1865 Freehold,Monmouth,NJ)
---------------10c. Mary Stillwell (7/12/1789-12/9/1790) -- died young
-----10a. Elizabeth Stillwell** (1695-~1710s NJ) married John Britton (~1695 SI-10/28/1784 Bucks,PA) -- 1+ child
----------10b. Richard Britton (~1718 NJ-<1749 Bucks,PA) married Unknown -- 1 child
---------------10c. Elizabeth Brittain (lived in NYC in 1749)
-----10a. Sarah Stillwell (~1700-?) married Esq. Thomas Morford (1692-4/12/1750 Middletown, Monmouth,NJ)
----------10b. Thomas Morford (~1721-?)
----------10b. Mary Morford (5/22/1723-4/19/1790 Freehold, Monmouth,NJ) married Job Throckmorton (12/10/1720-2/2/1765) on 4/7/1743
---------------10c. James Throckmorton (3/9/1743'4 Monmouth,NJ-5/28/1749 Monmouth,NJ)
---------------10c. Sarah Throckmorton (5/10/1746 Monmouth,NJ-2/9/1813 Monmouth,NJ) married Edward Clayton (?-6/17/1831 Freehold,Monmouth,NJ) on 12/5/1765
---------------10c. Jemima Throckmorton (1/31/1748'9 Monmouth,NJ-3/25/1813 Monmouth,NJ)
---------------10c. Mary Throckmorton (5/25/1751 Monmouth,NJ-1/9/1817 Greene,PA) married Richard Morris (?-3/16/1825 Greene,PA)
---------------10c. Ann Throckmorton (11/10/1753 Monmouth,NJ-9/21/1831 Greene,PA??--buried Shressbury,NJ??) married James Green (?-9/14/1811 Monmouth, NJ)
---------------10c. Susanna Throckmorton (5/28/1756 Monmouth,NJ-4/20/1792 Greene,PA??--buried Shrewsbury,NJ??)
---------------10c. Hannah Throckmorton (11/1/1758 Monmouth,NJ-?) married William West
---------------10c. Job Throckmorton (5/27/1781 Monmouth,NJ-2/5/1839 Freehold, Monmouth,NJ)

did up to Gen 5. Correct problem. Change the double years from 4-5 to 4'5

For more generations of descendants, and more detail of some of the sources of the above information, refer to the entire file from by Forrest and Jean Ladd (email: or

Notation comment: well into the 18th century, the calendar year started in March instead of January. This causes conceptual problems to the more modern reader, as January 1730 is the month after December 1730 in print. Most genealogists have developed a notation of 1730/31 to reflect the fact that the records will state January 1730 but by modern thinking this would be considered January 1731. For ease in the shorthand use of numbers, here I use 1730'1 as my personal notation as 1/20/1730/31 looks too confusing (1/20/1730'1 looks better). The reader only need be aware that this does not mean that the year is in question, nor does it mean that a will written in Dec 1730 and proved in Jan 1730 (or a child's birth in Dec 1730 followed by a death in Jan 1730) is incorrect. But the reader should be aware that perhaps not all the years reported from old records have been so identified.

**Elizabeth Stillwell Britton is listed by some Stillwell and Britton genealogists are being the Elizabeth listed as John's wife in his 1770 will, and the mother of all 11 of his children. These genealogists believe that only Richard is mentioned in the 1730s/1740s wills of his maternal grandfather (Jeremiah Stillwell) because he was the only one of the children left behind in Monmouth,NJ when the family moved to Bucks County, PA circa 1727, at age 11. Excerpts of Jeremiah's wills: "In his advanced Jeremiah Stillwell made several wills. Three are in my possession: (Stillwell speaking) the first, dated 1739, gave to his grandson, Richard Britton, a large proportion of his property and appointed him one of his executors; the second, dated 1745, made his grandson, Richard Britton, his residuary legatee; the third, dated 1749, omits Richard Britton's name, and that which was formerly bequeathed to him was given to his daughter, Elizabeth Britton, living in New York. From these facts, I deduce that John Britton married Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah Stillwell; that John Britton was born probably about 1695, and his wife Elizabeth at or near the same date; that somewhere near 1727, he removed with all of his family, save his eldest son Richard Britton to Pennsylvania; that he made his will when about seventy-five years old, and lived until he was ninety; this his wife lived beyond 1770, and may have died before or after the probate of his will in 1785; that Jeremiah Stillwell, by reason of the great separation from his daughter, Elizabeth, gave to her son Richard, her proportion of his estate, with succession to Richard's daughter Elizabeth Britton, of New York, and that likewise, John Britton, of Plumstead, in his will gives to her (though not named) 20 shillings as a daughter of my oldest son Richard Britton, emphasizing, in the formality of the expression, a limited acquaintance with the child, and a knowledge that she would inherit from Jeremiah Stillwell his daughter Elizabeth's share." Stillwell Genealogy, p. 141 and 142 (BRI HIS 009) However, it is important to note that Jeremiah Stillwell's wills do not give money to his daughter Elizabeth, but only to her son (and after his early demise, to Richard's daughter directly, despite her tender age). Therefore, I (DLH 2008) think it seems more likely that Elizabeth Stillwell Britton died after Richard's birth, and this is why only Richard is mentioned in Jeremiah's wills, and why after Richard's death, only his daughter Elizabeth is mentioned. (See the notes at the end of John Britton's 1770 will for more discussion.) Therefore, only Richard is included in this tree, as only Richard is certain to be a Stillwell descendant. See Britton Tree for more information on the entire Britton line.

p.957 "Stillwell -- Nicholas Stillwell, first constable of Staten Island under English rule, came from Long Island about 1664 and founded a family which for the first century of our history occupied a prominent and honorable position. An eloquent tribute to his memory by Hon. and Rev. William Prall will be found in Proc. S. I. Inst. A. and S. III:103. He was born in Surrey, England, about 1610. After being in Virignia for a few years he settled in New Amsterdam in 1646, where he soon became identified with the English colony at Gravesend. In 1660 he was commisssioned a lieutenant by Stuyvesant for the Indian War at Esopus. He died in 1671, after being honored also by the English under whon he became constable in 1666. His son Thomas, who married Martha Billiou, was high sheriff in 1685, captain of militia in 1687, vestryman in 1703, freeholder, and owner of the Perine House, died in 1705. His son, Thomas died before his father, after also being selected for public office as assessor in 1699. His daughter married members of the Britton and Billiou family. His widow married Rev. David de Bon Repos. Other early members of the Stillwell family were Capt. Richard, authorized in 1670 to treat with the Indians, Justice in 1683, who died in 1691; William, who received a land grant in 1677; John, who was sheriff in 1692, lieutenant of militia in 1700, freeholder in 1701, vestryman in 1703; Daniel, who was overseer in 1681, having been on the Island since 1675, freeholder in 1702. His son Daniel was born in 1680. These early Stillwells must have been farmers and cattle raisers. The following cattlemarks attest their occupation, Thomas 1681, Richard 1681, Nicholas 1682?, Thomas, junior, 1699. The census of 1706 seems incomplete as to this family for it shows only John, aged 43, Jeremiah, aged 25, and Gersham, aged 23, with two women, Rebecka and Mary. Militia records show John in 1715 and Richard in 1739. This Richard was also a justice. The Stillwell name is still known on Staten Island but the most distinguished member of the family at present is Dr. John E. Stillwell of New York, author of Sillwell's "Historical and Genealogical Miscellancy," which included many records from our Island." -- Staten Island and Its People, Leng and Davis, Vol 1-5, 1930.

Other wills not placed:
---1. 1727 Lake, Daniel, Staten Island, New York. In the name of God, Amen. August 2, 1727. I, DANIEL LAKE, of Staten Island, Gentleman, being not well, but of perfect mind. I leave to my wife Sarah, all my lands and goods, both movable and immovable, during her widowhood, to keep my children by her. If she marries, my estate is to be divided as follows: I leave to my sons, Daniel and Joseph, all my lands and tenements where I now dwell. If either die under age, his share is to go to my son William. But if they both live, they shall pay to my son William, £100 each. I leave to my wife Sarah, and my son William, and my daughter Alice, all my movable estate and household goods, except my riding horse, bridle, and saddle, and my gun, which I give to my son Daniel. I leave to my grandson, Daniel Stillwell, all the land I bought of Nelche Severin, and Johanes Severin, and Nathaniel Britten, Esq. I make my wife and William Hillyer, Richard Stillwell, and Matthew Reev, executors. Witnesses, John Mitchell, Samuel Holmes, James Kierstede. Proved, October 9, 1727.
---2. 1728 Lecount, Peter, Richmond County, Staten Island, New York.In the name of God, Amen. February 6, 1728/9. I, PETER LECOUNT, of Richmond County, being very sick. My wife Anne is to keep and remain in full possession of my whole estate, lands, and movables, and to reap the benefit of the same, so long as she doth remain my widow. "But if she do marri again to an other man, she shall take her thirds according to Law." I leave to my daughters, Margaret and Mary, all my lands and tenements when of age, and 2/3 of the movable estate. Whereas it is likely now, that my dearly beloved wife is with child, if it be a son, it is to have an equal share of my lands and £50 more. But if a daughter, she is to have an equal share. I make my brother, John Le Count, and my brother-in-law, Nicholas Stillwell, and my wife, executors. Witnesses, Jacob Billow, Jaques Poillon, Abraham Cole. Proved, June 13, 1729.
---3. 1732 Poillon, James, Richmond County, Staten Island, New York. Page 39.--In the name of God, Amen, September 17, 1732. I, JAMES POILLON, of Richmond County, brewer, being very weak in body. "My will is that my dearly beloved wife Judith shall remain absolute mistress, and have the sole use and benefit of my estate so long as she remains my widow." I leave to my four sons, Peter, John, Abraham, and James, all my houses, lands, and tenements in Richmond County, except as hereafter stated. If either die, his share is to go to the rest. My four sons are to pay to my daughters, viz., Catharine, wife of David La Tourette, Elizabeth, Adriana, and Judith, £400, when of age. I leave to my son Peter a good riding horse. All the rest of my estate I leave to all my children, viz., John, Abraham, Peter, James, Mary, wife of Daniel Stillwell, Catharine, wife of David La Tourette, Elizabeth, Adriana, and Judith. My executors are to sell a certain house and lot in New York, which I have lately bought of Wessell Wessells; and also 20 acres of salt meadow lying at the Fresh Kill by Abraham Canon's point; and 40 acres of wood land lying back or at the rear of . . . [text lost here]
---4. 1734 Le Counte, Margaret, Richmond County, Staten Island, New York. Page 492.--In the name of God, Amen, September 19, 1734. I, MARGARET LE COUNTE, widow of Peter Le Counte, of Richmond County. I leave to my son John for his birth right, a certain half lot of land in Richmond County, lying between the land of John Cason, and the land of John Morgen; Also my old negro man "Pine," and my negro woman "Margaret." I direct that my son shall pay £3 yearly to the poor. I leave to my son John's daughter Frances, my little negro girl "Mary." I leave to my grand-daughter, Margaret Le Counte, a negro boy, and she is to pay to her sisters, Mary and Martha, £10 each when of age. I leave to my grand-daughters, Mary, wife of Samuel Stillwell, and Catharine, wife of David Latourette, and Esther, wife of Isaac Cole, each £10. I leave to my niece, Catharine Johndins (Jandins), widow, the use of £30, so long as she lives with my son John, and in case she goes to live elsewhere, she is to have the £30 paid to her. I leave to my daughter-in-law, now wife of Paul Michaud, a negro girl. I leave the rest of my movable estate to my son John, and my granddaughters Margaret, Mary, and Martha Le Counte. I appoint my son John and Adam Mott and Michelis Larrere, executors. Witnesses, John Marshall, Clinton Griffiths, M. Miller. Proved before Walter Dongan, Esq., May 13, 1736.
---5. 1743-44 LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION. After George Clinton became Governor in 1743, the practice was introduced of having Letters of Administration issued on printed blanks, and bound in volumes, and this has been continued to the present time. The following were issued in 1743-1744.--W. S. P.
Name of Intestate. -- To Whom Granted. -- Date.
Cornelia Crom (Orange County) -- Son Peter -- May 4, 1744
Edward Stillwell -- Nicholas Stillwell -- July 14, 1744
---6. 1747 Britton, Nathaniel, Staten Island, New York. Abstracts of Wills Vol IV 1744-1753, page 110: Page 78.--In the name of God, Amen. I, NATHANIEL BRITTON, of Staten Island, being in perfect health of body, "but now resolved, with God's assistance, to adventure on the present expedition against Kenede (Canada) now in the possession of the French." I leave to my wife Frances my house and lot in Richmond County, for the support of my family; Also 2 lots of land in Somerset County, in the Jerseys, and my negro wench and all movable estate, and I make her executor. Witnesses, James Egbertse, Benjamin Britton, John McCawl. Proved, February 24, 1746/7.
---7. 1756 Stillwell, Nicholas, Old Town, Richmond County, Staten Island, New York. Page 391.--In the name of God, Amen, February 6, 1756. I, NICHOLAS STILLWELL, of Old Town, in Richmond County, being sick. I leave to my wife Mary the use of all estate, real and personal, during her life, or while she remains my widow, And after her decease my estate to be divided as follows: To my son Nicholas £10, and all the rest to my children, Thomas, Nicholas, Mary, Catharine, Susanah, Ann, Frances, and Sarah. I make my wife Mary and my sons Thomas and Nicholas executors. Witnesses, Thomas Walton, Jacob Burger, Thomas Price. Proved in New York, before Goldsbrow Banyer, March 20, 1756.
---8. 1760 Stillwell, Nicholas, Gravesend, King's Co., Long Island, New York. Page 15.--In the name of God, Amen. This eight and twentieth day of October, 1760, I, NICHOLAS STILLWELL, of Gravesend, Kings County, being weak in Body, but of perfect mind and memory. I give to Altey, my beloved wife, an equal part of my real and personal estate with my sons and daughters; she to remain in full possession of all my estate while my widow. After her death or remarriage my estate shall be disposed of amongst my sons and daughters. Unto my son Richard £25, to be levied out of my estate before any division be made. The remainder to my four sons and three daughters, parts alike; all my lands, tenements, goods and chattels to my sons Richard, Jost, Nicholas, and Rutgart, and to my daughters Jannetey, Ida, and Catharine Stillwell. If any of my negroes or wenches should have a mind to be sold, it shall be in the discretion of my executors to dispose of them as they shall think fit. I make my loving wife Altie and my four sons, Richard, Jost, Nicholas, and Rutgart, and my brother, Richard Stillwell, executors. Witnesses, Jacobus Ryder, Johanis Gerritsen, and Barnardus Ryder, of Kings County, yeoman. Proved, May 21, 1782.
---9. 1796 Stilwell, Elias, New York. In the name of God, Amen. I, ELIAS STILWELL, of New York, cooper, being sick and weak. December 14, 1796. All debts to be paid. I leave to my wife Elizabeth all my estate during her widowhood, or till my children are of age. If she marries, my executors are to sell all, and the money to be paid to my wife and to my children, Elias and Anna. I make my friends, Burger Vandewater and Philip Ebert, and my wife, executors. Witnesses, Thomas Hazzard, Gilbert Van Stater. (No Probate.)
---10. 1797 Harrison, William, Residence unknown. In the name of God, Amen. I, WILLIAM HARRISON, of sound mind and in good health. I leave to Anne Stilwell £100. To my kinsman, Richard Asbridge, £100, to be paid to him in installments, at the discretion of my friend, Robert Fox. All the rest of my estate I leave to my friend, Robert Fox, for his own use and benefit. I make Jacob Mott and Mrs. Elizabeth Stilwell, executors. Dated May 7, 1797. Witnesses, John Ferrers, Daniel D. Reynolds. Codicil. September 13, 1798. Revokes the legacy left to Anne Stilwell, and leaves it to his kinsman, Richard Asbridge. (No residence mentioned. No Probate.)

Complete will that were excerpted above:
---1. 1699 will of Peter Biyon: 1699 Peter Biyon, Richmond County, Staten Island, New York. Volume I. New York Historical Society, Collections 1892 and 1893: Abstracts of Wills, Vol. I, covering 1665-1707, and Vol. II, covering 1708-1728. Liber 7--page 79.--Peter Biyon. "In the name of God, Amen. Be it known and manifest unto all to whom these presents may come, that I, Peter Biyon, of the County of Richmond." I leave to my wife Perize, 10 pounds, and also 15 pounds per annum for life, as agreed by an ante nuptual contract. I also leave her hte use of all household stuff. I leave to my eldest son, Isaac Biyon, 25 pounds for his birth right. I leave to the two children of my son Jacob, deceased, 50 pounds each, I having sufficiently done for their father in his life time. I leave to the four sons of my daughter Catherine, by her husband Richard Curtis, a certain tract of land adjoining to Daniel lake, in the County of Richmond, being 8 acres to be equally divided. I having paid a certain mortgage of 125 pounds to Paul Richards, which he had upon a certain piece of land belonging to Nicholas Largillier, deceased, the husband of my daughter Frances, who is since inter-married with John Morgan, which piece of land lyeth in Richmond County, whereby the title is devolved upon me. And whereas Nicholas, the son and heir of said Nicholas Largillier, is heir to his estate, whom I had specially provided for on the marriage of my daughter Frances, my said daughter is to enjoy the benefit of the same till the said Nicholas shall come of age, and he shall pay 125 pounds to the children of his mother, whether by his own father or of John Morgan. I leave the rest of my estate to my son, Isaac Biyon, and to the children of my daughter Maria, wife of Arent Prall, who is deceased, Martha, wife of Thomas Stillwell, Christence, wife of Abraham Marlet, Catherine, wife of Richard Curtis, and Frances, wife of John Morgan. Makes Abraham Gouverneur, Jacques Pouillon, and Jasper Nissepat, executors.Dated September 11, 1699. Witnesses, Nicholas Jamaine, Jacob Thibon. Proved in New York, Jan. 6 1702.
---2. 1713 will of Samuel Sands: 1713 Sands, Samuel, Hempstead, Queens County, Long Island, NewYork In the name of God, Amen. December 11, 1713. I, SAMUEL SANDS, of Cow Neck, in Hempsted, in Queens County, on Long Island, alias Nassau Island, yeoman, being very sick. I direct all debts to be paid. I leave to my daughter Sybell, wife of Jonathan Rogers, of New London, Connecticutt, one shilling, she having already received what I design for her. I leave to my daughter Margary, wife of Richard Stillwell, of New York, two bonds of Mr. Richbell Mott, of £30 each. Also a silver tankard, and £10, and £5 due to me from Stephen Johnson, of Staten Island. Also a cow the next spring after my decease. I leave to my third daughter, Anne, £100, and a Great Looking glass in the Great room, and all the small pictures around it, and two silver spoons marked S. M. and an S. at the top. And a silver tumbler marked S. S. and a bed with curtains and Valences, and 10 sheep and a cow, and she is to have her living on the farm I now live on, while she continues unmarried. I leave to my daughter Sarah, wife of Nathan Sellick, of Stanford, in New England, £35 in addition to her portion already received. I leave to my daughter Mary, £100, and a bed with curtains and Valences, and all other apurtenances, and two silver spoons and a silver tumbler, and marked S. M. and S. at the top. Also a Dutch wheel and an Indian boy, and she is to have her living on the farm. My land and stock on Block Island, and my land in New York, are to be sold to pay legacies, if there is any necessity for it. I leave to my dearly beloved wife Elizabeth, £40 per annum. If there is any dispute about the legacy left to my wife, I give her the use of 1/2 of all my estate for life. I leave to my son, Samuel Sands, all my lands and messuages, to him and his heirs. I make my wife and Mr. Richbell Mott, of Madnan's Neck, executors. Witnesses, William Walton, Joshua Cornell, John Chapill. Proved, "the 3d Frydy in September, 1706."

other -- put elsewhere: 1708 ABSTRACTS OF WILLS ON FILE IN THE SURROGATE'S OFFICE, CITY OF NEW YORK. Page 484.--Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Captain-General and Governor, etc. Whereas THOMAS STILLWELL, Sr., lately died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his wife Mary, April 10, 1708. Page 485.--Whereas NATHANIEL BRITTAIN, late of Richmond County, died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his wife, Mary Ducklan, April 10, 1708. Page 486.--Whereas WILLIAM BRITTAIN, of Richmond County, lately died intestate, Letters of administration are granted to his wife, Ann Whitman, April 10, 1708.