William Perry Hay's 1920-1945 Hay Family Genealogy

Original at the Library of Congress; no copies

This copy was made by photographing the entire book in June, 2007.

While this method was adequate for copying the photographs in the book, which are often the only copies of these photographs, this method was quite inadequate at reproducing the small handwritten notes, especially when the added notations were in pencil instead of pen. Since all of the relevant information was typed for inclusion elsewhere in this stand-alone website, and this photographic copy of the book is for back-up and documentation purposes only, it is not anticipated that a second trip will be undertaken to xerox or scan the book to replace these often-hard-to-decipher pages.

The book contains approximately 240 pages summarizing all of William Perry Hay's research on his father's (Oliver Perry Hay's) lineage. The book includes historical information on the Hay name, original photographs, drawings and newspaper clippings, as well as the family trees and stories written by William Perry Hay (1871-1947). (A couple of the pages were rearranged for this index for organizational purposes.)

TITLE PAGES - title, Library of Congress number, submission by William's sister Fannie Hay


General Hay Informationion
Hay's in Scotland history, Tweeddale Coat of Arms, House of Errol coat of arms, Hay coat of arms, information, p.2, Historical newspaper clipping. Scotland maps: #1, #2. Secretary of State John Hay. Hay name in Germany. History of the Reformation of the Church of England. Encyclopedia entries for Scottish provinces: p.1, p.2. Bibliography. Hay heraldry

Census information: 1790, p.2.

Generation 4: Robert Lyle Hay (1821-1903)
Hay family tree. Hay Coat of Arms.
Generation 1: Robert Hay (1742-1818) - family page, notes.
Generation 2: William Hay (1768-1849) - family page, notes on Robert and William Hay (generations1-2), wife Jane Taylor's family page.
Generation 3: Ann Hay, John Hay, Isabella Hay, Elizabeth Hay, Ann Hay, Thomas Hay, Thomas' 1865 letter, Thomas' wife Sarah Maiden, William Perry Hay's reminiscences about his greatgrandparents.
Generation 4: Jackson Hay, Mary Hay, William Hay, William Hay notes, John Hay, John Hay's second marriage, John Hay's notes, p.2, Minerva Hay, Minerva Hay's notes, Francis Hay, George Hay, George Hay's notes, Thomas Hay, Thomas Hay's notes, Lawrence Hay, Lawrence Hay's notes, Margaret Hay, and
Robert Lyle Hay's: family page, notes, biography, 1872 letter to W. P. Hay, 1875 letter to Mamie Hay, obituary, 2nd obituary, 2nd biography, Robert's wife Margaret Crawford, Robert's 2nd wife Mary Baker
Generation 5 (Robert and Margaret Crawford Hay's children): Mary Hay, Andrew Hay, Julia Hay, Sarah Hay, Thomas Hay, Ann Hay, Francis Hay, Maria Hay, Isabelle Hay, Leroy Hay, Clarence Hay, George Hay, Robert Hay, and
Oliver Perry Hay's family page, 1920 diary on trip to Indiana, Obituaries #1, #2, #3, #4, Oliver Perry Hay's wife Mary Emily Howsmon, William Perry Hay's reminiscences about his mother.
Thomas Hay's home in Saluda, IN
Generation 6 (Oliver Perry and Mary Emily Howsmon Hay's children): Mary Hay, Frances Hay, Robert Hay, Robert's wife Alma Bischoff, William Perry Hay, William Perry Hay's homes (and close-up views of buildings #1, #2, #3), William's wife Annie McKnew, telegram to Oliver Hay upon birth of first grandson.
Mary Hay and Thomas Clark's children: Clarence Clark, Edna Clark, Ada Clark, Alice Clark, Norma Clark.
Julia Hay and Miles Shimel's children: Florence Shimel, Edward Shimel.
Thomas Hay and Mary Stover's children: Mary Hay, Isabella Hay.
Ann Hay and George Reid's children: Mabel Reid, p.2, Ella Reid, p.2, picture, Ida Reid.
Francis Hay and Nellie Lombard's children: Mayme Hay, Florence Hay, Clyde Hay, Vera Hay.
Maria Hay and Levi Rich's child: Ralph Rich.
Isabella Hay and William Wilcox's child: Clarence Wilcox.
Leroy Hay and Kate Shriver's children: Gordon Hay, Marion Hay.
Clarence Hay and Mabel Foster's children: Bonnie Hay, Bessie Hay, Thomas Hay, Gordon Hay, Nellie Hay.
George Hay and Mary Stover's children: Margaret Hay, Jean Hay.
Robert Hay and Ruth Sutphen's children: Caryl Hay, Laverne Hay.
Francis Hay and Hannah Tower's children: Mark Hay, Lewis Hay, Cranston Hay.
1906 telegram upon Jack Hay's birth
Generation 7:
William Perry Hay and Annie McKnew's children: (curiously, page is missing for son Jack Hay -- perhaps inadvertently skipped in photographing), Jack Hay's wife Willa Bowers, Constance Hay, Constance's husband John Atkins
Robert Howsmon Hay and Alma Bischoff's children: Donald Hay and Perry Hay
Edward Shimel and Anna Holquist's child: Clarence Shimel
Generation 8:
Jack and Willa Bower Hay's daughter Shirley Hay


Crawford history, Kentucky information, genealogy, tree.
Generation 2: William Crawford
Generation 3: David Crawford, David's wife Sarah McNeely
Generation 4: Jeremiah Crawford, Mary Crawford, Margaret Crawford, Isabella Crawford, Elizabeth Crawford, Delilah Crawford, Maria Crawford, William Crawford, William's picture


Generation 2: Jeremiah McNeely


Census: 1790
Generation 1: John Maiden
Generation 2: Andrew Maiden


Indiana Cemeteries, p.2. Hay Cemeteries.
Appendices: misc., and peerage.

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