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"The Monongahela of Old; or Historical Sketches of South-Western Pennsylvania to the year 1800

Appendix to Chapter VII - List of Settlers in Fayette and in contiguous parts of Greene, Washington and Westmoreland Counties in 1772 - copied from the official assessment rolls of Bedford County for 1773. In 1772, and until the erection of Westmoreland in 1773, Bedford county embraced all of South-western Pennsylvania. All of what is now Fayette county, east of a straight line from the mouth of Redstone to the mouth of Jacob's creek, composed two townships, Springhill and Tyrone, between which the division line was Redstone creek, from its mouth to where it was crossed by Burd's Road, thence Burd's Road to Gist's, thence Braddock Road to the Great Crossings. That part of Fayette which is west (or north-west) of the line from the mouth of Redstone to the mouth of Jacob's creek, was included in Rostraver township; which then embraced all of the "Forks of Yough" to the junction. All of Greene and of Washington counties, which were then supposed to be within the limits of Pennsylvania, and lying west of Fayette, seem to have been included in Springhill.

Rostraver Township: Benjamin Applegate, Daniel Applegate, William Applegate, Thomas Applegate, Alexander Bowling, Andrew Baker, Samuel Burns, James Burns, Isham Barnett, Morris Brady, Samuel Bisson, Samuel Beckett, Edward Cook, Andrew Dye, James Devoir, John Dogtauch, William Dunn, Peter Elrod, Peter Easman, Paul Froman, Rev. Jas. Finley, Samuel Glass, Samuel Grissey, John Greer, James Graugh, Christopeher Houseman, Thomas Hind, Peter Hildebrand, Joseph Hill, Llewellen Howell, Deverich Johnson, James Johnson, Jacob Johnson, Joseph Jones, John Kiles, John Kilton, Andrew Linn, William Linn, Nathan Linn, Frederick Lamb, John Miller, Oliver Miller, Abraham Miller, Alexander Miller, Alxander Morehead, Alexander Mitchell, John Mitchell, Jesse Martin, Morgan Morgan, Robert Mays, Daniel M'Gogan, James M'Kinley, Robert M'Connell, Ralph Nisley, Dorsy Pentecost, Benjamin Pelton, David Price, John Perry, Joseph Pearce, John Pearce, James Peers, Andrew Pearce, Edward Smith, Samuel Sinclair, Henry Speer, John Shannon, Michael Springer, Richard Sparks, William Sultzman, Van Swearingen, William Turner, Philip Tanner, Joseph Vanmeier, Jacob Vanmeter, John Vanmeter, Peter Vandola, Adam Wickenhimen, David Williams, George Weddel, John Weddel, James Wall, Samuel Wilson, James Wilson, Isaac Wilson. Inmates: Benjamin Allen, Nathaniel Brown, Benajah Burkham, John Bleasor, Samuel Clem, Thomas Summins, Fenahah Dumont, Somuel Davis, Thomas Dobin, Hugh Dunn, Peter Hanks, Joseph Hill, Joseph Lemon. Single Freemen: William Boling, Jesse Dumnth, John Finn, Isaac Greer, Moses Holliday, Peter Johnson, Ignatius Jones, Thomas Miller, Jacob M'Meen, Baltser Shilling.

1776-1780 names on petition for new state

Found in the Papers of the Continental Congress No. 48, Folios 251-6, pgs 89-96 a Petition for a New State (approx 1776-80) which was signed by about 2000 persons living in sw Pa. and adjoinging West Va. These persons were unhappy with the conflict between Pa. and Va. for this territory and wanted a new state formed. The Revolution brought an end to the dispute and also to the need for a new state. ... Vandoler, John; Vandoler, Joseph; Vandoler Peter, Jr.; Vandoler, Peter, Sr. ...

Tax Lists of Washington County, Pennsylvania, 1784-1785, 1793

Including present day Washington and Greene Counties and parts of Allegheny and Beaver Counties. Copied from the Original records for the Washington C. (PA) Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. From 1784 to 1789 the tax lists are fairly complete. Only Amwell and Cumberland townships were found for 1790.

.....No Vandolah in Washington twp in 1793.

History of Washington County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: L. H. Leverts & Co., 1882.

19 Mar 1791 PA, Washington Co, Fallowfield Township. The religious society in this township now known as the Maple Baptist Church was originated under the title of "Baptist Church Enan," and was in existence as early as March 19, 1791. At that time its members were John Bailey, William Jackman, Sr., Stephen Barclay, Henry Speer, Samuel Vail, Charles Whitlatch, William Jackman, Jr., Abraham Evans, James Deems, James Watson, Jesse Vandolah, John Mason, Nathan Ellis, Aaron Boylan, John Seward, John Ennis, William Allen, John Vandolah, Thomas Crow, John Earles, Nathaniel Carns, Thomas Carson, George Innis, John Stelle, William McFee, Thomas Cloud, B. George, Mary Barclay, Rebecca Speer, Margaret Ellis, Rachel Mifford, Mary Jackman, Nancy Neal, Sarah Boylan, Nancy Bailey, Margaret Innis, Catherine Seward, Abigail Hayden, Sarah Vandolah, Elizabeth Bonham, Margaret Earles, Winifred Ryan, Lavina Stelle, Eleanor Ellis, Esther Vandolah, Anna Vandolah, Mary Carson, Mary Ward, Mary Burgess, Lucy Burgess, Elsie Stanish, Jemima Evans, Mary Patton, Rachel Springer, Peggy Cloud, Elizabeth Yateman, Keziah Berk, Abigail Ogg, Polly Carns, Elizabeth Burgan and Elizabeth Burgan (2d), Keziah Barkhammer, Rebecca Prichard, Sarah Parsons, Mary Ertlin, Nancy Riggs, Rachel Springer, Catherine Rutan, and Mary Karnes. The first business meeting of this church was held on March 19, 1791, when Church Enan met agreeable to appointment ... The services of the Baptist Church Enan were originally held in a log house, which was succeeded by a brick building, located near its mouth, and at the Monongahela River, opposite the village of Belle Vernon, in Fayette County ... The old graveyard belonging to the church is still used.

Enan Baptist Church was located in Fallowfield Township, Washington Co, PA, and west of Belle Vernon, Fayette Co, PA. This site is very near where Interstate 70 now crosses the Monongahela River.

History of Washington County, Pennsylvania, Biographical Sketches of many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men - 1882, Crumbine

no VanDolah

Index to Washington County, PA wills, 1781-1900

No VanDolah

History of Washington County, PA with Biographical Sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men (1882)

No VanDolah.

A Biographical History of Greene County, PA (1975)

No VanDolah.

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Virginia Military District Tax List for the Year 1801

"Copied from the original Book of Entries of the Lands of Non-Residents situated between the Scioto and the Little Miami Rivers commonly known by the name of the Virginia Army Lands or the Virginia Military District. Copied at Columbus Ohio, 1971." ... Capt. James Craig, Lewis Craig, Tollawer Craig, ... James Vandola, Joseph Vandola, Peter Vandola ... (Virginia and Pennsylvania had both been vying for control of the lands of Ohio, before it became a separate state.

The Lillie A. Porter Collection of Harrison County, Ohio (1988-1989)

Mrs. Porter clipped birth and death notices, marriage articles, and interesting happenings in Harrison County from the Cadiz Republican and Cadiz Democrat. The news clippings cover a time period of about 100 years, from about 1850 to 1950 and more. ... (John and Sarah Craig son's Peter VanDolah, 1787-1823, lived in Cadiz, and had a son John -- it would appear that Mrs. Porter must have cut articles prior to 1850. The book only includes the index and not the articles.)

Vandolah, Peter -- see envelope: Tingley, Willam (Tingley, William -- First Cadiz teacher; see envelope: Tingley, William)

Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840. by Berry, 1986.

Cincinnati Land Records, Cincinnati Land Office, Cincinnati, Hamiton County, Ohio
Purchaser - Year, Date, Residence R T S Joseph Vandola (C), 1801, Dec. 02. Hamilton. 05-04-36
Jesse Vandolah (B), 1818m Aug 24m Hamilton, 02-04-18
Jesse Vandolah (B), 1818, Aug 24, Hamiton, 03-05-11
John Vandolah (B), 1833, Aug 21, Dearborn (Ind), 02-04-18
-----(B) Indiana Survey - all in Indiana
-----(C) Between the Miamis, Ranges IV-XV. - all in Ohio (maps of exaclocations are available in the book)

Early Ohio Tax Records (1971)

Fayette County was taken from parts of Ross and Highland counties in 1810. The county seat is Washington Court House. Madison County was taken from part of Fayette County in 1810.

1810 Fayette County, Ohio Tax List -- no VanDolah; however, there is a John Zandole, and I suspect this might be a misspelling of Vandola
1814 Fayette County, Ohio -- Vandolah, John

1806 Greene County, Ohio Tax List -- ... Vandolah, Joseph ...
1810 Greene County, Ohio -- ... Vandolah, Joseph ...

By Comm. James B. Webster and Philip Stout -- The first court in Fayette County was held at the cabin of John De Vault at the site of where now is the town of Bloomingsburg. The first court house built burned down in 1828. The first presiding Judge from 1810 to 1817 was John Thompson. First Associate Judges from 1810 to 1816 were Henry Snider, Wm. Blackmore and James Mooner. County Commisioners beginning in 1810 were Jacob Jamison, James Brooks and John Harrold. The Auditor in 1824 was Norman F. Jones. The first Recorder, 1810-1831 was Jesse Milliken. The Treasurer from 1828 to 1836 was Benjamin Hinton. The first Prosecuting Attorney 1810-1818 was Wade Loofborough. The Sheriff 1810-1812 was Mr. Clark and from 1812-1822 Robert Robinson and Norman F. Jones. -- Early settlers were: Ananias Allen and sons from Pa. about 1809. Enoch Harvey with his father Samuel Harvey and brother James Harvey from Va. in 1810. The Coons family were here from Va. ca 1800. Albert Ogden came from Va. in 1803. Isaac Dickinson from Va. very early. James McCafferty and brother from Va. ca 1804. Charles White came from Md. ca 1809. Wm. Morgan from Va. ca 1808. Thomas Barton, son of Stephen Barton from Va. ca 1804. Jesse Stretch from Pa. in 1804. Wm. Lawyer from Ireland in 1810. Jas. Rozzell with Amos Hawkins from Pa. in 1810. Armstead Carder, son of Sanford Carder, a Rev. War soldier, here from Va. early; also his two sons-in-law, John and Samuel Herrod. James Kerr from Va. and George Jamison from Ky. early. Mr. Salmon from Delaware ca 1805. Thomas Cook from Md. 1808; Geo. Busic from Va. 1806; Solomon Parker from Va. 1808 and Joel Wood and Michael Kerr from Va. early. -- The above data from History of Fayette County, O. by Dills ---Note: it would appear that John and Sarah Craig Vandolah moved to Fayette County during 1810, since they are not on the tax roll in that year *unless they are Zandole), and they are not mentioned as an early settler, and their son James was born in Fayette, PA on 8/23/1807 but their daughter Nancy was born 4/9/1810 in Ohio. Of course, Nancy may have been born elsewhere in Ohio, and they moved to Fayette by 1814. However, curiously, their daughter Elizabeth married Jesse Stretch about 1805, when she was only 15, so perhaps the date for Jesse above is 1805 not 1804, and they were married in PA and moved together to Fayette before her parents.

From Chris Hankins: She was an original member of the Baptist Society on 17 Jul 1813 in OH, Fayette Co, Madison Twp.66 "The Baptist Society was organized by John W. Loofbourrow at Isaac Pancoast's house one half mile south of the present site of Waterloo." John Messmore built the first church. Other charter members were Samuel, Lucretia and Caleb Gaskill, Peter Timmons, Lettie Pancoast, Barzilla and Polly Rozel.

History of Greene County Ohio - 19xx, Robinson

Peter VanDolah death in Nov 1815 -- need to look this up...

Historical Collection of Ohio by Howe, Vol 1, 1902.

Greene County. 1818. The first civil case that was tried by a jury was that of Wallingsford vs Vandolah. A verdict was rendered for the plaintiff of twenty-four cents, upon which "he paid the jury and constable fees."

She owned, purchased, or made a claim for 50 acres for $1 from Jesse Woodson of Powhaten Co, VA on 15 Jun 1818 in OH, Fayette Co.67 (Compiler's note: Jesse Woodson, along with Isaiah Pancoast, was one of the original platters of the town of Waterloo, in the southeastern corner of Madison township, Fayette County, Ohio).

Fayette County Ohio Early Minute Books (A, E, F & G) oif the Chancery Court

1 Sep 1823, Fayette County Ohio. Deposition stating that Jesse Stretch and William Gilmore swore that Sarah Vandolah of said Fayette County and relic of John Vandolah, deceased, is mother of John Vandolah who lately died in northern Louisiana, and John Vandolah, Senior, husband of Sarah and father of John, deceased, died in 1814 in Fayette County.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Fayette, Pickaway and Madison Counties, Ohio (1892)

No VanDolah.

Historical Collections of Harrison County, in the State of Ohio. By Charles A. Hanna, 1900.

p.568-569. Bio of John Shotwell, came from England, Scotland or New England to New Jersey .... issue Hugh born near Plainfield NJ March 19, 1764 died at Freeport, Ohio, March 17, 1854, removed before 1790 to Franklin township, Fayette county, Penn., thence about 1808 to Harrison county, Ohio, settling in Washington township about 1828 ... fifth child was Nancy, b. 1798, d. 1861; m. (1st) Peter Vandolah; m. (2d) Jacob Ebert. ...

p.306. Peter Vandoluh [sic] and Nancy Shotwell, Sept 28, 1815, by Samuel G. B. Berryhill, JP
p.256. Jacob Ebert married Nancy Vandolah, April 6, 1812, by Donald McIntosh, VDM -- date is wrong -- it was after 1823 when Peter died.  

p.328. Cadiz burial. Mary Matilda H. Vandolah, daughter of Peter and Nancy, died May 18, 1824, 1 year, 6 months, 28 days. -- Curious that Mary's burial is listed but not that of her father Peter who died 10/4/1823 in Cadiz.

p.448. Matthew Tenant, date of will 12/28/1852, date of probate 1/29/53. wife (name not given); children Robert, William, George, David, Isabelle. execs: John Long, Samuel Richey. wits John S. Vandolah and John Long.

p.444. Hugh Shotwell, date of will 1/3/1840, date of probate 4/18/1854. children: Arrison, Esther, Susanna, Nancy, John, William, Joseph; grandchildren: Nancy Sears, John Vandolah; exec, Arrison Shotwell; wits John McBean, William Jones. Shotwell, Hugh, born 3/19/1764, died 3/17/1854, Age 90 years.

Fayette County Will records v.1-2 1852-1888

16 Aug 1854, Fayette County Ohio. Last Will and Testament of Sarah VanDolah lists grandson James Stout to whom she leaves land 50 acres, part of Richard James survey No, 470 and bounded on the north and south by the lands of Shreve Gaskill, on the west by the lands of Stephen Boston & Samuel Davis and on the east by the Urbanna road. To daughter Mary Davis, half of the above land and all her remaining chattel property. She died on 14 Oct 1860 in OH, Fayette Co, Madison Twp.70 She had an estate probated on 23 Oct 1860 in OH, Fayette Co.71. She was interred in OH, Fayette Co, Pancoastburg, Waterloo Cemetery (m).72

Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: an index, by Bell, 1981

Vandolah, James, W-1811, HM, CA7691, wb7 p.370
Vandolah, Joseph, E-1815, GR (Greene County), wbc&D p.128
Vandolah, Peter of Fayette Co, PA, W-1804, GR (Greene County); wbc&D p.151
Vandolah, Peter, E-1823, HR c169

Personal Recollections -- letter written 1902, author Brittania Bray VanDolah

He [James VanDolah] was of German descent, When a small boy, his father moved from PA to Fayette Co, OH where he attended the common schools and assisted his father in farming. At the age of 24 he was married to Miss Nancy H. Nutt. She was born in Frederick Co., VA, 14 May 1813. They were the parents of nine children. The subject of this sketch by the help of his brother Jesse, emigrated to IL and located in McLean Co in the fall of 1835, losing one of their children on the way, buried it at Crawfordsville, IN.
Note: This German ancestry reference is assumed to be in error. James' father John VanDolah is known to be Dutch and his wife is thought to have been Scottish. Sarah's parents are thought to have been Scotch-Irish. Having been certain of John's Dutch-Scottish ancestry, I had originally thought that this statement referred to Sarah's lineage being German. But having researched Sarah's ancestry and finding it was Irish or Scottish, I now think it is more likely that Brittania was referring to James' father's lineage anyway -- she was probably referring to the derivation of the name VanDolah. I wonder if knowing that James' father was Dutch and from Pennsylvania, she thought of "Pennsylvania Dutch" and therefore German. Wikipedia: "The Pennsylvania Dutch are the descendants of Germanic peoples who emigrated to the U.S. (primarily to Pennsylvania), from Germany, Switzerland and The Low Countries prior to 1800. The Dutch are generally regarded as one of several Germanic peoples, which explains the corruption of the German word Deutsch to Dutch; therefore, the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch are really Pennsylvania Germans."

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The History of Jackson County, Iowa - 1879

Mrs. Mary VanDola (nee Hadley), far., Sec. 11, P. O. Andrew; was born in Center Co., Penn., in 1814; in 1820 she removed with her parents, N. and Anna Hadley, to Seneca Co, Ohio; thence, in 1839, to Jackson Co., Iowa, and settled in Andrew, where Mrs. Vandolah, the subject of this sketch, married in 1842, Jesse Vandolah, a native of Fayette Co., Penn. He was born in 1802, and moved to Ohio with his parents in 1810, where he remained until 1831, when he went to McLean Co., Ill.; he was in active service during the Black Hawk war, and was in Stillwell's defeat and battle of Bad Axe; he came to Jackson Co., Iowa, in 1840, where he resided until his death, in 1866. Mrs. Vandolah had seven children, five of whom are living -- Sarah A., married Albert Baker, and lives near Andrew; Amanda, now Mrs. James Spencer, resides in this township; Alice; Jerusha, now Mrs. Charles McKinly, of Bellevue; Minerva, married William Nichols, and lives in Placer Co., Cal.; John, killed by the Indians near Fort Laramie, Wyo. Ter.; William, also deceased. Mrs. Vandolah owns a valuable farm a short distance from Andrew. This estimable lady is justly entitled to be ranked among the early settlers of this county, having lived over forty years in Perry Township.

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Early Settlements - Money Creek Township, McLean County, IL

"In 1830, Jesse Stretch and Benjamin Odgen came to the settlement, from Ohio. John Ogden came in 1831, and stopped down on the Mackinaw. Benjamin Ogden bought out Louis Soward."... The early settlers went for their mail to the town of Mackinaw, now in Tazewell County. After they had gone such a long distance, they had to pay 25 cents for each letter. The post office was pretty soon established at Bloomington, and then they were somewhat relieved, for the post office was not more than fifteen miles away. Finally, there was a mail-route established from Ottawa to Springfield, by way of Bloominton, and Money Creek received an office, being on the route. The mail was carried on horse-back, the carrier making one round trip a week. When Mr. Bishop gave up the office, and Mr. Mooore, of Towanda, was appointed, Money Creek lost the only post office she ever had, and she has never been able to get another. But she does not need it. Hudson, on the west, Lexington, on the northeast, and Towanda, on the south, furnish all the necessary facilities." Looking for information on the Craig-VanDolah parents of Elizabeth VanDolah Stretch, James VanDolah and Nancy VanDolah Ogden -- but only Elizabeth's husband Jesse in this book, and no mention of the VanDolah ancestry.

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