Miss Ohio 1933 Corinne Porter - Semi-Finalist

In the national contest where city girls predominated, farm girl Corinne Porter was described as perhaps the least sophisticated of the contestants, but her smile and personality catapulted her into front-runner status with the audience for almost the entire interminable six day schedule, Corinne also had the distinction of being one of the few girls sponsored by a newspaper, which was a huge change from years past when newspapers provided all the marketing as well as a lot of the financial backing.

1930 Porter family census form - Youngstown, Ohio
1930 census data, Youngstown, OH
Olive Porter 53 divorced (OH) no occupation
Amos L. 28 (OH) salesman at electric equipment shop and his wife Winnifred 26 (OH) stenographer at railroad office, Wade 27 (OH) architect at steel office, Mable A 19 (OH), Cora A 15 (OH), Esther Nelson 4 (IL)(boarder)
On the 1920 census Mable is listed as Amelia and Cora is Cora A.) Olive is Ida Olive Pance (1875-1960) and her ex-husband is Samuel W. Porter (1865-1953).
Corinne Porter was a 19-year old farm girl and governess from Youngstown, the youngest child of Samuel and Olive Porter.

Corinne from the panorama shot - age 19
Aug 11 Youngstown, OH newspaper
Corinne Porter was chosen "Miss Ohio" on August 10th in Youngstown, OH. As the newspaper copy states: Beautiful North Side Girl Wins Crown of "Miss Ohio." Miss Porter Chosen at Yankee After Close Race. A quiet unsophisticated girl who likes such simple recreations as skating and playing tennis. That's Corrine [sic] Porter, 2402 Kim St, who was crowned "Miss Ohio" last night at Yankee Lake by Mayor Mark F. Moore after the judges had selected her. The contest was close, however, each of the 11 girls having some outstanding quality which made her a strong contender, and the judges took more than two and a half hours to select the winner. .. Even before the judges had reached their decision, it was apparent by the applause that the crowd favored Miss Porter and Miss Meseke [the runner-up]. Each time they appeared on the review stand they got a big reception. And the nicest scene of the evening came after Miss Porter had been announced the winner. The 10 other girls rushed out to the center of the ballroom floor and congratulated her. This Youngstown group of girls is a real gang! Miss Porter today said she was so thrilled last night that she couldn't talk. "Mayor Moore, in making his announcement, walked over close to us girls and I saw my name written on the slip of paper," she confessed, "I nearly dropped to the floor. I was certain the Columbus girl or one of the other local girls would win." Miss Porter was born in Palmyra, O., 19 years ago. She is five feet six and one-half inches tall, weighs 124 pounds and has wavy brown hair which she wears in a long bob. She completed the first year in Grant Junior High and then had to go to work. For the last three years she has been a governess at the Sam Rosenbloom home in Elm St. Miss Porter smokes but she does not drink. She has stage amibitions. After she was picked, Mrs. Pauline Joyce Heller offered to take Miss Porter in hand and train her in posture and carriage for the Atlantic City promenade. Last night's contest was even more brilliant than that of last week. Earl Peltz, Vindicator promotion man, had a varied-colored spotlight play over the girls as they promenaded around a roped-off circle, first in evening gowns and next in bathing suits. The judges sat in the center of the ring and witnessed the promenades, the final judging in private at Dave Randoph's Yankee Lake Inn. The judges' board included notable artists in the city, a dancing teacher, theater man and business...

Aug 26 St. Louis newspaper
WI WV OH DE MI VA NJ (backside)
The August 26 St. Louis newspaper (at right) simply confirms that Miss Ohio was named Corinne Porter.

Atlantic City newspapers:
Sep 6: "City Chooses Favorites. And already Atlantic City is choosing favorites from among the beauties. Although the public will not be the judges the public, judging from its comments at every appearance of the beautiful young women have chosen favorites and the first day witnessed eight beauties win popular acclaim: Miss Ohio, Miss New York City, Miss New York State, Miss California, Miss Wisconsin, Miss West Virginia, Miss Washington State and Miss Missouri seemed to take with the crowds."

Sep 9: "And with the combination of the others against the New Yorkers the stock of "Miss Ohio" zoomed. "Miss Ohio," Corinne Porter, 19-year-old Youngstown farm girl and governess, is perhaps the least sophisticated of the entrants, with a smile and personality reminiscent with the most famous of Miss Americans, Mary Catherine Campbell, of Columbia, Ohio, who held the crown two years. Miss Ohio is one of the few girls selected by newspapers this year. Her sponsor is the Youngstown Vindicator."

Picture Gallery of Corinne, supplied by her son (click on any picture for a larger view):

Most of these pictures are thought to have been taken in September, 1933 in Atlantic City

It is not certain of the locale of these pictures. Two were taken by "Atlantic Foto Sevice" -- pictures 3 (judging) and 6 (evening gown with rose). The picture on the far right with the single rose is thought to be a photo from the September 6 American Beauty Ball, where each beauty contestant was given such a rose by their uniformed escort. The picture on the float is also thought to be from Atlantic City as there are other floats with other state names in the background.

Corinne finished as a semi-finalist, but was not in the top four final spots. Curiously, in 1960 when The Miss America Pageant held a 25th year reunion of the Miss America sorority, Mu Alpha Sigma, they searched for previous contest beauties throughout the country, but only for the years between 1935 and 1955 -- underscoring that the then director of the pageant, Lenora Slaughter, had not only distanced the organization from the early pageants when she was hired in 1935, but still perpetuated the disassociation 25 years later (see article).

2001 obituary
After the pageant, Corinne returned to Ohio, but she cannot be located on the 1940 census. Social Security Death Index: CORINNE A MARINO, date of birth: 08 Jun 1914, date of death: 24 Mar 2001 (V), last residence: 44110 (Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH), last benefit: (none specified), social security number: 278-12-9493, place issued: Ohio. Corinne died in 2001 at age 86, survived by two children.
Ohio death index:
Name: Corinne Marino [Corinne Porter] Birth Date: 8 Jun 1914 Birth County: Knox Birth State: Ohio Birth Country: United States Gender: Female Race: White Hispanic Origin: Not Hispanic (Latino) Residence City: Middleburg Heights Residence County: Cuyahoga Residence State: Ohio Residence Zip Code: 44130 Residence Country: United States Death Date: 24 Mar 2001 Death Time: 8:55 AM Hospital of Death: Home City of Death: Middleburg Heights County of Death: Cuyahoga Certificate: 044725 Age at Death: 86 Registrar's Certificate Number: W01340 Certifier: Physician Referred to Coroner: No Autopsy: No Method of Disposition: Burial Filing Date: 3 Apr 2001 Hospital Status: Other/Residence Injury in Ohio: Yes Type Place of Injury: Unspecified Place Social Security Number: 278-12-9493 FATHER'S SURNAME: Porter Mother's Maiden Name: Pence Marital Status: Widowed Education: 8 Armed Forces Indicator: No Census Tract: 1731 Primary Registration District: 1829

Research notes:
I was certain that Cora Porter was the Corinne Porter I was seeking, but I could not find confirmation either through the Pence relatives I found on genealogy sites, and could not find an obituary online.
-- Thank you to the Cleveland Library who so kindly supplied me with the obituary above (MARINO, CORINNE: Wife of late Julius-Obit Plain Dealer 27 Mar, 2001, pg. 6 sec. B); it was not available through the online archives. And also a warm thank-you to The Vindicator (of Youngstown) who looked up the 1933 newspaper article for me.