Research into Garret and Peter VanDolah marrying Dalrymple sisters ~1757/1758

Garret, born ~1726 married ~1757 Catherine Unknown, maybe a Dalrymple born ~1726-1737; Peter, born ~1735 married ~1758 Hester Unknown, maybe a Dalrymple born ~1735-1738.
-- Garret's wife Catherine is thought to be a Dalrymple solely based on the fact that Garret and Catherine named their children Sarah, Ereminah and Henry. James Dalrymple's wife was named Ereminah, and the only families in Hunterdon,NJ with this unusual given name are James's descendants and Garret's descendants. This seems to be rather strong evidence of a genealogical link between the Dalrymples and the VanDolahs.
-- Peter was a witness to his stepfather's (Johannes Johnson) will in 1756 along with James Dalrymple and James Ashton. As James Dalrymple only witnessed wills in 1746 and 1756, it was hypothesized that he was a brother of Peter's wife Hester. Since James Ashton is not known to be a relative, and often witnesses were neighbors as well as relatives, this does not seem to me (DLH-2010) to be strong evidence of a genealogical link. It is assumed there was more substance that this to the claim that Dalrymple is Hester's surname, specifically that family stories of this were handed down in PA/OH/IN to Peter's descendants; this information was not passed down through Peter's son John Vandolah's children, as William Perry Hay and Minnie Moon Mace had no indication of John Vandolah's parents names (Hester and Peter) in the 1930s (source).

James Dalrymple

"First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East New Jersey," Part 4, Page 250 -- For years, descendants have puzzled about the Dalrymples of Morris and Somerset Co.'s, following the first settlement under the original grant. The genealogy is meagre, but they belonged to this Clan, certainly, for Joseph Dalrymple was there, in 1747, having his home taken away and exile forced, in a riot, 1747, (ARCH., VI, 427 et al.) and an affidavit tells a most interesting episode of those stirring days, (Doc. rel. to Col. Hist., of the State of N. Y., Vol. VI, pp. 346 et seq.).

James Dalrymple was a settler at Amwell, Hunterdon Co., in the same year, 1747, (ARCH., XXX, p. 398).

Likewise, Governor Wm. Tryon, Loyalist of the Rev., in N. Y., circulated, 1776, a Pamphlet entitled, "The Rights of Great Britain asserted against the claims of America," written by Sir John Dalrymple, as an answer to the Declaration of Independence, not a proud offering, but true history. (PHILLIPS, pp. 302-3; and, FAIRBAIRN, pp. 138 and 448.)

From "The Dalrymple Family of Hunterdon Co. NJ," Althea F. Courtot, January 1997 quoted on the website, The Dalrymples of Hunterdon county, New Jersey [1] -- It is not known when James Dalrymple entered Amwell Twp. In Hunterdon Co., NJ, but it was by 1747 when he was a witness to the will of Robert Richey. He would have crossed the Delaware River by ferry into the sparsely settled area, but near the present town of Ringoes. The very early Ringo Inn and Tavern was situated where several Indian paths crossed. John, a son of James, married the stepchild of Albartus Ringo, and in those days men did not travel far for their brides, they were usually local women. With the exception of the Robert Richey will in 1747 and that of Johannis Johnson in 1756, to which James was again a witness, no other record of James has been found, except his name on the 1780 Amwell Twp. Tax roll. The basis for this family data was provided by John Lequear, who walked through the towns and gathered data from the descendants of those early settlers; in 1885 he organized the Hunterdon Co. Historical Society, which is located on Main Street in the Doric House at Flemington NJ. Note: It is his listing as witness on Johannis Johnson's will, along with Peter VanDolah, which leads to the assumption that perhaps James had two younger sisters, Catherine and Hester, who married into the Dutch VanDolah family, Garret and Peter respectively. Johannis Johnson was Peter's stepfather. And the fact that Garret named a daughter Ereminah.

In the research of Lequear it states that James' wife was EREMINAH, probably gained from descendants since no record could be found. That this was her first name is probably accurate because four of James' sons named their daughters Ereminah, or a variation thereof. Todate the surname of Ereminah has not been determined. James and Ereminah had 7 known sons: Samuel, Edmund, Thomas, Jesse, John, Levi, and Evan .

Edmund had his father's bible in his possession in 1833, as stated in his pension application; it can be assumed that this bible with the records has been lost to posterity.

James Dalrymple and his unmarried son EDMUND were living on the 50 acres he had acquired while in Amwell (East Amwell Twp) before 1786. This area had attracted many settlers; as early as 1725 a log Episcopal Chuch was erected at Ringoes which for many years was the most important village in the Amwell valley. Because the settlers around Ringoes were principally German, by 1747 a German Reformed congregation had a log church about a mile from Ringoes. The early farms were connected only by foot and bridle paths. The early records show that a cooper, gunsmith and saddle-maker had come into the village, along with the farmers, millers and blacksmiths. James and Ereminah's children married into local families; some of their sons remained in NJ while others moved westward, so that James' descendants are now spread throughout the United States.

James died sometime between 1786, when he was listed on the Amwell Twp. Tax rolls together with his son Edmund, and the 1803 tax roll where Edmund is listed living with John Trimmer, Sr. The church affiliation of James is not known, but perhaps he, like George Dalrymple, was a Presbyterian, and attended services at the Amwell First Presbyterian Church organized about 1750. It is not known where James and his wife are interred.

James was born ~1721-1725 and died between 1786 and 1803. Wife: Ereminah Unknown, born ~1725-1730, died 1/2/1782 in Alexandria township, Hunterdon county, NJ. They married ~1749 and lived in Amwell township. There is information from descendants of daughter Sarah that both James and Ereminah may have been born in Wales instead of Scotland. James' heritage is thought to be Scottish. 8 children:
1. Edmund Dalrymple (3/22/1751/2 Hunterdon,NJ-7/19/1845 Hunterdon,NJ)
2. Samuel Dalrymple (~1753-~1810 Hunterdon) married Elisabeth Unknown
3. Thomas Dalrymple (12/22/1755 Hunterdon,NJ-<9/19/1834 Hunterdon,NJ) married Elisabeth Bilbee -- 3 children (Elizabeth, Ereminah, Jesse) Note: some of Thomas' descendants moved to Livingston,NY concurrent with some Swallows -- but Ereminah VanDolah Swallow moved to OH.
4. Jesse Dalrymple (3/14/1756/7 Hunterdon,NJ-5/31/1844 Hunterdon,NJ) married Esther Kitchen (10/15/1758-11/17/1830) on 5/31/1778 in Hunterdon -- 8 children (Joseph, Amy, John, James, Mary, Ereminah, Hannah, Evan)
5. John Wesley Dalrymple (~1758 Hunterdon,NJ-1838 Preble,OH) married (1) Hannah Rittenhouse (~1761-?) and (2) Hannah Ringo -- 12 children (Mahlon, John, Mary, Susannah, Moses, James, Elizabeth, Jemima, Sarah, Armina, John, Edmond)
6. Levi Dalrymple (4/5/1761-3/19/1833 Indiana,PA) married Mary Unknown (2/10/1764-?) ~1785 -- 8 children (Sarah, Benjamin, Daniel, Ereminah, Eleanor, Nancy, Samuel and Mary)
7. Sarah Dalrymple (~1765 Hunterdon,NJ-11/19/1843 Bucks,PA) married Abraham Paulhamus ~1787 -- 12 children (James Daniel, Wilhelmina, John, Samuel, Levi, Evan, Lavina, Sarah, Mary, Abraham, Nancy)
8. Evan Dalrymple (8/17/1770 Hunterdon,NJ-5/9/1841 Bucks,PA) married Mary Williams -- 7 children (Nancy, John, Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, James, George)

Much of this information from ( -- Audrey Dalrymple (, and Kevin Lewis aka in 2010.