Shuffle Off To Buffalo

42nd Street
Music by Al Dubin and Harry Warren, 1933, written for the musical "Forty-Second Street". The audio clip is the original soundtrack from the musical; to end audio, click on the second button on audio control:

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Now that we have had the rice and flowers, The knot is tied;
I can visu'lize such happy hours Close by your side.
The honeymoon in store Is one that you'll adore,
I'm gonna take you for a ride.

You go home and get your panties, I'll go home and get my scanties,
And away we'll go.
Ooh! Off we're gonna shuffle, Shuffle off to Buffalo.
To Niag'ra in a sleeper, There's no honeymoon that's cheaper,
And the train goes slow.
Ooh! Off we're gonna shuffle, Shuffle off to Buffalo.
Some day, the stork may pay a visit, And leave a little souvenir;
Just a little cute "What is it?" But we'll discuss that later, dear.
For a little silver quarter, We can have the pullman porter
Turn the lights down low.
Ooh! Off we're gonna shuffle, Shuffle off to Buffalo.

Tap Dancing. Tap dancing is a lively form of dance that originated in the 1800s and has complex roots in several forms of dance (including Irish step and English clogging). Tap dancing enjoyed renewed interest during the late 1980s thanks to legendary performer, Sammy Davis, Jr., and his role in the popular movie, "Tap." Tap dancing is less constrictive than other forms of dance, particularly ballet. While it can take years to master ballet, if ever, it is entirely possible to discover tap dancing later in life and still perform quite respectably.

Trailer from movie 42nd street. Click on button in picture to play, or click on this link ( to bring it up full-size in a new window (needs Flash Player)
42nd Street (the 1933 movie) is the classic, fast-paced, backstage movie musical -- a refreshing film that changed the film musical forever and saved Warner Brothers from bankruptcy, helping it grow into a major studio. Set during the Depression and about the Depression, this film is considered the backstage musical par excellence, the grand-daddy of them all. It was based on the "putting-on-a-show" tradition stemming from MGM's first sound film, The Broadway Melody (1929), another "backstage musical." This film was an unglamorized look at the tough realities of backstage life behind the footlights. The urban milieu of the film is filled with crisp, slangy, bitter dialogue and wisecracks, street-wise characters, topical references, desperately-striving chorines, dancers, and crew, and down-and-out references to the Depression.

Shuffle Off to Buffalo tap dance moves:
1. Begin with your hands on your hips and your feet slightly less than hip distance apart.
2. Lift your right foot about four inches off the ground and step with your entire foot, letting both your toes and heel evenly hit the floor. All your weight will now be on your right foot.
(a) At the same time your right foot hits the floor, raise your left foot so that your knee is slightly bent and your foot is about four inches off the ground.
3. Perform a Shuffle Step except that your left foot will be outstretched to your left and shuffling with your toes and foot facing the front left corner.
(a) Move your left foot in front of you and brush the ball of your left foot against the ground.
(b) Bring your left foot toward you, again brushing the ball of your foot against the ground. Step your left foot back into the initial position
4. Bring your left foot back toward you and transfer all your weight to your left foot.
(a) At the same time your left foot hits the floor, raise your right foot off the ground and hold it suspended in the air. Your right knee will be slightly above the midway point between the floor and hip level. The toes of your right foot will be about four inches above the floor and pointing toward the floor. Your right calf will be crossing in front of your left leg and your right foot will be to the left of your left leg.
5. Begin the above sequence midway through Step 2. Since your right foot will already be raised, you can immediately begin with transferring your weight onto your right foot.
6. Repeat Step 2a, Step 3a, 3b, Step 4, and Step 4a.
7. Continue the Shuffle Off to Buffalo multiple times in a row until you are comfortable.
8. Congratulations! You have mastered an advanced beginner step.
9. You can also perform a Shuffle Off to Buffalo on the "left side" by beginning Step 2 with your left foot.
Note: there are many clips of this step on the internet.