Christian and Maria Weber Stiebeling

Maria Weber

Christian Stiebeling

Parents: Anna Margarethe Lahning and Johannes Weber

Parents: Anna Kunigunda Frust and Johann Christoph Stiebeling

Born: June 2, 1725 in Gedern, Germany (record, summary)

Born: January 1, 1729 Gedern (record, summary)

Married: April 29, 1751 to Christian Stiebeling (record)

Married: April 29, 1751 to Maria Weber (record)

Died: September 3, 1798 in Gedern, Hesse, Germany (record)

Died: February 21,1799 in Gedern, Hesse, Germany

Interred: Gedern

Interred: Gedern

Occupation: master tanner



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Johannes

4/16/1752 Gedern

10/18/1819 Gedern

5/13/1784 Anna Catherina Fiebenauer (?)


2. Johann Friedrich

5/10/1755 Gedern

9/11/1810 Gedern

10/28/1784 Elisabeth Viesel


3. Johann Heinrich

1/22/1758 Gedern


4/28/1784 Catharina Henrietta Tebursani (?)


4. Johann Christoph

10/23/1760 Gedern

July 3, 1818 Gedern

12/6/1787 Johanna Elisabetha Albertine Hoelle



Note: In 2008 fellow genealogist and Stiebeling descendant, John Illenberger, was in contact with a fellow genealogist and Stiebeling descendant in Germany, Erwin Diehl, who confirmed this information and added much more in his 2008 letter. Johann Christian was granted a house of the Prince as a fief, opposite the “Bergwirtshaus” (name of an inn), on whose upper floor General Fransecky was born. The aforesaid fief of the Prince had a sandstone coat-of-arms which each succeeding generation had to purchase.

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