Ancestors of Sarah Craig, who married John VanDolah

Sarah Craig, born May 7, 1767 in PA; died October 14, 1860 in Fayette County, OH
married circa 1786 to John VanDolah in Fayette County, PA
1790 -- PA, Fayette County, Bullskin twp
1800 -- PA, Fayette County, Washington twp
1810 -- OH? no census in Ohio; not in PA -- moved circa 1807
1820-1860 -- OH, Fayette County, Madison twp
First child born 8/26/1787; last (13th) child born 4/8/1810; widowed 1814.
Curiously, son James said he was of German heritage, but John is known to have been Dutch, and Sarah was Scotch-Irish. German is thought to be a mistake (it was in a 1902 letter by Brittania Bray VanDolah; perhaps she was confused when she knew he was Dutch from Pennsylvania and thought he was therefore Pennsylvania Dutch). I had originally thought that this statement meant Sarah's lineage must be German, but think it is more likely that Brittania was referring to James' father's lineage anyway, and the derivation of the name VanDolah, and so it would have no impact on Sarah's lineage.
The Craig-Stephens ancestry following below is thought to be a match, but is not confirmed.

The earliest documentation we have on Sarah Craig VanDolah is her 1790 census data (at age 23), where she is living in Bullskin twp, Fayette cty, PA, unnamed, but as the wife of John VanDolah (and note her step-grandfather John Stephens Sr on the same page, and other Stephens/Stevens relatives). On the 1850 and 1860 census she states she was born in PA. Since she died prior to the 1870 census, there is no documentation if her parents were native-born or foreign-born. Her maiden name was Craig; although genealogist William Perry Hay (1871-1947), in collaboration with his second-cousin Minnie Moon Mace (1874-1959), had initially been unsure in his notes, in the final book he published ("Howsmon Genealogy" he stated that John Vandolah's wife's name was Sarah Craig (spelled also Crego, Cregg, Crega) and that Sarah's mother's maiden name may have been Hogg (entry circa 1940). Besides cemetery and court records, William Perry Hay interviewed all the family members he could find in 1900-1947, traveled to Pancoastburg, OH to view Sarah's tombstone in 1937 and interviewed the oldtimers in Pancoastburg at that time. Minnie Moon Mace lived in IL near most of Sarah Craig's descendants, and in particular, near three of Sarah's children who died in McLean IL in 1868-1884 -- Elizabeth Stretch, James and Nancy Ogden, who would personally have remembered Sarah's stories and related them to their children and grandchildren. The surname being Craig is confirmed in Boston Transcript: Query printed 17 Jan 1912, #2399-5. "Jesse Stretch ... his mother's name was Blatchford. Jesse Stretch married Betsey Van Dolah, whose mother's name was Craig ..." A third confirmation comes from Jon Pirtle in 1994, a descendant of Nancy VanDolah Ogden, who confirmed "Cragg" (or Cragge or Craig) from a family Bible. Finally a Craig-VanDolah connection is also insinuated by a John Craig of Guernsey county, OH naming a son Vandola Craig in 1849 (see below). Sarah's birthdate and deathdate are confirmed from her tombstone -- she died 1860 and her tombstone states she was 93, confirming a birthyear of 1767, also consistent with her census data (she states she is 93 in 1860).
---In 1790 there are 5 Craigs in Fayette, PA: James Craig in Tyrone (1-1-2), John Craig in Union (0-1-0), John Craig in Washington (3-1-3), Thomas Craig in Tyrone (0-1-1) and Thomas in Union (0-2-3)
---In 1790 there is only one Hogg in Fayette, PA: John Hogg, Senior in Manallen (3-1-2). There is also a John Hage in Manallen (6-1-2).

In 2010 I stumbled across entries by genealogist Chris Hankins which assert that Sarah's parents were John Craig and Rebecca Stephens as follows. This page reviews the information available to discuss whether this is more than just a possibility. I do not believe there have been any records that confirm Sarah as the daughter of John Craig; it is inferred through examination of all the records. While I believe this relationship is correct, I believe Sarah's mother's maiden name was Hogg, and that Rebecca Stephens was a step-mother.

Parents - maybe

John Craig and Unknown Hogg? - stepmother Rebecca Stephens
John Craig was born circa 1740s in Ireland; Rebecca Stephens was born circa 1750 in PA (born in Bucks county but her family moved to Fayette county circa 1773). John died in the 1790s in Fayette county, PA before the 1800 census (no will found); she died in West Alexander, Washington County, PA after 1810 (no will found). They were married on Jan 16, 1769 in Philadelphia (see book reference below, bolded), which is 2 years after Sarah Craig was born. Therefore I believe Sarah was a product of a first marriage for John Craig, and that her mother's maiden name maybe was Hogg as mentioned by William Perry Hay, based on information supplied by his second-cousin, Sarah's great-great-granddaughter Minnie Moon Mace in the 1930s/1940s. Based on Craig appearing to be a Scottish name (and a first wife being Hogg, a Scottish name), it is assumed that John Craig was a "Scotch-Irish." Furthermore, it is guessed that Sarah's mother's given name may have been Elizabeth, based almost entirely on the fact that Sarah named her first-born daughter Elizabeth (see below).
1790 census - John Craig - Washington twp, Fayette county, PA (3-1-3) -- but there is a second John Craig (single man) in Fayette, and there are two John Craig families in Bucks county, PA, but our John Craig definitely lived in Fayette in 1790. This appears to indicate that since Sarah was already married, John and Rebecca likely had five children: three sons and two daughters.
1800 census - Rebecka Craig - Washington twp, Fayette county, PA -- 1 boy under 10, 1 boy 10-15, 2 boys 16-25, 1 girl under 10, 2 girls 10-15, 1 woman over 45. Note that if these are all Rebecka's children, she had two born in the 1790s, and therefore a birthyear of ~1750 seems reasonable. (There is one John Craig family in Fayette, in Menallen, with 1 male 16-25, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 45+)
1810 census - Rebecca Craig in Finley (Donegall) twp, Washington county, PA -- 1 boy under 10, 1 boy 16-25, 1 man 26-44, 1 female 26-44, 1 female 45+ -- Sarah appears to be living with one of her married children, one grandchild, and maybe one unmarried child of her own. She is not found with her own listing in 1820; it is assumed she died in the 1810s or perhaps is enumerated in a household of a son or son-in-law.
This seems to indicate that there were several more Craig children in the family than what has so far been identified (just Sarah and John on RootsWeb), and would explain the 13 year gap between Sarah and John:
1. Sarah Craig, it is thought that our Sarah Craig belongs in this tree, born 1767 in PA, presumably in Fayette county, but perhaps in Bucks. Without a will for John Craig, or even an estate court document, the link must be inferred and therefore so far it is not documentably verified. It is unknown if Sarah had any full-siblings in addition to the following half-siblings.
2. Rachel Craig, married Robert Humphrey of West Alexander, Donegal twp. Washington Co., PA. -- (can't find on census data -- perhaps Robert Humphrey dies young -- see note from Neva Johnstun below) -- 1+ child, Jane Humphrey. It is assumed that Neva Johnstun had reason to state that Rachel Craig's parents were John Craig and Rebecca Stephens rather than Roland Craig and Rachel Stephens, and that this Rachel is a cousin to the Rachel Craig, assumed-to-be-only child of Rachel and Roland Craig, mentioned in her grandfather's 1803 will.
3. (maybe) Roland Craig. The only Roland Craig found on the 1800 census (in all of America) is in Brownsville, Fayette, PA and has 1 male 16-25 and 1 female 16-25; it would appear that John and Rebecca had a son Roland, born ~1775-1780 who is recently married with no children as of 1800. This would appear to be a match to the Roland Craig who married Susanna Unknown, and died on Aug 24, 1824 in Cadiz, Harrison county, OH. One daughter, Rebecca.
4.-7. two more unknown daughters and two unknown sons -- the 1790 census indicates five children, and the 1800 two more.
8. John Craig, ~1780 PA-9/30/1864, married 1-Ellen and 2-Eleanor (~1788 PA-1850s PA) ~1807 in Donegal, Washington county, PA. Tavern-keeper on National Pike, 2 miles east of West Alexander, and farmer on the 1850 census. (Note: several genealogists specify John's birthplace as Bucks county, but I think this is in error -- I think this was an assumption since the Stephens were from Bucks, and married in Philadelphia, but the Stephens family had moved to Fayette by 1773; therefore I think John Craig Jr was born in Fayette.) (online Source cited: William Wayne Stephens 624 West University, Suite 174, Denton,Texas 76201, USA) (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860) -- 10 children:

1. Rebecca Craig
2. Jane Craig, b. ~1812-1814
3. William Craig
4. John Craig, b. ~1817
5. Eleanor Craig, b. ~1821
6. Mary Craig
7. Samuel Craig, b. ~1825
8. James Craig, b. 5/25/1825 Donegal twp, Washington county, PA, 3 miles SE of West Alexander. married Elizabeth Dickey on 12/4/1851 -- 9 children.
9. Roland Craig, b. ~1828 in Donegal twp, Washington county, PA. Married Rachel Slater -- 3 children.
10. Margaret Craig, b. ~1832
In "Historical Collections of Harrison County" it mentions that John Craig came in 1803 from Donegal twp, Washington county, PA to Green twp -- also William Hogg in 1804 from Fayette county, PA.

Note: There is a John Craig family on the 1850 census (page 1, 2) in OH, Guernsey County, Washington twp, that lists John, 45 (born ~1805 PA) (merchant), Mary, 41 (born ~1809 OH), Susannah 19, Saml 18 (merchant), Roland 16, Mary R. 14, George A. 12, John S. 10, Robt F. 8, Wm S. 6, Martha H 3, Vandola 0 (4/12, male). And in 1860 (page 1, 2) there is one more daughter, Sarah, but John Sr is deceased.
With children named Roland and Vandola, this John Craig is cleary a relative, perhaps nephew, of Sarah Craig VanDolah -- perhaps the son of Roland, but apparently not of John due to his birthyear. Guernsey county is about 40 miles from where Sarah Craig lived in 1850 in Washington county. There should be more research of the Craigs in Ohio. Vandola Craig was an attorney, never married, and lived and died in Guernsey some time after 1900. Vandolah's father John moved from PA to OH sometime between 1806 and 1829; he does not live in Guernsey county in 1830, but he cannot be positively identified on the 1830 census as there are 15 John Craig possibilities in OH, and furthermore, he could even be newly-married and living with his parents and not individually enumerated.

Sources: one of the online sites mentioned the first book. The Library of Congress website also mentions a second book that might be of interest (both available for purchase at Family Genealogies), but curiously, neither seem to be applicable to our Craig branch:
---THE CRAIG FAMILY OF PENNSYLVANIA, self published (300 copies) in 1921 by William Montgomery Clemens. Lib. Cong. #CS71.c8855, John Craig and Rebecca Stevens 16 Jan. 1769 Phila. 12 pages -- this is surely the book I found transcribed below, and it has no link to this family other than the marriage record mentioned in a list of all Craig marriages in PA. Other than the listing of all Craig marriages and census data, the book details genealogy about a Scottish Craig family.
---The Craig Family; genealogical and historical notes about the Craigs of America, Fayette county, Ohio, United States and Canada. By Winchell McKendree Craig. Minn, 1956. 149 pages. CS71.C8855. I also found this online, and it also seems to have no information on our John Craig family, a disappointment since Sarah Craig Vandolah moved to Fayette county, OH.. To: Hi Donna, I checked my Will Index and there is no listing for a Rebecca CRAIG and none for the HOGG name. Patty,

The above genealogy is a summary of results found online, but they do have some differences, particularly with dates and places, and I have some serious issues with these. The only original documents referenced were the Stephens wills (especially the 1806 will for John Stephens, included below) and the Craig-Stephens 1769 marriage record mentioned above in the "Craig Family of Pennsylvania" book. Most online genealogies list both Rebecca and John as being born ~1750. Several list that John was born in Ireland, and a couple specify Donegal Ireland. Most list Rebecca Stephens as Sarah's mother, however, they also list the marriage date as 1769, two years after Sarah's confirmed (from her tombstone) birth. Furthermore, I have found no confirmation documentation of a specific link between Sarah and John Craig/Rebecca Stephens Craig. Most of this information was inferred, for example, I have found no documentation on John's birthdate (the only census he is on, 1790, would simply list him as adult), it appears that John's birthdate was assumed from Rebecca's. The online genealogies did not specify when assumptions were being made.

Current hypotheses -- I believe the following are most likely:
This John Craig was Sarah Craig VanDolah's father, and Rebecca Stephens was her stepmother; and their 1769 marriage in Philadelphia is a second marriage for John Craig as his first wife Unknown Hogg had died. (Note that Sarah's oldest child, Peter Vandolah, named his oldest child William Hogg VanDolah -- see descendants.) I believe John was born in Ireland although I have not found that reference (perhaps in some biography for John Jr) but probably not in Donegal (I think this is likely to have been a confusion with John Jr's residence and not John Sr's birthplace). Based on the history of the surname Craig (and the fact that William Perry Hay said it was also known as Crego, Cregg, Crega) it is thought that John Craig was "Scotch-Irish" (note that Hogg is a Scottish name too). Furthermore, I believe John Craig Sr was born earlier than the 1750 commonly assumed; I think ~1742-1747 to be more likely based on Sarah's birth in 1767. However, I believe that the ~1750 birthdate for Rebecca is approximately correct, since she was married in 1769 and she was still having children in the early 1790s (assuming that the children under 10 on her 1800 census are her children and not her grandchildren). Finally I believe John emigrated with siblings (perhaps cousins), Roland Craig and perhaps others, circa late 1750s/early 1760s -- however, I am not sure how other genealogists determined that Rachel was married to a Roland Porter Craig. Roland's middle name of Porter (for which I have yet to find documented proof) may be a clue into the Craig maternal heritage. I do believe the Rebecca Craig on the 1800 census is the daughter of John Stephens as mentioned in his will, as he died in the same location, and no other Rebecca Craig has been found there. Clearly, her enumeration as the head of household in 1800 means that Rebecca's husband died in the 1790s; this is also confirmed by the absence of John Craig as a witness to his father-in-law's 1806 will (the other sons-in-law did witness the will), and no 1800 census for him consistent with his 1790 census. Unfortunately, no will has been found in Fayette county for John Craig (assumed he died young and unexpectedly in the 1790s) or in Washington county for Rebecca Stephens Craig (since she had not remarried by 1810, over a decade after John died, it is assumed she never remarried). It is noteworthy that Rebecca's sisters married a Hogg and a Craig, and all lived in Fayette, PA; it is assumed that the William Hogg Rebecca's sister married was a relation to John's first wife, but no relationship can be determined from his will (see below).
---Further research: More information may be uncovered about Sarah's half-siblings by examining biographies and other records in Fayette, Harrison and Washington counties. And the Craigs in Guernsey county Ohio as well. These may shed more like on John Craig Sr. Research in Ireland for the Craig family may be possible too, based on the unusual name of Roland Craig plus the Porter (if this middle name is proved) clues. As the Crego/Cragg alternative spellings of Craig were mentioned by William Perry Hay, it is thought the Craigs were likely Scotch-Irish; originally from Scotland but emigrated to Ireland probably to avoid religious persecution, so even Scottish research is a possibility. It is just a guess, but Sarah Craig Vandolah naming her first daughter Elizabeth might be in honor of her deceased mother; further research on an Elizabeth Hogg is warranted. I think this guess on the heritage of Elizabeth's name is more likely given the Boston Transcript reference above (Query printed 17 Jan 1912, #2399-5. "Jesse Stretch ... his mother's name was Blatchford. Jesse Stretch married Betsey Van Dolah, whose mother's name was Craig ...") -- note that this reference is for Elizabeth ("Betsey") VanDolah Stretch, and I am thinking that the emphasis on her maternal line (Craig) instead of her paternal line might indicate she was named after a Craig ancestor, specifically her maternal grandmother. Finally, there is a 1760 marriage record in Philadelphia for John Craig and Elizabeth Elder; while this is not thought to be a match to our John Craig, further research on the Craig-Elder lineage is also warranted, in case the Hogg memory that Minnie Moon Mace found was in error (e.g., it could have been John Craig's mother's maiden name rather than his first wife's maiden name).

Note: John Craig, esq is on a 1784 tax list for Amsell township in Washington County, PA, along with Thomas Craig, Samuel Craige, but no Craigs there in 1793. It is possible that this is "our" John Craig who later moved to Fayette, but definitely not certain.
Also note that John Jr named his 9th child Roland; it would appear to honor his uncle Roland Porter Craig who married Rachel Stephens. Note that there are other Craigs in Donegal at the time (in 1800 there is a David Craig in Donegal and a David Craig in Hopewell), these may be other relatives, either descendants of John, or Roland, or perhaps even other siblings; but it is also possible they are unrelated.
In 1790 there are 9 Craig/Cragos in Washington county, PA: James Craig (2-1-3), Jno (2-1-3), Jno (0-2-2), John (1-1-1), Robert (1-1-1) William (2-1-1), Daniel Craig/Crago (2-1-1), Alex Crage (1-2-1), James Crago (1-1-1), Robert Crago (2-1-2), and Thoms Cragoe/Crago (3-1-4) -- Although the Jno 0-2-2 could be a match to John Sr, it is assumed the one above in Fayette County is the correct match.

In 1800 there are 13 Craig families living in Fayette county, PA -- Rebecka in Washington, Rowland in Brownsville, John in Menallen -- plus James in Georges, James in Union, Joseph in Dunbar, Joseph in Union, Mosis in Georges, Mosis in Springhill, Thomas in Dunbar, William in Dunbar, William in Franklin, William in Union. It is not certain how many if any of the other 10 Craig families are relatives.

(Step?)-Grandparents - Stephens

John Stephens and Sarah Dungan
John Stephens was born 7/12/1714 in Wales, died 5/12/1806 (age 91) in Washington twp, Fayette county, PA; Sarah Dungan was born 1705/1718-1720 in Bucks county, PA, the daughter of Thomas Dungan and Mary Drake (see issues with this lineage below), died circa 1790 in Fayette, PA. The Stephens moved from Bucks county to Fayette county circa 1773 (which at that time was considered part of August county, VA). -- he had sold land in 1767, 1773 and finally on 6/15/1773 to Isaiah Stephens. (John's death year: "The Stephens were long lived. Levi Stephens the surveyor died in 1808 aged sixty four, two years after the death of his father, John Stephens, who lived to be ninety one. Levi Stephens Jr was eighty seven at his death in 1878; and Nathaniel Stephens eighty seven when he died in 1869. All those names were buried in the cemetery at the Little Redstone Methodist Episcopal Church." -- Richard Lyons, 2008 website). John was apparently a Revolutionary soldier, but since he had already moved to Fayette, it is assumed the Bucks entries were not his -- [Note: in Appendix of "History of Bucks county, PA, vol 2, Appendix, p.75" Evan Stephens is listed as in the New Britain Company of the Capt Binkely's Militia company, third battalion, Jan 1, 1777: Revolutionary War, along with Benjamin Stephens, William Stephens, John Dungan, a second John Dungan, a third John Dungan. John Craig is listed in the following company -- Warwick Company, August 21, 1775 along with Joshua Dungan and Joseph Dungan. John must be in another company.]
1790 - Fayette county, PA -- John Stevens, Sr (1-4-3)*, John Stevens Jr (1-1-4)* Levi Stevens (2-1-3)*, Isaiah Stevens (0-1-2). Also Edward Stevens (1-1-2), Henson Stevens (0-2-3) Robert Stevens (1-2-2)*, Samuel Stevens (0-1-1), Robert Stivens (2-1-2), Austin Stephens (3-3-3), Benjn Stephens (1-2-3), Charles Stephens (2-1-4), Edwd Stephens (0-1-1) and Henry Stephens (1-1-2). *Note that these four Stephens entries on same page as Peter Vandola (0-3-1) and John Vandola (1-1-3), which included Sarah Craig VanDolah!
1800 - Fayette county, PA -- in Washington twp: Levi Stevens, Nathaniel Stevens, Robert Stevens, and Thomas Stevens. In Menallen twp: David Stevens. In Dunbar twp: Benjiman Stevens, Edward Stevens, John Stevens (0-2-0-1-0/3-1-0-1-0), Sarah Stevens. In Franklin twp: Benjn Stevens Jr, Benjr Stevens, Nancy Stevens. In Union twp: Ezea Stevens.
9 Children:
1. John Stephens, b. ~1740 married 1-Elizabeth unknown, 2-Catherine Roe -- 4 children. served in Revolutionary War in Westmoreland county under Capt Thomas Moore. He is said to have moved to KY circa 1800.
2. Levi Stephens, b. 7/14/1744 Bucks, died 2/13/1808 in Washington twp, Fayette county, PA. married 1-Ann Dungan in 1764,2-Elizabeth Brown on 12/4/1775 -- 7 children (named in will) in 1782-1800 -- Nathaniel, Sarah, John, Levi, Ann, Elizabeth and Thomas. (see below for will). Moved to Fayette county circa 1770. Also served in Revolutionary War with father and two brothers.
3. Seth Stephens, b. ~1746 Bucks also served in Revolutionary War under Cap Thomas Moore and moved to KY with his brother John.
4. Thomas Stephens, b. ~1748 Bucks, died ~1800 Parkersburgh, WVA. married unknown Shreve.
5. Isaiah Stephens, b. ~1748, died 6/18/1813 Uniontown, Fayette county, PA. married Catherine unknown -- 4 children.
6. Evans Stephens, b. ~1752 Bucks, d. 1800 in Washington twp, Fayette county, PA Thought to have no children, based on father's will below.
7. Rebecca Stephens, ~1750 PA. married John Craig 1/16/1769 -- 7+? children
8. Mary Stephens, ~1754 New Brittain twp, Bucks county, PA, married William Hogg in Bucks county in 1794. Died 11/17/1840 in Brownsville, Fayette county, PA. -- no children. William Hogg was born 6/17/1755 in Northumberland, England (but some genealogists list it as Brownsville, which is clearly wrong as he is documented as moving to Brownsville in 1804 from Fayette county PA) and died supposedly 1/27/1841 in Brownsville, Fayette cty, PA (but his will was made out in 1839 in OH and proved on Jan 30 1840 -- someone is off a year -- see below). He was drafted into England's military service but deserted at Charleston, SC. He organized the Monongehela Bank in Brownsville, was prominent, and acquired a large fortune. He sold the land on which Kenyon College now resides. He was a witness to his father-in-law's 1806 will. (see below)
9. Rachel Stephens, b. ~1756 Bucks, died prior to 1803 in West Alexander, Washington county, PA. Married Roland Porter Craig -- daughter Rachel b.1777 Bucks. Roland witnessed his father-in-law's 1806 will. Daughter Rachel was bequeathed her grandfather's bed. While several genealogists state she supposedly had many children, this is thought to be incorrect. Since Rachel is not mentioned in the will, she had apparently died prior to 1803. Since only one grandchild was mentioned, Rachel Craig, it is assumed that this is Rebecca's only child. (see below) No census can be found for this Roland Craig in either 1790 or 1800; they do not appear to be living with John Sr at least in 1800; perhaps they are in Roland's parents' home (assuming that they even emigrated) or with another family member, Craig or Stephens. I am not certain if the only documentation on Rachel marrying a Roland Craig is this listing in Rachel's father's will; if so, this whole assumption is open to question, as John and Rebecca Craig are known to have had a son Roland who would have been old enough to be a witness to this will. This branch needs more research. It is not a concern to me that there is no Philadelphia marriage record for Rachel and Roland, as the Stephens moved to Washington county ~1773, when Rachel was about 17; so they may have married in Washington with no record extant. But that means daughter Rachel was also born in Washington, not Bucks, circa 1777. It is a concern to me that I can find no records, and in particular census records or a will, for this Roland, especially in 1800-1820.
Note: Hogg notes. William Hogg married into the Stephens family the year after Sarah Craig was born, probably also in Fayette, OH. It would seem worthwhile to research this Hogg family further, but it is disappointing that his will mentions many nieces and nephews but not Sarah Craig VanDolah -- if Sarah were the only descendant of say a sister of his, surely she would have been remembered. Perhaps this William is a nephew to Sarah's mother, and Sarah was simply considered old in 1839 (age 72) to be bequeathed money. Then, it is also odd that he bequeathed nothing to William Hogg VanDolah, oldest grandchild of Sarah's, born 1818. It is odd that he wrote the will in Jefferson county, OH but lived in Brownsville, PA -- perhaps he took sick in OH when on business, but made it back prior to his death four months later. He left an estate estimated at 1 millions dollars. He and his newphew George Hogg are mentioned in the "Genealogical and Biographical History of Allegheny county, PA" -- "George Hogg, only son of John and Mary (Crip) Hogg, was born June 22, 1784, in Cramlington, in the county of Northumberland, England. When twenty years of age (in 1904) he came to Brownsville, Pa., at the request of his uncle, William Hogg, ... During his business career he, with his uncle, William Hogg, of Brownsville, Pa., established large business-houses in Pittsburgh as Breading & Hogg, in wholesale dry goods, and Dalzell, Taylor * Co., in wholesale groceries, and fifteen different establishments of merchandise and commission-houses in Ohio, together with a forwarding-house at Sandusky City, that state, with which was connected a number of vessels running on Lake Erie, and also a line of boats on the Ohio canal connected with their business houses at Newark, Ohio." At this time, there were three significant urban centers along the National Road between Cumberland, MD and Wheeling, VA -- Brownsville, Uniontown and Washington. Brownsville prospered until 1852 when the railroad was completed from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh -- the prominence of the National Road and Brownsville came to an end when travel by stage, wagon and steamboat gave way to the railroad. Note that Sarah Craig's son Peter VanDolah (1787-1823) named his first son William Hogg VanDolah.
---Hogg will from the "Jefferson County, OH willbook: Page 239 William Hogg of Brownsville, Fayette Co. Pa. General File #418 Wife Mary; Made: 5 Sept. 1839; Pro. 31 Jan. Nephew John Hogg 1840 [sic-the online version has it date-name-date; assume this is actually proved Jan 31 1840], Nephew George Hogg, Nephew Thomas Hogg, Nephew George Hamilton, Thimothy Rogers - Mount Veron, Ohio. Niece Dorothy Wilson and her children - John, Mary & George. To Margaret Sherman, Elizabeth Curtis, Mary Updgraph, Isabella Maziier and John Hogg in trust for use Susan Roger. All daughters of Percival Hogg. Out of connections with William Christmas dec', Wm. Christmas, C. Christmas & Harter & C. Hazett & Poole & Cox. Executor: Jo L. Bownan and Amos Townsend and W. Ewing Witnesses: lal L. Bownan and John Veench
---the Stevens/Stephens in Washington, Fayette, PA in 1800 are: Levi Stevens, Nathaniel Stevens, Robert Stevens (John VanDolah's friend), and Thomas Stevens. The will would be found in Fayette, PA.
---it is not certain where all the names and dates in the above genealogy (from online RootsWest) came from. First, there are only seven children mentioned in the will, as Rachel and Evans listed above are missing, and assumed pre-deceased. However, it is usually common in that case to mention their children; the only grandchild specified in the will is Rachel Craig. It is not clear if While John Stephens Sr's 1806 will below mentions seven children, it does not even have married surnames for the daughters. My guess is that other genealogists assumed the list of children was in order of birth, and that the witnesses were sons-in-law. Levi's birthdate is known from his tombstone; it is thought that others simply used two-year increments to guess at the birthdates. It is thought unlikely that there were six boys born and then three girls -- it is more likely that this birth order and the birthdates are in error.

Will for John Stephens, written 1803: Washington Twp, Fayette Co
Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Uniontown Courthouse
Will of John Stephens
12 June 1714 [assumed to be his birthdate?]
Recorded and Compared 14th April 1807
In the Name of God Almighty, I, John Stephens of Washington Township, Fayette County and State of Pennsylvania, being in health of body and sound mind, memory and understanding praised be God for the same do make this last will and testament in manner following It is my will that after my decease the whole of my goods and effects be appraised and sold excepting the bed and bedding whereon I sleep and my wearing apparel which are specially disposed hereafter also it is my will and desire all my just debts of which there are but few and none of any magnitude be punctually be paid as soon as convenient by Executor and after the paying of such debts and other expenses it is my will that the residue of remainder be divided amongst my seven children** viz. Levi, Isaiah, Rebekah, Mary, Seth, Thomas, and John in a just and equitable manner without any distinction whatsoever. Also I leave and bequeath unto my Granddaughter Rachel Craig the bed and bedding whereon I slept and to my son John I leave and bequeath all my wearing apparel. And I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my Nephew Robert Stephens, sole executor of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the seventh day of December in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and three, signed, sealed declared and published by the above named John Stephens as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses.
John Stephens, Rowland Craig, Joseph Stibbs
Fayette County S.S.
The seventeenth day of May Anno Domini 1806 personally came Rowland Craig one of the signing witnesses to the foregoing last will and testament and on his solemn oath did declare and say that he saw the testator sign and seal the same as and for his act and deed or last Will and Testament that at the time of doing the same he was in his right mind and not influenced unduly- that he knew of no later Will made by him, and that the other witnesses sign his name hereto as a witness in the presence of the Testator at the same time personally came William Hogg who was present at the signing of the same and not a subscribing witness and on his oath he did declare that he also saw the Testator sign and seal the same as and for his last Will and Testament when of sound mind. That he saw the subscribing witnesses sign their names to the same in their respecting hands writing in the presence of the Testator as witnesses at the Request of the Testator. Signed under my hand and Seal of the Registers Office the same day.
Alexander McClean, Register
Recorded and Compared 17 May 1806
** Note: there are only seven children listed in the above will, written in 1803. The two children missing are Rachel (who married Roland Craig) and Evans. Only one grandchild is mentioned: Rachel. This would seem to indicate that both Rachel and Evans died prior to 1803, and Rachel and Roland had only the one child Rachel. There would have been many other grandchildren alive at this time as referenced from the 1800 census data; the only reason to single out this one grandchild would be that she is the only issue of the children who died. No wife is mentioned, so Sarah Dungan Stephens must also have died prior to 1803.
To date I have found no documentation of daughter Rachel marrying a Roland Craig. I believe this is inferred from the will having a daughter Rachel and a witness Roland Craig, and genealogists have assumed this Roland Craig was John Stephens' son-in-law. Perhaps this is the most likely scenario, however, it concerns me that I have been unable to find any documentation for any Roland Craig born ~1750, and especially no 1800 census entry (since this will was written 1803). The only Roland Craig found on the 1800 census is married and aged 16-25; assuming he is 20-25 in 1800, he would be 23-28 in 1803 -- perhaps he was the oldest son of Rebecca and John, and he was called upon as a witness, although it is felt that it is more likely that a son-in-law would be a witness rather than a grandson. Furthermore, it is unknown where other genealogists obtained the information that Roland's middle name was Porter; one online genealogy states his name was R. Porter Craig; perhaps there are some court records or biographies from Fayette county, PA with more information.

Note: John VanDolah's father Peter (1735-1815) wrote his will in 1804 in Fayette county, PA and named his "trusty and beloved friend Robert Stevens" -- it is assumed this is the same Robert Stephens mentioned as the sole executor in the will of John Stephens (1714-1806), who is the father of Rebecca Stephens Craig, and whose stepdaughter is Sarah Craig who married John VanDolah!

Many online genealogies have this information for Evan Stephens: b. 1738 Bucks, PA. Died 3/8/1817 in New Garden, Guilford county, NC.. married Jane Griffith on 6/4/1774 in Rowan county, NC. But, his birthyear is also listed as 1736 in Loudon, Fairfax county, VA, listed as dying in Guilford, NC, married 1-Ursula Hiatt (who was born 12/22/1740 in Loudon, VA) on 2/8/1758 in New Garden MM (Quaker), Rowan, NC and 2-Jane Griffith on 6/4/1774, 11 children b. 1758-1787 in Rowan, NC. Some say this is the Evans above, son of John, and some say the Evans below, son of Evan. The birthdates vary from 1735-1740 with births in PA or Loudoun VA or even NC. Some have the father as Evan Stephens Jr. born 1695 in Bucks ((1) Information supplied by Mr. Michael H. Charles, 1824 Penfield Road, Penfield, New York 14526.). [While many families in Bucks have Quaker ties, this is the only Quaker tie found for a Stephens family. Since Evans is not mentioned in John's will above, the Evans who died in 1817 is not from this Stephens branch.] It is clear from the will that the NC Evans is not John Stephens' son, since he is not mentioned in the will.

(Step)-Greatgrandparents - Stephens

Evan Stephens and Elizabeth Unknown.
Evan Stephens was born ~1692 in Cardiff, Wales; died ~1760 in New Britain twp, Bucks county, PA (will supposedly dated 9/28/1760, but I cannot find it). Elizabeth was born ~1694 in Wales. Emigrated circa 1715.
1. John Stephens, b. 1714 Wales, married Sarah Dungan
2. Evans Stephens, b. ~1716 Bucks married unknown -- 1 child David
3. Mary Stephens, b. ~1717 Bucks.
4. David Stephens, b. ~1718 Bucks, died 4/24/1806 Bucks PA. married unknown-- 2 children, Elizabeth and John.
5. Benjamin Stephens, b. 1726 in Bucks, PA; died 11/24/1806 Bucks, PA. married 1-Deborah Dungan ~1741 and 2-Rebecca Dungan -- 8 children: Thomas, Isaac, Joseph, David, Robert, John, Mary (Doyle) and Elizabeth (Hull) -- see will.
Note: it is assumed that Benjamin's son Robert is the nephew to John who was named sole executor in his 1806 will, and also mentioned as the trusty friend to Peter Vandolah in his 1804 will, both in Fayette county, PA (see above), since neither Evans nor David seem to have had a son named Robert. The spelling is found as both Stephens and Stevens in documents.

(Step)-Greatgrandparents - Dungan

Thomas Dungan and Mary Drake.
Thomas Dungan was born 1670 in Newport, RI and died 6/23/1759 in Northampton, Bucks, PA. Son of Thomas Dungan, born 2/13/1634/5 in St. Martin, London England and Elizabeth Weaver, born 1645 in Clastonbury, Somerset, England, died 1687 in Bucks, PA (daughter of Clement Weaver and Mary Freeborn -- emigrated 1645-1649 to Newport, RI). Married Mary Drake, born 1/2/1680 in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ. 10 children:
1. Thomas, b. 1698, d. 1781-84, married 1-Mary Hart ~1730 and 2-Mary Finney ~1728 -- 6 children: Deborah (married Benjamin Stephens - 5 children), Lucretia (married Richard Rundle - 3 children), Hannah (married Richard Johnson - 1 child), John, Joseph (married Elizabeth Carrell - 7 children), Jonathan (married Agnes Kelton - 6 children).
2. Jacob Dungan, b. 1700?
3. Sarah Dungan, b. 1705 -- died young? see #10 below.
4. Elizabeth Dungan, b. ~1708?, ~1713? d ~1757 married John Hellings 12/24/1732 -- 6 children: Elizabeth (married Jacob Perkins), Thomas (married 1-Rebecca Prichard, 2-Elizabeth Unknown), John (married Elizabeth Titus), Hannah, Jonathan (married Martha Purdy), Ruth (married Henry Slack)
5. Joseph Dungan, b. 1/30/1710 Bucks,PA, d. 8/25/1785 Bucks, PA, married Mary Ohl ~1737 -- 6 children: Sarah (married Benjamin Courson), Joshua, Thomas, Hannah, John, Elizabeth.
6. Jonathan Dungan, b. 1712?, d. 1741. Married 1-Mercy Wells, 2-Elizabeth Bavington -- 3 children: Samuel, Jacob, Jonathan.
7. James Dungan, b. 1714?, d. 1782. married 1-Rebecca Wells, 2-Elizabeth Howell -- 10 children: Phoebe (married William Johnson - 2 children), Levi (married Mary Davis-8 children), Massey (married Jacob Fisher), Sarah (married Benjamin Fisher), Benjamin (Capt, married 1-Esther Coffman, 2-Mart Morgan - 6 children), Ruth, James (married 1-Ruth Thomas, 2-Hannah Wason - 10 children), Jonathan (married Mary Holmes - 6 children), John (married Mary Bennett - 5 children), Jesse (married 1-Esther Johnson, 2-Esther Van Buskirk - 9 children).
8. Mary Dungan, b.9/12/1695?, ~1716?, married 1-Abraham Vanhorn on 7/5/1718?, 2-Thomas Barton on 11/6/1737, -- 1 child David Van Horn, b~1730 (clearly much confusion on this entry online)
9. John Dungan, b. ~1716?, married Sarah Ashton -- 6 children: Thomas, James, John, Joseph, Isaac and Jesse
10. Sarah Dungan b. ~1718?, 1705? Positively known to be married to an unspecified Stephens in 1758 (based on father's will below). However, most genealogists online have a 1705 birthdate for her; this can only match up with a marriage to John Stephens and children born 1740-1756 if the 1705 birthdate is incorrect. Note that it is possible that both a 1705 and a ~1718 birthdate are correct -- the first Sarah could have died prior to 1718, and a second girl named Sarah, not an uncommon practice in these days of high infant/child mortality.
11. Samuel Dungan

Abstracts of Bucks Co, PA Wills 1685-1785 Book 2 pg 365 Thomas Dungan Northampton, Yeoman Feb 9, 1758 proved July 4, 1759 son John plantation of 200 acres sons Thomas, Joseph, James, Samuel, Jacob, Jonathan, sons of Jonathan remembed. daus Elizabeth Hellings, Mary Barton, Sarah Stephens. wit Nath Dorland, Jacob Carrell, Jemime Colton, John Hart. [Usually the names are in age order. If this is the case, it would suggest that the Sarah alive in 1758, married to a Stephens, was the youngest daughter, not the oldest daughter. Confirming the birthorder of the sons above from tombstones/obituaries would lend support to this later birthdate. Many of the birthdates above are from Rootweb and have not been authenticated -- see Bucks wills for more Dungan wills.

Research sources:

Stephens Genealogy -- I am deeply indebted to the work of fellow genealogist Jenna Milancuk who has done extensive work on the Stephens family. The following information was lifted directly from her Stephens website in 2010, and is reprinted here just for my own convenience; all the work and writing is in the sole domain of Jenna Milancuk, and does not belong to me, Donna Hay, in any way. (website) Note that I am not interested in the Stephens heritage per sé, but only in so far as it intersects with my Craig line; please do not contact me with more Stephens information; please do contact me with Craig information -- Donna Hay ( :)

Evan ap Stephens was born about 1692 in Cardigan, Wales. During this period in Wales surnames were not commonly used. People were referred to as so-and-so (their name) son of so-and-so (their father's name). Taking the son's name and adding the father's name onto it formed the given name and the surname. Depending on the father's name either "ap" or "ab" was used ("ab" and "ap" simply meaning "son of"), and a possessive "s" was added to the end of his name. If the father's name started with a vowel, "ab" was used. If the father's name started with a consonant, "ap" was used. Based on this information, it can be assumed that Evan's father's name was probably Stephen. Evan ap Stephens means literally Evan son of Stephen.

Evan ap Stephens and his wife, Elizabeth, were married about 1714 in Wales. Elizabeth was born about 1694 in Wales. Evan and Elizabeth had a son, John, born about 1714 in Wales, and then shortly after they emigrated to New Britain, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Here they settled and had four more children between 1716 and 1726. It is not known when Evan or Elizabeth died, but John (and his son, also named John) were named heirs in Evan's will which was dated September 28, 1760. So Evan must have died in 1760 as wills were generally written on one's death bed during this time.

John Stephens married Sarah Dungan about 1738 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Sarah was born about 1718 in Bucks County. Between 1740 and 1756 they had a total of 9 children.

September 28, 1760 John (and his son John) mentioned as heirs in Evan ap Stephens will. June 15, 1773 John sold 100 acres of land, inherited from Evan's will in New Britain Township, to his son Isaiah which is recorded in Bucks County Sheriffs Deeds 1749-1776 #162. About 1767 John sold all of his land and relocated to Washington Township in what was then Westmoreland County. 1782 served in Revolutionary War under command of Captain Moore in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania with his sons John, Levi, and Seth. John and Sarah, and their children, were very prominent and successful. They owned large amounts of land and most of them are buried in the family cemetery.

Their first son, John, left Bucks County, Pennsylvania and settled in Washington Township in Westmoreland County in 1779. In 1782 he served in the Revolutionary War under command of Captain Moore in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. A 1790 Census for Fayette County, Pennsylvania listed 1 son and 3 daughters. He is believed to have moved to Kentucky about 1800. In 1806 he was bequeathed his father's clothes in his will Last Will and Testament. Their third son, Seth, joined his family in Westmoreland County in 1781. In 1782 he served in the Revolutionary War under command of Captain Moore in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He is listed in Uninhabited Lands in the Pennsylvania Archives as owning 300 acres in Washington County. Possibly joined his brother, John, in moving to Kentucky. Their fifth son, Isaiah, owned a great deal of land. On June 15, 1773 he purchased 100 acres from his father, John Stephens, in New Britain, Bucks County (Bucks Sheriffs Deeds 1749-1776 #162). Also in 1793 he purchased land from Christian Wireman of Bucks County situated on Ten Mile Creek. And he owned land near Uniontown in Fayette County as well. Their sixth son, Evans, owned land bordering on the land of his brother, Levi, called Stephens Green. [Note: in Appendix of "History of Bucks county, PA, vol 2, Appendix, p.75" Evan Stephens is listed as in the New Britain Company of the Capt Binkely's Militia company, third battalion, Jan 1, 1777: Revolutionary War, along with Benjamin Stephens, William Stephens, John Dungan, a second John Dungan, a third John Dungan. John Craig is listed in the following company -- Warwick Company, August 21, 1775 along with Joshua Dungan and Joseph Dungan.]

John and Sarah's daughters Rachel and Rebeccah married into the Craig family. Rebeccah remained in Bucks County, Pennsylvania when her family moved to Washington Township in Westmoreland County. The Craigs were important in Bucks County history which is documented in the book The Craig family of Pennsylvania, 1708-1895, self published in 1921 by William Montgomery Clemens. [Note: I see no references to either John Craig or Roland Craig in this book -- see below. I do not think the Craigs were from Bucks county; I think this was an assumption made from the fact that there were other John Craigs in Bucks at the time, who even fought in the Revolution with Stephenses at the time. I can find no documentation that our Craig branch lived anywhere but Fayette county. Furthermore, it seems that all the Craigs mentioned in the books and records about Bucks county are Scottish Craigs; ours immigrated from Ireland not Scotland, but are thought to be Scotch-Irish. I also find no evidence of Rebecca staying in Bucks; I assume this is because this genealogist saw references of Craigs in Bucks during the Revolution, and even John Craig, and assumed this was the Craig family into which Rebecca and Rachel married; it is not.]

John and Sarah's daughter Mary married William Hogg, who was a deserter at Charleston, South Carolina, and sought a future in the great unknown west, namely Brownsville, Pennsylvania. He became very prominent and acquired a large fortune. He organized the Monongehela Bank in Brownsville. Henry Clay & Bishop Chase negotiated with him for 8,000 acres of land he owned to build Kenyon College at Gambier, Ohio.

John and Sarah's second son, Levi, is our direct ancestor. Levi was born July 14, 1744. At eighteen years of age he became a land surveyor to what is now Fayette County, taking land in pay for his services. As a result, he became the owner of a rather large estate. In 1767 Levi was employed by Charles Lukens as a Deputy Surveyor, and surveyed land in Newberry Township, York County, and Fayette County. He helped survey the Mason Dixon Line about 1770. In 1782 he served in the Revolutionary War under command of Captain Moore in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Levi married Elizabeth Brown, son of Nathaniel and Sarah Brown, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was born March 27, 1757. They were married on December 4, 1775 in Washington Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. They had 9 children between the years of 1782 and 1800, two of which died in infancy. Their third child is Sarah Stephens who married Levi Masten (see Maston section above). Sarah and Levi are Hazel Masten Brancheck's great-great grandparents.

Again with sincere and deep thanks to Jenna Milancuk for all of her excellent work on the Stephens line with only a small portion of it listed above as it may apply to my own Craig genealogy. --Donna Hay, 2010

Levi Stephens will: "Fayette County, Pennsylvania Recorded in Uniontown Courthouse
Will of Levi Stephens, born 1744
Registered and Compared 16 January 1808
I Levi Stephens of Washington township, Fayette County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania being at this time in a weak state of bodily health but of a sound mind and disposing memory, being possessed of a portion of this worlds goods blessed by the Supreme Ruler of the Heavens for his abundant mercies unto me calling to mind the uncertainty of time and being desirous to settle my outward affairs and to dispose of my earthly effects: do thereon make and ordain this my last will and testament directing and enjoining my Executrix and Executor hereafter named to dispose of my Estate in manner following viz.
- First it is my desire that after my decease my Executrix and Executor shall cause my body to be decently interred and they shall carefully and justly pay my funeral expenses and all my just debts out of the first moneys coming into their hands
- Second I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth during her natural life the use, rents, profits, benefits and interest of the land, meadows orchards sugar camp and other premises which have of late been in my immediate occupancy, also a sufficiency of timber land for the plantation to keep the premises in complete repair also the Negro woman, named Bess, the eight day clock, all the grain gathered or growing. Horses, Mares, Geldings, Cattle, sheep, hogs including all my moveable property, bonds, notes, all the rent due from the Tenants in the occupancy of Luke Beazel; Abraham Layton and Richard Makelfresh up to the first day of April Anni Dominee Eighteen Hundred and Eight, and all personal demands due me out of the same, except the accounts or obligations I put into the hands of Lawyer Riddle, late of Chambersburg and Thomas Meason Esquire my Attorneys for Collection which appears by their receipts.
- Third it is my mind and will that when my Executrix and Executor receives the money of Lawyer Riddle or Thomas Meason Esquire my Attorneys they shall pay it over to my seven children namely Nathaniel, Sarah, John, Levi, Ann, Elizabeth and Thomas when they severally arrive at the age of Nineteen years share and share alike.
- Fourth I give and bequeath unto my son Nathaniel the use of the tenement and Plantation where he now resides to be tilled by him as heretofore until the first day of April Anni Domini 1810 with privilege to leave half of the ploughed land sowed with winter grain for his benefit, he paying five pounds per year rent after the first day of April next, resowing this date.
- Fifth I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah the use of the timberland and plantation whereon she together with her husband Levi Maston doth now reside, it to be tilled as heretofore to leave half of the plowed land sowed with winter grain for their benefit rent free.
- Sixth it is my mind and will that my Executrix and Executor shall lease out my tenement and plantation whereon Luke Beazel resides after the expiration of his lease for one year, also to lease out the tenements and Plantation now in tenure of Abraham Layton and Richard Mackelfresh until the first day of April Eighteen Hundred and Ten.
- Seventh it is my mind and will that my Executrix and Executor shall pay to my minor children namely John, Levi, Ann, Elizabeth and Thomas each the sum of 48pounds when they severally arrive to the age of nineteen years or sooner if they should marry, to be paid out of the rents which may be received of the tenants, to be paid in stock farming utensils or household goods the remainder of those rents together with the several legacys given to my beloved wife shall be enjoyed by her during her natural life for which she is to maintain cloathe and school our minor children until they arrive at nineteen years of age, the two oldest receiving 48 Pounds each.
- Eight It is my mind and will that my Executrix and Executor shall between the first of November Eighteen Hundred and Nine and the First of April Eighteen Hundred and Ten call for reputable neighbors to assist them in dividing all my lands, except the part bequeath to my wife during her natural life, equally in quality and quantity as even as the situation of the land will admit of and after the land is so divided they shall fix the price that each of the highest value lots shall pay to those of the lowest value they proceed to balet and dray for the respective lots so drawn by my children, Nathaniel, Sarah, John and Levi, and the other three lots shall be leased out until the three younger children arrive severally at the age of nineteen years at which time then are to receive possession of the same. The rents arising on the same shall be enjoyed by my beloved wife, in the legacy before mentioned.
- Ninth At the decease of my beloved wife it is my mind and will that the land hereby bequeathed to her and also all the personal property willed to her remaining shall be equally divided between my seven children aforesaid, share and share alike.
- Tenth It is my mind and will that if my seven children should die before they arrive at the age of twenty one years and not have issue, their part or parts remaining shall be equally divided between the survivors of them.
- Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my trusty and well beloved wife Elizabeth Stephens and my trusty and well beloved son Nathaniel Stephens my Executrix and Executor to this my last will and Testament, revoking all wills and testaments by heretofore made. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this fourth day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and eight.
Levi Stephens
Signed sealed and declared by the testator to be his last will and testament in presence of: John Shreve, Edward Chambers, Sam Cope, John Brightwell"


Boston Transcript: Query printed 17 Jan 1912, #2399-5. "Jesse Stretch ... his mother's name was Blatchford. Jesse Stretch married Betsey Van Dolah, whose mother's name was Craig...."

Last Will and Testament lists grandson James Stout to whom she leaves land, 50 acres, part of Richard James survey No. 470 and bounded on the north and south by the lands of Shreve Gaskill, on the west by the lands of Stephen Boston & Samuel Davis and on the east by the Urbanna road. To daughter Mary Davis, half of the above land and all her remaining chattel property. Probate: 23 OCT 1860 OH, Fayette Co 5 Will: 16 AUG 1854 OH, Fayette Co

Religion: 17 JUL 1813 OH, Fayette Co, Madison Township Note: The Baptist Society was organized by John W. Loofbourrow at Isaac Pancoast's house one half mile south of the present site of Waterloo. John Messmore built the first church. Other charter members were Samuel, Lucretia and Caleb Gaskill, Peter Timmons, Lettie Pancoast, Barzilla and Polly Rozel.

•Event: Misc 1 SEP 1823 OH, Fayette Co •Note: Deposition stating that Jesse Stretch and William Gilmore swore that Sarah Vandolah of said Fayette County and relict of John Vandolah, deceased, is mother of John Vandolah who lately died in northern Louisiana, and John Vandolah, Senior, husband of Sarah and father of John, deceased, died in 1814 in Fayette County.

•Event: Land 15 JUN 1818 OH, Fayette Co •Note: Purchased 50 acres for $1 from Jesse Woodson of Powhatan Co, VA. (Compiler's note: Jesse Woodson, along with Isaiah Pancoast, was one of the original platters of the town of Waterloo, in the southeastern corner of Madison township, Fayette County, Ohio).

From RootsWeb archives -- Craig-L PA

From: Judy Driscoll
Subject: [CRAIG-L] PA Craig Book
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 15:30:38 -0700
Happy reading, Judy Driscoll

THE CRAIG FAMILY OF PENNSYLVANIA is a disintegrating book published around the turn of the century which I found in the Seattle Public Lib. in a paper folder. The cover is off and nearly all pages were falling out. I have copied what was in the folder, I'm sorry I can not tell you the author's name, I don't believe one was listed. Following are the 12 pages of information contained in the book, I have copied them as they appear with page breaks marked in parentheses.

Two brothers, Thomas and James Craig, and a sister, Jane Craig, came from Scotland to Pennsylvania and settled in Philadelphia in 1708. Jane who was born in Scotland in 1695 married John Boyd in Philadelphia in 1715 and went with her brother Thomas to the Forks of the Delaware, at a place known as Craig's Settlement in 1728. A Third brother William Craig arrived from Scotland in the year 1730.

[NOTE: this book is about Craigs from Scotland, not Ireland.]

John Boyd and his wife Jane Craig, had among other children:
1. Robert, b. 1716.
2. Jane, b. 27 June 1719
Robert Boyd m. Alice Henderson in Philadelphia 12 Sept. 1734 at the First Presbyterian Church.
Jane Boyd, m. Samuel Brown, in 1738, and d. 25 March 1812.

THOMAS CRAIG, settled at the Forks of the Delaware in 1728. He was granted 500 acres of land by Casper Wistar 28 March 1739. In June 1773 he deeded 150 acres to Andrew Hazenbach of Berks Co. He was commissioned Justice of the County 9 June 1752. His wife Mary Craig d. 14 July 1772 aged 75 years.
Robert, only known son of Thomas was b. in 1740 (pg3) and d. in Abingdon, VA 1834. He married 1. Margaret Whitefield and 2. Jane Denny. Ch. by first wife:
1. Margaret, m. Peter Fulkerson.
2. Elizabeth, m. Clairborne Watkins.
Children by the second wife.
3. Mary, m. Wm. McLean Berryhill.
And other children.

WILLIAM CRAIG was among those active in the establishing of Northampton Co. He was licensed to keep a public house 16 June 1752. He was Sheriff of the County from 1752 to 1756, and Prothonotary from 1778 to 1795. Among his children were:
1. Samuel b. 1731
2. James, b, 1735.
3. William, b. 1737
1. Samuel Craig b. 1731 d 1777 m. 1. Elizabeth McDonald, m 2. Jane Boyd. Ch. by first wife.
1. John b. 1753 d. 1850 m. Martha Clark.
2. Samuel d. 1808, m. 1784 Elizabeth Shields.
3. Alexander b. 1755, d. 1832 m. Jane Clark.
Children by second wife.
4. Nancy Ann m. Samuel Moorehead
Children of John Craig and Martha Clark:
1. John Jr. m. Mary Daugherty. Their dau. Martha m. Dr. Samuel S. Wallace.
2. Isabella m. Rev. James Boyd.
Children of Samuel Craig and Elizabeth Shields.
1. Elizabeth b. 1792 m. John Boyd Plummer.
2. Alexander b. 1794 d. 1869 m. Sybilla Kern. Their son George m. Ellen Cleland.
2. James Craig, b. 1735, d. 1800 m 30 (pg. 4) July 1764 in Philadelphia, Elizabeth Wilkinson, b. 1745 d. 1781.
1. Hester Craig b. 1765 d. 1818 m. 12 June 1793 John Green Jr. b. 1766 d. 1831. Other children unknown.

JAMES CRAIG settled in Bucks Co., in Allen Township, and in 1743 was deeded 750 acres by William Allen. The property now is known as Weaverville, Northampton Co. His wife's name is not known. [NOTE by DLH: in 1790 there were two Craig families in Bucks county, PA -- John and Robert. Why no James, Thomas and William?? This book seems like no match at all to our Sarah Craig b. 1767 in PA, living in Western PA, Fayette County in 1790; I have no idea why it was referenced above.]
His children were:
1. Thomas Craig b. 1740 d. 1832 m. Dorothy Brinier.
2. William Craig b. 1741.
3. Robert Craig b. 1746.
1. Thomas Craig b. 1740 d. 1832 m. Dorothy Brinier.
Children included:
1. William Craig m. Rebecca Romig. Their daughter Jane m. Weston Dobson.
2. John Craig b. 1769 d. 1801 m. 1791 Jean Boyd
1. William Craig, son of John Craig and Jean Boyd, b. 1794 d. 1855 m. Mary Vance Watson.
1. Hugh Boyd Craig m. Martha A. Orr
2. John W. Craig m. Caroline Crossan.
2. William Craig, son of James b. 1741 d. 19 March 1818 m. 30 Nov. 1779 his cousin Elizabeth d. of Samuel and Jane (Boyd) Brown.
Among their children were: (pg. 5)
1. William Craig m. his cousin Eliz. Craig dau. of Robert and Esther (Brown) Craig.
2. Sarah Craig m. her cousin Joseph Craig son of Robert and Esther (Brown) Craig.
3. Robert Craig, son of James b. 1746 d. 4 Aug. 1806 m. his cousin Esther Brown. They had ten children born in Allen twp. Northampton Co. as follows:
1. James Craig no record.
2. Jane Craig m. John Brown d. 1848 Venango Co. PA
3. Mary Craig b. 1777, d. Jersey Shore, PA 16 Oct. 1813.
4. Samuel Craig b. 15 June 1779 d. Clark Co. OH 19 Dec. 1834 m. 1. 1808, Jane Miller, m. 2. Mrs. Abigail Elwell.
5. William Craig, went to LaGrange, IN in 1836, where he d. 1838.
6. John Craig b. 23 Dec. 1784 m. Jane Derr.
7. Elizabeth Craig b. 1787 m. her cousin William Craig.
8. Margaret Craig b. 1790 m. James Richert in 1816 d. 13 Jan. 1829, Beaver Co. PA
9. Robert Craig, b. 21 Jan. 1793 m. Mary Graham 14 Oct. 1819.
10. Joseph Craig b. July 1800 m. his cousin Sarah Craig.
Samuel Craig, son of Robert and Esther (Brown) Craig b. Northampton Co. PA 15 June 1779, d. Clark Co. OH 19 Dec. 1834. Removed to OH in 1818. He m. 1. 1808 Jane Miller, d. 27 Feb. 1826, dau. of Robert and Sarah (Simpson) Miller; m. 2. 7 Aug. 1832, Mrs. Abigail Elwell, a widow with three children. His children all but one by his first wife were nine in number as follows:
1. Robert Craig b. Columbia Co. PA 29 Aug. 1829 m. 1. Jane Reeder 30 Oct. 1829 Clark Co. OH; m. 2 Feb. (pg. 6) 1843 Sarah Wells; m. 3. 19 July 1857 Sarah J. Read. He d. in Humboldt TN 14 Jan. 1884.
2. Sarah Craig b. Columbia Co. PA 5 Sept. 1811 d.Goshen IN 3 Sept. 1836 m. 7 Apr. 1830 Clayton Fryant.
3. Joseph Brown Craig b. Columbia Co. PA 29 Jan. 1814 d. Independence, KS 4 July 1894 m. 1. Sarah Ann Matthews: m. 2. Aminta Jane McClure 6 May 1851.
4. Esther Craig b. Columbia Co. PA 25 Jan. 1816 m. 13 Feb. 1834 Watson Fryant in Clark Co. OH.
5. William Craig b. Columbia Co. PA 2 Jan. 1818. m. 1. Joanna G. Moore 14 Mar. 1839 m. 2. Charlotte Moses 30 Mar. 1846 at New Carlisle OH.
6. John Simpson Craig b. Clark Co. OH 29 Dec. 1819 d. Emporia KS 15 Apr. 1892 m. Emily Smith, 16 May 1844 at Enon OH.
7. Mary Craig b. Clark Co. OH 24 Apr. 1822 m. WM McVickers 2 Mar. 1841.
8. Elizabeth Craig b. Clark Co. OH 30 Mar. 1824, d. Concordia, KS 13 July 1882 m. James T. Foresman 25 Dec. 1844.
9. Jane Craig b. Clark Co. OH 8 June 1833 m. 1. Morris Fenelon 15 Dec. 1850. m. 2. Mortimer Corcoran 12 June 1883.
Joseph Brown Craig, son of Samuel and Jane (Miller) Craig b. Columbia Co. PA 29 Jan. 1814 d. Independence KS 4 July 1894 m. 1. Sarah Ann Matthews 22 Oct. 1835. m.2. Aminta Jane McClure 6 May 1851. He had nine children all but one by his first wife.
1. Samuel Craig b. New Carlisle, OH 16 Sept. 1836 m. 1. Sarah Nye 22 Nov. 1860 m. 2. Mrs. Rachel (West) Pittard 21 Oct. 1891.
2. Sarah Jane Craig b. New Carlisle OH 22 Apr. 1838 m. B. F. Devore, 13 June 1861.
3. Harriet Ellen Craig, b. 2 Apr. 1840 m. Ralph C. Harper 7 Nov. 1861.
4. Ann Eliza Craig b. 4 Oct. 1841 m. A. L. Whiteman 7 Nov. 1861. (pg. 7)
5. Caroline v. Craig b. 3 Sept. 1843 m. Alexander Gable 13 Sept. 1866 of Hartford, IN.
6. Emily Craig b. 23 May 1845 m. Julius Bosche 15 Feb. 1866.
7. Martha Craig b. 30 Oct. 1846 m. Samuel U. Hopper of Muncie, IN 14 June 1866.
8. William Craig b. 26 Nov. 1848 d. 2 Nov. 1853 Wapakoneta, OH
9. Joseph Warren Craig b. 20 Dec. 1851 d. 25 Feb. 1853 Wapakoneta, OH.

OTHER CRAIG MARRIAGES There were numerous Craig families arriving between 1730 and 1750 of which we have very little record. Following is nearly a complete list of Craig marriages in Pennsylvania, other than those recorded in the pedigrees already given.
Alexander Craig and Sarah Thompson 21 Jan. 1769 Phila.
Ann Craig and John Means 3 May 1785 Mercersburg.
Ann Craig and Lewis P. Mirander 25 Oct. 1785 Phila.
Ann Craig and Lewes Humphries 3 Aug. 1795 Phila.
Bethiah Craig and William Dixon 11 Oct. 1790 Phila.
Charlotte Craig and George W. Campbell, 23 Mar. 1793 Phila.
Daniel Craig and Maria Lacy 2 Mar. 1777 Phila.
Daniel Craig and Margaret Bromfield 15 Jan. 1763 Phila.
Eleanor Craig and David McAndrews 26 Sept. 1759 Phila.
Elizabeth Craig and Charles Mallison 5 June 1767 Phila.
Elizabeth Craig and Robert Oliver 27 Nov. 1786 Phila.
Esther Craig and Wm. Oliphant 15 May 1779 Phila.
Frederick Craig and Deborah Gruff 27 Mar. 1782 Phila. (pg. 8)
George Craig and Catherine Meroney 26 Jan. 1778 Phila.
George Craig and Catherine Williams 31 May 1792 Phila.
Hannah Craig and James Buchanan 28 Dec. 1772 Lancaster.
Hannah Craig and David Taylor 27 Sept. 1804 Chester Co.
Isabella Craig and John Hethrington 8 Aug. 1775 Phila.
Isabella Craig and Matthew Knox 22 Dec. 1772 State Lic.
Isabella Craig and Hugh Watson 9 May 1771 Hanover.
Isabella Craig and Thos. Redman 26 Apr. 1764 Phila.
Isabella Craig and Wm. Cunningham 19 Apr. 1778 Phila.
Jacob Craig and Jean McDonnell 22 June 1792 Cumberland Co.
Jacob Craig and Susanna Balser, 1 Dec. 1766 Phila.
James Craig and Elizabeth Fulton 28 Nov. 1793 Bucks Co.
James Craig and Margaret McCarty 22 Oct. 1791 Phila.
James Craig and Mary Ash 26 Oct. 1773 Phila.
Jane Craig and Robt. Nesbit 14 June 1798 Phila.
Jared Craig and Isabell Miller Sept. 1749 State Lic.
John Craig and Margt Johnson 30 Nov. 1793 Lancaster.
John Craig and Janet Smith 18 Mar. 1797 Phila.
John Craig and Ann Drixcoll 27 Mar. 1775 Phila.
John Craig and Eliz Elder 1 Nov. 1760 Phila.
John Craig and Rebecca Stevens 16 Jan. 1769 Phila.
John Craig and Rebecca Stevens 16 Jan. 1769 Phils.
John Craig and Sarah Hale 4 May 1763 Phila.
Joseph Craig and Elizabeth Hawkins 8 Nov. 1778 Phila. (pg.9)
Margaret Craig and Wm. Johnson 13 June 1758 Phila.
Margaret Craig and John Thos. Cowley 13 Feb. 1800. Phila.
Martha Craig and Geo. Wilson 12 Aug. 1763 Phila.
Martha Craig and James Hanton 15 June 1771 Phila.
Mary Craig and Robt. Blaine 17 Feb. 1795 Cumberland Co..
Mary Craig and Matthew Fey, 16 Oct. 1782 Phila.
Peter Craig and Mary Prescott 14 Sept. 1778 Phila.
Rebecca Craig and Hugh Stevenson 29 Oct. 1766 Phila.
Robert Craig and Jane Royston, 13 Sept. 1800 Phila.
Robert Craig and Sarah Gardener 21 Aug. 1771 Phila.
Robert Craig and Ann Greer 16 Oct. 1751 State Lic.
Robinson Craig and Lydia Fleetwood 24 May 1798 Phila.
Samuel Craig and Jane Morgan 30 Oct. 1760 Phila.
Sarah Craig and Michael Gise, 16 May 1779 Phila.
Sarah Craig and John Moorhead 7 Sept. 1759 Lancaster.
Sarah Craig and John Barnhill Dec. 1750 State Lic.
Thomas Craig and Grace Morris 24 Nov. 1764 Phila.
Thomas Craig and Lydia Jackson 26 June 1775 Phila.
William Craig and Hannah Taylor 5 Dec. 1795 Phila.
William Craig and Mary Johns 28 Apr. 1774 Phila.
William Craig and Mary Hood 22 Aug. 1776 Phila.
William Craig and Jane Barclay 12 Nov. 1776 Phila. (pg. 10)
Note: It is thought that this list only covers the eastern part of PA, near Philadelphia. This is why there is no marriage record listed for Rachel Stephens and Roland Craig -- since Rachel is thought to have been born ~1756, and the Stephens moved to Fayette ~1773, it is assumed that her marriage was ~1775, post-move, so not in Philadelphia. Also, it is thought this is why there is no earlier marriage record ~1765 listed for John Craig and Unknown Hogg/anyone; it is thought that John probably lived in Fayette in the 1760s, but the 1760 marriage for Elizabeth Elder and John Craig should be researched more just in case (no tree found online in 2010).

THE CENSUS FOR 1790 The United States Census for 1790 gives the following Craigs who were heads of families in Pennsylvania:
ALLEGHENY COUNTY: Alexander, Isaac, John
BERKS COUNTY: Alexander, Charles
BUCKS COUNTY: John, Robert [Curiously, on an search I found: John Craig (0-1-3), John Craig (0-1-1), and Thomas Carig (0-2-2) -- no Robert!!]
CHESTER COUNTY: David, Jacob, John, Samuel, Walter=9
FAYETTE COUNTY: James, John, Thomas=2
FRANKLIN COUNTY: Benjamin, William
MONTGOMERY COUNTY: Thomas, William (pg. 11)
PHILADELPHIA COUNTY: Caldwell, John, Robert, James, Joseph, William=9
WASHINGTON COUNTY: John, Robert, William
WESTMORELAND COUNTY: Alexander, Daniel, James, John, Samuel, William=09
YORK COUNTY: James, Robert, William

The Craig family: genealogical and historical notes about the Craigs of America, Fayette County, Ohio, United States, Canada is also available online, part of the digitized collection. This book is much longer (149 pages), and covers several Craig families, including the one above. A large part of it is covering letters received or sketches of various Craig families of America. The most details is about the widow of James Craig Jr who died in 1790, and his widow Mary Bird Craig and four children (William, James, John, Sally) and a grandson (David Stewart Craig, age 1) went by covered wagon from Elizabethtown, NJ to Fayette county, OH.

The Craig family is of Scottish Origin. The name is a form of the early Scotch CRAGG, which meant "Sweller at the Rock of Crag." It is found in the favious forms of Crayge, Crayg, Craigy, Craigh, Creigh, Cragg, Crag, Crage, Craigie, Craigge, Craigg, and Craig. The account of the book details a John Craig of 1335 who let a force of 300 men to support the Kight of Liddesdale.

The first half of the book is primarily about the James Craig family above; the second half of the book (p. 80-149) details letters received about various Craig families in America, primarily Scots-Irish Craigs who immigrated starting in the 1600s. Some of the listings were copied from books such as "Five Typical Scotch Irish Families of the Cumberland Valley, Penna." I found no mention of a John Craig, born ~1740s, who immigrated and married a Stephens, or of his son John, born ~1780.

Various sources:

Rootsweb post: From: Bill & Cathy Webb Stephens Subject: [PABUCKS-L] CRAIG-STEPHENS in BUCKS CO.,PA Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:52:17 +0000 Greetings Genealogical Hunters from Bill Stephens in Denton,Texas Genealogical site Looking for parents and descendents of John Craig JOHN1 CRAIG was born Abt. 1750 in Donegal, Ireland. He married REBECCAH STEPHENS January 16,1769 in Bucks,PA,dau of JOHN STEPHENS and SARAH Child of JOHN CRAIG and REBECCAH STEPHENS JOHN CRAIG, b. Abt. 1784, Name: Neva Johnstun Date: 2004-03-05 MyLines: Dungan Family search Comments: Thank you for all the good work. I'm on the line of Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Mary Drake Dungan. Sarah married John Stephens, their daughter Rebecca Stephens married John Craig, their daughter Rachel Craig married Robert Humphrey of West Alexander, Donegal twp. Washington Co., PA. Their daughter Jane Humphrey was my 2nd great grandmother. [email invalid in 2010 when I tried to contact her. White pages: 33714 Sunny Hill Ln Saint Helens, OR 97051-3715 (503) 397-0330]

1790 census data -- Bucks County:
David Dungan (0-2-4)
David Dungan (3-2-3)
Elias Dungan (0-2-4)
Garret Dungan (0-5-3)
Jeremiah Dungan (1-2-2)
Jesse Dungan (1-2-2)
John Dungan (1-2-2)
John Dungan (0-2-2)
Jonathan Dungan (4-2-2)
Joshua Dungan (1-2-4)
Joshua Dungan (1-2-3)
Thomas Dungan (3-2-3)
Thomas Dungan (0-2-3)
Abraham Stephens (1-2-1)
Benjamin Stephens (0-1-3)
David Stephens (1-3-6)
David Stephens (2-2-2)
Evan Stephens (4-1-2)
Evan Stephens (4-1-2)
James Stephens (0-1-0)
William Stephens (2-1-5)
John Craig (0-1-3)
John Craig (0-1-1)
Thomas Carig (sic) (0-2-2)

Our Craig and Stephens ancestors already moved from Bucks to Fayette county by the time of these censuses.