Charles and Elizabeth Stiebeling Bischoff

(Christiana) Elizabeth Stiebeling

(Carl) Charles Christian Bischoff

Parents: Catherine Rueb and Lorenz Stiebeling

Parents: Unknown and Henry Bischoff

Born: January, 1860, Gedern, Darmstadt, Germany (record)

Born: December 11, 1845, Braunschweig, Germany

Emigration: June 19, 1869 on the SS Hermann (passenger list)

Emigration: May 19, 1872 on the SS Holsatia (list), and return visit in 1875 (arriving Baltimore Sep 25th on the SS Ohio - list) and return visit in 1900 (arriving New York Sep 23rd on the SS Deutschland - list)

Married: 7/16/1882 Charles Bischoff, Washington, DC (marriage record)

Married: 1-3/4/1876 Justina Voehl (died 4/3/1882) (marriage record), 2-7/16/1882 Elizabeth Stiebeling (marriage record)

Died: June 7, 1928 Washington, D.C.(acute peritonitis - death certificate)

Died: Sep 28, 1925, Cherrydale VA (chronic nephritis, senility - death certificate)

Interred: Prospect Hill Cemetery, Wash., DC (picture)

Interred: Prospect Hill Cemetery, Wash., DC (picture)

Occupation: seamstress (before marriage)

Occupation: tailor

Elizabeth’s mother died in 1864 when Elizabeth was only four. The next year, three siblings left for America, to join brother Hermann who had emigrated in 1854. Finally, four years later, Elizabeth emigrated with her father and two last siblings in 1869. The family probably had planned to emigrate sooner, maybe the delay was due to the Civil War, or maybe the mother or sister was ill. Elizabeth’s first five years in America were spent in the Bronx, where she went to school. In 1874 she moved to Washington DC with her brother Hermann and his wife Anna, who were like parents to her. She lived with them for 13 years before her marriage, and when Anna died, she left her money to her brothers and Elizabeth. Elizabeth may have met Charles through Hermann’s Masonic Lodge (Arminius), but it could also have been through church or through work -- Elizabeth was a seamstress, and her brother William sold sewing machines. It is unknown if she continued to sew after marriage.

Emigrating in 1872, Carl immediately Americanized his name to Charles, a common practice. Apparently Charles was the only one in his family to emigrate; he was also our only ancestor to revisit his homeland, and not one trip to Braunschweig but two! (in the summers of 1875 and 1900). He married Justina, a member of Concordia Church, just six months after his return—perhaps his trip had even been to find a wife? Or visit a sick mother? I’m guessing his mother’s name may have been Alma, based on the names of his first daughter by both Justina and Lizzie. A tailor throughout his life, he was exclusively a sole practitioner, except for a brief partnership in 1874 with Henry Hetzel. The Masons were a large part of Charles’ life, as they were for Hermann Stiebeling, and Charles served as tiler (guard) of the Arminius (Germania) Lodge. He also was a fine singer, and a member of the Washington Sängerbund. He was short (5'5") with grey eyes, and a beard and moustache (see passport).

Census data: Civil War, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920

Census data: 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Alma Elizabeth (Elise) Sophie

3/1877 Wash., D.C.

2/28/1879 Wash., D.C.



2. Paul Constantin

12/8/1878 Wash., D.C.

8/22/1957 Arlington, VA

9/6/1917 Abbie H. Lipphard in DC


3. Walter

7/6/1883 Wash., D.C.

7/24/1885 Wash., D.C.



4. Alma Elizabeth

3/23/1885 Wash., D.C.

5/6/1956 Wash., D.C.

12/15/1909 Robert Hay


5. Herman

9/10/1888 Wash., D.C.

>1957 VA?

5/28/1914 Madeline M. Sledd


6. Anna Marie

11/17/1892 Wash., D.C.

1/7/1979 St. Petersburg, FL

(never married)


Note: The first two children were Charles’ by his first wife Justina (note that Paul's christening record incorrectly lists his mother as Elizabeth Stiebeling -- apparently he was baptized in 1889 after Justina died). Baby Alma and baby Walter are buried at Prospect Hill, as is Justina, all in the Bischoff plots. Anna Bischoff is also buried at Prospect Hill -- it is unknown who made the arrangements (probably Paul’s children, as it was not a Hay relative).
-- Paul had two children: Charles H. Bischoff (1918 VA-2000 FL) who married Pauline Tirelli (1918 TN-1994 FL)(married name: Easterwood) on 11/20/1945 in Cherrydale, VA and (Mary) Louise Bischoff (1923 VA-) who married unknown Major. Paul had four grandchildren: Charles' daughter Mary Jane Bischoff married Theodore Lee Steinkamp of Indianapolis in 1965 (Charles was living in Springfield, VA in 1965 and in 1974 in Falls Church).

It is curious that Charles made not one but two return visits to Germany, and that on the second one, he took only his oldest son Paul. This would likely mean that Charles still had relatives in Germany, probably parents or siblings. Despite the wealth of American records for Charles, I have not been able to uncover the town from which he emigrated, or find any records (most records from Braunschweig are not available in America). It is known he was from the dutchy of Braunschweig (Brunswick), but it is not thought he was from the city of Braunschweig; research would have to occur in Germany, probably at the archives.

Anna Bischoff's 1962 Christmas letter extract
Anna Marie Bischoff wrote in her 1962 Christmas letter that she had a "tante Anna" with family in NY (an aunt Anna) which included the Hoopes family. She mentioned that Martha Hoopes Member, whom she happened to meet by chance in Florida in 1962, was a cousin. This is likely to be her uncle Hermann Stiebeling's wife Anna Damm from NY, who had four brothers who remained in NY -- perhaps one of them or one of their children married into the Hoopes family. I know of no Bischoff relative in NY.

Charles was naturalized in 1890, and in 1891 was listed in Boyd's Washington D.C. Directory as secretary of the Algemeiner Arbeiter Unterstuetzungs Verein (My Workers Support Organization). Listing online in 2012 of German organizations in DC:
Alt-Washingtonia Schuhplättler Verein 1413 4th Street SW Washington DC 20024 202-232-5438 Mollie Poelsterl Association of German-American Societies of Greater Washington DC (AGAS) P.O. Box 23094 Washingtion DC 20026 Eva Nanni 202-554-2664 American-Austrian Society 4816 Dexter Terrace, NW Washington, DC 20007 202.337.5257 American Goethe Society of Washington DC 6461 Eppard St. Falls Church VA 22042 Gabriele Sieg 301-299-3258 Arminius Lodge #25 115 Carroll Street NW Washington DC 20012 202-829-7790 Atlantic Fellowship Ltd. 2204 Kalorama Rd. NW Washington DC 20008 Viola Wentzel 202-232-6990 Bethel-St. Elizabeth Foundation of America 1920 G St. NW Washington DC 20006 Gisela Koepp 703-821-1861 Concord Club of Washington DC 2434 Wisconsin Ave Washington DC 20007 Werner Grabner 301-530-4647 Deutschlehrer-Verband - Chapter Washington DC Rose Calio 703-281-296 German American National Congress for the Greater Washington DC Area Gudrun Watson 703-256-4556 German Heritage Society of Greater Washington DC 3413 Canberra St. Silver Spring MD 20904 Bradford Miller 301-572-6803 German Language Society Elizabeth Vondracek 202-333-6281 G.T.E.V. Alpenveilchen 12716 Torrington Street Woodbridge VA 22192 703.491.0827 Institute for German American Relations at Georgetown University Prof. Alfred Obernberger Dept. of German 37 P St Washington DC 20057 Österreichische Presse & Informationsdienst 3524 International Court Washington DC 20008-3035 202-895-6775 Schuhplattler und Gebirgstrachten Verein "Washingtonia" Charles Volkman 202-333-3374 see Concord Club address Washington Sängerbund 2343 Wisconsin Ave Washington DC 20007Dr. Carol Traxler 202.310.4691 Wandervogel Volksmarch Club Washington DC 6045 River Dr. Lorton VA 22079

While there were no telephones in the 19th century, large cities did publish directories annually so you could locate businesses and people (you paid to be listed). Charles listed his business address, which seems to have sometimes been his home address and sometimes not:
1874 C. H. Bischoff (Bischoff and Hetzel), 931 D. St, NW
1874 [second listing] Bischoff and Hetzel (C. H. Bischoff and Henry Hetzel), tailors, 931 D. St, NW
1875 - no Charles Bischoff listing
1876 Charles H. Bischoff, tailor, 409 N St, NW (Louis Keese, born 1826 in Prussia, lives there in 1880)
1877 Charles Bischoff, tailor, 718 D. St, NW
1878 Charles Bischoff, tailor, 121 D. St., NW (home of Julius Viedt -- see Sängerbund)
1879-81 Charles Bischoff, tailor, 922 D. St., NW (Charles and Justina's home - 1880 census)
1882 Charles Bischoff, tailor, 121 D. St., NW (home of Julius Viedt -- see Sängerbund)
1883-87 Charles Bischoff, tailor, 409 N. St., NW (Louis Keese, born 1826 in Prussia, lives there in 1880)
1888-90 Charles C. Bischoff, tailor, 810 4th St., NW (Charles and Elizabeth's home - 1900 census)

I dedicate my Stiebeling pages to cousin John Illenberger (1931-2010). Without his tireless efforts, as well as those of George Gilliland, I would not have been able to uncover a tenth of what is included in these pages. I miss you John.

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