Bucks County, PA will Abstracts -- 1682-1825

This document summarizes all the references to the Britton, Craig, Dungan, Gibson and Stephens families. When the reference is not for testator, the above names are bolded for ease in reference. The entries are organized by date within name; if one will abstract mentions 2+ families, it will be repeated in each section for ease in reference. Testator names are bolded only to signify direct family ancestry. Note: the term "December'd" is thought to be a euphemistic term for deceased; it seems to be a local colloquialism, found only in the Philadelphia area, and only in these early records starting in about the mid-1700s; it is not found in any dictionary. Note: currency prior to the Revolution in 1776 was the British pound (£).


A.17. RALPH SMITH. 2nd mo., 9th day, 1685. Proved 3rd mo., 2nd day, 1686. After House is built, money remaining to sister Jane Lloyd and Susannah Pike of Shaules Town in New England. Sister Susannah, 193 acres back of Pennsbury called "Little Money Hill" with new House there on now to be built by Charles Brigham. Priscilla wife of John Rowland. 110 acres joining Robert Hall, Richard Lundy and Edmond Lovet, to be sold. James Harrison and James Atkinson, exrs. (letters granted to Harrison). Wit: John Martin, Richard Wilson, Jon. Clark. Appraisers Henry Baker, Lyonel Brittain.

2.64. Jacobus Vansandt, of Southampton Twp., Yeoman. December 12, 1744. Pr. January 9, 1745/6. Wife Rebecca. Sons, Nicholas (144 acres bought of Cornelius Egnrout), Jacob (150 acres on which I dwell), Garret and Isaiah, Grandson Charles Ingard. Daus. Rebecca and Elizabeth, (December'd.). Kinsman John Vansandt and Nathaniel Brittain, exrs. Wit: Daniel Bankson, Thos. Duff, Robert Vernon.

2.102. Garret Wynkoop, of Northampton Twp., Gent. October 26, 1741. Proved March 4, 1747. Sons Cornelius and Phillipus, exrs. Sons Garret and Nicolaus. Daus. Mary Van De Grift, Annetie Van Meeter. Grandchildren, Jeanette, Garret, and Andries Van Buskirk, children of dau. Jacomynbie, December'd. Land bought of George Burson "betwixt Theodurus Hall and son Philipus.." Wit: Nathaniel Brittain and Peter Blaker.

2.104. Joseph Stidman, of Plumstead Twp. 2nd mo., 5th day, 1748. Proved April 22, 1748. 25 acres for use of Poor of Twp. Cousin Jane Miller, wife of Wm. Miller and "The Rest of my Sister's children." Cousins Jacob and Joseph Thomas. £2 toward building Plumstead Mtg. House, besides £3 already subscribed. Residue toward building on and improving the 25 acres for use of Poor of Twp. John Brittain and Nathan Preston, exrs.

2.230. Margaret Johnson, of Bristol Twp., Widow. August 29, 1749. Proved September 9, 1751. Dau. Mary, wife of Edward Britten. Dau. Elizabeth, wife of Patrick Kelly. Grandchildren, Wm. Harry, Elizabeth and Mary Harry. Granddau. Margaret, wife of John Baldwin, Junr. Grandchildren, Jonathan, Jacob, and Phebe Hibbs. Mary and Lydia Johnson, Mary, dau. of John Johnson, granddau. Lydia Johnson, £50 in lieu of £50 devised to her mother Hannah by will of her father John Johnson. Grandson Thomas Lacey. Thomas Thacher, son of Nicholas. Residue to John Bessonett of Middletown and Nicholas Allen of Bristol Boroug., Shopkeeper, exrs in Trust for dau. Elizabeth, at her death to grandchildren, Jonathan, Jacob, and Phebe Hibbs. Wit: Thos. Bartholomew, Jos. Brelsford, Wm. Brelsford, and John Duncan.

2.275. William Chestnut, of Plumstead. October 19, 1754. Proved January 24, 1755. Wife Mary "good will of place I live on." Children, John, William, and Margaret. John Brittain and Thos. Moore, exrs. Wit: Wm. Ramsey and Joseph Stewart.

2.357. Patrick Poe, of Plumstead, Innholder. September 7, 1758. Proved February 9, 1759. Wife Abigail and son Edward, exrs. Children, Edward, Patrick, John, Sarah, Rich, Abigail Brittain, Martha and Ann Poe. Wit: William Jessup, Samuel Simson, John Russell.

3.9. John Sampell, of Bedminster, Weaver. December 1, 1759. Proved March 31, 1760. Wife Elizabeth and Joseph Brittain of Plumstead, exrs. Sons Samuel, William, Joseph, James, Nathaniel and John (last four minors). Daus. Jane Kelly and Ann, Hannah, and Martha (minors). Wit: Thos. Erwin, Henry Huddleston, Edward Murphy.

3.133. Samuel Jones, Senr., of Plumstead, Yeoman. October 28, 1765. Proved February 20, 1766. Wife Margaret and Son Samuel, exrs. Son John (a minor). Daus. Rachel Brittain and Dau. Mary. Grandson Samuel Brittain. Son Samuel. Wit: Edwd. Murphy, Alex. Metlan, Agnes Metlan.

3.183. Sarah Walker, of Middletown, Widow. July 31, 1768. Proved August 26, 1768. Son Joseph, dau. Sarah Thornton and son-in-law John Thornton, exrs. Sisters Elizabeth Noble and Grace Croasdale. Son George Walker. Dau. Grace Scott, Bond of £60 agt. son George with Mtge. on Lott in Attleborough which Robert Croasdale and Margery his wife conveyed to son George. Dau. Sarah, Bond £80 agt. her husband John Thornton, with Mtge. on Lot in Attleborough, which representatives of John Briggs conveyed to him. Dau. Margaret, wife of Samson Cary. Son Emanuel Walker. Granddau. Sarah Palmer. Wit: Gilbert Hicks, Sarah Brittain, Abrm. Brittain.

4.210. Philip Wood of Plumstead Twp., Yeoman. January 3, 1782. Proved June 11, 1782. "Great age and infirmities." Will confirmed June 11. Son Peter. Daus. Elizabeth Miller and Deborah ---. Gd.son William Miller eldest son of dau. Elizabeth. Benj. Fell and Wm. Mains, exrs. Caveat filed May 28, 1782. by Peter Wood. Wit: Joseph Britton, James Davis, Jesse Britton.

---BRITTIAN, John. Plumstead Twp. May 2, 1785. 4.388. 4.388. John Brittian of Plumstead Twp. yeoman. March 21, 1770. Proved May 2, 1785. Sons Nathaniel and Nathan exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William, Nathaniel, Nathan, Joseph and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth wife of Edward Morris, Anna wife of William Young, Hannah wife of Peter Cosner, Mary wife of James Lewis and Martha wife of Edward Poe. Lot adj. Peter Cosner and Robert Gibson. Wits: Joseph Michener and James Erwin.

5.104. Martha Baxter of Plumstead Twp., widow. August 18, 1787. Proved August 22, 1788. Joseph Brittain and William McCalla, exrs. Sons George and John Cook. Daus. Ann Howard, Mary Fetherby, Mary Comble. Gdsns. John Howard and William Cook. Gddaus. Martha Howard and Mary Dunn. Wits: Jesse Britton, Smith Price.

5.117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved August 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees.

5.129. Cornelius Vansant. Wrightstown Twp. February 8, 1788. Proved March 26, 1789. "Far advanced in years." Wife Mary. Nephew David Dungan and Joseph Carver exrs. Cornelius Brittain son of nephew Joseph Brittain. Cornelius Dungan, son of nephew David Dungan and Cornelius Carver, son of nephew Joseph Carver. Wits: Robert Ware, Hannah Lee, John Terry Junr.

5.195. John Thomas of Hilltown Twp., Minister. May 31, 1788. Codicil October 24, 1789. Proved November 15, 1790. Wife Sarah and gdsns. John Brittin and John Pugh, exrs. Daus. Ann, widow of Nathan Brittin December'd.; Rebecca wife of Daniel Pugh; Leah wife of Samuel Jones and Sarah wife of John Blackwell. Gdch. John Brittin, Samuel Jones. Thomas Rowland, son of Stephen. Mark Hardy. Land adj. Amos Thomas, Abraham Miller, Peter Boder, James Shannon. Thomas Morris. Thomas and John Biggle. Josiah Lunn. Wits: Benjamin Morris, Joseph Thomas, Thomas Jones Junr.

6.236. Jane Grier, widow. May 19, 1797. Proved January 15, 1800. Son Matthew Grier exr. Eldest son John Grier. Daus. Agnes wife of Cephas Child., Susanna wife of Joseph Greer, Mary wife of Josiah Ferguson. Wits: Benjamin Jones, Elizabeth Brittin, Thomas Jones Senr.


2.11. Godfrey Kirk, of Wrightstown, Mason. 8th mo., 8, 1740. Proved November 14, 1740. Wife Rachel. Bro. Isaac Kirk and Thos. Lancaster, exrs. Son Samuel, plantation at 21. Daus. Jane and Sarah Kirke. Wit: David Sphere, Janet Craig.

2.254. William Creighton, of Warrington Twp., Turner. August 16, 1746. Pr. June 17, 1747. Wife Agnes, plantation during life or widowhood for use of children. exrs. Richard Walker and John Gray of Warrington, Planters, Thomas Craig of Forks of Delaware, Esq., Richard Graham of Twp. of Rocky Hill and Joseph Armstrong of Bedminster Twp. Moveable to be sold to help clear the place and make a purchase thereof. Wit: John Gourley, Saml. Harper, Saml. Kennedy. Letters granted to Thos. Craig only on March 12, 1753.

2.150. John Gray, of Warrington Twp., Yeoman. April 5, 1749. Proved May 9, 1749. Wife Margaret. Bro. Richard Walker, Rev. Charles Beatty and Rev. --- Treat, exrs. Niece Sarah Craig living with her aunt, Margaret. Nephews David and Robert Graham. Niece Anna Graham. Children of Margaret Graham,December'd. - late wife of Robert Miller. John McKey, Senr., and John McKey, Junr., living at Tohikon. Ann McKey, living in Ireland. Cousin Henry Gray, living in Ireland. Second cousin John Gray, living in Ireland. Residue of personal estate and plantation to wife for life, then to be sold. £2 of Proceeds per annum to be paid for support of Ministry at New Pres. Mtg. House where Rev. Charles Beatty preaches. 1/2 of residue for use of said Beatty during his ministry at said church. 1/2 for use of Religious Students for the Ministry. When Beatty ceases to preach, whole profits for use of Students. Wit: Wm. McConnell, Jos. Weir, John Craig.

2.336. Robert Walker, Northampton. February 6, 1757. Proved June 6, 1758. Bro. Richard Walker, exr. Bro. John Walker and his eldest son William. Sis. Mary King. Sis. Christine McNaire and her eldest son Wm. McNaire. Charles Walker. £50 to Presbyterian Church in care of Rev. Richard Treat, Rev. Charles Beatty and Bro. Richard Walker. Wit: James Craig and John Stirling. Friends to join in placing tombstone over Father.

2.332. William Miller, Warwick Twp., Yeoman. February 2, 1754. Proved March 5, 1758. Wife Isabel. Children, William, son Robert, December'd.'s children, son Hugh. Dau. Margaret, wife of John Earle. Dau. Isabel Long. Dau. Mary, wife of James Curry. Grandson(?) John Miller. Archiband McLean of Horsham and John Earle of Warminster, exrs. Land heretofore granted to Presbyterian Congregation for Grave Yard confirmed to them forever. Other land to be sold. Wit: John Craig, Isabel Craig, Andrew Long. Letters granted to John Earle. McLean renouncing. Note: A later will dated February 3, 1756 is on file at Register's Office against which the eldest son William Miller, Junr. filed a caveat February 24, 1758 although he was one of the witnesses. It was "adjudged void both the witnesses being legatees and not qualified to move it.." It is substantially the same, however, as the one proved other than it names the children of deceased son Robert, as follows: William, eldest, Isabel Wallace, Hugh and Robert. The gd.son John Miller mentioned above is named as "nephew" in the later one, and is a witness to the will. The exrs. of the later will were John Earle, Wm. Long, and Francis McHenry.

3.72. John Steward, of Warwick, Yeoman. January 13, 1761. Proved November 11, 1761. Sister Margaret Brumfield, Charles Steward, and Wm. Scott, exrs. Sister Hannah Baird and her dau. Hannah Baird. Sis.s Mary Jamison, Jane Brumfield, and Margaret Brumfield. Jane Craig, dau. of Henry Jamison. Henry Davis, son of Tristam. John Scott, son of William. Wit: John McFarren, Edward Poole, and Robert Scott.

3.120. David Spear, of Northampton Twp., Yeoman. July 7, 1761. Proved March 13, 1765. Wife Elizabeth and Son David, exrs. "Ancient Mother-in-law Janet Craig." Son David all Lands 200 acres. Son John. Dau. Jane Burley. Daus. Elizabeth and Mary. Debt due Evan Jones. Horse I have of Alexander McMasters. John Wilkinson and Thomas Chapman, Overseers. Wit: Jos. Smith, Ralph Smith, Tho. Chapman.

3.142. Henry Jamison, Senr., of Warwick Twp. April 18, 1765. Proved April 4, 1766. Wife Mary, and Son Alexander, exrs. Son Robert, Plantation. Son John (£100). Son William. Daus. Isabel Davis. Jean Craig. Ann Darroch, Margaret Scott, and Mary Jamison. Wit: Robert Jamison, Daniel Aston.

---CRAIG, Daniel. Warrington Twp. April 22, 1777. 3.417. 3.417. Daniel Craig, of Warrington Twp., Yeoman. July 6, 1775. Proved April 22, 1777. "Far advanced in years" Wife Margaret. sons Thomas (Exr.), John and William, his children, Mary, Sarah, Hugh, and Daniel. Daus. Margaret, wife of James Barckley; Sarah, wife of John Barnhill; Jane, wife of Samuel Barnhill; Mary Lewis and Rebecca, wife of Hugh Stephenson. Plantation in Tenure of Wm. Robinson, Junr. to son Thomas. Bro-in-law Richard Walker and son Thomas, exrs. Wit: Thos. Lusk (Scrivener), Wm. Dean and John Rickey, certify that they guided testators hand in making mark he having been blind for many years. Letters granted to Thomas.

4.262. Margaret Gray, of Warrington, Widow. April 5, 1782. Proved March 13, 1783. Bros. Son, Thomas Craig, exr. All Est. to Margaret wife of James Barclay. Wit: Wm. Walker, Daniel Craig, Alexander Nelans.

4.451. John Roberts of Warwick Twp. December 19, 1775. Proved July 9, 1784. Son John exr. Son Jonathan. Daus. Lydia Livezey and Elizabeth Hibbs. Wits: John Craig, Samuel Roberts, William Walker.

4.410. Thomas Richey, Gentleman of Warrington, yeoman. September 1, 1785. Proved 9-14- 1785. Sons John and William Craig exrs. Sons, John, Thomas, David and William. Daus. Martha wife of Abraham Hollas, Ann Richey and Agnes wife of son David. Wits: David Thompson and Robert Thompson.

5.11. William Miller of Warminster, yeoman. February 8, 1786. Proved February 26, 1787. "Far advanced in years." Son Henry and Robert Loller exrs. Sons Henry and Robert. Daus. Mary, Jane wife of Adam Carr and Martha. Gdch. John and Daniel Craig and Isabel Knox, William and Ann Carr. Chas. Enyard, John Kerr.

5.291. James Bartley of Warrington Twp. February 12, 1792. Proved February 24, 1792. Wife Margaret. Sons John and Hugh exrs. Son John of Springfield Twp. Son James of Warwick Twp. Sons Hugh and Richard. Daus. Mary Barr of Kentuckey, Sarah Hufty of Springfield, gdch. Margaret Hufty. James Barr and James Barclay son of John. Bond of Daniel Roymer. Wits: Thomas Craig, James McGuown(?).

5.347. James Fulton of New Britain, yeoman. August 5, 1793. Proved September 18, 1793. Wife Mary and David Evans, exrs. Sons John and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth, Anna and Ann Fulton. Wits: Ashbel Jones, James Craig, Vallentine Toman.

6.278. Henry Tomlinson, Bensalem Twp. "Far advanced in years." 9 mo.-10-1796. Proved May 12, 1800. Wife Jemima and son Jesse and Joshua Comly exrs. Daus. Sarah and Jemima. Land that was Bro. Thomas's, bought of Thomas Jenks and William Craig. Do. bought of Lawrence Growdon. Bond against John Townsend. Land adj. Thomas Walmsley and Harman Titus. Wits: Silas Walmsley, William Walmsley, Jesse Walmsley.

6.502. William Simpson, Horsham Twp., Montgomery Co., Schoolmaster. August 24, 1803. Proved October 27, 1803. Bro.-in-law Benjamin Hugh exr. Bro. John Simpson. Sisters Anne Smith wife of Jonathan Smith and Hannah Hough. Wist: Thomas Craig, William McEwen.

7.41. George Jacobs, Warrington Twp., Labourer. December 12, 1804. Proved December 19, 1804. Joshua Paul exr. and sole legatee. Wits: Thomas Craig, Samuel Polk.

7.254. Joseph Erwin, Bucks Co. December 2, 1803. Proved March 2, 1807. Bros. William and Hugh exrs. Will made "During my illness in Phila. in the winter of 1803." Maj. Gen. Thomas Craig, Mr. John Bohlen, Benjamin R. Morgan, William Moore Smith Esq. and Dr. C. Wistar (?), $50. each. Dr. William McGill $200. Dr. Hugh Scott of Pittsburgh $200. Anna Price, my housekeeper $80. (signed) (November 5, 1804. Much valued Friend Pressly Nevile $50.) (Above entered on margin). Friend James Chapman $50 and Proud's Hist. of Penna. Sister Sarah wife of John Mulhallon £60 a year for life, should she survive her husband. (Note on margin under date of November 5, 1804, makes annuity for life unconditional). Bro. Hugh Erwin Bond of £1000 he owes, Plantation where I reside bought of Edward Pennington, Housewarts exrs. et al and Stock &c. for life, also Land on River bank in Nockamixon Twp. In default of issue to Bro. William Erwin (signed). Last mentioned land in tenure of Belteshazer Smith. Bro. William 416 acres in tenure of Thomas Silverthorn and William Thompson, and woodland (222 acres) in tenure of Dinnis O'Daniel and Jacob Garey, Bro. William "part of eleven tracts at Tioga Point in County of Luzerne, part of Estate of my late Father Arthur Erwin Esq. Also 80 acres in Plumstead, also rights in two Townships of Land in Steuben Co., N.Y. known by name of "Cannaster Towns" conveyed by Nathaniel Gorham and Oliver Phillips to Arthur Erwin, Joel Thomas, Uriah Stevens and Solomon Bennet, containing 23,040 acres each. To Bro. William "My books worth about $800." Note on margin dated January 1806, "Thomas McBurney, Esq. of Steuben Co., N.Y. $600 for assistance in securing property there." Gold watch and seals which were my late Uncle Hugh Scott's, to Nephew Scott E. Erwin. (Note on margin dated November 5, 1804.) Wits: John Wilson, Benjamin Evans, Lewis A. Prevost. Evidently declared and witnessed at later date as declaration in presence of wits. includes Marginal additions.

7.287. Elizabeth Jones, New Britain, Widow. April 24, 1807. Proved October 13, 1807. Son Ashbel Jones exr. and Guardian of Gdsn. Benjamin Fulton. Dau. Mary wife of Isaac Worthington. Gddau. Elizabeth Craig wife of James Craig; her dau. Mary Craig. Gddaus. Anna wife of Enoch Mathias and Ann wife of John Richards. Gdsns. John and Benjamin Fulton, Ashbel and Abel Mathias (by dau. Anna Mathias December'd.), Abner, Thomas, Asbel [sic] and John Jones (by son Ashbel Jones). Gddaus. Elizabeth, Catharine and Mary Jones by said son Ashbel. Wits: Jacob Sleiffer, David Evans.

8.205. Robert Jamison, "Upper Side of Warwick Twp., yeoman. September 29, 1807. Proved October 3, 1811. Wife Hannah. Sons John and James exrs. "Sons Robert and William sons-in-law Daniel Craig and James Means, already provided for". All estate to sons John and James, paying wife annuity &c. Wits: John Kerr, Andrew Long, William Lee.

---CRAIG, Thomas. Warrington Twp. May 8, 1813. 8.333. 8.333. Thomas Craig, Warrington Twp., yeoman. "Far advanced in years." February 29, 1812. Proved May 8, 1813. William C. Rogers of Bucks Co. and Hiram McNeal of Mungomery [sic] Co. exrs. Son Daniel Craig and his son Thomas. Daus. Mary Reed and Margaret Miller. Gdsns. Thomas Craig Reed and Thomas Craig Miller. Son-in-law William Miller. Wits: John Sorver and Benjamin Hough.

9.212. Hannah Jamison, "(widow of Robert)", Warwick Twp. April 14, 1815. Proved November 8, 1817. Son James Jamison exr. Sons Robert and William Jamison and dau. Jane wife of Daniel Craig. Wits: Robert Jamison and John Kerr.


---DUNGAN, Thomas. Cold Spring. 11th mo., 24th day, 1687. A.36. A.36. THOMAS DUNGAN, of Cold Spring, County of Bucks. 12th mo., 3rd day, 1686. Proved 11th mo., 24th day, 1687. Wife Elizabeth, sole extx. 3 sons, Thomas, Jeremiah, and John. Daus. Elizabeth West, Mary, Rebecka, and Sarah Dungan. Sons William and Clement. Wit: Arthur Cooke, John Cook, Wm. Dungan. Appraisal made 12th mo., 4th day, 1687 by Edmond Lovet and Abraham Cox.

---DUNGAN, William. County of Bucks. December 16, 1713. 1.1. 1.1. WILLIAM DUNGAN of County of Bucks, Yeoman. August 21, 1711. Proved December 16, 1713. Wife Deborah, extx. Sons, Thomas, William and Jeremiah. Daus. Deborah and Elizabeth Dungan. Wit: John Smith, Ester Clay, Rebecka Smith. Signed Willm. Dungan.

---DUNGAN, Clement, Senr. Northampton. September 25, 1732. 1.175. 1.175. CLEMENT DUNGAN, of Northampton, Senr. August 26, 1732. Proved September 25, 1732. Brother Jeremiah, sole exr. All lands. Thomas Dungan of Warminster. Nephew Wm. Dungan to pay Judey McCarty £6 due me. James Carrell to pay Bro. Thomas Dungan £3 and £3 to our new meeting house and be quit of debt he owes. Edward Doial to pay Jeremiah Dungan's youngest dau., Mary. Wit: David Drake, George Dungan, Daniel Brock, Jenkin Jones of Phila. and Joseph Earton of North Wales. Bond due from John Hart.

2.54. Nicholas Hellens, of Newtown, Yeoman. July 19, 1745. Proved August 6, 1745. Wife Elizabeth and son Robert, exr. Sons Simon, John, and Richard. Daus. Elizabeth Griffith, Mary Dungan, Sarah Shaw, Martha Doyle, and Patience Vanhorne. Wit: Jos. Thornton, Wm. Ashburn, Robert Heaton.

2.85. Garret Vansandt, of Wrightstown, Yeoman. November 12, 1746. Proved May 1, 1747. Wife Clauchey and sons Garret and Cornelius, exrs. Daus. Rachel Dungan, Sarah Sacit, and Rebekah Vansant. Land formerly Peter Johnson's including part of Town Square. Wit: Abrm. Chapman, John Lacey, John Johnson.

---DUNGAN, Thomas. Warminster. February 3, 1759. 2.356. 2.356. Thomas Dungan, Warminster, Yeoman. December 1, 1758. Proved February 3, 1759. Wife Esther. Son Thomas and son-in-law Silas Yerkes, exrs. Son Abel, house where he dwells and 40 acres. Sons David, Enoch, and Benjamin. Daus. Hannah Yerkes, Elizabeth and Sarah Dungan. Wit: Samuel Griffith, Garret Vanbuskirk, and John Hart.

---DUNGAN, Thomas. Northampton. July 4, 1759. 2.365. 2.365. Thomas Dungan, Northampton, Yeoman. February 9, 1758. Proved July 4, 1759. Son John, exr. Plantation of 200 acres where he lives. Sons Thomas, Joseph, and James. Samuel, Jacob, and Jonathan, sons of son Jonathan, December'd. Daus. Elizabeth Hellings, Mary Barton, and Sarah Stephens. Wit: Nath. Dorland, Jacob Carrell, Jemima Colton, John Hart.

3.18. Sarah Fitrey of Northampton Twp. September 16, 1759. Proved May 29, 1760. Husband Nicholas Fitrey, Lands, etc. during life, then to grandson James Carril, dau. Lidy Tomkins, 3 youngest daus. Cousin John Hellings. John Dungan, exr. Wit: Peter Vanhorn, Benjamin Vanhorn.

3.194. John Kevill of Bristol Twp., Yeoman. August 24, 1764. Proved July 4, 1769. Plantation where I live to be sold, proceeds to Kinsmen and Kinswomen Thomas, John, Alexander, James, Kevill, Rachel, and Mary Rickey, Catharine Hutchinson, and Ann Kirkbride, children of Alexander and Ann Rickey. Kinsman Kairl Rickey, Plantation adj. Wm. Bidgood, Thos. Stanaland, John Brown and John Pemberton. Bro. Joseph Kevill's children. Sister Mary Dungan's children. Sister Catharine Wilmerton. Kinsmen Kairl Rickey and Mahlon Kirkbride, exrs. Wit: Anthony Wright, Aaron Wright, Martha Wright.

3.157. David Morgan of New Britain Twp., Yeoman. July 2, 1760. Proved November 20, 1766. Wife Catharine, formerly Catharine James, payments set forth in Ante nuptial contract dated March 17, 1742/3. only child Martha Dungan, and her son David Dungan. Son-in-law Wm. Dungan, exr. Wit: Wm. Davis, Elizabeth Sole, Benj. Griffith.

3.213. John Porter, of Northampton Twp., "Road Maker." July 8, 1770. Pr. July 23, 1770. Grandson Robert Porter and James Dungan, exrs. Son Thomas, 5 shillings. Grandchildren, Robert, John, and Margaret Porter residue of est. Jacob Myers "with whom I live" £3. Wit: Jacob Myers, Garret Dungan, James Dungan.

---DUNGAN, William. Warminster Twp. June 6, 1771. 3.230. 3.230. William Dungan, of Warminster Twp., Yeoman. April 11, 1770. Proved June 6, 1771. Wife Catharine. Son-in-law Isaac Hill and Thomas Barton, exrs. Son Nathan, 7 acres 140 P. bought of John Crawford, where I live. Son John, Plantation where he lives. Sons William, Joseph, Jeremiah, and Joshua. Daus. Mary Shaw, Ann Stephens, and Elizabeth Hill. Granddau. Rachel Eaton. Wit: Joseph Barton, James Evans, David Evans.

3.441. Rachel Hamilton, of Warwick Twp., Widow. July 9, 1777. Proved August 2, 1777. Bro. James Smith's daus. Mary Atchison and Elizabeth Scott, his 3 sons John, James, and David. Jean Smith, dau. of sister Margaret. Friends Jane Williams. Ann Flack. Ann Swelzer. Mary McKinstry. Martha Dungan. Mary and Benjamin Snotgrass. Robert Kirkbride and Benj. Snotgrass, exrs. Wit: Jacob Antre, Ludwick Sweizer.

5.217. Job Noble of Warminster Twp., Blacksmith. December 19, 1773. Proved May 12, 1775. Wife Rachel. Samuel Shoemaker and Jacob Tompkins exrs. Daus. Rebecca Gilbert and Hannah Moland wife of William Moland. Land adj. Jacob Rush, Clement Dungan, Isaac Hough, Jacob Fry and Harman Yerkers. Wits: Jacob Rush, Barnard Vanduren, Samuel Gourley.

4.68. Abiah Butler, of New Britain, Yeoman. February 23, 1778. Proved March 14, 1780. Wife Elizabeth and Friend Amos Griffith, exrs. Bro. Benjamin and his daus. Rebecca and Mary Butler. Sister Margaret, wife of Nathan Mathews, now living in Virginia. Elie Mathews and 3 other children of Nathan. £10 to Baptist Church at New Britain. John James, Jr. and Benjamin Mathews, Yeomen of New Britain, Guardians of minor legatees. Wit: Henry Harrie, Wm. Dungan, George Congle.

3.456. Joseph Barton of New Britain Twp., Yeoman. June 17, 1777. Proved August 19, 1778. Wife Elizabeth, money and effects she had before our marriage. Son Job Barton, exr. Daus. Hannah, Mary Stuart, Susannah Evans, Ann Weaver, and Amey Barton. 3 grandchildren, Mary and Rebecca daus. of dau. Elizabeth Ewers and Joseph Gorely. Wit: John Dungan, Wm. Dungan, David Evans.

4.137. John Cummings of Northampton Twp., Yeoman. January 15, 1776. Proved October 11, 1781. Son James and Friend Yayne Edams, exrs. Children of son James, viz. James, Margaret, and Jane. Son Hugh and his dau. Jane. Son John. Son Robert and his dau. Jeane. Dau. Grizel and her children, Alexander, William, Jean, and Catharine Lindsay. Dau. Ann. Margaret. Agnes, Jean. Granddaus Margret and Agnes Marshal, Jean Whitford and Jean Johnston. Granddau Elizabeth Colman's child Jean. Land adj. David Dungan and Christian Kiser. Wit: Hugh Edams, John Rankin.

---DUNGAN, Clement. Northampton Twp. September 11, 1781. 4.126. 4.126. Clement Dungan of Northampton Twp. March 8, 1780. Proved September 11, 1781. Wife Eleanor. Sons Jaremy, James and Elias, exrs. Granddaus. Ann, dau. of Ann and Elizabeth Dungan. Wit: Hugh Edams and Sarah Crossley.

4.192. Robert Magill, of Warwick Twp., Yeoman. September 6, 1781. Codicil April 5, 1782. Proved April 20, 1782. Wife Martha. Son William. Bros. Henry, James, and William. Sis. Letitia and Margaret Magill. Niece Jane Magill, dau. of Bro. William. exrs. Benj. Snodgrass and William Dungan and Guard.s of Son William. Wit: John Crawford, David Evans. To Codicil Jesse Fell and David Evans.

4.287. Benjamin Jones of Northampton Twp., Yeoman. May 22, 1783. Proved 6-18- 1783. Wife Kuertie, son Benjamin, and Dau. Catharine Jones, exrs. Sons Benjamin, Lawrence and Joshua. Daus. Catharine, Mary and Mercy. Wit: Gilliam Cornell, David Dungan, John Kroesen.

---DUNGAN, Thomas. Warwick. March 6, 1784. 4.320. 4.320. Thomas Dungan of Warwick, Yeoman. October 19, 1781. Proved March 6, 1784. Sons Joseph and John, exrs. Son Jonathan. Daus. Deborah Stevens and Lucretia Rundle. Granddau. Mary Johnston. Grandson Thomas Stevens. Wit: Thos. Dungan, Isaac Stevens.

4.457. Joseph Thomas of New Britain Twp, yeoman. June 17, 1784. Proved September 3, 1784. "Aged and weak" wife Elizabeth and son Owen exrs. Getur Evans of Montgomery and Benjamin Thomas Trustees. Sons Thomas, James, Joseph, David and Owen. Daus. Mary Lewis, Johannah Jones, Ann Dungan, Elizabeth Morris. Gddau. Sarah Gelen. Wits: David Loufbounon, Benjamin Thomas.

---DUNGAN, Joseph. Warwick. September 15, 1785. 4.408. 4.408. Joseph Dungan of Warwick, yeoman. June 16, 1783. Proved September 15, 1785. Son Joshua exr. Wife Mary. Sons Thomas and Joshua. Daus. Sarah wife of Benjamin Courson and Hannah wife of Benjamin Marpole. Wits: Mary Yerkes, Harman Yerkes, Jos. Hart.

---DUNGAN, Jeremiah. Northampton. September 3, 1785. 4.413. 4.413. Jeremiah Dungan of Northampton, yeoman. July 29, 1785. Proved September 3, 1785. Sons Thomas and Solomon exrs. Daus. Susanna Van Pelt, Mary, Elizabeth and Martha Dungan. Sons Jeremiah, Thomas, Solomon and Amos. Gdsn. Gilbert son of dau. Mary Dugan. Gdch. Thomas and Mary Vanada. Wits: David Dungan, Hugh Edams, Gayen Edams.

5.14. Elizabeth Thomas of New Britain, yeoman. May 6, 1785. Proved February 26, 1787. Son Owen Thomas exr. Dau. Elizabeth Morris. Sons Owen, David and Joseph Thomas. Ann Dungan. Wits: Peter Evans, Benjamin Thomas. "Son Joseph absent."

---DUNGAN, James. Northampton Twp. October 4, 1788. 5.108. 5.108. James Dungan of Northampton Twp. September 22, 1788. Proved October 4, 1788. Wife Sarah. Bro. Elias and Friend Samuel Erwin of Moreland exr. Son Samuel and dau. Jane Dungan. "Goods that were their December'd. mothers." Their gdfather Samuel John December'd. Wife's sister Phebe Dungan. Niece Elizabeth Dungan, dau. of Bro. Clement December'd. Bros. Jeremiah and Elias. Wits: Garret Dungan, Joshua Dungan, Hugh Edams.

5.129. Cornelius Vansant. Wrightstown Twp. February 8, 1788. Proved March 26, 1789. "Far advanced in years." Wife Mary. Nephew David Dungan and Joseph Carver exrs. Cornelius Brittain son of nephew Joseph Brittain. Cornelius Dungan, son of nephew David Dungan and Cornelius Carver, son of nephew Joseph Carver. Wits: Robert Ware, Hannah Lee, John Terry Junr.

---DUNGAN, Elenor. Northampton Twp. January 15, 1790. 5.157. 5.157. Elenor Dungan of Northampton Twp. December 31, 1785. Proved January 15, 1790. Sons Jeremiah, James and Elias exrs. Husband Clement Dungan December'd. Grddaus. Ann Marpole and Elizabeth Dungan. Gddau. Jean Dungan dau. of son James. Wits: Hugh Edams and Abraham Black.

---DUNGAN, David, Jr. Northampton Twp. May 9, 1792. 5.299. 5.299. David Dungan Jr. of Northampton Twp. May 5, 1792. Proved May 9, 1792. Wife ---. Son David and Bro. Garret Dungan exrs. Son Garret, "Dish marked with his grfather Nevel's name." Son David "his gdfather David Dungan." Sons Cornelius, Mahlon and Levi. Dau. Mary Dungan. Son Joseph. Peter Hoks. £7, 10 s. "by his gdfather David Dungan's orders." Father. Wits: Benjamin Eastburn, David Dungan, Hugh Edams.

5.329. Catharine Clemens, widow of John of Buckingham. August 22, 1787. April 29, 1793. George Kern and Deborah his wife of New Britain exrs. Margaret Fry, Elizabeth Shuler, Catharine Breneman dau. of Henry Breneman. Catharine Kern dau. of George. George Marklee. Wits: Hugh Meredith, William Stephens, Joseph Dungan.

6.81. Joseph Sackett, Wrightstown Twp., yeoman, "far advanced in age." October 21, 1793. Codicil November 1, 1794. Proved March 27, 1798. Wife Sarah. Son Joseph, son-in-law Simon Bennitt and son-in-law Joshua Dungan, son of Joseph, exrs. Sons Simon and Joseph. Daus., Clauche, Rachel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Rebecca. Gddau. Mary Kinsey, "Goods lent to Dau. Patience, and in possession of her father John Kinsey." Land purchased of Joseph Wilkinson and John Watson. Do. adj. Garret Vansant and Samuel Kirk. Wits: Isaac Chapman, Thomas Chapman, Sarah Chapman.

5.430. Daniel Church, Upper Makefield Twp., Taylor. February 22, 1795. Proved March 20, 1795. Mother, estate bequeathed by my gdfather Joseph Church; "Own Bros." and sisters. Bro. John Church; Charles Reeder. Thomas Story and William Lownes exrs. Wits: John Dungan, Josiah Yerkes, David Reeder.

5.466. Benjamin Carrel, Northampton Twp. October 11, 1795. Proved November 14, 1796. Bro. Jacob Carel exr. Friend [sic] Benjamin Carel. Wits: Thomas Dungan, Joseph Dungan, Hugh Edams. 6.30. Ezra Evans, Hilltown Twp., Farmer. December 22, 1796. Proved May 30, 1797. Wife Mary and Jeakin Evans and Joseph Dungan, exrs. 6 ch., Eleanor, Rachel, Joel, Robert, Givenna, and Ezra. Niece Elizabeth dau. of Bro. Nathan Evans. Wits: Thomas Memminger, Charles Humphrey, David Thomas.

---DUNGAN, John. Northampton Twp. April 16, 1798. 6.84. 6.84. John Dungan, Northampton Twp. March 26, 1798. Proved April 16, 1798. Wife Mary and Bro. Benjamin Dungan exrs. Sons Uriah and Jonathan. Daus. Ester and Elizabeth Dungan. Wits: John Bennitt, John Corson.

6.426. Mary Mearns, Warwick Twp., single woman. October 10, 1801. December 4, 1802. Robert Mearns and William Mearns exrs. Sister Mary Thompson. Niece Mary Christy, dau. of niece Mary Williams. Nephew Dr. William Smith. Nephews Robert and William Mearns, sons of bro. Hugh Mearns. Father Robert Mearns December'd. Wits: William Ramsey, Sarah Dungan.

6.487. Margaret Dumont, Northampton Twp., "advanced in years." March 9, 1801. Proved September 16, 1803. Sons Gilliam Cornell and John Cornell exrs. Son Abraham Cornell. Daus. Phebe wife of Cornelius Cornell, Cornelia wife of William Bennett, and Mary Cornell. Wits: Elias Dungan, Elizabeth Dungan, Rachel Dungan.

6.504. Samuel Harrold, Buckingham Twp. 5 mo.-6-1803. Proved November 10, 1803. Wife Rachel. Jonathan Fell, John Ely and son David Harrold exrs. Sons William, David, James, Samuel, Joseph and John (removed to Niagara). Daus. Elizabeth wife of James Dungan and Rebecca wife of Joseph Gillingham. Samuel, David, Henry, James and Elizabeth Carver, ch. of dau. Sarah Carver December'd. Gdch. Samuel Harrold son of Joseph, Samuel Harrold son of William. William Harrold son of John, Samuel Harrold Dungan son of James and Elizabeth and Elizabeth Harrold, dau. of Samuel and Hannah Harrold. Benjamin Warner, Jesse Ely, David Bradshaw and John Watson (Farmer), Guardians. Land purchased of Jonathan Pickering and Thomas Gilbert in Buckingham. Do. in Lycoming Co. purchased of John Heap, in partnership with Joseph and Samuel Carpenter. Do. in Harrison and Randolph Co., Va. purchased of Christian Wireman and Joseph Pryor. Note of James Rice. Haertshorne and Large, and John Field, Merchants of Phila. Wits: John Melone, John Watson, John Watson Jr.

---DUNGAN, Elias. Northampton Twp. February 27, 1804. 6.557. 6.557. Elias Dungan, Northampton Twp. November 23, 1802. Proved February 27, 1804. Wife ---, son James Exr. Daus. Ellen Lefferts, Ann Wilkinson, Rachel Dungan and Rebecca Shelmire. Wits: Cornelius Cornell, John Thompson, Thomas M. Thompson. Land adj. Garret Dungan and Robert Thompson.

7.8. Derick Kroesen, Northampton Twp., Shoemaker. May 6, 1804. Proved May 28, 1804. Thomas Dungan and Bro.-in--law James Cantley exrs. Sister Hester Cantley. Wits: Jesse Dungan, Sarah Dugnan.

7.20. Abraham Cornell, Northampton Twp. August 7, 1804. Proved September 28, 1804. Wife Agnes. Bro.-in-law William Bennett and John McNair Esq. exrs. Sons Gilliam and Abraham Cornell. Daus. Margaret, Cornelia and Maria Cornell. Land adj. John Cornell. Wits: Thomas Folwell, Joseph Dungan, Joshua Jones.

7.33. Derrick Kroesen, Northampton Twp., yeoman. February 18, 1789. Proved November 2, 1804. Sons Jacob and Derrick exrs. Sons Jacob, Derrick, John, Isaac and Nicholas. Daus. Elizabeth Corson and Margaret Black. Farm bought of Solomon Dungan. Wits: Gawn Edams, Hugh Edams, Samuel Henderson, Carswell Gardener.

7.43. Robert Comfort, Upper Makefield Twp. December 6, 1804. Proved December 27, 1804. Wife Ellenor and Abraham Buckman and Benjamin Carrel exrs. Daus. Mary Church, Sarah Dungan, Phebe Harden, Ellenor Buckman, Rachel Harden, Hannah Comfort and Marcey Carrel. Wits: John Keith, John Tomlinson, John Atkison.

---DUNGAN, David. Northampton Twp. February 25, 1805. 7.51. 7.51. David Dungan, Northampton Twp., yeoman. May 24, 1804. Proved February 25, 1805. Wife Mary. Son Garret and Friend Joshua Dungan Sr. exrs. Daus. Elizabeth Fisher and Mary Bennett. Gddaus. Rachel Richardson, Mary Dungan and Rachel Osmond. Male heirs of December'd. son David Dungan. Land adj. Robert Thompson and Jacob Kroesen. Wits: George Cummings, Thomas Dungan.

7.258. Benjamin Stephens, New Britain Twp., yeoman. Dated June 18, 1803. Proved March 10, 1807. Sons David and John exrs. Ch. viz: Thomas, Isaac and the ch. of my son Joseph December'd., David, Robert, John, Mary (the wife of Jonathan Doyle) and Elizabeth (the wife of Isaac Hull). Wits: Jeremiah Dungan, Robert Shewell.

---DUNGAN, Mary. Northampton Twp. August 15, 1808. 7.354. 7.354. Mary Dungan, Northampton Twp. May 23, 1807.Proved August 15, 1808. Lot Bennett, son of my sister Ann Bennett, exr. Garret Dungan, son of my late husband, David Dungan. Wits: Jacob Thomas, John Corson.

---DUNGAN, Jeremiah. Northampton Twp. November 15, 1809. 8.84. 8.84. Jeremiah Dungan, Northampton Twp., "Far advanced in years." December 8, 1808. Proved November 15, 1809. Son Joshua and sons-in-law Abel Marple, Edward Dyer and Cornelius Dungan exrs. Son Joshua Plantation on which I dwell; paying £500 to my daus. Elizabeth Dyer, Elenor Marple, Mary Kirk and Nancy Dungan. Gddau. Nancy Cummings 5 acre lot where her father lately lived and proceeds of Goods I gave her mother, son-in-law Edward Dyer to be her guardian during minority. Wearing apparel to son-in-law Cornelius Dungan. Wits: Garret Dungan, Cornelius Cornell.

---DUNGAN, Joseph. Northampton Twp. March 17, 1810. 8.117. 8.117. Joseph Dungan, Northampton Twp., "advanced in years." Dated May 16, 1809. Proved March 17, 1810. Bro. Jesse Dungan and Nephew Daniel Dungan exrs. Sister-in-law Deborah Dungan. Mahlon and Lewis Dungan and Elizabeth Ryneal, ch. of December'd. bro. John Dungan. James, Daniel and Sarah Dungan, ch. of December'd. bro. Thomas Dungan; Nephew Isaac Dungan. Wits: Benjamin Corson, John Corson, John Corson Jr.

---DUNGAN, Jeremiah. New Britain Twp. June 1, 1811. 8.192. 8.192. Jeremiah Dungan, New Britain Twp. August 5, 1809. Proved June 1, 1811. By Court of Common Pleas. Son Jeremiah Dungan Jr. exr. Dau. Martha Monro. Wits: Abel Maris, Robert Shewell.

8.210. Daniel Hunt, Northampton Twp. November 1, 1811. Proved November 13, 1811. Wife Meribah and James Dungan exrs. Wife 3/4 of Estate, son John 1/4. Wits: Thomas Story, Thomas Briggs.

8.258. Anthony Wyker, Tinicum. April 11, 1812. Proved May 7, 1812. Bros. George and Abraham Wyker exrs. Mother Susanna Wyker. December'd. father Nicholas Wyker. Bros. Henry, George and Abraham. Wits: Jesse Dungan, George Kealer.

8.275. John Kroesen, Northampton Twp. November 1, 1806. Codicil August 14, 1809. Proved June 29, 1812. Wife Jean. Son Garret and son-in-law James Craven exrs. Ch. Garret, David, Derick, John, Margaret, Areyantye, Sarah and Elizabeth. Sons-in-law Thomas Dungan and James Craven. Land adj. Nathan Beans and Garret Vanartsdalen. Elizabeth Vansant, dau. of dau. Elizabeth. Wits: Elizabeth Beans, Evan Beans, Joseph Hart.

8.286. Phebe Campbell, Northampton Twp. February 10, 1812. Proved July 30, 1812. Bro.-in-law Garret Dungan exr. Ch. Elizabeth, Tacey, Nancy, Sarah and Joseph Campbell. Wits: Joshua Dungan Junr. and Cornelius Cornell

---DUNGAN, Sarah. Northampton Twp. June 4, 1813. 8.341. 8.341. Sarah Dungan, Northampton Twp. April 25, 1807. June 4, 1813. Step-son Dr. Samuel Dungan and William Folwell exrs. Sister Catrin Roughcorn. Step-dau. Jane Folwell. Sarah Folwell dau. of William Folwell. "Elizabeth near my sisters dau. Phebey Dungan." Wits: Joshua Dungan, Sarah Hart and James Dungan.

8.343. Isaac Carrell, Northampton Twp., Carpenter. May 21, 1813. Proved July 30, 1813. Bro. Joseph Carrell exr. Bro Jesse and Sister Elizabeth Carrell all estate, Real and Personal Estate in "Township of Ovid, County of Siniky, New York." Wits: Daniel Dungan and John Corson.

8.374. William Rankin, Warminster Twp., yeoman. March 11, 1809. Proved December 11, 1813. Wife Mary and John Harvey Jr. of Warminster exrs. Bro. John. Nephew Jonathan Knight and his son Charles wearing apparel. Plantation devised by father James Rankin to wife for life, then it with all other estate to Trustees of General Asembly [sic] of Pres. Church of U.S. Wits: Cornelius Carrell and Amos Dungan.

---DUNGAN, Sarah. Northampton Twp. August 31, 1814. 8.421. 8.421. Sarah Dungan, Northampton Twp. June 6, 1814. Proved August 31, 1814. John McNair Esq. and Bro. Daniel Dungan exrs. Mother. Bros. James,Isaac and Daniel Dungan. Cousins William, Deborah and Mary Done. Aunt Mary Done. Wits: John McNair and Samuel Young.

9.113. John M. Thomas, Warwick Twp. April 9, 1816. Proved April 17, 1816. Matthias Morris Esq. exr. Tombstones to be erected at Baptist Church of Montgomery, to the memory of "My Father Owen, my mother Susan and my two bros., Joseph and Azahel." $15.00 to said church and $1000 to new Britain Baptist Church, interest to be at the disposal of Dr. Silas Hough, (Pastor) and his wife during their lives, not to be considered as Salary. Charles Dungan $2500, he to immediately execute will disposing of same in default of issue. Wits: John Pugh and Samuel Moore.

9.308. John Addis, Northampton Twp., yeoman, "Advanced in years." July 3, 1816. Proved November 5, 1818. John Corson Esq. and James Dungan, son of Elias, exrs. Wife Mary. Ch. Phebe Dungan, Elizabeth Levenster, Miles, Martha, Nancy, Rebecca and Joseph Addis. Land adj. Enoch Addis and George Edwards. Wits: Benjamin Corson and Benjamin Corson Junr.

9.196. Jacob Carrel, Northampton Twp., yeoman. February 23, 1814. Proved September 2, 1817. Sons Jesse and Joseph exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons James, Joseph, Jesse and Benjamin. Daus. Mary Bennett, Sarah Banes and Elizabeth Carrel. Wits: John McNair and Daniel Dungan.

9.336. Joshua Wright, Bristol Twp. September 22, 1818. Proved March 24, 1819. Sons James and Henry Mitchell Wright exrs. Wife Sarah use of house where I now live on Hibbs Farm &c. Son James, Middletown Farm. Son Joshua, Hibbs Farm. Daus. Ann wife of Daniel Bailey, Mary Titus, Louisa Headly, Elizabeth Cabeen and Charlotte Dungan. Israel and Matilda Wright, ch. of dau. Harriet Wright, December'd. Wits: Abraham Warner and John Phillips.

9.346. Martha Scott, late of City of Phila., now of Northampton Twp. April 14, 1818. Proved August 2, 1819. Kinsman James Buckman exr. Nephew John Briggs, now or late of Maryland. Nephew Josiah Briggs, now or late of N.J. Abbot Chapman of Newtown Twp. Ellen Dungan, dau. of Joshua Dungan. Martha Briggs, dau. of Nephew Josiah Briggs. Wits: Joshua Dungan Junr., Sackett Dungan, Thomas Dungan.

---DUNGAN, Garret. Northampton Twp. March 27, 1820. 9.392. 9.392. Garret Dungan, Northampton Twp., yeoman. August 1, 1819. Proved March 27, 1820. Friends Joshua Dungan and Isaac Chapman exrs. Wife Tacey Dungan use of plantation for life, then to be sold. Dau. Elizabeth Swan $40. Residue in five shares: 1 to ch. of son David December'd. (first deducting £20 to be paid to heirs of Eleazer Doan, December'd., money said Eleazer stood bound for to David when he left Penna.); 1 share to dau. Rachel Kimble; 1 to dau. Charity Pearcy; 1 to be invested for use of dau. Elizabeth Swan for life, then to her ch.; 1 to Townsend Campbell, son of Tacey Foster, December'd. when he is 21. Wits: Cornelius Cornell, John Cornell and John Hart. (Gdsn. Abner Ross.)

10.42. Benjamin Mathew, New Britain Twp., yeoman. September 4, 1821. Proved October 16, 1821. Sons Benjamin and Joseph exrs. Wife Rachel. Daus. Ann Hough, Rachel Morris, Mary McEwen, Dinah Mathias, Margaret Swarts and Lydia. Gdch. Charles Dungan, Burges, Oliver and John Morris, Elizabeth and Dinah Swarts. Wits: Joseph Mathew Junr., Simon Mathew.

---DUNGAN, Jesse. Northampton Twp. May 6, 1823. 10.173. 10.173. Jesse Dungan, Northampton Twp., "Advanced in years." May 9, 1814. Codicil dated June 12, 1820. Proved May 6, 1823. Nephew Daniel Dungan and Samuel Young and wife Sarah exrs. Wife Plantation for life, then to Samuel Young. Isaac Dungan son of bro. Thomas December'd. and his son Jesse Dungan. Robert Parsons son of William Parsons. Elizabeth Caffee, dau. of Garret Krewsen. Christiana Dungan and Isaac Dungan ch. of nephew James Dungan. Isaac and Daniel Dungan ch. of bro. Thomas, December'd. Wits: John Corson Junr. and John Corson. Codicil: John Corson Esq. and John Hart, Shopkeeper exrs. Wits: James Evans and Richard Clayton.

---DUNGAN, David. Doylestown Twp. September 6, 1823. 10.200. 10.200. David Dungan, Doylestown Twp. October 1, 1821. Proved September 6, 1823. Jacob Myers of Byberry exr. Bro. John Dungan 20 s. residue to Martha Dungan dau. of Thomas Dugan late of Byberry, December'd. Wits: Jonathan Doyle and Thomas Stephens.

10.246. Derick Kruson, Northampton Twp., yeoman. December 19, 1823. Proved January 17, 1824. Sons Charles and James and son-in-law Garret Carver exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Ch. Charles, James, Elizabeth, Charity and Jane. 2 daus. of dau. Mary Cornell, December'd. Wits: Jacob Kruson, Thomas Dungan and Garret Vanartsdale.


1.217. THOMAS BUCKMAN, of Newtown. 5th mo., July 1734. Proved September 12, 1734. Wife Agnes and Abraham Chapman, exrs. Son Thomas and daus. Rebecca and Agnes and child unborn. Wit: Mary Gibson, Esther Buckman, David Buckman.

2.56. Robert Smith, of Buckingham. 5 mo 15th day, 1745. Proved September 26, 1745. Wife Phoebe. Sons Thomas (eldest), Timothy, Robert, John, Joseph, Benjamin, Samuel, and Jonathan. Thomas and Timothy, exrs. Land, late Launcelot Gibson's, adj. Eleazer Doan. Wit: Wm. Blackfan, Jeffrey Burgess, Thomas Ross.

2.218. John Laycock of Wrightstown, Yeoman, Dated, August 20, 1750. Proved September 12, 1750. Wife Mary and Dau. Mary, sole legatees. Dau. Mary and son-in-law John Trago, exrs. Wit: John Gibson, Jos. Johnson, Rachel Johnson.

2.293. Henry Cherry, of Newtown. May 11, 1756. Proved June 22, 1756. Wife Martha, sole exrs. Bro. James, Overseer. Sons John and Charles. Daus. Sarah and Ruth. Wit: Jos. Gibson, Saml. Smith.

3.95. Thomas Stradling of Newtown. June 7, 1761. Proved March 9, 1764. Wife Lydia. Children, Daniel and Joseph (exrs.), Elizabeth, Rebecca, Lydia, and Sarah. Children of deceased son Thomas. Son Joseph, plantation in Newtown between Timothy Smith and Barnard Taylor. Wit: Barnard Taylor, Mary Taylor, John Gibson.

4.388. John Brittian of Plumstead Twp. yeoman. March 21, 1770. Proved May 2, 1785. Sons Nathaniel and Nathan exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William, Nathaniel, Nathan, Joseph and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth wife of Edward Morris, Anna wife of William Young, Hannah wife of Peter Cosner, Mary wife of James Lewis and Martha wife of Edward Poe. Lot adj. Peter Cosner and Robert Gibson. Wits: Joseph Michener and James Erwin.

---GIBSON, Robert. Plumstead Twp. August 22, 1788. 5.117.0- 5.117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved August 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees.

8.300. Mathias Sandham, New Britain Twp., yeoman. November 9, 1811. Proved August 13, 1812. Mother Rebecca Sandham and Thomas Morris exrs. Sister Anna wife of Barton Stewart. Wits: James Evans, John Gibson and David Evans.

8.446. Eve Kepler, Plumstead Twp. June 4, 1814. Proved December 26, 1814. Ch. Elizabeth Luse, John Kepler and Jacob Kepler. Wits: George Rice and Robert Gibson. Sons John and Jacob Kepler exrs.


1.220. THOMAS KIMBER, of Sassafrass Neck, Md. December 10, 1734. Proved February 12, 1734/5. Brother-in-law Walter Shewell, exr. Nephews Joseph and Thomas Barton, Elizabeth Kimber dau. of Bro. John. Elizabeth and Catharine Kimber daus. of James Kimber. Nephew John Stephens. Wit: Abraham Richards, Sr., Robert Smith, Daniel Griffith.

2.124. James Evans, of Buckingham Twp. September 14, 1747. Codicil October 9, 1747. Proved December 21, 1748. Wife Elizabeth. Sons Wm. Davis, Junr. and Evan Stephens, Junr., exrs. Daus. Mary Davis, Sobilla Stephens, Margaret Hough, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah and Rachel Evans. Grandson Benjamin Hough. £5 to Overseers of Buckingham Mtg. towards building stone grave yard. Wit: William George, George Hughes.

2.101. James Pool, of New Britain Twp. worsted comber. Dated March 19, 1747/8. Proved March 29, 1748. Wife Catharine, extx. 40 acres in Warwick bought of John Thompson (not survd.). Sons Edward and John (minors). Daus. Matilda, Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah. John William and David Morgan of New Britain, Trustees. Wit: David Stephens, Wm. Davids, Jonathan Mason.

2.280. Simon Mathews, New Britain Twp., Yeoman. December 28, 1751. Proved July 9, 1755. "Aged and sickly" Sons John (20 shillings), Simon (£10), Benjamin (20 shillings), Edward 1/2 part of Grist Mills, Bolting Mill and Dwelling House on Mill Lot, (in equal partnership with Simon Butler, Esq.). Grandchildren, John, Rachel, Jane, and Margaret, children of Simon Morgan. Dau. Margaret Thomas (20 shillings), Simon Butler Jr. (£5) in Trust for use of Baptist Congregation at New Meeting House in New Britain. Son Thomas, residue of estate and exr. Wit: James Lewis, John Young, Elizabeth Stephens.

2.320. Joseph Wells, of Warrington Twp., Yeoman. October 10, 1757. Proved November 7, 1757. Wife Mary. 34 acres where Richard Stephens lives, for life, Eldest son Samuel, sons Jacob, Thomas. Children of son Samuel, viz. Joseph, Junr, Henry, and Mary Wells. Dau. Thamer Thomas and her 4 children, viz., Ann, Joseph, Susanna, and Benjamin. Dau. Susannah Wells. Granddau. Rachel Van Winkle (silver snuff box marked "A R." Grandson John Vanwinkle, granddau. Rebecca Wells and her sisters. Legacy due me by right of my 1st wife Ann under will of Father-in-law Richard Pugh. Also Legacy in land which Thomas Meredith holds to his sons, Samuel and Jacob. 80 acres I live on to be sold. David Stephens, Junr. and Isaac Evans, exrs. Griffith Owen and William Davis, Senr., Trustees. Wit: Wm. Davis, Junr., Evan Stephens, Junr., and Thomas Batton.

2.365. Thomas Dungan, Northampton, Yeoman. February 9, 1758. Proved July 4, 1759. Son John, exr. Plantation of 200 acres where he lives. Sons Thomas, Joseph, and James. Samuel, Jacob, and Jonathan, sons of son Jonathan, December'd. Daus. Elizabeth Hellings, Mary Barton, and Sarah Stephens. Wit: Nath. Dorland, Jacob Carrell, Jemima Colton, John Hart.

3.168. William George, of Buckingham, Yeoman. January 25, 1765. Proved July 24, 1767. Sons Philip (1 shilling if demanded). Son Thomas. Daus. Jane Kerrel, Martha Hylyard, Ann West, and Susanna Heyferlin. Granddau.s. Martha George and Anne Hyly. Baptist congregation at New Britain £5 John Mathews Trustee thereof. Sons- in-law John West and Cornelius Hylyard, exrs. David Stephens, Trustee. Wit: Simon Mathew, John Boyd, David Evans.

3.230. William Dungan, of Warminster Twp., Yeoman. April 11, 1770. Proved June 6, 1771. Wife Catharine. Son-in-law Isaac Hill and Thomas Barton, exrs. Son Nathan, 7 acres 140 P. bought of John Crawford, where I live. Son John, Plantation where he lives. Sons William, Joseph, Jeremiah, and Joshua. Daus. Mary Shaw, Ann Stephens, and Elizabeth Hill. Granddau. Rachel Eaton. Wit: Joseph Barton, James Evans, David Evans.

3.283. James Evans, of New Britain, Yeoman. September 3, 1772. Proved October 20, 1772. Wife Margaret and Bro. David Evans, exrs. Bro. Daniel Evans, Eldest son Isaac and Brother David's Eldest son James. £6 to John Mathew, and David Stephens, Deacons of New Britain Baptist Church, for support of minister at said Church. Wit: Thos. Jones, Thos. Jones, Junr., Richard Riale. Letters to Margaret.

4.1. David John of New Britain Twp., Joiner. August 1, 1771. Proved August 26, 1778. "Friend" Amos Griffith, exr. Nephew Benjamin John. Nephew William Thomas. Baptist Church of New Britain. Residue of personal estate, present Deacons of sd. Church, viz. John Mathew and David Stephen. Plantation to Amos Griffith. Wit: William Stephens, Evan Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens.

3.341. Eleanor Kelly of Hilltown, Widow. September 18, 1773. Proved October 20, 1773. David Stephens of New Britain and Thos. Jones of Hilltown, exrs. Son Erasmus Kelly. Gdsons John Kelly and Rachel his wife and Erasmus Kelly. Granddaus. Catharine, Sidney, Mary, Hannah, Eleanor, and Rachel Kelly and Eleanor Thompson. Eleanor Thompson, dau. of sd. Eleanor. Niece Sidney George, Schoolmistress. Grandson Benjamin Kelly, Mathew Grier, of Plumstead, Trustee. Land adj. Abraham Kratts and Abraham Dursten. Wit: Edwd. Jones, Abrm. Krats, and Barbara Krats.

3.395. James Meredith, of Warwick. February 3, 1774. Proved February 16, 1775. "Well stricken in years" son John, Plantation in New Britain. Son Simon, Tract he lives on in Warwick, bought of Joseph Wells. Son Thomas (Tract he lives on). Grandchildren, James, Joseph, John and Elizabeth Meredith, children of son Simon. Grandchildren, John and Mary, children of son Thomas. Son Hugh and his dau. Elizabeth. Plantation in Lower Merion to be sold. Son Thomas, exr. Wit: David Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens, and Joseph Hair

5.329. Catharine Clemens, widow of John of Buckingham. August 22, 1787. April 29, 1793. George Kern and Deborah his wife of New Britain exrs. Margaret Fry, Elizabeth Shuler, Catharine Breneman dau. of Henry Breneman. Catharine Kern dau. of George. George Marklee. Wits: Hugh Meredith, William Stephens, Joseph Dungan.

---STEPHENS, Benjamin. New Britain Twp. March 10, 1807. 7.258. 7.258. Benjamin Stephens, New Britain Twp., yeoman. Dated June 18, 1803. Proved March 10, 1807. Sons David and John exrs. Ch. viz: Thomas, Isaac and the ch. of my son Joseph December'd., David, Robert, John, Mary (the wife of Jonathan Doyle) and Elizabeth (the wife of Isaac Hull). Wits: Jeremiah Dungan, Robert Shewell.

8.346. Jane Vanartsdalen, Southampton Twp., widow. August 20, 1808. Proved August 14, 1813. Sons-in-law John Kroeson [Karveson?] and Garret Stephens exrs. Daus. Ann Stephens, J. Kroeson and Margaret Wilard. Gddau. Jane Stephens. Wits: Christopher Vanarsdalen [sic], Phebe Vanarsdalen [sic].

---STEVENS, Abraham. Northampton Twp. December 2, 1817. 9.219. 9.219. Abraham Stevens, Northampton Twp. September 18, 1817. Proved December 2, 1817. Wife Maria and son-in-law John Roads exrs. Sons Daniel and Benjamin. Daus. Eicie Roads, Sarah, Elizabeth and Maria Stevens. Wits: Jacob Engle, Abraham Hogeland and Derrick K. Hogeland.
[NOTE: this is Stevens; perhaps not the Stephens family.]

9.338. David Johnson, Warwick Twp., yeoman. December 28, 1814. Proved March 26, 1819. Nephew David Johnson and Friend Thomas Stephens exrs. Wife Elizabeth, nephew David Johnson, now res. in New Britain Twp. Plantation, 139 Acres if Warwick. Ground Rents in Phila. to wife for life, then to ch. of Bro. Robert Johnson December'd. Wife's bro's. son Joseph Pool. Elizabeth wife of Thomas Lovett. Elizabeth wife of Paul Brummer, David son of Thomas Stephens, John Hough of Houghville, Overseer. Wits: William Dennison, Juliann Maria Chapman and James Chapman.

---STEPHENS, William. Doylestown Twp. April 28, 1820. 9.400. 9.400. William Stephens, Doylestown Twp. April 15, 1820. Proved April 28, 1820. Sons Thomas and Jesse Stephens exrs. Wife Sarah. Sons Thomas and Jesse 120 Acres whereon I live. Daus. Ann wife of Mason Kindle, Issabella wife of Simon Mathews, Mary wife of William Thomas and three ch. of Dau. Effe Kearn, December'd. Wits: William Hair, Jonathan Doyle and William Watts.

10.117. Elizabeth Johnson, Doylestown Twp., widow. August 21, 1822. Proved October 23, 1822. Friends and Relatives David Johnson and Joseph Pool of Doylestown, exrs. Husband's nieces, Jane Peterson and Ann W. Clemens, Thomas Stephens, his wife Mary and ch. Mary Ann Stephens and William. Mary Ann, Matilda and Aaron, ch. of James Pool, December'd. Elizabeth Pool who now lives with me. Susanna wife of David Johnson. Elizabeth wife of Paul Brooner (?). Martha Metlin. Nathan Cornell. Elizabeth wife of Samuel James. John Cornell. 4 daus. of George Seigfried. Mary wife of Abel Lewis. Elizabeth wife of Thomas Lovett. Martha Clymer. Abraham Myers to continue to pay interest on Bond, not to be sued or distressed. Wits: Sophia P. Rogers and John Pugh.

10.200. David Dungan, Doylestown Twp. October 1, 1821. Proved September 6, 1823. Jacob Myers of Byberry exr. Bro. John Dungan 20 s. residue to Martha Dungan dau. of Thomas Dugan late of Byberry, December'd. Wits: Jonathan Doyle and Thomas Stephens.

10.225. Elcie Hogeland, Southampton Twp., "advanced in years." February 23, 1815. Proved October 13, 1823. Daus. Elcie Vansant and Mary Stephens exrs. Son Derick Hogeland. Gdch. John Wynkoop Hogeland, Alcie Hogeland and Elcie Roads. Wits: Charity Corson and John Corson.

Pennsylvania Marriages prior to 1790:
B anc C not available online
1770, Oct 24, Dungan, Ann and George Vanada
1764 Oct 17, Dungan, Benjamin and Esther Cetman
1773, July 21, Dungan, Clement, and Sarah Bond
1762, Feb 1, Dungan, Daniel and Martha Lockley
1769 Nov 23, Dungan, Elizabeth and Benjamin Comley
1760, Nov 15, Dungan, Enoch and Elizabeth Hufty
1761, M'ch 2, Dungan, Garret and Sophia Bennet
1773, Nov 12, Dungan, Hannah and Benjamin Marple
1774 June 6, Dungan James and Catharine Jones
1762 Nov 24, Dungan Jeremiah and Mary Witton
1744, May --, Dungan John
1771, Dec 14, Dungan, John and Phebe Corbett
1772, Dec 8, Dungan Johnathan and Agnes Kelton
1764, Sep 5, Dungan, Joseph and Elizabeth Carrol
1773, Apr 3, Dungan Joshua and Sarah Cwley
1764 Feb 1, Dungan. Levy and Mary Davis
1775, Dec 30, Dungan, Nathan and Jane Couly
1761, Oct 17, Dungan, Sarah and Benjamin Fisher
1768, Sep 16, Dungin, Lucretia and Richard Rundle
1775, Jan 11, Gibson, Elizabeth, and Samuel Armstrong
1764, Dec. 25, Gibson, James and Isabella Sergeant
1762, Feb 16, Gibson, John and Sarah McGraugh
1774, July 14, Gibson, Robert and Mary Britton
1763, July 18, Gibson, Sarah and Isaac Hart
1762 Aug. 31, Gibson, Thomas and Elizabeth Williams
1762, Sep. 4, Gibson, William and Ruth Johnson
1774, June 4 Griffith, Jane and Evan Stephens
S not available online.

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