Robert Gibson genealogy
(~1720s? PA?-1788 Bucks,PA)

Robert Gibson Sr's tombstone (click on picture for larger view), erected in 1934 -- erroneously says Captain; Robert Gibson Jr was the Captain
Robert married (1) Unknown (died on 8/22/1777 according to John Dyer's diary; although this could be a reference to the wife of Robert Gibson Jr -- see below) and (2) Elizabeth Unknown (maybe Stinson? widow Wilson, widow Keith) (on 4/3/1783 according to Veanna Carr in 2012, according to DAR file the marriage was at Newtown Presbyterian Church). Robert is thought to have been born in America (likely Pennsylvania), based on his son Robert's 1870 census data, and probably in the late 1720s or early 1730s based on the birthyear (~1750) of his (assumed) first-born son; however, one SAR file states he was born in Ireland in 1720; other DAR files state he was born 1734. He is thought to have been born after 1725 as the list on McCalla's company does not specify he is 50 as it does with three other men. His great-grandson's biography (see footnote) said they emigrated from Ireland in the 17th century; something is wrong -- either it is Scotland in the 17th century (descending from Sir John Gibson) or Ireland in the 18th century (see notes on Cumberland below); I think it might be Scotland in the 17th century with descent from immigrant Sir John Gibson (1601-1694) of Massachusetts and his grandson John Gibson III (1676-1751), a Quaker in Philadelphia. Robert and his family are documented in Bucks in the late 1760s -- he is found an a 1769 court document, and the 1771 land purchase states he is "of Plumstead." Robert and his sons Robert and John were all Patriots in Bucks. From his 1788 will, it is clear that Robert was wealthy, and was survived by his wife and eight children, with probably four+ children pre-deceasing him. He was buried in the Deep Run Presbyterian church cemetery; in 1934 descendants added a "Pioneer Patriot Soldier" marker.

I (Donna Hay) am researching this Robert Gibson as I believe his family holds clues to my uncovering the ancestry of my Britton-Gibson ancestors: Anna Gibson was born ~1761 (in Cumberland? Chester? VA?), Jesse Britton was born in Berks on 3/27/1759, and they were married ~1782 in Pennsylvania (Bucks, Chester or Cumberland) or Virginia (Frederick). Jesse served in the Revolution in the same company as Robert Gibson Sr, Robert Gibson Jr and John Gibson. I do not think Robert was Anna's father, but think he could be an uncle. Robert's children Robert Jr and Mary both married Britton relatives of Jesse, relationship unknown. (Also see Gibson Tree and Britton Tree.) Note that Jesse and Anna (together with his brother Joseph) had moved to Winchester,VA for 1783-1785 then back to Bucks for 1787-1790 then back to Winchester,VA by 1791, and they may have lived in Virginia in 1779-1781 as well. Jesse was executor of Captain Robert Gibson Jr's estate in 1787; his (assumed) father Joseph was co-executor of Robert Gibson Sr's estate in 1788. This indicates that this Gibson family and this Britton family were closely connected in some way; I think Robert Gibson Jr and his sister Mary both married children of Joseph Britton. Note that Jesse's family might be descended from Quaker Cananuiel Britton of Chester, and formerly Philadelphia; John Gibson III was a prominent Quaker. Quakers emigrated in the late 17th century and were disowned for taking up arms in the Revolution and even just for taking the Oath of Allegiance.

17th century Pennsylvania map, with towns of interest identified -- click for larger version
Of historical interest, in 1776 George Washington stayed at the William Keith home (the home of Robert's second wife Elizabeth) prior to the famous Battle of Trenton. There are no lists extant for the soldiers who joined in on the crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton, and no pension filings of the soldiers of interest, but it is known that Robert Gibson Sr, his sons Robert Jr and John, as well as Jesse Britton all served out of Bucks, and it is possible that some were part of this famous battle, which some historians felt turned the tide in the war. However, only six of the 73 members of William McCalla's company agreed to march with General Washington for the Crossing of the Delaware and the Battle of Trenton (source: The Day is Ours!); it is possible that Robert Gibson did march, and that is why he was promoted to ensign on May 6, 1777, and captain in 1779. The officers in the 7th Company on that date were: William McCalla (1732-1815), captain; William Kennedy (1743-1783), first lieutenant; Jacob Caster/Castor (1742-1815), second lieutenant; Robert Gibson (~1750-1787), Ensign. Note that William McCalla was good friends with Robert Gibson Sr (as documented in Gibson's 1788 will), and it is thought Robert was ~50s when he volunteered as a private under McCalla with his sons Robert Jr and John in 1775 -- clearly the Gibsons were staunch patriots. So it would not be surprising to discover that Robert Gibson Jr was one of the 6/73 to volunteer to cross the Delaware in 1776. (See also Bucks in the Revolution and General Washington in Bucks)

It is also of interest that there were famous traitors and outlaws in Bucks, the Doan brothers, who tried unsuccessfully to warn the British about the crossing of the Delaware. Captain Robert Gibson Jr killed Moses Doan in 1783 (page from John Dyer's diary), and Jesse Britton was a member of the 14-man posse who hunted him down.

There is much incorrect information about the patriot service of Robert Gibson Sr. He was indeed a Patriot serving as a private in the Bucks Militia, Second Battalion under Captain McCalla in 1775, but it was his son who was later the officer, despite all the SAR and DAR records, and Robert Sr's tombstone. Note that the SAR started after the Revolution centennial (1876) and the DAR in 1890. None of these applications can be considered period source documents. And it should be noted that research into records in the 18th century is difficult, as so many records were not maintained. The tombstone is also not original, but designed and installed in 1934. In the late 19th and 20th centuries all historians had assumed that there was only one Robert Gibson (Sr) and that he was the officer. Few records specify the Jr suffix. And since Jr died young without issue, there was even less documentation of Jr. Note that at the time, Jr did not necessarily connote a son but just a younger man with the same name. However, based on marriage records (Robert Jr married just months after his assumed younger sister), naming patterns (after the first Robert Jr dies, Robert Sr names his next son Robert Jr; Robert Sr also made special bequests to grandsons named Robert), and the fact that there is only one Gibson family in Bucks at this time, it therefore seems very likely that Jr was indeed the first-born son of Robert Sr.

Three period documents confirm that Robert Gibson Jr was the officer -- John Dyer's diary states that Captain Robert Gibson Junior died on March 7, 1787; the 1783 deposition regarding Moses Doan's death states he is Captain Robert Gibson Jr (need copy); the Pennsylvania State Archives website's Militia Officers Index Cards, for Robert Gibson has Jr's deathdate (March 7, 1787); there are no period sources that state that Sr was the officer.

Robert's ancestry has been of interest to Bucks historians. On April 22, 1918, Warren S. Ely, Genealogist and Historian, Librarian, Bucks County Historical Society wrote to Gilbert Cope, Quaker genealogist (1840-1928) in Chester,PA -- Dear Friends: - I enclose a card of inquire for birth and ancestry of Captain Robert Gibson, who purchased land in Plumstead township in 1771, named in the deed as of Plumstead. He was a Captain of Militia during the Revolution and it was he that shot and killed Moses Doan the outlaw while he was struggling in the hands of his captors at the Halsey cabin on the Tohickon in August 1783. I have always suspected that he was from Chester county as a number of others who settled in Plumstead at about that time were from that county. Thee can take the matter up with Miss Rockafellow [also with the Bucks County Historical Society] if thee so desires. I cannot take it up at this time and shall write and tell her I have turned it over to thee. We are going to hold our next meeting of the Historical Society on the Cuttelossa and have a paper read on the old Kugler Mill built by John Kugler who was a tory and supplied the Doans with meal and flour. A messenger to the mill for flour on the day Moses was killed had told the then proprietor, not Kugler, that the Doans were at Halseys and on this information the posse was organized that made the raid. We will probably make a pilgrimmage to the cabin from the meeting of May 25. It just occurs to me that we might ring in a sketch of the Gibson family as part of the program if thee succeeds in getting anything on the Captain's ancestry. He left numberous descendants and I have lots of data in reference to him. Most people consider him a Scotchman from Ulster, Ireland but I do not think he was. He married as a second wife Elizabeth widow of William Keith the owner of the headquarters of Washington in Upper Makefield, but she was his second wife also and the widow of John Wilson of Tinicum. Captain Gibson had two children by her, Robert and Jean. By his first wife, name unknown, he had Thomas, James, Moses and John, and daughters, Elizabeth Armstrong, and Mary Brittian. If thee gets the order and undertakes the work let me know the result and I will compensate thee for the data. Thine with kindest regards, Warren S. Ely. (source: Gilbert Copes notes as microfilmed)(no response was saved in Gilbert Cope's notes; perhaps there was a reply saved by the Bucks Library/Historical Society)
-----Historian Warren Ely also erroneously thought that Robert Gibson Sr, who bought the land in 1771 and married Elizabeth Keith in 1783, and died in 1788, was the Captain in the Militia and that he was the one who killed Moses Doan. This is incorrect; it was Robert Gibson Jr who was the officer and who killed Moses Doan, as stated in previous paragraph.

In the first American census in 1790, only two years after Robert's death, there is only one Gibson in Bucks County: James. His family composition is two boys under 16, two men and three females. It is certain this is James age ~24, his brother Moses (thought to be age 16-21), his stepmother Elizabeth Gibson age ~40s, his half-sister Jean/Jane Gibson age ~6 and his half-brother Robert Gibson age ~3; the second boy is unknown as is the third female, but the other boy could be a Keith son of Elizabeth's. James did not marry until 1795, so the third female is not his wife. It is likely Moses is over age 16, although it is not certain; the second adult male should not be brother Thomas who is thought to be older and married with 1-2 children. Since there is no enumeration for a Thomas Gibson, perhaps he is living with his Foulke inlaws. Robert Gibson's 1788 inventory did mention a Negro girl; it is uncertain if this could be the third female in the home.

Robert's children -- the named children below were all mentioned specifically in his will with the exception of the stepchildren, the unknown three additional children who died young, and the first-born child Robert. There may have been other children who died young. There were 8 children specified in the 1788 will -- John, Elizabeth (Armstrong), Mary (Britton), Thomas, James, Moses, Jean and Robert:

1. Robert Gibson (~1750s-3/7/1787) married Mary Britton on 7/14/1775 (7/27/1775 in John Dyer's diary). Robert Jr died of pluresy [pleurisy -- inflamation of the lining of the lungs] on 3/7/1787 (John Dyer's diary, and confirmed on the Pennsylvania militia officer card). Since he was taxed in 1775, he was born in 1754 or earlier.
-----1a. It is thought that Robert had no surviving children, as none were mentioned in Robert Sr's will. (Note: there is a 1787 court estate administration record in Plumstead for Robert Gibson, Jr -- Adm.2079 -- which reputedly mentions his widow Mary but no surviving children. Since any children would have been 0-11, they would have been mentioned in the estate papers.) Note that Jesse Britton served as administrator of this estate; it is thought he was Robert Gibson Jr's brother-in-law, brother to Mary Britton. It is possible that this Mary Britton Gibson died on 8/22/1777; this listing in John Dyer's diary only lists that Robert Gibson's wife died with no name; it is thought this is Robert Gibson Sr's wife -- as Robert Gibson Jr's estate records mention widow Mary, and Jesse Britton is the administrator, it is likely it was Robert Gibson Sr's wife who died in 1777, and Mary Britton Gibson survived her husband.
--Note that this Robert is not mentioned in his father's will, but I include him here as a first-born namesake son who died prior to the death of his father in 1788, and also prior to the birth of Robert Gibson Sr's son Robert Gibson Jr who was born five months later in 1787. Often a father-in-law will not leave money to a widowed daughter-in-law when there are no children; this is especially true when she is young as it is assumed she will marry again, or perhaps she already did by the time of Robert Gibson Sr's death. I (DLH) am fairly certain he is a first-born son:

• There are no other Gibson families in Plumstead. It is not possible that Robert Sr and Robert Jr are brothers; it is highly unlikely they would be cousins and be the only two of their generation, both named Robert, with no other siblings.
• Mary Britton is young; John Britton (~1695-1784 Bucks) had a daughter Mary but she was married to James Lewis in his 1770 will; with only one Britton family in Bucks, Mary Britton Gibson is a granddaughter to John Britton. I believe this Mary was the daughter of John's son Joseph and a sister to Jesse. Jesse is known to have been born in 1759 and was not a first-born child; it is thought Mary was born in the early/mid 1750s.
• Robert Gibson Sr and Robert Gibson Jr volunteered the Bucks militia during the Revolution in 1775+. This is not at all definitive, but it is possible they would have chosed another qualifier if not father and son.
• Robert Gibson Jr is listed on the Plumstead tax lists (below). But the tax lists are not complete enough to determine in what year he was first taxed; he is listed on the 1775 tax, but that is the year he bought the tavern. If earlier lists are found, this may narrow down his age.
• He bought the Plumsteadville tavern on 3/14/1775, three months prior to his marriage on 7/14/1775. This unfortunately does not enlighten us on age either.
-- Robert Gibson Sr named his only son by his second wife Elizabeth Wilson Gibson by the same name, Robert Gibson Jr, on 8/3/1787, born just five months after Rogert Jr's death on 3/7/1787. It was common to name another child by a deceased child's name, particularly when the deceased child was esteemed and had no issue, and particularly when born to a second wife. It is this baby Robert Gibson Jr who is named in Robert Gibson Sr's will.
--It is noteworthy that Robert Gibson Sr especially bequeathed to his namesake grandchildren (e.g., Robert Armstrong), singling namesakes out from their non-namesake siblings. I feel that Robert Sr is likely to have named his first-born son after himself. I think it unlikely he would have had four sons and chose to name none of them after himself, when namesakes seem so important to him.
--The Pennsylvania marriage record and the John Dyer diary entries do not specify any suffix for the marriage record to Mary Britton in 1775. While it is theoretically possible that this could be for Robert Gibson Sr, that is deemed unlikely, especially when it seems certain that Mary Britton was born in the early/mid 1750s. Plus, it is noteworthy that just six months earlier in 1775 Robert Jr's sister Elizabeth was married. The 1775 tax rate for Robert Gibson Jr appears to be for a married man. It is likely everyone just assumed it was obvious at the time.
--contrary to most printed documents (Bucks County historical accounts and SAR/DAR applications), it is this Robert Gibson, the Robert Gibson Jr, who was the captain of the militia in 1779-1781, and who shot Moses Doan. There are three primary documents to confirm Jr as captain (his 1783 deposition, his Patriot officer card and John Dyer's diary; there are none that state Sr was a captain).
--there is a Robert Gibson born ~1754 in PA who drowned in August, 1783 in the James River in Augusta,VA. He is said by several genealogists to have married Mary A. Britton and/or Mary Alexander; this Mary Britton wife is in error (see Winchester,VA footnote at end).
--The relationship between Anna Gibson and either Robert Gibson is unknown.
--the relationship between Mary Britton, Robert Gibson Jr's wife, and Jesse Britton is unproved, but I feel quite certain they were siblings. The relationship between Mary Gibson's husband, an unknown Britton (see #4), and Jesse Britton is unknown; again, it is thought to be siblings.

2. Elizabeth Gibson (~1754-10/16/1820 Bedminster,Bucks,PA)(or maybe 1758 according to DAR file #A003159) married Samuel Armstrong (~1739 Bucks,PA-9/18/1828 Bedminster,Bucks,PA) on 1/11/1775 in PA (the oft-stated birthyear of 1758 is thought incorrect; she would have been 16 upon marriage and her 1800 census lists her as age 45+. Many genealogists list Samuel as a Scots-Irish born in Ulster,Ireland; but Bucks history books say his father emigrated in 1736 with only his first 3 sons with 2 born in Bucks; son Jesse's 1870 census does not signify that either parent was foreign-born.) (census: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820)(for more info, look up 1828 Bedminster,Bucks court records -- Adm.7888)
-----2a. Robert Armstrong (born 1776-1784)
-----2a. girl (born 1776-1784)
-----2a. girl (born 1776-1784)
-----2a. girl (born 1785-1790)
-----2a. girl (born 1785-1790)
-----2a. Jesse Armstrong (~1794-10/12/1876 Bucks,PA) married Elizabeth Mathias (11/24/1807 PA-9/26/1891 Bucks,PA) on 12/24/1829 (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)(genealogy)
----------2b. Ann Maria Armstrong (~1835 PA-)
----------2b. Enoch M. Armstrong (10/3/1839 PA-10/14/1910) married Mary Moore Wilkinson (10/10/1845-?) on 2/16/1866 (census: 1900)
---------------2c. Anna Armstrong (1870-?)
---------------2c. William M. (1877-?)
---------------2c. George (1879-?) married Laura Martin
-----2a. boy (born 1795-1800)
-----2a. boy (born 1795-1800)

3. John Gibson (~1750s-)(unknown) -- the newspaper mentions that John Gibson, formerly of Doylestown, died 12/2/1828 age unspecified; while it could be this John, or Thomas' son listed in #5a, I think it more likely it was James' son #6a -- there is also a marriage record for a John Gibson in 1828 and no John Gibson on the 1830 census (see below). His father submitted a petition on March 17, 1787 for a commission of bankruptcy against him; John owed him £ 200 and had become bankrupt (note: this was 10 days after Robert Gibson Jr died). This is undoubtedly why son John was so severely disinherited in his father's 1788 will, receiving only 5 shillings (1/4 of one pound), much smaller than even the grandchildren. He is not mentioned as one of the three sons living in the Keith house, and is not involved in the decision-making, and is not an executor even though older than Thomas; his younger brothers Thomas, James and Moses were to keep the money for the younger siblings Jean and Robert.
--5/6/1764 -- (Wrightstown MM Quaker record) Spoke to John Gibson concerning his proceeding in marriage contrary to the discipline of Friends and his driving a wagon with military stores to the Army. (v3) -- It is not clear that this Quaker record could belong to this John; this John would appear to be too young for this to apply -- this means there is another Gibson family in Bucks in the 1760s and this other Gibson family is Quaker.
--John Gibson was a patriot with his brother and father. John took the oath of allegiance before Henry Wynkoop on October 26, 1777 and before Thomas Dyer on April 9, 1778 (same John?); John served in the Second Battalion of the Bucks County Associators under Captain William McCalla in 1775 (along with Robert Gilson [Gibson], Robert Gilson Jr [Gibson], Jesse Britton, Samuel Britton and Samuel Hair). His service could have occurred as early as age 16, but more normally 18, so born in 1757 or earlier; it is noteworthy he is not listed as taxable on the 1779-1783 tax lists.
-----3a. it is thought John had no children; there is no record of him after his father's will in 1788.

4. Mary Gibson (1750s/1760s-)(married Unknown Britton). Joseph Britton was named as arbiter and her father's friend Nathaniel Britton as executor in her father's 1788 will; it is not clear that either was her husband. It is thought that Nathaniel would be too old as he is likely of the same generation as her father Robert Gibson. It is thought that her husband would not have been named as an arbiter to settle potential disputes between his alleged wife's siblings. Although other genealogists have assumed that Joseph was her husband, this was likely based off of an abstract of the will that did not mention his function. Heirs were mentioned but not named. It is likely that Mary's husband was a sibling or cousin of Jesse Britton, possibly even his brother Joseph.
-----4a. unknown Britton children (but likely no Robert born prior to 1788)
-----There are five Brittons found in Bucks in 1790 just 2 years after Robert Gibson's will: Joseph Britain (215 -- men, boys females) and Jesse Britain (116) on the same page as James Gibson, Joseph Brittain (224), Nathaniel Britain (206), Thomas Britton (301) in Bucks County. Jesse Britton was married to Anna Gibson. It would appear that either Mary was married to Joseph Britton Jr, Thomas Britton, or Nathaniel Britton or that her name was Mary Anna Gibson, and she is the wife of Jesse Britton.

5. Thomas Gibson (~1765 PA-2/18/1818 Bedminster,Bucks,PA) married (1) Margaret Foulke (10/17/1768-?)(Quaker) on 4/25/1792? and (2) Eleanor Unknown (widow of Jesse Verity)(~1779-) on 11/10/1808 in Bucks -- the newspaper mentions that Thomas Gibson of Bedminster died 2/18/1818 age 50 (so born ~1767); however, his father's will lists the sons as Thomas James Moses, so it is thought that Thomas is older than James (#6) who was born ~1766, plus the 1810 census lists him as over 45 so born in 1765 or earlier; it is possible the newspaper account was slightly off. His father's will mentioned heirs, but did not name them; it could be that this was just a future provision not based on a marriage or children as of 1788. It is thought the Quaker reference to a 1792 marriage date is erroneous; he is known to have had a son born by August 1788 according to his father's will. The Quaker records list sons John and Robert and daughter Mary. (census: 1790?, 1800?, 1810, 1820?, 1830?)
-- This Thomas Gibson was a signer of the constitution in the Piper Tavern in Bedminster on August 25, 1788, just 17 months after his brother Captain Robert Gibson Jr's death and days after his father Robert Gibson Sr's death (his will was proved August 22). It is likely he was given this honor at such a young age in recognition of the service of his brother.
--It is noteworthy that the Foulke family was Quaker and daughter Mary married Quakers (see footnotes).
-----5a. John Gibson (~1787-) -- cannot be found on census -- the only Gibson grandchild mentioned in Robert Gibson Sr's 1788 will; John Gibson is probably the only Gibson grandchild living at the time of his grandfather's death in 1788. The newspaper mentions that John Gibson, formerly of Doylestown, died 12/2/1828 age unspecified; it could be this John, or Robert Sr's son John (#3), or even a son of James(#6). If Thomas married Margaret Foulke ~1792 then the birthdates of these three children are off, and the John mentioned in his grandfather's will must be a child of Robert Jr (#1) instead -- I think perhaps the 1792 date is Margaret's death and not her marriage; Thomas is known to have a son John.
-----5a. Robert Gibson (~1789?-) -- cannot be found on census (perhaps the Robert buried at Deep Run in 1816? see footnote)(and is this the Robert Gibson of Doylestown who had court estate administration records in 1820? -- look up Adm.4761)
-----5a. Mary Gibson (1791-3/9/1868 Bucks,PA) married (1) Casper R. Johnson (3/28/1791 Bucks,PA-11/24/1825 Bucks,PA) ~1814 and (2) Unknown Penrose (census: 1820, 1850 p.2, 1860)(Quaker)
----------5b. Joseph Johnson (3/17/1815 Bucks,PA-5/10/1883 PA) married (1) Hannah Rynear and (2) Ann R. Edwards (~1818 PA-) (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------5b. Milton Johnson (9/30/1819 Bucks,PA-10/4/1882 PA) married (1) Evaline Edwards and (2) Mary Edwards and (3) Ann Shaw (~1832 PA-) (census: 1850 p.2, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------5b. Gibson Johnson (~1820 PA-2/18/1883 PA) married Sarah D. Jones (~1821 PA-) on 11/2/1837 -- 4 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------5b. Penrose children?
-----5a. (stepson) unknown Verity born 1795-1799
-----5a. daughter Gibson (born ~1809)
-----5a. daughter Gibson (born ~1810)
-----5a. more Gibson children born 1811-1818?
Thomas' children by Eleanor Verity are unidentified, and largely unknown. Eleanor was 26-45 in 1810, and must have been one of the two 16-25 women in Widow Verity's home in Bucks in 1800, which means she was born 1775-1784. Her marriage record to Jesse Verity was not located; the only marriage record found is for her husband's parents -- Jacob Verety married Jennet Blair in 1771 (Jacob's 1790 census). There could have been more children born to Thomas and Eleanor in 1811-1818 prior to Thomas' death. No census enumeration for Widow Gibson or a Verity male can be found in 1820 or 1830, perhaps Eleanor Gibson remarried, although no marriage record found. Although Thomas' daughter Mary lives in Bucks throughout her life as do her children, sons Robert and John cannot be found on any census, and subsequent children cannot be identified. The 1820 census for Valentine Gibson does not appear to be Thomas' family -- Valentine has 3 boys under 10, 1 girl 16-25, 2 men 26-44, 1 woman 26-44, and 2 men over 45 in Middletown (a weird configuration for Thomas' family -- what happened to the two girls born ~1809 and ~1810 who would be 10-15 now?)

6. James Gibson (~1766-9/21/1816 Bucks,PA)(buried Deep Run Presbyterian Chruch) married Priscilla Evans (?-1845) on 4/14/1795 in Philadelphia,PA -- the newspaper mentions that James Gibson of Plumstead died 9/22/1816 age 50 (born 1766; consistent with age 26-44 on 1810 census; some DAR files list birthyear as 1761; family genealogy lists birthyear as 1767). (census: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830)
-----6a. Robert Gibson (~1796-3/25/1820) of Doylestown died 3/25/1820 age 23 (so born ~1796) -- never married (not on Terry McNealy's list; a Robert is listed on Gibson genealogy)
-----6a. Mary Gibson (~1797-1874 Meadville,PA)(genealogy lists birthyear as 1803) married Frances Armstrong Wilson (1792-1874 Meadville,PA) in 1813 (missing on 1800 census)(census: 1840, 1850)
----------6b. boy (born 1810-1819) -- unknown
----------6b. girl (born 1820-1824) -- unknown
----------6b. Eli Wilson (~1826 PA-)
----------6b. Priscilla Wilson (~1827 PA-)
----------6b. Armand Wilson (~1831 PA-)
----------6b. girl (born 1830-1834) -- unknown
----------6b. Frances Elliott Wilson (10/23/1835 Crawford,PA-6/1/1912 Meadville,PA) married (1) unknown and (2) Margaret Ann Robinson (1/22/1842 West Middlesex,PA-2/15/1913 Meadville,PA) on 11/29/1860
----------6b. girl (born 1835-1839) -- died young
----------6b. Harriett Wilson (~1847 PA-)
-----6a. Andrew Gibson (~1799-3/7/1879 Plumstead,Bucks,PA) married Nancy Ann Ruckman/Buckman (~1800-8/17/1871) in 1825 (see bio in footnote) (census: 1830, 1850, 1860)
----------6b. three unknown children
----------6b. William Hart Gibson (~1831 PA-)
----------6b. Isabella Gibson (~1834 PA-) married William Strimple of NJ
----------6a. Andrew Jackson Gibson (6/15/1836-) married Jennie M Vanartsdalen in 1876 -- 2 daughters
----------6b. Nancy R. Gibson (~1839 PA-) married Rev. Samuel Harrison
-----6a. Charles Gibson (~1800-1/12/1874 PA) married Mary Meredith (~1801-9/4/1872 PA) of Doylestown on 3/17/1831 (census: 1850, 1860)
----------6b. Ellen Gibson (~1832 PA-) married Mark Goslin (~1833 PA-)
----------6b. Adaline Gibson (~1835 PA-)
-----6a. David Gibson -- died young (from Terry McNealy)
-----6a. James Gibson -- died young (from Terry McNealy)
-----6a. Moses Gibson (~1805-) married Sarah E. Shaw (3/15/1805) of Bucks on 3/6/1832. (census: 1840, 1850?, 1860)(Moses with brother Andrew took over administration of his father's estate after brother-in-law Frances Wilson resigned)
----------6b. Louisa (born 1830s)
----------6b. Robert Gibson (~1838 PA-)
----------6b. Letitia Gibson (~1840 PA-)
----------6b. Martha Gibson (~1844 PA-)
----------6b. Henry B. Gibson (~1845 PA-)(in Shaw bio the 5th child is Harriet not Henry)
-----6a. James B. Gibson (7/23/1808 Plumstead,Bucks,PA-6/17/1868 Meadville,PA) married Charlotte Caine Vail (4/16/1813 Easton,PA-11/7/1903 Meadville,PA) on 3/3/1836 (census: 1850, 1860 p.2)
----------6b. Lycurgus Gibson (~1837 PA-1865) married Elizabeth Thompson
----------6b. Rachel Jane Gibson (~1839 PA-1925) married Samuel Kline
---------------6c. Lotta Kline (1869-1932) married Howell Powell (genealogy)
----------6b. Wilmot Byron Gibson (2/2/1841 Crawford,PA-10/5/1903 Boise,ID) married Helen FitzRandolph Stewart (9/27/1841 Meadville,PA-6/5/1913 Meadville,PA) on 11/11/1866.
---------------6c. J. (James) Stewart Gibson (1867-) married Helen Lake -- published genealogy book (below) and SAR application
---------------6c. John Arthur Gibson (5/9/1869 Meadville,PA) married Eva Kickson -- published SAR application
---------------6c. Wilmot Henry Gibson (1870-?) married Myrta Drake
---------------6c. Robert FitzRandolph Gibson (1876-?) married Marguerite Hook
---------------6c. Mary Belle Gibson (1881-?) married George H. Brock
----------6b. Agnes Amanda Gibson (~1843 PA-1864) married Andrew J. Howe
----------6b. Maria Antoinette Gibson (~1847 PA-) -- died young (genealogy has her also born in 1843 and also died in 1864?)
----------6b. Sarah Elizabeth Gibson (~1852 PA-1930) married Charles Blystone
---------------6c. Mabel Blystone (1872-?) married Benjamin J. Jarrett
---------------6c. Nellie Blystone (1876-?)
-----6a. Priscilla Gibson (~1811 PA-5/26/1885 Philadelphia,PA) married Thomas Watson (1810 MD-4/10/1887 Philadelphia,PA) on 4/21/1845 (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------6b. (stepdaughter) Anna Watson (~1839 PA-)
----------6b. Emma L. Watson (~1846 PA-)
----------6b. William J. Watson (~1847 PA-)
----------6b. Amanda Watson (~1850 PA-1850s Philadelphia,PA) -- died young
----------6b. Thomas Stordy Watson (9/2/1854 Philadelphia-5/29/1928 Philadelphia) married (1) Unknown and (2) Mary Conley (3/27/1868 NY-3/31/1922 Philadelphia) on 10/30/1899
-----6a. Harriet Gibson (~1813 PA -? Philadelphia?) -- never married (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)(wrong age on 1850 census)
-----6a. Hazlett Gibson (10/27/1814-10/23/1879) married Uree Bonner Cadwallader (10/9/1816-2/18/1890) on 1/24/1839 (DAR marriage year of 1859 is wrong)(census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------6b. Maris Gibson (10/30/1841-6/20/1911? 1900?) married Ellen Amelia Rhodes (9/18/1840-?) on 9/7/1864
---------------6c. Alice Gibson (1866-?) married William H. Shepherd
---------------6c. Ina Gertrude Gibson (1868-?) married William R. Toomb
---------------6c. Eleanor Uree Gibson (1876-?) married Fred D. Vincent
----------6b. Priscilla Gibson (~1843 PA-)

7. Moses Gibson (born after 1768; died after 1794 but before 1816?). The 1788 will mentions "if my Son Moses should Die before he comes to the age of twenty one his portion is to Come to my Son Thomas and James all excepting(?) twenty pounds to my daughter Elizabeth and forty(?) pounds to my daughter Mary Britton", so Moses was born after 1768. On June 14, 1794 his stepmother Elizabeth Gibson signed a quitclaim deed for 225 acres to Moses and his brother James, and on June 16 they conveyed the house back to her. There is no deed that showing a transfer of the property to James before James' death in 1816; perhaps Moses had died?
--Naming of a son Moses supports a Chester-Quaker link; the Philadelphia Quaker John Gibson (1676-1751) is known to have named a son Moses (~1705-1764) who married Quaker Elsie Janney in Bucks in the 1730s. No other Gibson branch at this time is known to use the name Moses. It is thought that Robert Gibson could be a grandson of this John Gibson, and named a child after this uncle Moses -- see Gibson Tree. Moses Gibson is an unusual name, and naming traditions were strong.
-----7a. It is assumed he died young in the 1790s/1800s, never married and without issue.

8-10. three more children? according to DAR file; but these must have died prior to his 1788 death.

Robert had two children by second wife Elizabeth Unknown (the widow Keith) (Jean and Robert were mentioned in the will as "youngest children")(Census for Elizabeth: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820)(she moves to Ohio with her two youngest children in the 1810s and dies in the 1820s):

11. (stepson) John Wilson (it is assumed that the John Wilson who became the guardian of Samuel Keith upon Robert Gibson's death was a son of Elizabeth Gibson from her first marriage); there may be other Wilson stepchildren.
12-13. (stepchildren) William Keith and Margaret Keith (see footnote)
14. (stepson) Samuel Keith (~1779-) -- according to Keith Genealogy Book he was "provided a guardian upon William's death (see footnote). Accounting of this administration was complete in 1805." (page 167) Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keeth Families in North America Author: Keith, Laurence A., ed. Publication: Gateway Press: Baltimore, MD, 1997. Also, stepson Samuel Keith (b.~1779) is not mentioned in Robert's will, probably having been well provided for by William Keith in 1781; Robert Gibson did "will a Certain Bond of one Hundred and Thirty seven pounds Sixteen Shillings that is against John Keith" and that "if it should suit my wife and my three sons for her to go and Live in the House where John Keith now Lives that is to Say Thomas James and Moses they are to put it in good Repair so as Shee Can Live Comfortably and to be Subported in the Same Manner and further it is my will that the yearly Interest of the above Mentioned Bond that is against John Keith is to Come into the Hands of my three sons Thomas James and Moses to help to pay debts and Charges for seven years after my decease it is to Come into the Hands of my wife both princable & Interest. (census: 1800)

15. Jane/Jean Gibson (2/4/1784 Bucks,PA-11/21/1838 Butler,OH) married Abner Torbert (12/11/1780 PA-12/22/1855 Butler,OH) on 3/27/1805 in Newtown,Bucks,PA (the son of James Torbert and Hannah Burley/Burleigh) (census: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830?, 1840, 1850)
-----15a. Elizabeth Ann Torbert (12/27/1807 PA-1/11/1876 Butler,OH) married (1) James Caldwell on 10/25/1825 in Butler,OH and (2) David Shaffer on 8/14/1851. (census: 1850)
----------15b. William Caldwell (~1830 OH-)
----------15b. Elizabeth Caldwell (~1833 OH-)
----------15b. Abner Caldwell (~1836 OH-)
-----15a. James Torbert (10/4/1808 PA-4/5/1877 Butler,OH) married Margaret Robeson (~1811 OH-) on 2/8/1832 in OH (census: 1840, 1850)
----------15b. Mary Torbert (~1832 OH-)
----------15b. John Torbert (~1840 OH-)
-----15a. girl Torbert born 1805-1810
-----15a. boy born 1805-1810
-----15a. Robert Gibson Torbert (4/8/1812 PA-8/3/1875 Parke,IN) married Mary Ellen "Polly" Robinson (1815 Warren,OH-1890 Rockville,IN) on 2/22/1838 in OH (census: 1840, 1850)
----------15b. William H. Torbert (~1840 OH-)
----------15b. Abner Torbert (~1842 OH-)
----------15b. Martha J. Torbert (~1845 OH-)
----------15b. Gibson Torbert (~1847 OH-)
----------15b. Mary F. Torbert (~1849 OH-)
-----15a. Anthony D. Torbert (9/4/1814 PA-10/7/1881 McLeod,MN) married Lucinda Robeson (sister of Margaret Robeson)(~1815 OH-) on 7/2/1839 in OH (census: 1850, 1860)
----------15b. William H. D. Torbert (~1840 IN-)
----------15b. James Gibson Torbert (7/24/1842 IN-12/21/1913 Minneapolis,MN) married Rowanna Pettijohn Woodbury (3/15/1845 Decatur,IL-1/24/1928 Los Angeles,CA) on 10/20/1870 in McLeod,MN
----------15b. Alice Torbert (~1848 OH-)
----------15b. Charles Torbert (~1851 OH-)
----------15b. Laura Torbert (~1853 OH-)
-----15a. Abner Torbert Jr (7/11/1819 Butler,OH-4/13/1875 Kossuth,IA) married Hester Ann Rogers Thomas (~1829 VA-) in 1848 in OH (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------15b. Margaret A. Torbert (~1854 IA-)
----------15b. James M. Torbert (~1855 IA-)
----------15b. Eliza J. Torbert (~1858 IA-) -- died young
----------15b. Adah Else Torbert (~1859 IA-)
----------15b. Florence May Torbert (~1861 IA-)
----------15b. Martha E. Torbert (~1864 IA-)
----------15b. Isa E. Torbert (~1866 IA-)
----------15b. William W. Torbert (~1869 IA-) -- died young

16. Robert Gibson (8/3/1787 Bucks,PA-4/6/1871 Hamilton?,OH) married Anna Hare (1785-8/23/1877) on 11?/8/1818 in Butler county,OH -- she was the daughter of John Hare and Anne (Nancy?) Torbert (Anne was the sister of Abner Torbert). (census: 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870)(Note that the 1870 census data has a column to check if the mother and father are immigrants; Robert did not check this for either parent)(write-up with picture)
-----16a. William Gibson (6/1819 Butler,OH-) married Hannah Unknown in 1850 (according to Veanna Carr) -- unknown (can't find on 1850/1860 census)(some genealogists state his birthdate as 11/1819 and his sister as 1819 also)(I did find a 1850 census for a widow Hannah Gibson with four young children, but this does not match with a marriage in 1850 and she lives in Ross not Butler -- if her maiden name is discovered and she is living next to relatives in 1850 and the marriage was in the early 1840s this could be a match.) The name of William is not confirmed.
-----16a. Elizabeth Ann Wilson Gibson (8/1820 Butler,OH-11/1892) married Baltis Ballagar Rusk (8/12/1811 MD-11/1893) in 2/1837 (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------16b. Amanda Malvina Rusk (11/10/1837 OH-)
----------16b. child Rusk -- died young?
----------16b. Robert G. Rusk (~1840 OH-)
----------16b. Ann E. Rusk (~1842 OH-)
----------16b. Branson B. Rusk (3/22/1844 OH-10/29/1924) married Leah Martin (4/25/1847-?) on 1/6/1867.
----------16b. Albert F. Rusk (~1846 OH-)
----------16b. Laura/Lucretia Clara Rusk (~1849 OH-)
----------16b. Flora L. Rusk (~1852 OH-)
----------16b. Ada J. Rusk (~1854 OH-)
----------16b. Calvin N, Rusk (~1857 OH-)
----------16b. Francis Marion Rusk (~1860 OH-)(twin)
----------16b. George Rusk (~1860 OH-)(twin)


ROBERT GIBSON first appears in Bucks County records on April 28, 1769, when he served as surety in two bonds for the appearance of Margaret Hart of Plumstead Township at court to answer charges brought by Abigail Brittain and Abigail Doan. His residence was also given as Plumstead Township. (Criminal Papers 2530, 2531)

Robert Gibson purchased 219 acres 150 perches in Plumstead Twp. on Sep. 2, 1771, from Joseph Brittain and his wife Abigail. (recited DB 56:424) It was located between the Easton Road and the Durham Road, south of Stump Road. Curly Hill Road ran through it. Since the March 21, 1770 will of John Brittain of Plumstead mentions his land abuts that of Robert Gibson, there must have been a previous land purchase the record of which had been lost.

However, the first known Gibson in Bucks is William Gibson, and his son William Gibson who was a "First Purchaser" in 1700. It is not known if Robert Gibson descends from these Williams or not; it is thought not, but this is far from certain. The lack of a son named William for Robert Gibson Sr is not definitive, as children by that name could have died young. First Purchaser records at PHMC (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Bureau of Archives and History, PA State Archives (Gibson, p.53)
-- No Britton, Doan, Frost, Maiden

Robert Gibson “Senr” took the oath of allegiance before Thomas Dyer on December 5, 1777. (OA, 19) On a Plumstead tax list of 1775, he is taxed for 150 acres of land, and he is one of two men named Robert Gibson taxed there in 1778. (BCTR 70, 84) In 1779 he was taxed for 200 acres, and then for 225 acres in 1781, 1782, 1783, and 1784. In all but the 1783 list he is designated as “Sen.” In 1783 he was taxed for one “Negro Wench.” In 1784, the household of “Robert Gibson, Sen.” consisted of seven whites and one black. (3PA13: 70, 160, 273, 371, 461; ms tax lists, SL) In 1785 and 1786, he was taxed for 200 acres. (The “Negro Wench” is again noted in 1786.) He was listed for 150 acres in 1787 and 1788. (ms.)
-----The known family members in Robert Gibson Sr's home in 1784 are: Robert ~60s, Elizabeth ~40, Jane (infant), (stepson) Samuel Keith ~5, Moses ~11-15, James ~18, Thomas ~19, Mary ~20. Perhaps this was before Jane's birth on 2/4/1784, or perhaps James and/or Thomas was living and working on another farm.

This is a privately-published typewritten 1934 book by James Steward Gibson about Robert Gibson Sr, but imputes the officer service in the Revolution to him, as well as the shooting of Moses Doan, and does not mention Robert Gibson Jr. It is primarily a genealogy for descendants of Robert Gibson Sr's son James. Since Robert Gibson Jr died before his father without issue, there are limited records for him, and it is not surprising that all Bucks records were ascribed to the father; but there clearly was a Robert Gibson Jr in Bucks during the Revolution, and there are three period documents that indicate it was Robert Gibson Jr not Sr who was the officer and the shooter of Moses Doan (see research -- John Dyer's diary, affidavit, state military registration card -- see the "Miliary records" paragraph immediately following this section). It should be noted that all genealogists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries assumed Robert Gibson Sr was the Captain -- not just James Stewart Gibson, but also General Davis and Warren Ely of the BCHS. It should also be noted that James Stewart Gibson apparently did not have access to Robert Gibson Sr's will (e.g., no mention that daughter Mary married a Britton). He set the new tombstone (picture above) with a memorial service in 1934, and started The Captain Robert Gibson Memorial Association (1936 letter; 1934 genealogy; 1976 letter -- with a BIG THANK YOU to Joan R. Gibson for these special documents! :))
Author Gibson, James Stewart, 1867- Title A family record of the descendants of Captain Robert Gibson, 1734 (ca.)-1788, of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, compiled by J. Stewart Gibson ... Imprint Montclair, N.J., 1934. Details Description 3 p. leaves, 18 numb. leaves. 29 cm. Note Mimeographed. Subject Gibson family. Gibson, Robert, ca. 1734-1788. LCCN 36030621 Research Call Number APT p.v. 34 (at NYPL)

• Deep Run Pres Church, 5 mi north of Doylestown, ceremony at high noon on Oct 13, 1934. 200th anniversary of birth of Captain Robert Gibson. 8 yrs to military service during American Revolution, and rose from ranks to serve as captyain for four year. unveiled native granite boulder bearing a bronze tablet with the inscription, "To the memory of Capt Robert Gibson, Pioneer, Patriot, Soldier, erected in 1934 by proud descendants."
• compiled by J. Stewart Gibson, genealogist, 22 Clinton Ave, Montclair,NJ -- June 1, 1934
• Robert Gibson was born ~1734 (accepted by DAR) probably in VA, though he may have migrated thence from Scotland via North Ireland. Records indicated that he migrated from VA to Bucks in the 1760s. unknown first wife -- children Eliz ~1758, Thomas, James 1767, Moses, John, Mary. In 1783 married Elizabeth, the widow of Samuel Keith, by whom had 2 more children: Jean and Robert b.1787.
• he settled in Plumstead before 1770 -- DB #27, p.561 -- land is situated on the Curley Hill Road about 7 miles n of Doylestown.
• records in Augusta,VA say Robert Gibson to PA in the list of "insolvents and Deliquents" for persons who had failed to pay tithes for the support of the Established Church.
• Military service: Aug 1775 -- member Capt Wm McCalla co - Bucks co associated. captain March 9, 1779. recommissioned Captain May 10, 1780 serving under Col Archibald McElroy and under Col. Robert Robinson -- PA Archives, 2 series vol XIV, p 182, 190, 206; 5th servies vol V 368, 377, 443.
• relentless in pursuit of notorious band of outlaws, leader Moses Doan met death at his hands.
• maried Apr 3, 1783 in Pres Church at Newtown. Elizabeth widow of John Wilson and widow of Samuel Keith.
-----1. Elizabeth Gibson - 1758-10/16/1820. m. 1/11/1775 Samuel Armstrong. Epitaph - Deep Run, d. 10/16/1820 age 62 [so supposedly born ~1858 and was 16 upon marriage to Samuel Armstrong -- I (DLH) think this tombstone was misread due to its age and was more likely 67 or 68]
---------- Jesse Armstrong, b.1794 c. 10/12/1876, m. Eliz Mathias (11/24/1807-9/26/1891) -- children Enoch Mathias (10/3/1839-10/14/1910) and ?????
---------- unknown Armstrong
---------- unknown Armstrong
-----2. Thomas Gibson m. Eleanor Verity
-----3. James Gibson 1767-9/2/1816, m. 4/14/1795 at Second Pres Church in Phila Priscilla Evans dau of Daniel Evans and Martha James d.~1845. His epitaph -- died 9/21/1816 in 49th year of his age.
---------- Charles, died 1816, had daughter Louisa
---------- Andrew had children Hart, Jackson, Anna and Belle
---------- Moses had children William, Robert, Louisa, Letitia and Emily
---------- Mary, 1803 m.Francis Armstrong Wilson, b. 1792 d.1874 migrated to Crawford co, OH prior to 1830, children James 1819, Mary 1821, Hazlett Ely 1823, Ann Amanda 1825 and Priscilla Jane (7/26/1827-4/3/1851 -- spinster), Hugh, Francis Elliott b.10/23/1835 and Harriet Jane b 1837
---------- Robert
---------- David
---------- James B. 7/23/1808, d. 6/17/1868 in Meadville, PA migrated to Crawford co PA in 1836. m. 3/3/1836 at Eason Pa Charlotte Caine Vail (4/16/1813-11/7/1903) children Lycurgus 1837, Rachel Jane 1839, Wilmost Byron 1841, Agnes Amanda 1843, Marie Antoinette 1847, Sarah Eliz 1852
---------- Priscilla m. Thomas Watson ~1846 children William, Thomas and Emma
---------- Hazlett 1814 (twin) d. 10/23/1879, m. Uree Bonner Cadwallader (10/9/1816-1890) children Maris 1841 and Priscilla 1844
---------- Harriet 1814 (twin)
-----4. Moses
-----5. John
-----6. Mary
-----8. Robert Gibson Jr, b.8/3/1787 d. 4/6/1871, m. Anna Hare
---------- Eliz Wilson Gibson (11/2/1819-11/1892) m. Branson B. Rusk on 2/8/1837 -- children Gibson, Melvina, Anna, Frank, Branson B Jr 1844, Luke, Addie, Flora, Clara, and twins George and Marion.
Note that there is more information on subsequent generations.

Note that this branch of the Gibson family states that Robert was from Augusta county,VA, ("records in Augusta,VA say Robert Gibson to PA in the list of "insolvents and Deliquents" for persons who had failed to pay tithes for the support of the Established Church"). Unfortunately his son Robert died prior to the 1880 census which would have specified his father's birthplace; his 1870 census data does not mark his father as foreign-born, and this is the only confirmation found of an American birth for Robert Gibson Sr. Augusta county was formed out of Orange county in 1738; the settlers in the 1710s were German, the settlers after 1734 were non-Germans from other states and primarily from PA. Ann Gibson Britton was from Frederick county,VA. Both Augusta and Frederick counties were formed out of Orange County. Ann Gibson Britton's heritage is known to be Quaker. Jesse Britton's heritage is thought to be Quaker. It is my (DLH) working assumption that Ann's father (Jacob?) and Robert Gibson Sr were brothers, both born in PA, and that their ancestors emigrated to PA because they were Quaker. Unfortunately, early PA Quaker records (1720s-1730s) have not been located (it appears that record-keeping was spotty in the early days). Then both brothers migrated to VA, with Robert Gibson Sr migrating back to PA.

Military records -- DAR #A044861 -- Service Source: PA ARCH, 2ND SER, VOL 14, P 182, 196, 206; PA ARCH, 5TH SER, VOL 5, P 331, 337, 443 Service Description: 1) ALSO PVT, ENS: CAPT WILLIAM MCCALLA; 2) LCOLS ARCHIBALD MACKILROY, JAMES MCMASTERS SAR #37749, 23798, 25778. References: Pennsylvania Archives -- 2nd series, vol XIV, p.182, 190 [should be 196], 206, and 5th series, vol V, p. 368, 369, 377, 443. #37749, submitted by John A. Gibson of Butler,PA, superintendent of schools, on 1/12/1923, states Robert Gibson was born 1720 in Ireland, documentation unknown; other two do not list a birthdate or a birthplace.
PA archives, series 2, vol 14, p.182, p.196, p.206
PA archives, series 5, vol 5, p.331, p.332, p.337, p.368, p.369, p.370, p.371, p.372, p.375, p.376, p.377, p.443, p.444
It is possible the service as a Sergeant in Captain Samuel Watson's Company in 1776 is for the Plumstead Robert Gibson Jr, and is not included in the DAR list; or this may be a different Robert Gibson in Pennsylvania.
Note that only a couple of the lists differentiate a Sr and a Jr -- when they are both in the same company. The records for Captain Robert Gibson do not mention Sr or Jr or an age. In the 1870s-1920s, the Bucks County historians (General Davis and Warren Ely) assumed that Sr was the Captain. This assumption was then carried forward on the SAR/DAR applications. While Robert Gibson Sr was a patriot, he was only an enlisted man and not an officer; the period documentation confirms that Robert Gibson Jr was the Captain. This correction was first made by Terry McNealy, historian at the Bucks County Historical Society in the 21st century:

1. John Dyer's 1787 diary that specified that Captain Robert Gibson Jur died on March 7, 1787
2. 1783 deposition by Captain Robert Gibson after the shooting definitely identifies him as Captain, Junior, the shooter, and the tavern-owner (I am searching for a copy)
3. On the Pennsylvania State Archives website's Militia Officers Index Cards, 1775-1800 Indexes, there is a card for Robert Gibson which is listed with a death date of 7 March 1787. Gibson's card specifies he was Captain of the 2nd Bn 1777-1780 and of the 3rd Bn 1780-1783. While it does not mention Sr or Jr, it does have Jr's 1787 deathdate written in and not Sr's 1788 death date. It is not certain when this index card was typed, and when the handwritten date was added, and what source was used.
4. There is no period document that specifies Sr was the Captain.

This record belongs with the marriage record for John Gibson of Phiola [Phila?] and Rebecca Jones of Doylestown in 1828. This record and information from a descendant confirms that John was the immigrant, and was from Ireland, and does not belong to our Robert Gibson Scottish tree.
Philadelphia death records: Name: Rebecca Gibson Birth Date: 1829 Birth Place: Doylestown, Pennsylvania Death Date: 25 Sep 1914 Death Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Age at Death: 85 years 20 days Burial Date: 28 Sep 1914 Burial Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gender: Female Race: White Occupation: None Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Marital Status: Single Father: John Gibson Father's Birth Place: Ireland(Note it is not positive that this Rebecca and her father John fit in this Gibson tree, and where they belong. Her birth in Doylestown makes it seem likely they do. Her father's census data 1850 p.2 and 1860 state his birthplace as Pennsylvania and Ireland respectively. If she is confirmed as belonging to this tree, it would confirm that Robert Gibson Sr was the immigrant likely in the 1760s. Her parents marriage record states "1828 John Gibson of Phiola married Rebecca, d. of Ephrain Jones of Doylestown." indicating that John lived in Philadelphia, and it may be only the Jones that had a connection to Doylestown, and this is not a part of this tree.) Mother: Rebecca Jones Mother's Birth Place: Doylestown, Pennsylvania FHL Film Number: 1429055

Deep Run "Irish Meetinghouse" (rebuilt 1841), the Presbyterian church cemetery where Robert Gibson is buried
Captain Robert Gibson tombstone - picture taken ~2000s by Steve Nagy
From: [] Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 8:01 PM To: Subject: Research Records? Could you please tell me how long your Church has been in existence? I am searching for records regarding Robert Gibson, who was buried in the cemetery of Presbyterian Church of Deep Run in 1788, according to a DAR Chapter project. If that is your church, do you have baptism records? I'm trying to find a marriage record for Robert, who married Elizabeth Keith, and birth and baptism records for their 2 children, Jane and Robert. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated, and I'd be most happy to reimburse for any cost involved. Thank you, Kay From: "Deep Run Pres Office" To: Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 12:03:36 -0400 Subject: RE: Research Records? Hi Kay, We do indeed have a Robert Gibson in our cemetery. Descendants added a marker in 1934: “Pioneer Patriot Soldier.” There is also a Robert – death date 9/21/1816 49y and a G. Gibson – death date 1815). I copied a bit from one of our publications that may give you a little of our background. Unfortunately the church was inactive from the early 1900s until it was reopened in 1956. All records from the early years would have been sent to Presbytery. The Presbyterian Historical Society ( may have the information you are looking for. - Besse Brindle, Administrative Assistant, Presbyterian Church of Deep Run IRISH MEETINGHOUSE The Irish Meetinghouse of the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run is steeped in Bucks County history, beginning over 200 years ago when Scots-Irish immigrants settled in Bedminster. The first church building erected—probably around 1730—was a log structure at the east end of the graveyard. As the congregation grew, there was a need for a new sanctuary. In 1770-71 a lottery was raised to build a stone meetinghouse and parsonage. The lottery was quite successful and a stone church was built, complete with a walnut pulpit and sounding board. By 1840 though, the stone meetinghouse was in such disrepair that the building was taken down and a new house of worship erected. A historical marker, placed on the Irish Meetinghouse to commemorate this event, reads, "Rebuilt 1841." Repairs and improvements to the structure and adjacent grounds continued over the next 150 years. In 1991 the Irish Meetinghouse was restored, both to address safety issues and to preserve its historic value. Today Christians from all walks of life still come here to worship God within the serenity of its historic walls.
--The Robert Gibson (1767-1816) and the G. Gibson (?-1815) are unknown; particularly the Robert Gibson record is of concern. I think the 49y designation is in error (perhaps read from a worn tombstone or an illegible handwriting on a record), and these were both children who died young -- Thomas is known to have a son Robert born 1788-1798, after his father's will in was written on 4/24/1788 and proved on 8/22/1788. On 9/21/1816 he would be 18-28 years old; perhaps the 49y designation is incorrect. G. Gibson's age at death was not listed, and he could easily have been a child or even infant. Note that these are not the two sons of James born ~1799 known to have died prior to 1810. -DLH

Court Records
-- 4/28/1769 -- Robert Gibson served as surety in two bonds for the appearance of Margaret Hart of Plumstead township at court to answer charges brought by Abigail Britton and Abigail Doan. His residence was given as Plumstead township.
-- 12/1780 -- Robert Gibson cited as witness to a theft of Continental bills by Patric McCarty from Henry McDowell, and was subpoenaed to testify on 3/13/1781. (McNealy thinks this is Jr)
-- 9/1781 Robert Gibson a witness regarding Joseph Fenton FB with Martha Erwin of Warrington BI (McNealy thinks this is Jr.)

Tax Records
-- Robert Gibson (Sr) is not on extant tax records for 1759, 1761, 1762, 1763 or 1764, so he moved to Plumstead ~1765-1768 (or had not purchased land yet so was not taxable)

Land Records (see McNealy)
-- 9/2/1771 -- Joseph Brittain and wife Abigal sold 219 acres, 150 perches to Robert Gibson "of Plumstead"
-- 3/14/1775 -- Robert Gibson Jr purchased the Plumsteadville Inn and 30 acres of land at sheriff's sale. He obtained a tavern license in Plumstead in June 1775.
-- 2/1779 -- Robert Gibson Jr bought two lots from Aaron Hunter and his wife Mary.
-- 12/18/1790 -- Thomas Gibson sells his share of 231 acres, 155 perches to his brother James for £275
-- 6/14-18/1794 -- Elizabeth Gibson quit claim to her stepsons James and Moses for 255 acres, 155 perches for £180; James and Moses Gibson sell 102 acres, 29 perches to stepmother Elizabeth for £714; Jane Gibson and Robert Gibson Jr (by their guardian Joseph Thomas) quit claim to James and Moses Gibson for 123 acres for £130
-- 5/6/1816 -- Elizabeth Gibson sold her son Robert Gibson the family house, 102 acres, 29 perches for $4000; it was located on Curly Hill Road and its northeastern boundary was Ptter's Lane.
-- 2/2/1822 Robert Gibson of St. Clair twp, Butler County, Ohio and his wife Ann sold 87 acres, 71 perches to John Wilson.
-- 2/26/1827 Robert Gibson of Fairfield twp, Butler County, Ohio and his wife Ann sold 12 acres in Plumstead to Henry Wisner and Andrew Shaddinger (both these sales are the 1816 property)
-- 6/1/1831 James Gibson's estate sells 6 acres, 136 perches to Abraham Wismer Jr for $311

From the Bucks County Wills Book No. 3 there are the following abstract entries for Gibson:
-- 1761 -- 3.95. Thomas Stradling of Newtown. June 7, 1761. Proved March 9, 1764. Wife Lydia. Children, Daniel and Joseph (exrs.), Elizabeth, Rebecca, Lydia, and Sarah. Children of deceased son Thomas. Son Joseph, plantation in Newtown between Timothy Smith and Barnard Taylor. Wit: Barnard Taylor, Mary Taylor, John Gibson.
-- 1770 -- 4.388. John Brittian of Plumstead Twp. yeoman. March 21, 1770. Proved May 2, 1785. Sons Nathaniel and Nathan exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William, Nathaniel, Nathan, Joseph and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth wife of Edward Morris, Anna wife of William Young, Hannah wife of Peter Cosner, Mary wife of James Lewis and Martha wife of Edward Poe. Lot adj. Peter Cosner and Robert Gibson. Wits: Joseph Michener and James Erwin.
-- 1788 -- 5.117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved August 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees.
-- 1811 -- 8.300. Mathias Sandham, New Britain Twp., yeoman. November 9, 1811. Proved August 13, 1812. Mother Rebecca Sandham and Thomas Morris exrs. Sister Anna wife of Barton Stewart. Wits: James Evans, John Gibson and David Evans.
-- 1814 -- 8.446. Eve Kepler, Plumstead Twp. June 4, 1814. Proved December 26, 1814. Ch. Elizabeth Luse, John Kepler and Jacob Kepler. Wits: George Rice and Robert Gibson. Sons John and Jacob Kepler exrs.
-----Note that the 1761 entry for John Gibson is most interesting. This suggests that John Gibson is Robert's father, and he died intestate in the 1760s. Bucks court records for the 1760s should be examined for any estate settlement; since Robert was born ~1720-1734, there likely are no orphan records.

John Dyer's diary 1763-1805 (FHC film # 192633 item 7)(not at LAFHC) -- John Dyer was born 11/1/1736 in Plumstead,Bucks and died in 1811 in Plumstead. There was a diary entry for Robert Gibson marrying Mary Britton 7/27/1775 and also an entry that Robert Gibson's wife was buried on 8/22/1777, and that Robert Gibson Jur died of a pluresy on 3/7/1787 -- it is not specified if the Robert Gibson whose wife died in 1777 was Robert Sr or Robert Jr; I could be Jr as it was his marriage mentioned, but then Robert Jr is known to be married to a Mary at the time of his death, which makes it more likely it is Sr. Robert Gibson Sr does remarry ~1783, so perhaps it is more likely that Sr was single for six years prior to marrying the widow Keith, and Jr's wife did not die at such a young age -- however, it is curious that Sr's second marriage is not also listed. Clearly the Captain Robert Gibson Jr who died of pluresy [pleurisy] in 1786 was the son; the father died two years later with his will written and proved in 1788. John Dyer is thought to be a Quaker who did not serve; it is thought the John Dyer in the same company as Jesse Britton, under Captain Robert Gibson was a relative (especially since he wrote virtually nothing about the war).
-----Robert Gibson mentioned on p.54 and 60; Robert Gibson Jr (d) p.75, Thomas Gibson on p.144, and Jane on p.179. Gibson index page
--1775, July 27 -- Robert Gibson marries Mary Britton (page)
--1776 December -- no mention made of George Washington in Plumstead at the Keith home, or the crossing of the Delaware or the Battle of Trenton.
--1777, August 22 -- Robert Gibson's wife dies (page). The entry does not specify her first name or whether the wife of Jr or Sr.
--1783, August 27 -- Major Kennedy wounded, then dies; robber Doan killed -- no mention that it was by Robert Gibson (page)
--1787, March 7 -- Captain Robert Gibson Jur died this morning of pluresy (page)
--1788 -- curiously no record of Robert Gibson Sr's death. But, then again, there was no mention of his marriage to Elizabeth Keith in 1783 either.
--1800, January 14 -- John Dyer had wanted Thomas Gibson to be the guardian of Jesse Dyer (page) -- this entry is curious in that Thomas Gibson cannot be found on the 1800 census. Perhaps he is living in a home enumerated under someone else's name or visiting somewhere else (e.g., Maryland or Virginia)
--1805, March 27 -- Janne Gibson married Torbert (page)
There were also several entries for the Britton family in 1767-1794 (links to original pages):
--4-13-1767. Benjn Brittan moved to my place
--2-22-1768. Mary & Samuel [Dyer] and B. Brittain set for Maryland [John Dyer's parents had moved to Maryland]
--3-5-1768. Brittain and Samuel came back
--11-9-1768. Ben Brittain moved for Virginia.
--10-20-1769 Benj. Brittain and his wife arrived at Plumstead from Virginia this day
--1-8-1770. Nathaniel Brittans Son had his Skull mashed to pieces by a kick from a horse.
--1-11-1770. I set off for the Great Meadows, the same day Nathaniel Brittains son Died of the Kick Recd a few days ago.
--3-25-1773. Jean Tyson Died of the Small pox at Joseph Brittains after she was published for marriage with Levi Fell.
--1-24-1774. Isaac Thomas married to Sarah Brittain this evening.
--9-29-1775. Nathaniel Brittain who fell in the well at Craigs old tavern some time ago and broke his Leg & other ways bruised himself was brought to the overseer of the poor of this township this day.
--1-19-1776. Nathaniel Brittain who had been under the Doctors hands for a long time Died last night
--9-10-1777. John Brittains Wife Died this Day I believe of a Cancer
--10-28-1784. John Brittain Departed this Life this Day, an aged man of good repute.
--10-22-1790. N. Brittain & J. Brittain moved to Virginia
--5-1-1794. Nathaniel Brittain on his way home to Virginia with Jesse Brittain.

Quaker Lancelot Gibson of Bucks and Chester. ADD IN INFO ON HIS FAMILY.
-----1723 May 28 - Lancelot Gibson witness to will, in Wrightstown or Middletown? -- will abstracts 1711-1749 by Brown
-----1731 - Lancelot Gibson of "Highland" near Wrighttown - Adm 1731.
-----1749 March term -- 90 acres of Lancelot Gibson estate in Wrighttown sold to Robert Smith by deed dated 4/9/1733. suit of Samson Cary recorded DB 8, p.82 -- Bucks county sheriffs deeds 1749-1776.
-- In the history of Bucks County, in 1720 Lancelot Gibson was one of several petitioners who wanted to enlarge the area of Wrightstown by adding to it a portion of the manor of Highland adjoining, in what is now Upper Makefield.
-- 2/10/1707 Lancelot Gibson married Mary Meadecalf

In the New London Presbyterian Church cemetery in Chester:
-- Margaret Gibson died 7/19/1812, age 83 (born ~1729)
-- John Gibson died 12/29/1814, age 80 (born ~1734)
-- Mary Gibson died 10/25/1792, aged 55 (born ~1737)
-- James Gibson died 7/7/1860 aged 79 (born ~1781)
-- Dorcas S. Gibson died 10/12/1862, aged 80 (born ~1782)
-- Anne E. Gibson died 1/14/1845, aged 30 (born ~1814)

Quaker records
-----Wrightstown MM: 1764, June 5, "spoke to John Gibson concerning his proceeding in marriage contrary to the discipline of Friends and of his driving a wagon with military stores to the Army."
-----Richland MM: 1794 Jan 16 Margaret Gibson having gone out in marriage

some old land records
-----1692 Dec 1 -- Richard Wheeler of Southton to John Budd of Bucks, Norris Gibson, witness
-----1700 Sep 22 -- William Allen to Gibbs of Philadelphia, John Gibson, witness
-----1703 March 10 -- Samuel Baker, yeoman, of Makefield township, Bucks to George Hayworth, laborer of Bristol twp, Bucks £22 250 acres, line of widow Musgrove & William Gibson ... George White devised to his son Joseph White who sold to said Samuel -- signed Samuel Baker, witnesses: Samuel Baker, Henry Hartley and John Cutler -- p.112
-----1715 Aug 6 -- lands bounding William Gibson in Makefield. -- will abstracts 1711-1749 by Brown
-----1752 March 17 -- John to Turner of Philadelphia, John Gibson, witness

Newspapers -- newspaper deaths for Gibson:
-----James Gibson of Plumstead, died Sep 22, 1816, age 50 (born ~1766)
-----John Gibson formerly of Doylestown, died Dec 3, 1828 (age unspecified)
-----Robert Gibson of Doylestown, died March 25, 1820, age 23 (born ~1796)
-----Thomas Gibson of Bedminster, died Feb 18, 1818, age 50 (born ~1767).

Wills in Bucks
-----1734 Mary Gibson was a witness to a will in Newtown.-- book of will abstracts for 1685-1785.
-----1745 land adjacent late Launcelot Gibson's in Buckingham-- book of will abstracts for 1685-1785.
-----1750 John Gibson was a witness to a will in Wrightstown.-- book of will abstracts for 1685-1785.
-----1750 December 1 -- Robert Gregg, yeoman, Fucks to William Allen of Philadelphia owes £97.6 356 acres line of Thomas Armstrong, Robert Clendenen & Robert Gibson, signed Robert (X) Gregg. Witnesses Alexander Stuart & James Kerr - Bucks county deed records 1684-1763 by John David Davis, p176.
-----1756 Joseph Gibson mentioned as a witness in Newtown. -- book of will abstracts for 1685-1785.
-----1761 - Gibson reference -- 3.95. Thomas Stradling of Newtown. June 7, 1761. Proved March 9, 1764. Wife Lydia. Children, Daniel and Joseph (exrs.), Elizabeth, Rebecca, Lydia, and Sarah. Children of deceased son Thomas. Son Joseph, plantation in Newtown between Timothy Smith and Barnard Taylor. Wit: Barnard Taylor, Mary Taylor, John Gibson.
-----1770 - Gibson reference -- 4.388. John Brittian of Plumstead Twp. yeoman. March 21, 1770. Proved May 2, 1785. Sons Nathaniel and Nathan exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William, Nathaniel, Nathan, Joseph and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth wife of Edward Morris, Anna wife of William Young, Hannah wife of Peter Cosner, Mary wife of James Lewis and Martha wife of Edward Poe. Lot adj. Peter Cosner and Robert Gibson. Wits: Joseph Michener and James Erwin.
-----1788 - Gibson -- 5.117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved August 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees.
-----1811 - Gibson reference -- 8.300. Mathias Sandham, New Britain Twp., yeoman. November 9, 1811. Proved August 13, 1812. Mother Rebecca Sandham and Thomas Morris exrs. Sister Anna wife of Barton Stewart. Wits: James Evans, John Gibson and David Evans.
-----1814 - Gibson reference -- 8.446. Eve Kepler, Plumstead Twp. June 4, 1814. Proved December 26, 1814. Ch. Elizabeth Luse, John Kepler and Jacob Kepler. Wits: George Rice and Robert Gibson. Sons John and Jacob Kepler exrs.
-----1791 -- Bucks Co. Orphan's Court Records 1685-1852; File # 1007 - Jun 13, 1791 - Robert Gibson, Plumstead Twp. Widow Elizabeth. Children Jane and Robert, under 14. Joseph Thomas appointed guardian.
-----1815 - Thomas Gibson -- Bucks Co Deed Dockets 1785-1857; Thomas Gibson of New Britain Twp., administrator to Eleanor Gibson (alias Eleanor Verity), acknowledges payment of estate by Nicholas Youngken, administrator of Jesse Verity, late of Springfield Twp, of dowry due Eleanor from estate of Jacob Verity. Bk 3, pg 180.....Jan 26, 1815

Church Records of 17th & 18th Centuries Vol 3 -
-----Wrightstown Monthly Meeting; Men's Minutes 5/6/1764 - Spoke to John Gibson concerning his proceeding in marriage contrary to the discipline of Friends and his driving a wagon with military stores to the army.
-----Richland Monthly Meeting; Men's Minutes - 16/1/1794 - Margaret Gibson having gone out in marriage.
--Given that the first records found was 1761 John Gibson as a witness, and this being a Quaker record for John Gibson in 1764, it indicates that the Gibsons were likely of Quaker heritage. The Margaret Gibson reference is not clear; I think this is a related family but not part of Robert's family -- "Richland Monthly Meeting was established in 1742 by Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting out of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. Its opening session was held in 11mo, 1742/3. In 1786, Richland was transferred to Abington Quarterly Meeting. After the Hicksite Separation of 1827, Orthodox Friends were attached to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. The Hicksite monthly meeting was the forerunner of the current Richland Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends." -- Richland is in Philadelphia; Wrightstown is in Newtown, so is likely "our" family -- "Friends began meeting in the home of John Chapman in 1686 and built the first log meetinghouse at this location in 1721. The present building was built in 1787." However, since John is getting married ~1764, he might be a brother to Robert Gibson Sr and not a father. Given that Robert Gibson Sr names his second son John, and is known to be in Bucks by 1769. -- more Quaker research needed; apparently the Wrightown meeting records were not included in the Cope books.

Tax Records in Bucks,PA: (more detail)(FHC: fiche--295762, 295763; FILM--295762 - Taxes 1777-1783, FILM--295763 - Taxes 1784-1789)
Note: you had to be 21 to be taxed, so Robert Gibson Jr being taxed in 1775 indicated he was born prior to 1755.
Bucks County Tax Records 1693-1778, compiled by Terry McNealy and Frances Waite, 1982.
Plumstead township taxes: 1731, 1731 or 1732, 1759, 1761, 1762, 1763, 1764, 1775, 1778.
--GIBSON, Gidion -- Solebury 1761 single man -- 9s
--GIBSON, Robert -- Plumstead 1775, 2 horses, 4 cattle, 6 sheep 150 land, 7 rent, 0-10-0; Plumstead 1778, 3-5; Plumstead 1778 2-10
--GIBSON, Robert Jr -- Plumstead 1775 Robert Gibson Jr 2 horses 2 cattle 0 sheep 30 land 5 rent 0-7-6; it it noteworthy that there were no 1778 tax entries for Robert Jr
--from George Cutler (lookups) -- Bucks Co. Tax Records 1693-1778; 1775 - Plumstead Twp. Robert Gibson - 2 horses - 4 cattle - 6 sheep - taxed 2 pounds, 19 shillings & 8 pence; and Robert Gibson Jr. - 2 horses - 2 cattle - 30 acres - taxed 3 pounds -- 1778 - Plumstead Twp. Robert Gibson - Tax - 3 pounds 5 shillings; and Robt. Gibson - Tax - 2 pounds 10 shillings
--GEBSON, John -- Plumstead 1778 1-10 -- maybe Gibson? no Gebson families have been found in Plumstead circa 1778. maybe a match to the John Gibson above? does this entry indicate he was married? This is less than a year after his father Robert Gibson Sr filed bankruptcy against him, and virtually cut him out of his August 1778 will -- does this argue for or against a match?
Note: Robert Gibson may have moved to Bucks sometime between the 1764 and 1775 tax lists; it is likely that all his children were married in Bucks as they would have been too young to have married earlier. It is known he lived in Bucks at least by 1771, where he is listed on the land deed as being "of Plumstead" -- unfortunately, it does not list his former residence (Cumberland or Chester/Philadelphia), and indicates he may have moved prior to 1771.
Britton: Only John and Joseph in the 1770s:
--BRITTAIN, John (Plumstead 1775 John Brittain 1 horse, 1 cattle 0 sheep, 30 acres 2-rent tax rates 1-4-0 on land and 1-0-0 on horse, etc. tax was 0-1-6; Plumstead 1778 John Britton 0-10. Plumstead 1779 John Brittain 78 acres 1 horse 1 cattle);
--BRITTAIN, Joseph (Plumstead 1775 Joseph Brittain 1 horse, 4 cattle 4 sheep 107 acres 6 rent tax 0-7-6; Plumstead 1778 Jos Britton 0-10. Plumstead 1779 Joseph Brittain 200 acres 4 horses 4 cattle)
Taxes in Bucks County for 1779-1783 (source) -- these are the taxes during the Revolution
          taxes for the year:1779178117821783
- - - - - - - acres - horses - cattle - servants in 1779-1782 - - - - - - - -amount of tax
Tax in Plumstead township:
John Brittain78 - 1 - 1 - 075 - 1 - 0 - 030 - 0 - 0 - 00.8.4
Joseph Brittain, still200 - 4 - 4 - 0100 - 2 - 5 - 0100 - 2 - 4 - 0 1.16.11
Jesse Brittainno entry in 1779100 - 1 - 0 - 0100 - 1 - 0 - 02.0.0
Nathaniel Brittain120 - 3 - 5 - 0no entry in 1781130 - 4 - 4 - 0 1.17.4
Rob't Gibson, Jr., no entry in 1779200 - 4 - 3 - 0 200 - 4 - 2 - 0 3.4.2
Robert Gibson, Sen., 200* - 2 - 4 - 0225 - 3 - 5 - 0225 - 3 - 5 - 0 4.1.0
Rob't Gibson, Sen., tavern 198* - 7 - 4 - 0no entry in 1781no entry in 1782no entry in 1783
Single men: Sam'l Britain 1.2.6
Single men: Jesse Brittain **
*Robert Gibson Sr had the highest tax in Plumstead in 1779 (48.6.0); no Robert Gibson Jr on the list, married or single in 1779
**weird: Jesse is definitely married and he is on the first part of the list as married; perhaps meant to be his brother Joseph?
Tax in Bedminster township:
And'w Armstrong100 - 3 - 6 - 0100 - 2 - 5 - 0100 - 2 - 5 - 01.12.0
Sam'l Armstrong97 - 2 - 4 - 0140 - 2 - 4 - 0140 - 2 - 4 - 01.12.6
John Armstrong97 - 2 - 3 - 0140 - 2 - 2 - 0140 - 2 - 2 - 01.12.6
Wm. Armstrong100 - 0 - 2 - 0no entry for 1781no entry for 1782no entry for 1783
Tax in Hilltown township:
Anna Brittain (estate in 1782)140 - 3 - 6 - 0146 - 2 - 3 - 0146 - 2 - 4 - 01.10.0
Elijah Brittain no entry in 17790 - 2 - 2 - 087 - 2 - 3 - 00.3.9
Tax in Bristol township:
Abram Brittain215 - 4 - 6 - 1215 - 4 - 10 - 1no entry for 1782no entry for 1783
Widow Britainno entry for 1779no entry for 1781215 - 2 - 5 - 10.8.9
Tax in Bristol Borough township:
Keziah Britainno entry for 1779no entry for 1781no entry for 17821.10.0
The tax was levied in the Old British money of pound-shilling-penny (£-s-d)(20 shillings to a pound, 12 pennies to a shilling) used 1066-1971.
Pennies were further divided into halfpence and farthings; multiple shillings made up florins and half crowns; shillings were also called bobs.

--Although some versions of the 1779 tax list state it is Robert Gibson Sr taxed for 198 acres adn a tavern, others indicate it is Robert Gibson Jr. The tax list indicates Robert Gibson Jr. was taxed on 30 acres in 1775.

Census data in Bucks:
1790: James Gibson, Jesse Britain (116), Joseph Britain (123), Joseph Britain (224), Nathaniel Britain (026), Thomas Britain (031).
1800: Elizabeth Gibson, James Gibson, John Britton
1810: James Gibson, Robert Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Joseph Britton, Nath Britton, Zephaniah Britton
1820 August: Valentine Gibson (no clue who this is; does not appear to be Thomas' family), Widow Gibson (this is Priscilla, James' wife), Zephaniah Britain -- Valentine has 3 boys under 10, 1 girl 16-25, 2 men 26-44, 1 woman 26-44, and 2 men over 45 in Middletown (a weird configuration for Thomas' family -- what happened to the two girls who would be 10-15 now?) -- Widow Gibson has 1 boy under 10, 2 girls under 10, 2 boys 10-15, 1 boy 16-18, 4 boys 16-25, and 1 woman over 45 in Plumstead.
1830: Andrew Gibson, Priscilla Gibson, Zephaniah Britain -- Andrew is James' son; Priscilla is James' widow.
1840: Andrew Gibson, Charles Gibson, Hazlet Gibson, James Gibson, John Gibson, Moses Gibson, Charles Britton, Dennis Britton, James Britton, William Britton, Benjamin Briton, Zepheniah Brittain -- the Gibsons are all thought to be James' children
Note: no clue who the Zepheniah Britton is either. From John Dyer's diary, it appears that all the Brittons but Thomas leave in 1791; perhaps John is Thomas' son, and Joseph, Nathan and Zephaniah are John's sons? Zephaniah is of Hebrew origins, and was a prophet in the old testament. Zephaniah Britton married Hannah Morris, and had a son Zephaniah who was living up to 1835, married Edith, and had two sons Benjamin and William who "removed elsewhere" according to the "Thomas family of Hilltown, Bucks County, PA"

"History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time (Volume 3)" by William Watts Hart Davis, 1905 - p.653-654. After a history, the book contains biographies of many Bucks citizens -- note that it was "Prepared Under the Editorial Supervision of WARREN S. ELY, Genealogist, Member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and Librarian of the Bucks County Historical Society, AND JOHN W. JORDAN, LL.D. Of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania." -- see note above about Warren S. Ely's request for information on Robert Gibson -- note that this book predates that request.
ANDREW J. GIBSON is one of the leading farmers of Upper Makefield township. The founder of the Bucks county branch of the Gibson family came from Ireland in the seventeenth century and settled in Plumstead township, where he took up a large tract of land. James Gibson, the grandfather of Andrew J. Gibson, was a farmer and lived and died in Plumstead. Andrew Gibson, son of James Gibson mentioned above, was born in 1800, in Plumstead township, and passed his life on the homestead. During the greater part of his life he was a Democrat, although an anti-slavery man, but on the breaking out of the civil war allied himself with the Republican party, to which he adhered during the remainder of his life. He married Nancy Ruckman, and they were the parents of seven children, three of whom are still living: Andrew J., mentioned at length hereinafter; Isabella, who is the widow of William Strimple, of Flemington. New Jersey; and Nancy, who is the widow of the Rev. Samuel Harrison, and resides with her sister in Flemington. Mr. Gibson, the father, died on the homestead in his eightieth year. He belonged to the church of his ancestors, which was the Presbyterian.
--Note by DLH: religious wars (Catholics vs Protestants) dominated the first half of the 17th century, and the second half by Louis XIV of France and the birth of an intellectual revolution -- modern ideas about nature, man and government. The 18th century is when the Scotch-Irish colonized Ulster,Ireland -- Scottish and English families who were Presbyterian and other protestant dissenters (Calvinist beliefs). Migration was predominantly 1710-1775, primarily to Pennsylvania, then spreading to Virginia, the Carolinas, and west. Although the 1650s marked the start of the Quaker migration, full-scale migration came in 1675 when the first full shipload of Quakers arrived and settled in West Jersey. William Penn became the proprietor of Pennsylvania in 1681, and immigration swelled to 23 ships with 2000 colonists in 1682, and 90 more ships in the next three years. By 1750, the Society of Friends was the third largest denomination in Britain's American colonies.
Andrew J. Gibson, son of Andrew and Nancy (Ruckman) Gibson, was born June 15, 1836, in Plumstead township, and received his education in the common schools. As a young man he was employed as a salesman by a Philadelphia publishing house, a position which he retained for several years and in which he was very successful. After his marriage he moved to Newtown, where he resided one year, being still employed by the publishing house, and in 1877 removed to the farm of his mother-in-law, in Upper Makefield township, giving from that time forth his whole attention to agricultural pursuit's. In 1881 he purchased, in the same township, the farm which has ever since been his home. In politics he is a Prohibitionist. He and his wife are members of the Presbyteran church. Mr. Gibson married, in 1876, Jennie M. Vanartsdalen, and they are the parents of two daughters, both of whom are at home with their father and mother — Nellie and Mary J. Mr. Gibson has now for twelve months suffered the great affliction of total blindness, his sight having gradually failed during the last nine years.
The paternal great-grandfather of Mrs. Gibson took up a large tract of land in Northampton township, which was later divided among his three sons, who lived and died on their respective farms. These sons were John, Isaac and Simon. John was the father of two sons, Francis and John, between whom he divided his farm. John removed to Richboro a short time prior to his death. Francis married Mary J., daughter of Adrian Cornell, and among their children was Jennie M., who became the wife of Andrew J. Gibson, as mentioned above. The Cornell family was founded in Bucks county by Adrian and Matchie (Hagaman) Cornell, who about 1735 purchased a tract of land in Northampton township from Pennington, a son-in-law of William Penn. Adrian Cornell and his wife came to Bucks county from Flatbush, Long Island, making the journey on a cart drawn by a team of oxen. The tract of land on which they settled was then known by the name of "Holland." They erected a log cabin and thus began their pioneer life in what was then a wilderness. Adrian Cornell was one of a large family, members of which are now to be found in all parts of the United States. The name has suffered many corruptions, being spelled in various ways. Not a few of those to whom it belongs use the form "Cornwall," and from this it is supposed that the family originated in England and was transplanted from Cornwall, in that country, to Amsterdam, Holland, and thence to the shores of the New World.

I, DLH, am leaning towards Robert being of Scottish-Quaker ancestry, coming to Bucks from Chester and emigrating in the 1600s, rather than Irish-Presbyterian ancestry, coming to Bucks from Cumberland and emigrating in the 1700s. Quakers were disowned in the Revolution for taking Oath of Allegiance, and for bearing arms:
1. No Cumberland records found to match up
2. Bucks genealogist/historian Warren Ely himself thought in 1918 that Robert was from Chester not Cumberland
3. the name link of Robert's son Moses to the Chester/Philadelphia Quaker line, with Quaker Moses Gibson (~1705 Philadelphia-1764 VA) who married Quaker Elsie Janney of Bucks in ~1733 (Gibson tree)
4. Robert's son Thomas Gibson married Quaker Foulke, and his daughter married Quakers
5. great-grandson Andrew J. Gibson (James' grandson) said they emigrated in the 17th century, consistent with the Quakers emigration of 1675-1750 to Pennsylvania; the Scotch-Irish emigrated in the 18th century 1710-1775
6. Plumstead settled in 1725 by Quakers (see below)
7. Robert Gibson himself testified that he knew the Doan outlaws since their childhood -- "I have known the prisoner Aaron Doan as proscribed in the Proclamation of the Honourable the Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania bearing date this Thirteen day September, 1783, and know'd him from his childhood having laboured for me some time & that he the said Aaron is the reputed son of Joseph Doan the Elder, of Bucks County in the State of Pennsylvania." Since the Doan brothers were born in Bucks in the late 1740s/early 1750s, it is thought he likely knew them from the 1750s (or early 1760s at the latest). The Doans were a prominent Quaker family with members in Chester and Bucks; there were no known Doans in Cumberland.
8. I think my Brittons in Bucks were from Quaker ancestors too (Cananuiel Britton -- 1610s England-1682 Chester) (Britton tree)

History of Plumstead: Plumstead was organized in 1725. English Friends pushed their way up into the woods of Plumstead, through Buckingham and Solebury at an early day, and were on the extreme limit of the tidal-wave of civilization that swep upward from the Delaware. One of the first to own Land in the township was Francis Plumstead, an ironmonger of London, who received a grant of two thousand five hundred acres from William Penn, in consideration of 50 pounds, dated the 25th of October, 1683. Early settlers: Clement and Thomas Dungan, John Basset, Thomas Brown, Henry Child, (in 1681, Henry Childs purchased 500 acres, which includes the Gayman Farms, from William Penn for 10 pounds. "Gayman Farm Tour Brochure") John Dyer, William Michener. On an old draft of Plumstead, drawn March 11, 1724, are marked the following land-owners, all located in the south-west part of the township, near the Buckingham line: Arthur Day, Henry Child, John Dyer, Richard Hill, Abraham Hilyer, Silas MacCarty, William Michener, John Earl., James Shaw, James Brown, Henry Paul, Samuel Barker, Thomas Brown, Jr., Richard Lundy, and H. Large. The Doanes came into the township, from Massachusetts, subsequent to the first settlers, and settled near the meeting-house, and Israel Doane was there in 1726. The sons of Joseph, who was a good citizen, became notorious in the revolution as tories and marauders, and those who were not killed or hanged had to flee the country. The old Doane homestead is now owned by Jacob Hagerty. On 2nd of October, 1728, Plumstead friends asked to have a meeting for worship every other First day, which was granted, and it was held at the house of Thomas Brown. The first meeting house was erected in 1729. The villages of Plumstead are: Gardenville, Danborough, Plumsteadville and Point Pleasant. Seventy-five years ago Gardenville was known as Brownsville.

Quaker records in Bucks (all films in LA):
FILM: 20707 - Middletown Monthly Meeting (formerly Neshaminy Monthly Meeting), Bucks County, Pennsylvania
FILM: 20707 - Makefield Monthly Meeting, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1797-1946
FILM: 20708 - Richland Monthly Meeting, Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1715-1948
FILM: 20711 - Middletown Monthly Meeting, Langhorne, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
FILM: 388579 - Births (alphabetical) and related deaths at Buckingham, Falls, Makefield, Middletown, Richland, Solebury, Wrightstown; List of original members to constitute the Bristol Preparative Meeting in 1788 including some deaths 1874-1885
FILM: 388579 - Bu 2F Marriages at Buckingham, Falls; History of Falls and subjacent meetings, County organization of Bucks Co., Copy of Bristol Borough tax book for 1785, Reminiscences, Bristol Borough assessment for 1746 & 1748, Memorandums taken on a visit to Pennsbury & other places by Messrs. Buck and Buckman; Marriages at Falls Monthly Meeting (cont.), Makefield, Middletown, Richland, Solebury, Wrightstown Summary Buckingham Meetinghouse is located in Buckingham Township near Lahaska; Falls Meetinghouse is in Fallsington; Makefield is in Upper Makefield Township east of Dolington; Middletown is at Langhorne; Richland is at Quakertown; Wrightstown is at Wrightstown; Solebury is in Solebury Township; Bristol is at Bristol. At the Separation in 1827 the Hicksites retained the meetinghouses and records; therefore the records are Orthodox up to 1827 and Hicksite after that date. Dates are difficult to ascertain, but seem to run from early 1700's to 1880 at least.
book: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, church records of the 17th and 18th centuries : volume 2, Quaker records: Falls and Middletown Monthly Meetings; Author: Wright, F. Edward.AUTHOR2: Watring, Anna Miller.; call#974.821 K2w v. 2
book: Early Friends families of upper Bucks : with some account of their descendants, historical and genealogical information about the early settlers in upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania; Author: Roberts, Clarence Vernon ; call#974.821 D2r.
Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol II, NJ and PA:
Falls Monthly Meeting (SE Bucks): no Britton, no Gibson
Philadelphia Monthly Meeting: Britton, Gibson
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting -- no individual records
Salem Monthly Meeting (NJ) -- no Britton, Gibson
Burlington Monthly Meeting (NJ): no Britton, no Gibson
note: no Buckingham (1720-1800), no Makefield 91720-1800), no Middleton (1683-1800), no Richland (1720-1800), no Solebury (1720-1800), no Wrightstown 91720-1800) records included in the PA/NJ book -- only Falls MM (1683-1800) -- published in 1994 by Anna Miller Watring. Chester County MM: Bradford MM (17xx-1800)), Goshen MM (1718-1800), Kennett MM (1686-1800), London Grove (1686-1800), New Garden MM (1718-1800), Uwchland MM (1718-1800) -- published by Martha Reamy in 1994-1998. Also, note that there are records for Exeter MM in Berks (1737-1800) -- published in 1993 by F. Edward Wright. William Wade Hinshaw's Pennsylvania Quaker Meeting Records also published in 1990 for Exeter (Berks), Frankford (Philadelphia), Goshen (Chester), London Grove (Chester), New Garden (Chester). John T. Humphrey published summary of vital records from PA MMs in 1994-1998.

EARLY FRIENDS FAMILIES OF UPPER BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA with some accounts of their descendants. Historical and genealogical information about the early settlers in Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania by Clarence V. Roberts, member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania and the Bucks County Historical Society, assisted by Warren S. Ely, Librarian of the Bucks County Historical Society, 1925.
The main families detailed in this 680+ page book are: Adamson, Ashton, Ball, Blackledge, Burson, Carr, Custard, Dennis, Edwards, Foulke, Green, Griffith, Hallowell, Heacock, Hicks, Iden, Jamison, Johnson, Kinsey, Lancaster, Lester, Levick-Bullock, Lewis, Lott, McCarty, Miller, Morgan, Nixon, Penrose, Phillips, Rawlings, Roberts, Shaw, Strawn, Thomas, Thomson, Walton and Zorns. Addenda include Ahston, Cahpman, Clothier, Edwards, Cadwallader, Hallowell, and Kinsey. Index includes many other families who marry into these families, such as Gibson and Britton.
-----Foulke Family. John Foulke, fifth child and second son of Hugh and Ann (Williams) Foulke, born at Richland, 12 mo. 21, 1722, and died there 5 mo. 25, 1787. He was, like his brother Samuel, prominent in public affairs and was a member of the Provincial Assembly from 1769 to 1775, from Bucks County, succeeding his brother, and serving until the Revolution. Like his brothers, Samuel, Thomas and Theophilus, he was disowned from Richland Meeting for taking the Oath of Allegiance, but ignored the disownment and remained a member. He had been made an elder in 1762. John Foulke married, 10 mo. 14, 1755, Mary Roberts, born 4 mo. 26, 1730, died 10 mo. 2, 1787, the daughter of Edward and Mary (Bolton) Roberts. The marriage of John's daughter Margaret Foulke to Thomas Gibson and their three children is documented as detailed below under Gibson.
Penrose and Foulke features prominently in the book.
-----Britton family: Deborah, Mary and Peter, p.417
John Phillips married at Chester Monthly Meeting in 1729 to Deborah Britton, daughter of Peter and Mary (Coppock) Britton. They lived in Bucks 1735-1742. This Britton branch is assuredly descended from the Quaker Cananuiel Britton of Chester.
-----Gibson family: John 139; Margaret 133, 139, 306; Mary 139, 310, 306; Robert 139; Thomas 133, 139, 306.
Margaret Foulke (Edward, Hugh, John) daughter of John and Mary (Roberts) Foulke, born in Richland 10 mo 17, 1768, married Thomas Gibson. Children: Mary (1791-3/9/1868) married Casper R. Johnson (see #28, chapter 24); John; Robert. [Note that there is no date for the wedding and no date for the births of John and Robert.]
Casper R. Johnson (Casper, Benjamin) son of Benjamin and Abigail (Roberts) Johnson, born in Richland 3 mo 28, 1791, died there 11 mo 24, 1825. He died intestate and letters of administration were granted December 12, 1825 to his brother Anthony Johnson, the widow Mary Johnson renouncing in favor of "our brother Anthony." He was a farmer in Richland and was possessed of considerable estate for so young a man. He married Mary Gibson, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Foulke) Gibson. She was born in 1791 and died at the resicence of her son Milton in Richland 3 mo 9, 1868 (see #125, chapter 16). Lists three childrenw tih birthdate, deathdates and marriages: Joseph, Milton and Gibson.
-----Note: Many families in the book mention moving to and from Berks County, and specifically the Exeter Monthly Meeting there -- this may tie in with Jesse Britton's birth in Berks in 1759.
-----Janney family: 75, 79, 229, 498. -- Sarah Worth (1740-8/20/1833) married (1) Thomas Janney of Middletown and (2) Stephen Twining of Wrightstown and (3) James Burson. William Roberts married Rebecca Pennington, born in Bucks 3/7/1764 and died in Chester 12/24/1841, who was a lineal descendant of Thomas Janney, an eminent minister among Friends in Bucks County, an intimate friend of William Penn, and a member of the first Provincial Council. -- The Janney family in Bucks is of interest to me as a Moses Gibson (~1705 Philadelphia-1764 VA) married Elsie Janney (1711 Bucks-1776 VA) -- he is known to be a son of John Gibson (1676-1751) of Philadelphia. The Bucks Robert Gibson's son Moses Gibson #7 above was born ~1770 -- I am trying to discern if this indicates that Robert Gibson of Bucks is descended from the John Gibson of Philadelphia; the name Moses Gibson is rare.
-----Armstrong Family: 481, 488, 537, 541. Howard Roberts, son of Richard and Julia (Fries) Roberts, married Carrie Armstrong (this was after the Civil War, so not of great interest). Elsie Strawn (11/24/1789 Somerset,PA-5/29/1871 Morris,IL) married Joseph Armstrong of Somerset,PA on 5/19/1871; they moved to Licking,OH in 1811 and IL in 1929. -- these do not appear to be relatives of Samuel Armstrong (1739-1828) husband of Elizabeth Gibson #2 above of Bedminster,Bucks.
-----Dyer Family: 89, 91, 93, 101, 229, 236. Esther Dyer (daughter of John and Jemima Dyer of Plumstead)(2/27/1772-3/15/1855) married John Michener. Lewis Dennis (4/22/1761-? Canada) married Mary Dyer. Israel R. Hallowell (4/12/1884-) married Marian Dyer in 1914. Note that John Dyer, father of Esther, is the author of the diary above -- indicating that the Dyers also had Quaker ties. John and Jemima had 13 children, 1769-1796.
-----Penrose family -- was originally from Yorkshire,England, went to Ireland in 1669, and to America in 1717, originally the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting and later at Marple, Chester(now Delaware) county -- the Middletown and Springfield meetings, and later the Richland meeting in Bucks.

Militia records -- FILM: 20449 - Bucks County militia, 1780-1822 Summary Includes a list of exempt men from Bensalem, 1781, and Capt. Dugan's Co., 1780; list of notes drawn (names of men) from various townships, 1783; uncollected nonattendants fines, 1781, 1783; muster roll of 1st Co. of 2nd Batt. of Philadelphia County; names of deliquents or those who were absent from muster, 1782-1784; exempt men, 1801-1802; absentees, 1789; records, 1822, of 4th Co. of 2nd Batt. of 98th Regiment commanded by Capt. John Earley, including absentees.

----------------------------More on Robert's second wife Elizabeth

More on Robert's second wife Elizabeth, the widow of Wilson and Keith: William Keith was born in 1714 in Londonderry,Derry,Ulter,Ireland and died 4/16/1781 in Upper Makefield,Bucks,PA and buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Newtown. The Stockton Family of New Jersey and Other Stocktons, Dr. Thomas Coates Stockton, 1911, Appendix "Other Stocktons", PG 241-242: "Yeoman, he bought a farm from the London Company for 1,761 pounds. He married 2nd Elizabeth Wilson, who afterward m. Robert Gibson, and survived him. She is named in the will of her husband, William Keith."; pg 243 has children of Margaret and Wm. Keith; son Samuel Keith had a guardian John Wilson, whose mother was Elizabeth Gibson. [It is thought this is wrong and John Wilson was his uncle, Elizabeth Gibson's brother.] *Virginia Jimenez, 12/90; from The Keiths of Bucks Co., PA, author unknown, "At the time of their arrival in America, the family was headed by the widowed mother, Martha Keith. Her husband is not known. They came sometime between 1732 and 1738. The father is known to be the uncle of the famous sea captain William Keith of Philadelphia (b. 1 737), also of Londonderry. Martha's children were William, b 1714; George b c1716; Samuel b c1721; a daughter b c1722; Martha, b 1724, and Isabella b c1726. William was of Upper Makefield, Bucks Co., Yeoman, when on 21 OCT 1748 he took out letters of admin. as the brother of Samuel Keith. He built his home on 231 acres purchased from the PA Land Co of London for 1761 pounds. The deed is dated 31 DEC 1761 and is recorded in Deed Book 21 at pg. 87, located on the south side of Jericho Mountain. Gen Washington made his house his headquarters in the winter of 1776. The property remained in the possession of the family for 133 years, being inherited by William's son John, who devised it to his sister Margaret's grandson, John Slack Keith, whereupon on his Executor, James Torbet Keith sold it in 1794 to Dr. John Paxson. *CC Neilson; Bucks Co. Tax records 1693-1778; William appeared continuously on the Upper Makefield Twp, Bucks Co., PA tax rolls from 1733 to 1781.
--William Keith Tombstone -- Birth: 1714, Londonderry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Death: Apr. 16, 1781, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
William came to America from Ireland with his mother as a small child, about 1717. He was in Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by 1733, and in 1737 he signed the petition to make Upper Makefield a separate township. William Keith's home in Upper Makefield Township, Bucks County, PA was used by General George Washington as his headquarters from Dec 14 - Dec 24, 1776, before the Battle of Trenton. It was described by W.W.H. Davis in 1880 as "a two-story, pointed stone house, 24 by 28 feet, built by William Keith in 1763.... At that time the front yard was enclosed by a stone wall. The property, containing 240 acres, and purchased by William Keith, of the London Company, nearly a century and a half ago, has never been out of the family. The situation, on the south side of Jericho mountain, is retired, and pleasantly exposed to the southern sun."
--Given that Elizabeth Gibson was having children in 1787, it is estimated she was born after 1742, so she was almost 30 years younger than her 2nd husband William Keith and probably 10-15 years younger than her 3rd husband Robert Gibson. The census data (1790, 1800, 1810, 1820) only tells us she was born prior to 1755.
--Some genealogists have her father's name as John Kennedy Sr. Wilson and her mother as Jennett Stinson, but this is likely incorrect. Her maiden name is unknown, so Stinson has not been disproved. In 1918 above, the Bucks County genealogist stated that Elizabeth was the widow of John Wilson of Tinicum prior to her marriage to William Keith; it is assumed she had at least one child John (guardian of her son Samuel Keith) by this first marriage. It is unknown if she married for a fourth time after Robert Gibson died. In any case, she married William Keith circa 1773 (probably about age late 20s) and Robert Gibson in 1783 (probably about age late 30s), and widowed for the third time in 1788 in her early 40s. Note that the book General Washington in Bucks incorrectly states that William Keith did not remarry after his first wife died; the Bucks County historian Warren Ely probably had the best information on this family from around 1905 -- he would have talked personally to Robert's great-grandson (James' grandson) Andrew J. Gibson.
--The 1800 census lists Elizabeth Gibson in Plumstead,Bucks,PA as over 45 with a boy 16-25, a girl 10-15 and a boy 10-15 living with her -- so I assume this is Jean Gibson, Robert Gibson and Samuel Keith, and Elizabeth did not remarry. She also appears to be listed in 1810 in her son Robert's home, and in 1820 in her son Robert's home in Ohio and next door to her daughter Jean Gibson Torbert; since she is not in Robert's home in 1830, it is assumed she died in Ohio in the 1820s.

----------------------------Information on Gibsons in Cumberland, PA

From Kay (Gibson) Hildebrandt in 2009 --
Donna, The Cumberland County Historical Society sent the Gibson File, the Flower file, graveyard info, tax info and some other odd things, from which I've figured out the following:
I think there were 3 Gibson brothers: John, Robert and James.
1. John's will was dated 1748, proved 1750. Wife Ann. Left bequest to wife, sister Mary, sister Margaret McFarlin (not in the U.S.), nephew Mathias Ferguson and daughter Mary. Mary had guardians Richard Nicholas and Allen LEEPER. Executors were Robert Gibson, John McClintock and Hugh THOMPSON.
2. Robert's will was dated 1754, proved 1756 (I think this is my Robert). His wife was Ann. He left bequest to Ann, sons Andrew and ROBERT (my Robert? I hope); daughters Jean, Martha, Ann. Executors were William Patton, Hugh THOMPSON and Andrew Givan. Daughter Ann was 16 in 1768 when she chose George Brown as her guardian.
3. James' will was proved 1758. Wife was Jean. Left bequest to wife, son William, son-in-laws John Elliott and Hugh THOMPSON (his will was listed in 1761. Wife's name was Mary); granddaughter Margaret Elliott and grandson James Beard.
These were all in Hopewell Township.
However, in Newton Township there was a William Gibson. His will was proved 1770. Wife Margaret, son Robert (left him 150 acres bounded by James Young and Andrew Gibson). Also made bequests to sons John, William, James, George, Gideon, Charles and daughters Janet and ANN. Executors were wife Margaret and Allen LEEPER.
[--note from DLH--there were two Robert Gibsons in Cumberland after 1754 -- Robert's son Robert and William's son Robert. However, since William's son Robert was left 150 acres in Cumberland, it is thought that the Bucks Robert Gibson would therefore be Robert's son. Also, since the Ann Gibson who married Jesse Britton was born about 1761, and is not a daughter of Robert, it is thought she might be the daughter of Robert's brother Andrew.]
The Flower Genealogy definitely lists John and Robert as brothers. But the fact that Hugh Thompson married Mary Gibson (daughter of James) and was executor for Robert leads me to believe James was also a brother or cousin? And Allen Leeper turns up as guardian for John's daughter Mary, and executor for William Gibson. Ann, daughter of Robert, would have been born in 1752. Ann, daughter of William, would have been born closer to 1770, because she was the last child listed, and his will refers to another unborn child. Don't know if this will help you, but thought I'd send it on. Kay
Note from DLH: It is noteworthy that all three of these wills were in the 1750s, prior to the time Robert of Bucks moved in the late 1760s/early 1770s. Robert was born ~1734, and it is possible that he is the son of Robert above (he did name his first 3/4 sons Robert, John and James), or of William in Newton. But it is also possible he was the son of Robert, grandson of John, of Philadelphia. Curiously, there is no Samuel found, with wife Elizabeth, who was mentioned by the Robert Gibson of Virginia genealogists as the father of the VA Robert Gibson from Carlisle. DLH 2012
From Pedigree Resource file at FHC -- this file has a lot of errors; for instance, it says that son Andrew married Elizabeth Carnes/Karnes in 1773 but had these children in 1750-1758. It also had children John (1726), Israel (1727), Hugh (1730), Mary (1732), and no Jean or Martha or Ann -- but usually this was for a Robert Gibson married to Mary McClellan. So the following information should be considered just a possible suggestion, requiring further research to prove:
--Robert Gibson born 1700 in Stewarts Town, Ulster, Ireland; died Derry Twp, Lancaster County, PA in 1754 -- spouse was Mary McClellan and children were Andrew and Robert.
--1. Andrew was born ~1724 in Ulster,Ireland and died 3/1/1783 in Antrim twp, Cumberland, with children Margaret Gibson (b. 1750) married unknown Parks; Thomas Gibson (1752-? Baltimore,MD) married ?; John Gibson (1754-5/13/1830 Xenia,Green,OH) married Martha Parks in 1773 in Hagerstown,MD; Jean Gibson (1756-?) married Dennis Long; Elizabeth Gibson (1758) married James Sterling.
--2. Robert was born ~1722 in Cumberland County, married Ann. Another pedigree file has him born 1700 in Chester,PA and died May 1756 in Hopewell,Cumberland,PA, married wife Ann Unknown in 1743, with 5 children: Andrew (1744), Robert (1746), Jean (1748), Martha (1750), Ann (1752). I believe these birthdates may be approximated off the known date of Ann's birth; if he was born ~1700, I think he may have been married before 1743, maybe to a first wife, and some of the children could be older.
William Gibson was born before 1705 in Tyrone,Ireland and died 1771 in Newton twp,Cumberland,PA (will -- his father was William Gibson and his mother was Jane Thomas. son Robert, of Hopewell,Cumberland,PA was born ~1723. 8/10/08 to dhay16301 The reason I think Cumberland is our Robert, is because his daughter Elizabeth was married there [NO - it was in Bucks, see below]. What father at the time would leave an unmarried daughter? If you are going to the library tomorrow, could I impose on your assistance? May I have a copy of the front page (giving title, author, publication date) of the Memorandum book of Rev Finley, and a copy of the marriage of Elizabeth Gibson and Samuel Armstrong? If Finley refers to any other Gibson, such as James Gibson, native of Scotland, death 1853, may I have a copy? What church did Rev Finley represent? I seriously doubt Robert was Quaker. He was buried in the Presbyterian Church of Deep Run Cemetery. Also, may I have a copy of the front page of the Cumberland County Court Records, date, author (compiler), and the pages that show Robert Gibson served as grand juror in 1758, on jury in 1760, grand juror in 1768 and 1772, 1774 and 1775, and the July 1773 page showing inhabitants of Antrim Twp petition of inhabitants of East Pennsbr and Middleton twps. Robert Gibson. I realize this is a great deal to ask, but if I have this information I think I can submit these proofs to Daughters of the War of 1812. If they verify this information, we will have pinned it all down. I'll gladly reimburse you for whatever these copies cost. Thanks, Kay
-----(from another email) David Haugaard was the Reference Librarian, and he could find no record of the birth of Elizabeth Wilson in Quaker meetings. He could find no marriage record between Robert and Elizabeth. He checked marriage records of Bucks County churches: Wrightstown, Richland, Buckingham, Makefield, Solebury, and Middletown monthly meetings; Neshaminy Presbyterian, Evangelical Lutheran at Tinicum, Southampton Baptist, Churchville Presbyterian, Hilltown Baptist. He also checked Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Swedes Church, Christ Church, First Baptist, First Presbyterian, St. James Protestant Episcopal, Abington Presbyterian, Third Presbyterian of Philadelphia or Montgomery County churches
-----Note from DLH: I am certain Elizabeth Gibson was married to Samuel Armstrong in Bucks and not Cumberland. The Armstrongs were from in Bedminster township in Bucks -- from "THE HISTORY OF BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, CHAPTER XXXV, BEDMINSTER, 1742 from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time by W. W. H. Davis, A.M., 1876 and 1905* editions." (online book) -- "William Armstrong, an early settler in Bedminster, was of Scotch-Irish descent, whose line can be traced back to John Armstrong, chief of the border clan of that name, who was treacherously murdered by James V., of Scotland. His father was an officer at the siege of Derry, and William, with his wife, Mary, and three sons, immigrated from county Fermanagh, Ireland, to America, in 1736. Himself and wife were members of the Presbyterian church, and brought with them a certificate signed by 20 of their neighbors and friends testifying to their good character. He probably settled in Bedminster soon after his arrival, for we find that he built a mansion there in 1740, known for many years as the "Armstrong house," and he was one of the petitioners for the township in 1741. December 30, 1747, he received from Thomas and Richard Penn a patent for 300 acres of land on the south bank of the Tohickon, and in 1745 he bought 104 acres more, probably having possession several years before receiving the patents. William Armstrong is represented as a man of education and intelligence, of great physical strength, and an excellent swordsman. He died about 1785. He had five sons, Andrew, John, Thomas, James and Samuel. Of these, Andrew and James married Van de Woestynes, of Hilltown, John, the sister, and Thomas, the daughter, of Rev. Francis McHenry, then pastor at Deep Run, and Samuel a daughter of Robert Gibson. Thomas and Samuel served in the Revolutionary army, the former a lieutenant. Jesse Armstrong, of Doylestown, is a descendant of William Armstrong. " Therefore, Elizabeth Gibson and Samuel Armstrong were married in Bucks in 1775, not Cumberland.
--From Pennsylvania Vital Records, Vol.II: Memorandum book of Rev Finley -- Rev. John E. Finley, Fagges Manor,Chester,PA -- covers 1781-1787, is for Chester, not Cumberland, and does not include the 1775 Gibson-Armstrong marriage. Neither is this marriage or the Gibson-Britton 1775 marriage in the "Marriage Bonds of Bucks County, 1772-1785" or in the "Marriages from the Docket of Isaac Hicks, Justice of the Peace, Bucks County, 1773-1836. The listing is found on p.92 in "Pennsylvania Marriage licenses, 1769-1776" along with that of Robert Gibson and Mary Britton in July on p.96. Note that Robert's marriage was included in John Dyer's diary while Elizabeth's was not. 9/17/08 to dhay16301 Hi! This is like pulling teeth! I received the DAR Record copy on the individual who had submitted her application on Robert Gibson. She had also put Virginia as his birth place, and again, it was struck out by DAR and PA was written in. Robert and Elizabeth Keith were married at Newtown Presbyterian Church. First wife's name still unknown, but children by first wife: Elizabeth, born 1758, married Samuel Armstrong; Thomas married Eleanor Verily; James, born 1767, married Priscilla Evans; Mary married ? Bratton. By 2nd wife, Elizabeth Keith: Jane (Jean) born 4 Feb 1784, married Abner Torbert; Robert, born 3 Aug 1787, married Anne Hare. I looked at the will abstracts of Cumberland County, and I think the Robert Gibson of Hopewell may be the father. Robert Gibson of Hopewell died 1756, and left sons Andrew and Robert, daughters Jean, Martha and Ann. I'll order the will. Kay

1768 -- Dec 6 William Gibson

Cumberland County taxes:
Thomas Gibson - Cumberland, Middleton - 1751
Robert Gibson - Cumberland, Hopewell - 1751
William Gibson - Cumberland, Hopewell - 1751
Robert Gibson - Cumberland, Carlisle - 1762
John Gibson - Cumberland, Allen - 1762
Robert Gibson - Cumberland, Middleton - 1762
Thomas Gibson - Cumberland, Middleton - 1762
William Gibson - Cumberland, Hopewell - 1762
Ann Gibson - Cumberland, Hopewell - 1762
Andrew Gibson - Cumberland, Hopewell - 1762
Samuel Gibson - Cumberland, Hopewell - 1762
See also: Gibson records for Cumberland and Chester counties

--------------------------------Information on Land Grants for Robert Gibson of VA

State Land Grants for Revolutionary War Service
In Pennsylvania the term "donation lands" was used to designate bounty lands.
On 7 March 1780, the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, in an attempt to keep men in the fighting ranks as the hostilities dragged on, promised certain donations and quantitites of land to soldiers in the Pennsylvania Continental Line who served to the end of the war. The lands were to be surveyed and divided off at the end of the war. On 12 March 1783 the General Assembly reserved a tract of land in western Pennsylvania for the sole purpose of implementing the resolve. The donation lands were bounded on the east by the Allegheny River, on the west by the Ohio border, and on the north by the New York border. The area comprised parts of the counties of Armstrong, Butler, Forest, Lawrence, Venango, and Warren; all of Crawford and Mercer; and that portion of Erie lying south of the triangle. Officers and men were allowed two years following the declaration of peace to make their applications. ... privates were awarded 200 acres; officer 250+ (captain 500, major 600, colonel 1000, major general 2000)... The last extension for filing applications expired 1 April 1810.
Claims to donation lands were published in the Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, volumes III and VII. The former is An Account of the Donations Lands of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, Pa.; Clarence M. Busch, 1894) and the latter is Donation or Military Tracts of Land Granted the Soldiers of the Pennsylvania Line (Harrisburg, Pa.: Clarence M. Busch, 1896).
In addition to compensating its soldiers and officers with bounty lands, Pennsylvania set aside another tract of 720,000 acres north of Pittsburgh known as the Depreciation Tract. It was intended as compensation for the depreciation in Continental currency which the veterans had received. Pennsylvania accepted the certificates of depreciation as payment for lands in the Depreciation Tract. The depreciation lands are not truly bounty lands and are excluded from this index.
The Pennsylvania entries ahve been taken from the microfilm copy of the Department of Internal Affairs Index Patent Donation Lands 1780-1800.
--The states of Georgia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina either had no claims to transappalachian territory or relinquished their claims to the national government. Accordingly, their reserves for bounty lands lay within their own western borders.
--Connecticut compensated its citizenry with lands in Ohio if their homes, outbuildings, and businesses were destroyed by the British. The Nutmeg State seemingly awarded no bounty land for military service per se
--There were no Revolutionary War bounty land grants within the current borders of the southern states of North Carolina and Virginia. The former issued its bounty lands in its western lands which became Tennessee. The latter selected reserves for its bounty lands in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio before ceding its claims to the federal government. There were no Revolutionary War bounty land grants within the current borders of the southern states of North Carolina and Virginia. The former issued its bounty lands in its western lands which became Tennessee. The latter selected reserves for its bounty lands in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio before ceding its claims to the federal government.
Federal land grants
It is important to emphasize that the Continental Congress also made use of the policy of bounty lands. The index to those claims appears in the Index to Revolutionary War Pension Applications in the National Archives (Washington, D.C.: National Genealogical Society, 1976). The federal bounty land records are included in the National Archives micropublication, Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900, Series M804, 2,670 rolls. Abstracts of these files appear in the four-volume work of Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files (Waynesboro, Tenn.: The National Historical Publishing Company, 1990-1992). The federal government likewise selected a reserve in the Northwest Territory where bounty land warrants could be used to locate land. The U.S. Military Tract in Ohio encompassed portions or all of the counties of Coshochton, Delaware, Franklin, Guernsey, Holmes, Knox, Licking, Marion, Morrow, Muskingum, Noble, and Tuscarawas. These records appear in the micropublications U.S. Revolutionary War Bounty-Land Warrants Used in the U.S. Military District of Ohio and Related Papers (Acts of 1788, 1803, 1806), Series M829, 16 rolls, and in Register of Army Land Warrants Issued under the Act of 1788 for Service in the Revolutionary War: Military District of Ohio, Series T1008, 1 roll. Since the federal land grants are readily accessible via these sources, they are not included in this work.
NOTE: With the exception of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the other states permitted qualified veterans and/or their dependents to receive bounty lands from both the federal and the respective state governments. Accordingly, there may be relevant bounty land files for soldiers in the Continental Line at both the federal and state levels. While New York made some adjustments, double dipping was the norm in the other states.
--Robert Gibson, warrant ID -778.0, was awarded 200 acres for 3 years of service on the Virginia State Line, 6/10/1783, rank of corporatl, authorized VA7350 (image) -- this may be the Carlisle Robert but is not the Bucks Robert.

---------------------------------Information on Torbert Family in Bucks

"History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time (Volume 3)" by William Watts Hart Davis, 1905 - p.653-654. After a history, the book contains biographies of many Bucks citizens -- note that it was "Prepared Under the Editorial Supervision of WARREN S. ELY, Genealogist, Member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and Librarian of the Bucks County Historical Society, AND JOHN W. JORDAN, LL.D. Of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania." -- page 724:
THE TORBERT FAMILY of Bucks county is descended from Samuel Torbert, who came to Pennsylvania in 1726. from Carrickfergus. Ireland, and located at Newtown, Bucks county. His family sought refuge in Ireland during the religious persecutions in Scotland and, when the same contest of argument and arms that had wasted Scotland sprang up in Ireland, he joined the many Ulster- Scots who poured into this country after the period of Antrim evictions in Ireland. He was for some years associated in the tanning business at Newtown with John Harris, Anthony Teate (Tate) and David Lawell, all compatriots of his, and purchased of the London Land Company a tract of land in Upper Makefield township, which he named Sylvan Retreat, and which remained the property of his descendants until 1873. being owned by his son James Torbert, his grandson James Torbert and his great- grandson John Keith Torbert. He married Elizabeth Lamb in Ireland, and his children were six sons and two daughters: William, James. Lamb, Thomas and Benjamin; Elizabeth, who became the wife of Anthony Teate, a Provincial soldier and officer, who was one of the largest landowners about Newtown, and one of the most prominent men of his day; and Jane, wife of John Henderson, who removed to the west.
James Torbert, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lamb) Torbert, was born at Carrickfergus, Ireland. Tradition relates that he did not accompany his parents to America, but remained in Ireland with his grandmother until ten years' of age, and then accompanied relatives to Bucks county. These relatives were probably the Polks of Warwick, Bucks county, as an -old paper filed in the common pleas court of Bucks county in 1752 shows that there were busines dealings between his father, then of Carrickfergus, Ireland, and the Polks, in 1725. James Torbert married Hannah Burleigh (or Burley), daughter of John Burleigh, another Ulster-Scot, who settled in Upper Makefield at about the same date as the McNairs and Torberts, and died there in 1748. James Torbert became a considerable land owner in Upper Makefield, and died there in 1813. He and his wife Hannah were the parents of nine children, as follows: 1. Samuel, married Elizabeth Keith; 2. James, married Margaret McNair; 3. Abner, married Jane Gibson, and removed to Ohio; 4. Lamb, born May 9, 1769, and died in Lower Makefield August 23, 1849; his first wife and the mother of his nine children was Jane Slack, daughter of Cornelius, of Makefield. 5. Elizabeth, married Abraham Slack. 6. Alice, married James Slack. 7. Ann, married John Hare. 8. Amelia, married Christopher Search. 9. Anthony.
James Torbert, Jr., son of James and Hannah (Burleigh) Torbert, was born in Upper Makefield, March 14, 1760, and died there. On April 2, 1792, his father conveyed to him 128 acres of land in Upper Makefield, which had been conveyed to James, Sr., by the heirs of William Keith in 1775. He married, February 6, 1787, Margaret McNair, born February 8, 1767, daughter of James and Martha (Keith) McNair, and grand- daughter of Samuel McNair, born in Donegal, Ireland, in 1699. of Scottish parents, and came to this country in 1732 and settled in Upper Makefield. His son James was born in 1733, and married Martha Keith, daughter of William Keith, who came from the north of Ireland, presumably with the McNairs, and married Margaret Stockton, of New Castle, by whom he had nine children. None of his descendants in the male line now reside in Bucks. James and Margaret (McNair) Torbert were the parents of eleven children: Absalom died in infancy; Martha, married George Bennett; Hannah, married John Craven; Ann, married Isaac Vanartsdalen; Alice, never married; James McNair, who married Mary Simpson, and for his second wife Elizabeth Dalby; Elizabeth, who married Thomas L. Wynkoop; Samuel, who never married; John Keith, see forward; Charles, who married Phebe Lanning; and Margaret, unmarried.
John Keith Torbert,- son of James and Margaret (McNair) Torbert, was born in Upper Makefield in 1802, and died there March 20, 1875. He lived on the old homestead called "Sylvan Retreat," that had been the property of his ancestors since early colonial times. His was a quiet retired life in scenes that he loved. Deeply interested in all that pertained to the community in which he lived, he gave glad service as ruling elder in the Solebury Presbyterian church, as had his ancestors for two generations, both paternal and maternal. He was also a pioneer in Sunday school work, and deeply interested in all educational work. He served for over a quarter of a century as president of the local school board. He married Euphemia Van Artsdalen Carver, daughter of Job and Maria (Van Artsdalen) Carver, and a descendant of William Carver, who settled in Byberry in 1682. John Keith and Euphemia (Carver) .Torbert were the parents of the following children: Henry M. Torbert, rector of St. Stephen's church, Boston, Massachusetts; Maria V. K. Torbert, of Newtown, who was for fourteen years principal of St. Mary's College, Dallas, Texas; Margaret McNair Torbert, of Newtown; William Keith Torbert, deceased; and Alfred Carver Torbert, treasurer of the Galveston and Santa Fe Railroad Company at Galveston, Texas. Alfred C. Torbert married Rosanna Labatt, of Galveston, May 7, 1891. and they have four children: John Keith, Emilv Constance. IMargaret McNair, and Alfred Carver.
The Torbert family and the families with whom they intermarried, the Keiths, McNair or Macnair, Burley or Burleigh, were of the sturdy Scotch- Irish Presbyterian stock, strongly imbued with a love of home, clan and land, which had its real root in the love of religious liberty, which inspired a love of the country where freedom of conscience was recognized and made them among the most patriotic of citizens. They clung tenaciously to the Scotch Presbyterian faith-, and were devout supporters of the Newtown and Solebury Presbyterian churches, one or more of the fam- ily in each generation serving as elders. The later generations intermarried with the Holland families of Wynkoop. Slack and others, who like them were devout supporters of the church and stood for integrity and the best interests of the county in which they lived, and those of the family who removed beyond our borders were pioneers of Christianity, and became eminent in the affairs of the sections where they located.

-------------------------------------Miscellaneous PA records

PA MARRIAGES PRIOR TO 1790 (source and online at:
2-16-1762 John Gibson to Sarah McGraugh
8-31-1762 Thomas Gibson to Elizabeth Williams
9-4-1762 William Gibson to Ruth Johnson
7-18-1763 Sarah Gibson to Isaac Hart
12-25-1764 James Gibson to Isabella Sergeant
1-11-1775 Elizabeth Gibson to Samuel Armstrong
7-14-1775 Robert Gibson to Mary Britton
3-27-1805 Jane Gibson of Plumstead to Abner Torbert of Upper Makefield
11-10-1808 Thomas Gibson of Bucks to Eleanor Verity of Bucks
1825 Andrew Gibson, s. of late Esq. Gibson of Plumstead married Ann d. of James Buckman of Plumstead
1828 John Gibson of Phiola [Phila? Philadelphia?] married Rebecca, d. of Ephrain Jones of Doylestown. -- he was an Irish immigrant (see daughter's death record above)
3-17-1831 Chas. Gibson of Doylestown married Mary Meredith of Doylestown
3-6-1832 Moses Gibson of Bucks Co married Sarah e. Shaw of Bucks
10-xx-1747 Rachel Britton to Isaac Blttew (Billieu).
5-14-1748 Mary Briton to Benjamin Parker
4-14-1760 Frances Brittain to James Woolard.
8-22-1761 John Britton to Elizabeth Stephens.
6-3-1763 Thomas Briton to Sarah Harvey.
8-9-1763 Sarah Briton to Jesse Williamson.
9-11-1763 (or 1773?) Abraham Britton to Kezia Vansant.
9-21-1768 Thomas Britton to Catharine Forbes.
12-15-1770 Sarah Britton to John Ridge.
1-17-1775 Sarah Briton to Daniel Thomas.
7-14-1775 Mary Britton to Robert Gibson.
10-29-1812 Eliza Britton of Doylestown to Conrad Shearer of Doylestown
1827 Benjamin Rittenhouse of ___ and Mary, d. of Samuel Britton of ___ married by Rev David Bateman, Oct 27, 1823 in Kingwood, NJ
3-18-1826 William Briton of Philadelphia and Mary Gray of Philadelphia, married in Philadelphia.
(Note: No marriage recorded for Jesse Britton and Anna Gibson ~1782. While it is possible they were married in Virginia, it is also possible the record was lost.)
20 Sept 1762 Keith, Joseph, and Elizabeth Roberts
12 Mar 1766 Keith, Martha, and James McNair
31 May 1770 Keith, William, and Jane Ormes
9 June 1764 Wilson, John, and Ann Nelson
29 Sept 1761 Wilson, John, and Grace Lippenket
10 Apr 1762 Wilson, John, and Jane Wright
25 Feb 1760 Wilson, John, and Mary Conner
20 Aug 1773 Wilson, John, and Otilla Ludwick
10 Sept 1765 Wilson, John, and Sarah Doughty
16 Nov 1765 Wilson, John, and Sarah Powell
2 Mar 1769 Wilson, John, and Susannah Stagg
3 Aug 1770 Willson, James, and Elizabeth Singer
1 Sept 1760 Wilson, Asaph, and Elizabeth Sands
10 Nov 1773 Wilson, Martin, and Elizabeth Bate
6 Feb 1771 Verity, Jacob, and Jennet Blair (see Thomas Gibson above)
21 Dec 1763 Stimson, John, and Rebecca Cox
19 Oct 1765 Stinson, Ann, and Daniel McMackon
7 Nov 1771 Stinson, Jane, and Jonathan Coates
11 Oct 1765 Stinson, Margaret, and Henry Gullen
20 Oct 1766 Stinson, Mary, and William Ismaster
Oct 1747 Stinson, Sarah, and John Cole
28 Mar 1765 Stinson, Sarah, and Thomas Ellis
1 June 1761 Stinson, William, and Martha Paydon
10 Nov 1764 Stinston, Sarah, and James Taggart
Feb 1744 Stinton, Philip
Note: no marriage records found for Elizabeth: none to Wilson ~1750s/1760s, none to Keith 1770s, none to Gibson in 1780s.

More PA marriages -- from Vol 2 (
Oct. 5, 1762 John Gibson
Oct. 7, 1766 John Gibson
Oct. 5, 1773 John Gibson
May 23, 1770 John Gibson
1795, April 14 Evans, Priscilla, and James Gibson.
1807, March 9 Clark, Benjamin, and Elizabeth Gibson.
1786, Nov. 22 Thomson, Thomas, and Mary Gibson.
February 13 William Gibson and Jane McCaskey.
June 27 Thomas Gibson and Eleanor Van Alley.
June 7 William Gibson and Zuby Horner.
(???) -- Edwd Gibson and Martha Fitzgerald.
June 16 Edwd Gibson and Keziah Truesdale,
August 19 Edwd Moyston and Sarah Gibson.
August 17 Thomas Gibson and Elizabeth Williams.
February 16 John Gibson and Sarah McGraugh.
February 2 Charles Lloid and Hannah Gibson.
February 10 Edward Sweny and Elizabeth Gibson.
November 19 James Gibson and Barbara Bellinger, wid.
March 9 John Vivien, widr, and Mary Gibson, wid.
July 19 Isaac Hart and Sarah Gibson, L.
May 4 Richard Day and Margaretha Gibson.
2, 10, 1707 Meadecalf, Mary, and Lancelot Gibson.
1807, July 7 Gibson, Rebecca, and George Gulton.
1807, July 7 Culton, George, and Rebecca Gibson.
Feb. 13, 1800 Philips, Jane, and Capt. William Gibson.
11, 14, 1739 Gillespie, Mary, and Alexander Gibson.

A Report of the Men Inlisted by Capt James Armstrong, for the Pennsylvania Regiment June 1st , 1759 - Private - Gibson, William, 30, Ireland, Apr 27, lab

Tohickon Union Church, Bedminster township, Bucks County:
May 5 1842, David Gibson married Catharine Erdman

Three Britton wills in Bucks: Nathan in 1779, John in 1785, and Abraham in 1782.
Samuel Armstrong will in 1828 and 4 Gibsons: Lancelot in 1731 of "highland" near Wrightstown, Robert Jr in 1787 in Plumstead (court administration record--Adm.2079), Robert Gibson in 1788 of Plumstead (will), and Robert Gibson in 1820 of Doylestown (court administration record --Adm.4761). From the Index of Bucks County, PA wills and administration records, 1684-1850.
Bucks wills -- mentions of Gibsons in any Bucks will:
--1.217. THOMAS BUCKMAN, of Newtown. 5th mo., July 1734. Proved September 12, 1734. Wife Agnes and Abraham Chapman, exrs. Son Thomas and daus. Rebecca and Agnes and child unborn. Wit: Mary Gibson, Esther Buckman, David Buckman.
-- 2.56. Robert Smith, of Buckingham. 5 mo 15th day, 1745. Proved September 26, 1745. Wife Phoebe. Sons Thomas (eldest), Timothy, Robert, John, Joseph, Benjamin, Samuel, and Jonathan. Thomas and Timothy, exrs. Land, late Launcelot Gibson's, adj. Eleazer Doan. Wit: Wm. Blackfan, Jeffrey Burgess, Thomas Ross.
-- 2.218. John Laycock of Wrightstown, Yeoman, Dated, August 20, 1750. Proved September 12, 1750. Wife Mary and Dau. Mary, sole legatees. Dau. Mary and son-in-law John Trago, exrs. Wit: John Gibson, Jos. Johnson, Rachel Johnson.
-- 2.293. Henry Cherry, of Newtown. May 11, 1756. Proved June 22, 1756. Wife Martha, sole exrs. Bro. James, Overseer. Sons John and Charles. Daus. Sarah and Ruth. Wit: Jos. Gibson, Saml. Smith.
-- 3.95. Thomas Stradling of Newtown. June 7, 1761. Proved March 9, 1764. Wife Lydia. Children, Daniel and Joseph (exrs.), Elizabeth, Rebecca, Lydia, and Sarah. Children of deceased son Thomas. Son Joseph, plantation in Newtown between Timothy Smith and Barnard Taylor. Wit: Barnard Taylor, Mary Taylor, John Gibson.
-- 4.388. John Brittian of Plumstead Twp. yeoman. March 21, 1770. Proved May 2, 1785. Sons Nathaniel and Nathan exrs. Wife Elizabeth. Sons William, Nathaniel, Nathan, Joseph and Benjamin. Daus. Elizabeth wife of Edward Morris, Anna wife of William Young, Hannah wife of Peter Cosner, Mary wife of James Lewis and Martha wife of Edward Poe. Lot adj. Peter Cosner and Robert Gibson. Wits: Joseph Michener and James Erwin. (Note that John Britton's probperty abuts that of Robert Gibson)
-- ---GIBSON, Robert. Plumstead Twp. August 22, 1788. 5.117.0- 5.117. Robert Gibson of Plumstead Twp., yeoman. April 24, 1788. Proved August 22, 1788. Wife Elizabeth. Joseph Britton and William McCalla exrs. Sons Thomas, James, Moses, John and Robert. Daus. Elizabeth Armstrong, Mary Britton and Jean Gibson. Gdsns. Robert Armstrong and John Gibson. Wits: Nathaniel Britton, John Rees. (Note how the abstract only references Joseph as an executor--see full will)
-- 8.300. Mathias Sandham, New Britain Twp., yeoman. November 9, 1811. Proved August 13, 1812. Mother Rebecca Sandham and Thomas Morris exrs. Sister Anna wife of Barton Stewart. Wits: James Evans, John Gibson and David Evans.
-- 8.446. Eve Kepler, Plumstead Twp. June 4, 1814. Proved December 26, 1814. Ch. Elizabeth Luse, John Kepler and Jacob Kepler. Wits: George Rice and Robert Gibson. Sons John and Jacob Kepler exrs. (references to all Brittons too.)

sources of old records:
Wills and Administrations, indexes -- 1684-1900 at BCHS and 1682-1870 at HSP (Historical Society of PA)
Court -- criminal papers, indexes -- 1697-1786 at BCHS
Court -- Quarter Sessions, indexes -- 1684-1700 at BCHS
Court -- Coroners Papers, indexes -- 1700-1900 at BCHS
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Land -- Deed Books, indexes -- 1684-1919 at BCHS
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Land -- Deed Books, indexes (microfilm) -- 1684-1866 at HSP
Land -- Mortages, indexes (microfilm) -- 1782-1821 at HSP
Land -- First land transactions through Proprietors -- PA State Archives (website -- note, the PHMC has original purchases, old rights, maps, and much more) and some microfilms at HSP
Naturalizations -- 1802-1906 records and indexes at BCHS
tax -- US Direct Tax (1798 window tax) -- BCHS, NARA, PSA (PA State Archives in Harrisburg)

----------------------------------Winchester, Frederick, VA information

Winchester,VA -- note that a Jacob Gibson (a Quaker from Chester,PA) bought 457 acres in Winchester on March 10, 1752, the day before Joseph Britton bought 200 acres (source)! I (DLH) question whether this is a coincidence when land purchases were rather infrequent; I believe that Jacob Gibson and Joseph Britton may have been friends who traveled together specifically for this purchase. It is known that this Joseph Britton is later (1770s-1790s) from Bucks,PA; it is thought he is Jesse Britton's father (Jesse was born in Berks county in 1759, another largely Quaker community at this time). I believe that this Joseph Britton is the same Joseph as listed on the 1790 Bucks census with sons Joseph and Jesse, and they are related to Nathaniel and John Britton of Bucks. The relationship between Jesse's wife Anna Gibson (married ~1782) and Jacob Gibson are unknown. (Also see Gibson Tree and Britton Tree.) Jesse and Anna's first child, daughter Abigail, was born in Frederick,VA in 1783; Jesse had muster roll fines in Bucks in 1781 (as did his brother Joseph); Joseph volunteered out of Frederick in 1779. These records/facts indicate that Anna and Jesse likely met in Winchester, and were married there. The fact that they returned to Bucks for a couple years during Robert's final illness indicates a Gibson connection too; it is thought both the Brittons and the Gibsons may have descended from Quakers in Chester/Philadelphia, and were disowned when they took up arms in the Revolution.
--There is another Gibson family in Frederick/Augusta,VA at this time: Robert Gibson, born ~1754 in PA. He is said by several genealogists to have married Mary A. Britton and/or Mary Alexander. The references to his wife being Mary Britton are apparently ascribed from the 1775 marriage record found in Bucks county, but I believe this ascription to be in error (I believe that it was assumed to be a match since records were scarce, and the names and dates matched -- PA, Robert Gibson, Mary, ~1775)(I think it unlikely they knew it was Bucks instead of Cumberland); the references to his wife being Mary Alexander are based on the fact that Mary and her brother, John Alexander, were named administrators of Robert Gibson's estate on August 19, 1783 (I am not sure how they knew that John Alexander was a brother to Mary). I am certain that the Bucks patriot and not the Virginia patriot married Mary Britton for four reasons. First, John Dyer's diary lists Robert Gibson's marriage to Mary, Mary's death and Robert's death all in Bucks, in 1775-1787. Second, the Virginia Robert Gibson (Corporal in Virginia with the 2nd state regiment) and the Bucks Robert Gibson both were patriots at the same time in their respective locales. Thirdly, the Virginia Robert died with a son and four daughters mentioned in his will (Samuel, Martha, Polly, Betsy and Rachel); if he were the son of Robert Gibson Sr, these children would have been included in Robert Gibson Sr's will. Finally, the fact that Robert's son Samuel was born on 3/1/1773 also supports the fact that this Robert Gibson was not the one who married Mary Britton in 1775. Therefore, there were two different Robert Gibsons, both born in PA and both married to a Mary; the Virginia patriot was not married to Mary Britton despite the assertions so made by many genealogists, assertions accepted by the DAR.
--This Robert is the brother of Catherine Gibson. James Donnell (1739 Big Spring, Cumberland, PA - ) married Catharine Gibson (born in the North of Ireland and immigrated before Braddock's War) in 1764; they had 7 children; both died in 9/1784 at Hinkson Station,KY. She had 2 brothers, the Robert Gibson who drowned in the James River and Samuel, plus she had four sisters -- Sally, Betsy, Martha and Peggy. Her father's name is thought to be Samuel, based on the naming of her second son, and her mother's name Elizabeth, who died in KY in 1792. Robert Gibson's children are stated to be: Polly (married Hamilton Rogers), Samuel (1773-1825 OH; married Isabella Rodgers), Betsy and Rachel (1783 VA-1857 OH; married John Maxwell and Edward Byram), who moved to Cane Ridge,KY. Source: A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Donnell of Scotland, p. 3, 14, 20, 127 (p.14, book).
--some genealogists list another daughter for Robert Gibson who received a land grant in Kentucky for her father's patriot service: Martha (~1775-~1845 OH) -- Martha married Philip Noland on 5/4/1798 in Frederick,VA, had 9 children, and died in 1845/1846 in Ohio (although she does not appear to be on the 1840 census). The genealogists specified her father's name was Robert Gibson and her mother's name was Mary Britton; it was not specified if the service was in PA or VA. Note that it is possible that she is the child of #1 Robert Gibson above, and she was not included in her grandfather's will. Note that after Anna Gibson died, our ancestor Jesse Britton married Susannah Noland on 4/1/1802 in Winchester,Frederick,VA. However, it is not certain this Martha is a daughter of this Robert; she was supposedly born 1773 in Bedford,VA; it is not certain if she is related to "our" Anna. This Robert is not closely related to "our" Anna Gibson, as there is no sister Ann; there is no distant relationship known.
-----Martha Gibson (~1775-1830s OH) married Philip Noland (1780 VA-1860s Washington,OH) on 5/4/1798 in Frederick,CA -- 9 children (census: 1800?, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 p.2)
----------Thomas Noland (1800-) married Sarah Unknown (~1811 PA-) -- 10+ children (census: 1850)
----------Lettilia Noland (1801 VA-) married Justice B. Phillips (1798 NY-) -- 8 children (census: 1850)
----------Philip Noland (1803-) -- unknown
----------Eliza J. Noland (9/5/1805 Berkeley,WV-11/13/1890 Panora,IA) married Edmund Mount (1/19/1806 Washington,PA-) on 11/2/1825 in Monroe,OH -- 9 children (census: 1850)
----------Unknown Noland (1807 Berkeley,WV-) -- died young?
----------Jesse Noland (1808 Berkeley,WV-) -- unknown
----------Cyrus Noland (1810 Berkeley,WV-7/20/1884 Morgan,OH) married Charity Palmer (1811 OH-7/20/1884 Morgan,OH) -- 8+ children (census: 1850)
----------Julie Ann Noland (1814-) -- unknown
----------John G. Noland (~1819 OH-) married Rhonda Unknown (~1826 VA-) -- 9+ children (census: 1850, 1860 p.2)

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