Miss Rhode Island 1933 - Unknown (did not compete)

map: blue states sent contestants to Atlantic City
It is not known if there was a Miss Rhode Island contest in 1933, but since there were state contests in all the neighboring New England States -- Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut -- as well as the states that border New England (New York and Pennsylvania), it is thought that a Rhode Island contest is likely to have occurred.

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Rose Comella, Miss Rhode Island, born 1914-1919?
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Rose Comella, Miss Rhode Island, born 1914-1919?
By doncomis
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Surnames: Comella, Comis
I'm starting a family tree, The Comis Family of Utica-Rome, NY. My grandmother's first family was from a marriage to Michele Comella in 1913 in Rhode Island. They lived in Providence and had these children: Francesco (Frankie) in 1916 and Mary in around 1920, with Sammy and Rose somewhere in between.
Rose won a beauty contest, maybe Miss Rhode Island, mabye 1933 to 1935?

Rose Comella was 21 on the 1940 census
The 1940 census data for Rose Comella finds her married (married surname Fraielli), age 21; she, her husband, and their 2-year old son are living with her parents. This would have made her about 14 in 1933. While this is young to have been a contestant, Miss Connecticut was 15 and Miss Kentucky was 14, so it is not impossible. And since Rose was 21 in January 1940, it is quite likely she was 15 in September 1933, probably born in 1918.

It is worth further research to determine if Rose was Miss Rhode Island in 1933, and planned to go to Atlantic City, and why she ended up not going. She is not located as a contestant for any other early Miss America pageant. Miss America historians have not heard of her as of 2016. There was no pageant in 1934 (but there could have been a state contest without the national pageant). There were TWO RI entrant in the 1935 pageant -- Beatrice MacKenzie of Providence and Leona Mucha of West Warwick -- it is thought unlikely there would have been a third entrant from Rhode Island. Starting in 1936 there were state contestants -- Mary Margaret Rogers in 1936, Dorothy Mae Eden in 1937, but none in 1938 or 1939.