Hermann Stiebeling's Civil War Pension

Notes prepared from entire file by John Illenberger.

Representative Entries from the Civil War Pension File of Herman Stiebeling

Herman Stiebeling: Enlisted June 15, 1858 Co. H 2nd Cav, later Co. H 5th Cav for 5 years in NYC. Occupation: butcher Enlisted Nov. 26, 1863 G.S. AGO [Note: Adjutant General’s Office] [This is from Civil War Military File.]

Date of Examination: March 12, 1883
We hereby certify that we have carefully examined the applicant, who claims that while in the service of the United States, at or near a place named Yorktown, Va., and while in line of duty, on or about March or April, 1862 he incurred Rheumatism, and that in consequence thereof he is disabled for earning his subsistence by manual labor.
He states that he is 43 years of age, that he weighs 145 pounds, and that he is 5 feet 7 inches in height.
His pulse rate per minute is 92, his respiration 18.
The examination revealed the following facts: No enlargement of the joints or thickening of the tissues, but some stiffness in movement. Apex of heart displaced downwards and to the left, area of dullness increased, heart action quite forcible and somewhat irregular. A musical systolic and a blowing diastolic [next 2 words illegible] mitral valves, has valvular lesion of heart with hypertrophy, probably the result of rheumatism (total).
We find the disability as above described to entitle him to total ($8).
Examining Surgeons names are illegible.

Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, Sept. 23, 1883
Herman Stiebeling entered Service on June 15, 1858 as private in Company H of the 5th Regiment U.S. Cavalry commanded by MG Evans and was honorably discharged at Alexandria, Va. on June 18, 1863 by reason of expiration of service, that his personal description is as follows: age, 43 years; height, 5 feet 9 inches; complexion, fair; hair, brown; eyes, hazel. That in the line of duty near Yorktown (Camp Winfield Scott), Virginia, on or about March or April 1862, he contracted rheumatism caused by exposure in line of duty. The disease affected both hands, fingers, heart and left leg. He was treated in the Post Hospital of Fortress Monroe, Va. He entered in the spring of 1862 and remained three weeks and five days. While in the Treasury Dept. (Bureau of Engraving and Printing) his left knee became weakened by rheumatism suddenly, and he fell upon and broke his right knee cap.
He enlisted in general service, USA Nov. 26, 1863 and was discharged on Nov. 26, 1868 and also enlisted Nov. 26, 1868 and was discharged Nov. 29, 1869. Since leaving the service, he has resided in Maryland, New York State, and Washington, D.C. His address is 635 L St. NW, Washington, D.C.

November 27, 1883
I have known Herman Stiebeling for the last twenty-five years. I first got acquainted with him during the month of August at Carlisle Barracks in 1858 and served with him in the same Co. and Regt. on the frontier of Texas, also during the war while detailed for special duty as dispatch carriers at Headquarters Army of the Potomac, in the early spring of 1862, while encamped before Yorktown. Stiebeling became badly crippled and not able to do duty on account of Rheumatism and was sent to the Hospital at Fort Monroe and I think it was 3 or 4 weeks before he came back and reported for duty again. I also have known him to have been troubled with the same disease at various times since.
Charles Loeffler of the District of Columbia
46 years
Late Private, Co. H, 5th Regt.
U.S. Cav.

Affidavit to Origin of Disability (Dec. 10, 1883)
On or about March 20, 1862, while in the line of duty, and without fault or improper conduct on his part, at or near Yorktown, Va., Herman Stiebeling incurred a severe cold from being exposed to all kinds of weather while carrying dispatches from General McClellan’s Headquarters which resulted in Rheumatism in his back and legs. I, Philip Weber, am personally and well acquainted with the claimant since 1860 at Camp Cooke, Texas. He served in Co. H then the 2nd Cavalry now the 5th Cavalry. When I became acquainted with the claimant I found him a Strong and Healthy young man. He was taken sick with the Rheumatism while at Headquarters at Camp Winfield Scott in front of Yorktown, Va. and was sent to Fortress Monroe to Post Hospital. He remained in Hospital about four weeks, after which he was sent back to Headquarters, but completely broken down unable to perform his duty as before going to Hospital. He has been complaining to me since 1862 until the present date of having severe pains in the back and legs and has been confined to his bed off and on during this period unable to move his limbs. I further declare that the claimant is an honest and sober man.
Philip Weber, Late Private, Co. D, 5thU.S Cavalry

Affidavit dated 28 January 1884 in the Pension Claim of Herman Stiebeling
I have been practicing Medicine 20 years. I did not know the soldier before enlistment. I prescribed for him in 1880 but cannot remember what the nature of the disease was. I treated him for Rheumatism of the Back from Oct. 20th 1883 to Dec. 28th 1883. During a portion of this time, while the attack ws most severe, I should consider his disability for manual labor to be complete
D. W. Prentiss, M.D.
Washington, D.C.

Dec. the 13th 1886
To the Hon. Com. of Pensions
In reply to circular asking for my residences before enlistment and after discharge from service, I would state I arrived in this country at the age of 14 years, resided in New York City until my enlistment in the U.S. Service on the 15th of June 1858. Never had any sickness during that time. Since my final discharge in 1869, I have resided 1869-1872 in Morrisania & West Farms New York and kept a restaurant. In Nov. 1872 I came to Washington, D.C. and drove Horse Car for about 6 weeks on the Metropolitan RR but couldn’t stand the hard work. Next got a place in the Bureau of Eng. & Printing as Laborer, but on account of weakness from Rheumatism in my left leg fell on the 8th of May 1873 and broke my right Knee Cap, was after cure put on the [word illegible] Service 2 1/2 years, and then discharged, was Real Estate & Insurance Agent for one year. During this time resided at 1215 N.H. Ave., then bought Restaurant 635 L St. N.W. which I kept for six years, moved to N.Y. City in Sept. 1884, lived at Fulton Ave. between 169-179th St. In April 1885 came to Washington, D.C. and on 1st July 1885 started a Meat and Provisions store at 809 N. Capitol St. where I now reside.
Yours Respectfully
Herman Stiebeling
Co. H 5th U.S. Cav.
[Note: Morrisania and West Farms are both neighborhoods of the Bronx, New York City.]

Feb. 14, 1887
I have known the said Herman Stiebeling since 1858, when he joined the regular army and met him again when the war was over, and the Rebellion ended, and have known him intimately ever since. From 1869 to 1872 he was greatly troubled with Rheumatism at West Farms, New York City and unable to attend to his business but a short part of the time.
Richard Damm
of Morrisania Station R,
New York City

February 24, 1887
Declaration for General Affidavit
I have resided in Washington, D.C. ever since August 1864; that I have been well acquainted with the claimant since August 1864, at which date he was badly afflicted with rheumatism, was lame and stiff in his joints, and was complaining of pain in different parts of his body; that he continued to so suffer from that time during each year up to the Spring of 1869, when he moved from the city. During this time we both were employed in the War Department, he as a messenger and I saw him daily; his disability seemed to increase each year, and had he been employed at manual labor, he could not have performed more than part of the labor of a sound able-bodied man. From the Spring of 1869 up to the Fall of 1872 I knew nothing of his condition, but since 1872 we have been neighbors and I seen him every week or so. When I met him in 1872, he was still suffering and complaining of rheumatism as before, and so continued to suffer and complain each and every year since and is more disabled now than when I first met him in August 1864. I cannot state the exact degree of disability.
Henry Schulz

March 7, 1887
I have known Herman Stiebeling since 1865, have been in the same office with him and am on visiting terms with his family. I know him to be suffering with Rheumatism in his left leg and back. He used to take medicine in the office for it, and often had to go home as he was unable to attend to his work. He suffered with it most in the Fall and Winter. I do not think he was able to do any manual labor.
Louis Koerth

I have known Herman Stiebeling and boarded in the same house with him in West Farms, New York City and know him to have been afflicted with Rheumatism from 1869 to 1872. He informed me at that time that he contracted the Rheumatism while in the Army during the Rebellion.
William L. Hatzmann of
West Farms, Station T, New York City

July 8, 1889
We hereby certify that in compliance with the requirements of the law we have carefully examined this applicant who states that he is suffering from the following disability, incurred in the Service, viz.: rheumatism & resulting disease of heart, and that he receives a pension of 12 dollars per month.
Pulse-rate per minute, 120; respiration, 22; temperature, norm.; height, 5 feet 8 inches; weight. 145 pounds; age, 49 years.
He makes the following statement upon which he bases his claim for Increase. Can’t walk much. Legs give out. Am very short of breath. Have fallen unconscious.
Upon examination we find the following objective conditions: great cupitous (?) in joints especially in those of hips. Tenderness along cinose (?) of both sciatic nerves . No muscular contraction. No enlargement of joints. Left chest bulged – apex beat plainest at a point 2 inches below nipple but is diffused. A plain mitral murmur at apex, with first sound.
For Rheumatism & resulting disease of heart we rate 17/18.
C.T. Caldwell. Pres. |
E.A. Balloch, Sec’y   | Board
A. Gingham, Treas   |

Death Certificate
Herman Stiebeling died suddenly of heart disease at 815 North Capitol St. on Oct. 20, 1889 at 49 years, 4 months, 18 days. He resided in the District of Columbia for 25 years. He is buried in Prospect Hill.
D. C. Patterson, M.D., Coroner
Undertakers: F. Spindler & Son.

[Note: Based on the symptoms described in these documents, the likeliest correct medical diagnosis is that Herman Stiebeling suffered from a severe Strep Infection.]

Nov. 7, 1889
Declaration of a Widow for Original Pension when no child under Sixteen years of age survives.
On the 7th day of November A.D. 1889 personally appeared before me, Notary Public the same being a court of record within and for the County and State aforesaid, Anna M. Stiebeling aged 47 years, who being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by Acts of Congress granting pensions to widows: That she is the widow of Herman Stiebeling who enlisted under the name of Herman Stiebeling at New York City in the 15th day of June, A.D. 1858 in Company H 5th Regt U.S. Cavalry in the war of Rebellion, who Died of Heart failure on the 20th day of October, A.D. 1889; that she was married under the name of Anna M. Damm to said Herman Stiebeling on the 3rd day of July, A.D. 1864 by Rev. Dicke at New York City, there being no legal barrier to such marriage; that neither she nor her husband had been previously married; that has to the present date remained his widow; that he, the said Herman Stiebeling left surviving no minor child or children by either herself or any former wife; that she has not in any manner been engaged in, or aided or abetted, the rebellion in the United States; that no prior application has been filed; that her residence is No. 815 North Capitol Street, Washington D.C. and that her post-office address is the same.
(signed) Anna M. Stiebeling

Widows Pension Claimant Anna M. Stiebeling
P.O. 815 N. Capt. St.
Washington, D.C.
Soldier Herman Stiebeling
Rank Pvt., Troop H
Regiment 5 U.S. Cav.
Rate $12 – per month, commencing Oct. 21, 1889
Submitted for Ad. January 2, 1890
Approved for Admission, origin of Rheumatism and resulting disease of heart
January 6, 1908, Legal Reviewer,
F. Moore
Approved for Admission; death resulted from disease of heart due to rheumatism and resulting disease of heart which has been legally accepted,
[Name illegible] Jan. 7, 1890, Medical Reviewer
Important Dates
Enlisted June 15, 1858
Discharged Apr. 30, 1869
Declaration Filed Nov. 8, 1889
“ “ Dec. 14, 1889
Invalid application filed Sept. 24, 1883
Invalid last paid to accrued herewith
Former marriages of soldier None
Claimant’s marriage to soldier July 3, 1864
Civil War Widow Pensioner Dropped
United States Pension Agency
Washington, D.C.
Apr. 13, 1910
Certificate No. 263170
Pensioner Anna M. Stiebeling
Soldier Herman Stiebeling
Service Pvt. H 5 US Cav
The Commissioner of Pensions.
Sir: I have the honor to report that the above-named pensioner who was last paid at $12 to Sep 4, 1909 has been dropped because of Death
Nov. 7, 1909
Very respectfully,
Jno. R. King
United States Pension Agent