William Perry Hay's 1920-1945 Howsmon Family Genealogy

Original at the Library of Congress; copies at Newberry Library in Chicago, IL and Lincoln Library in Springfield, IL

185 pages summarizing all William Perry Hay's research on his mother's (Mary Emily Howsmon) lineage. The information in this book has been incorporated into this database; this book is added here for documentation. This is a photocopy of the original, thanks to Howsmon descendant Joseph Pound.
cover: map of Madison and Fayette Counties Ohio, call number-2, 1790 census data-3, description of old maps of Madison, Athens, Fayette and Pickaway counties-4, 1930s/1940s addresses of correspondents-185

HOWSMON FAMILY - pages 5-86
Pennsylvania German Pioneers-5, Cemeteries of Madison County-6,7,8, History of Madison County-9,10 1790 census-11, lineage of President Zachary Taylor-12, Frederick, MD records-13, Frost tree-14, Howsmon tree-15, Howsmon cemeteries-37,38, photos of Howsmon home-54
Generation 1: John Howsmon-16,17,18,19,20,21,22, (wife Martha Frost-23,173)
Generation 2: William Howsmon-24,35,36, (wife Abigail Britton-39,183, wife Frances Wren-40), Frances-25, Isaac-26, Mary-27, Jacob-28, Hannah-29, Samuel-30, John-31, Abraham-32, Martha-33, Margaret-34
Generation 3: (William and Abigail's children) - Letticia-41, John-42 (wife Mary Foster-43), Isaac-44, Mary-45, William-46, Frances-47, James-48, Martha-49, Charles-50, Jacob-51, Lorain-52, Joseph-53 (wife Elizabeth Gregory-55,144)
Generation 4: (Joseph and Elizabeth's children) - Sarah-56, Jehiel-57, William-58, Elizabeth-59, Isaac-60, Mary-61, Hattie-62, John-63, Frances-64
Generation 5: Sylvia Loving-65, Alonzo Loving-66, Joseph Howsmon-67, Mildred Howsmon-68, Pauline Howsmon-69, Josephine Howsmon-70, Helen Howsmon-71, Clara Howsmon-72, Clara Howsmon-73, Frank Howsmon-74, Richard Howsmon-75, Clarence Howsmon-76, Maud Howsmon-77, Mae Howsmon-78, William Howsmon-79, Muriel Howsmon-80, Robert Howsmon-81, George Camp-82, Harry Camp-83, Lou Camp-84, Hattie McGuire-86, Lou McGuire-86

GREGORY FAMILY - pages 87-158
Gregory tree-87, Gregory coat of arms-88, Scottish Gregorys-89,90, History of Madison County-91, Gregory localities, especially "Gregory Point"-92,93,94,95,96, Norwalk, CT records-97,98,99,100, New York in the Revolution-101, History of Athens County-102,103, Good Old Times in McLean County-104, Early CT marriages-105, History of Stratford and Bridgeport, CT-106, Chronology of Moses and Jeremiah Gregory of NYS-107, notes on Nehemiah Gregory-108,109,110,111,112,113, Cemeteries in Madison and Fayette Counties-114,115,116, Biographical record of McLean County-117,118, Andrews coat of arms-119, History of New York-120, Fayette County, OH court records-121,122,123,124, correspondence with Grant Gregory-125
Generation 1: Nehemiah Gregory-126, 127,128,129, (wife Ann Barnum-130)
Generation 2: Jehiel Gregory-131 (wife Elizabeth Andrews-132)
Generation 3: Jehiel-133,140 (wife Sarah VanDolah-142, her father John VanDolah-141, her mother Sarah Craig-143), Nehemiah-134, Elizabeth-135, Andrews-136,137, Annis-138, Adley-139
Generation 4: Elizabeth-55,144, Annis-145, John-146, Mary-147
Generation 5: Jehiel-148, Sarah-149, Mary-150, Margaret-151, Alonzo-152, George-153, Sabra-154, John-155, Ira-156, Byron-157, Grace-158

FROST FAMILY - pages 159-176
1790 census-11, lineage of President Zachary Taylor-12, Frederick, MD records-13, Frost tree-14
Generation 1: John Frost-159 (wife Mary-160)
Generation 2: Sarah-161, William-162 (wife Hannah-163)
Generation 3: William-164, Abraham-165, Isaac-166, John-167, Thomas-168, Amos-169, Jacob-170, Mary-171, Hannah-172, Martha-23,173, Ellen-174, Ann-175, Frances-176

BRITTON FAMILY - pages 177-184
Generation 1: Jesse Britton-177 (wife Ann Gibson-178, wife Susannah Noland-179)
Generation 2: Letitia-180, Joseph-181, Jesse-182, Abigail-39,183, Elizabeth-184

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