Researching the Andrews / Andrus heritage

Jehiel Gregory married Elizabeth Andrews in 1775. Elizabeth was born in 1757 and died in 1857 in Ohio. These are the only facts that have been handed down in family stories but no documentation in terms of original records have been located for any of these (the 1850 census data confirms that Elizabeth Gregory is still alive at age 93).

William Perry Hay (1871-1947) did as much research as he could in his day. For the Gregory line, he primarily consulted with Gregory descendants in Illinois (Mary Moon Mace, also a great-great-grandchild to Elizabeth Andrews Gregory (Elizabeth Andrews - Jehiel Gregory III - John Gregory - Mary Gregory - Margaret Moon) who lived in McLean,IL near where most of Jehiel Gregory III's children settled. They undoubtedly spoke to as many of Elizabeth's great-grandchildren as they could; the last child died in 1878; the last grandchild in 1927 but there were only five who lived into the 20th century. The additional facts that he was able to obtain from these sources were:
1. Elizabeth Andrews and Jehiel Gregory's first three children were born in Spencertown,NY
2. Elizabeth's father was known as "Major Andrews" -- it is assumed this is due to an actual military title of Major, likely for service in the Revolutionary War or later.
3. The Andrews family is supposedly related to the Adley family -- it is assumed this is the source of the name of the 6th child; there is no record of the name "Adley" in the Gregory (or Barnum) line.

The only actual record that is available for Elizabeth Gregory is her census data in 1820-1850. While she is enumerated, as a widow, in 1820-1840, the census at that time had no relevant personal information. However, the 1850 census does, and surprisingly on it Elizabeth states she was born in Connecticut and not NY. She is at that No one else on the page states CT, so this is not some weird enumeration error. Elizabeth is documented as being clear-minded throughout her life, so it would not be some mental confusion. CT is contrary to all published sources: 1881 biography by R. S. Dills in the "History of Fayette County, Ohio" which states "Elizabeth Andrews Gregory was born in New York, in 1767, ..."; William Perry Hay's research where he states NY and he hypothesizes perhaps Spencertown,NY; and Grant Gregory's "Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" 1939 book which says Elizabeth was born "N. Y. State, 1757." Note that all of these sources would have been based on information from Elizabeth's grandchildren, as the last child died in 1878. These sources also have Jehiel born in NY; I think he was born in CT as well.

In today's world of digital searching, some information is available from the census data as to what relatives might be living nearby:
1820 -- the first census available in Ohio -- there is one other Andrews family in Fayette, Ohio -- Barton Andrews. This may not be a relative as Andrews is a common name (e.g., there are 1196 Andrews families in Ohio in 1820). However, there are only three Gregory families in Fayette, Ohio in 1820 -- Elizabeth's three sons, Jehiel, Adley and Andrews (Nehemiah had died in 1817) -- which means Barton Andrews is worth looking into, and luckily, an unusual name, which means easier to find. (There is no Adley family in Ohio in 1820).
1790 -- Jehiel Gregory is found in Bedford,NY (Westchester county) on the census, with Elizabeth and five children. Since daughter Elizabeth was born in Spencertown,NY in 1786 and the twins in Bedford in 1789, the family must have moved in that window of time. This means that it could be a useful road of research to examine Andrews, Gregory and Adley families in both Bedford and Spencertown.

1790 - Bedford,NY: Aaron Gregory, Daniel Gregory, Jehiel Gregory, and Nehemiah Gregory. Also in Weschester county is Noah Gregory in nearby Salem. No Gregory in Columbia county.
1790 - no Andrews in Bedford, but John Andrews in Greenburgh, Westchester county, NY. However, it is noteworthy that there are several in Columbia. In Hillsdale there are: Abraham Andrews, Amasa Andrews, Ebenezer Andrews, Elisha Andrews, Ichabod Andrews, Isaac Andrews, Joseph Andrews, Roswill Andrews, Samuel Andrews, Sperry Andrews and Thomas Andrews. And nearby in Canaan, Columbia county, NY are: Amos Andrews, Daniel Andrews, Ebenezer Andrews, Hezekiah Andrews, Jacob Andrews, Joseph Andrews, Robert Andrews, Seth Andrews and Zebulon Andrews.
1790 - no Adley in Westchester county, NY. David Atley in Claverack, Columbia county, NY. There are only two Adley families: Peter Adley in Upton,MA and William Adley in Washington,PA.

1800 - In Hillsdale there are: Elisha Andrews, Joseph Andrews, Sperry Andrews and Thomas Andrews. In Canaan there are Daniel Andrews, Hezekiah Andrews, Joseph Andrews, and Richard Andrews. In Chatham there are Robert Andrews and Stephen Andrews, and in Hudson there are John Andrews and Stephen Andrews. Note that the many Andrews families in Hillsdale in 1790 is important. According to Wikipedia, "The town [Austerlitz] was organized from parts of the towns of Hillsdale, Chatham, and Canaan, March 28, 1878(sic 1818). A little more than one-fifteenth of the present town was taken from Chatham, a little over one-eighth from Canaan, and a little less than five-sixths from Hillsdale. From the fact that among the first settlers there were no less than twelve families of Spencers, the north part of Hillsdale and been known from the first as "Spencer's-town."" -- citation: Ellis, Capt. Franklin, "History of Columbia County, New York", (1878), page 381. And from the "History of Noblestown" -- "In 1724 Massachusetts, under a grant from the crown of England claimed jurisdiction over Columbia County and at the same time, New York claimed jurisdiction over much of Berkshire County. This boundary dispute was settled by compromise about 1773 but not perfected until 1787. The settlers in Kakeout, later Nobletown (now Hillsdale) were mostly from Massachusetts and a few from Connecticut with some Dutch settlers in the northern part.Both Nobletown and Spencertown were the first New England settlements established within Claverack's alleged borders both being named after the principal founding families. These settlements began as cultural enclaves where isolated New Englanders signed on as Claverack or Livingston manor tenants as early as 1725; over time, they constituted a separate presence distinct from the Dutch tenants.1 A very small number of families settled in this area before 1750. In the next twelve years "a continual emigration" of Connecticut pioneers filled the narrow valleys of the region."

From the webpage on the town of Austerlitz is this information about its settlement: " The town was first settled by squatters from the east, who came into this part about 1750. The first effort at a general settlement was made by a company of settlers who obtained of the Massachusetts government a grant of a tract of land some six miles square, along the Green river. This tract was divided, in 1757, into two divisions, the eastern half being called the first division, and the remainder the second division. Each proprietor was entitled to one hundred acres in each division, the choice of location being made by lot. These lots were surveyed from the south line, and the remainder, after all had received their one hundred acres in each division, was to be divided equably among them. The names of those who had lots surveyed and assigned to them between 1757 and 1760 were as follows, viz.: Ezekiel Baker, Nathan Beers, Jethro Bonney, Obdiah Brainard, Benjamin Brown, James Cary, Benjamin Chittenden, Joseph Chittenden, Rev. Jesse Clark, Nathaniel Culver, Hosea Curtis, Nathanial Darrow, Ensign John Dean, Samuel Doty, Jedeiah Graves, Cornelius Hamblin, Elisha Hatch, Abner Hawley, Job Hawley, John Hawley, Samuel Hutchinson, Samuel Hutchinson, Jr., Abner Johnson, widow Mary Johnson, Ephraim Kidder, Stephen Kinne, Amos Lawrence, Joseph Lawrence, Judah M. Lawrence, Peter Lockwood, James Mead, Noadiah Moore, Benjamin Palmer, Isaac Palmer, Elijah Powell, Joseph Powell, Martin Powell, Seth Powell, Truman Powell, Truman Powell, Jr., Peter Powers, Azariah Pratt, David Pratt, Joseph Prindle, Benjamin Richmond, Edward Richmond, Lemuel Roberts, James Sexton, Micah Skinner, Thomas Skinner, Thomas Skinner, Jr., Abner Spencer, Ahimaaz Spencer, Benjamin Spencer, David Spencer, Ithamar Spencer, Israel Spencer, James Spencer, Jeremiah Spencer, Joel Spencer, John Spencer, Nehemiah Spencer, Phineas Spencer, Simeon Spencer, Joseph Taylor, Ebenezer Tyler, Ezra Tyler, Zebulon Walbridge, Ebenezer Warner, Reuben Whitmore, John Williams." It is noteworthy that the names of Adley, Andrews and Gregory are missing from this list, and in particular, no Andrews when 30 years later there are 11 Andrews families in Hillsdale. This compares to 8 Spencer families there in 1790: Amos Spencer, Eliezer Spencer, Eliphaz Spencer, Exra Spencer, Jabez Spencer, Mathias Spencer, Phineos Spencer and Rosswell Spencer.

From this I conclude that Jehiel's move from Bedford,NY to Spencertown was due to Andrews relatives, not Gregory relatives. Also, it is likely that some of these Andrews relatives stayed in Spencertown after Jehiel and Elizabeth left in 1787-1789, and are found on the 1790 census there; I would expect that all of the 11 Andrews families in Hillsdale in 1790 are relatives to Elizabeth -- siblings/cousins, and perhaps even her father.

Zebulon Andrews can be ascertained with a fair amount of certainty: there is only one who is found that would appear to match up: Zebulon Andrews born 10/4/1722 in Southington, Hartford, CT (son of Daniel Andrews and Mary Cowles) married Sarah Adkins 11/1747 (listed and Zebulon Andruss on the Canaan, Litchfield, CT marriage record, and Zebulon Andrews on the Southington, Hartford, CT marriage record). This is made more likely as there is no Zebulon Andrews found on the 1800 census.

Zebulon's ancestry traces back to the immigrant John Andrews, born 10/21/1620 in St. Giles Cripple Gate, London, England, christened 5/9/1658 in Farmington, Hartford, CT, and died 3/2/1681/82 in Farmington, Hartford, CT.
Roswell Andrews is likely to be the one born 12/27/1761 in Harford,CT, son of Thomas Andrews.
Sperry Andrews is suprisingly hard to pin down. I did find a record for a birth of Spery Andross on 2/3/1760 at Church of Christ, Salem, Westchester,NY, son of Robert Andross. This is the church that Bedford used, as Jehiel's aunt Annis Gregory was married in this church in 1785 to Frederick Carter.