1812 Zemplén, Hungary census

A census of "renters" (Arendators) and taxpayers was taken for Zemplen county in 1811-- the entire population. Evidently the authorities were not happy with the results and an additional census was taken just a few months later in 1812, with this one for Jews only. The 1811 census was preserved in its entirety, the 1812, only for the southern part of the county called Hegyalja, roughly everything south and excluding SA Ujhely. The data in the census includes 3200 names of head of households or widows, by location. No family members or wives are listed, and only a very few occupations (professionals) -- only surnames of interest are included here. It is not possible to determine the relationship of these heads of household to our families.

Dr. Izidor Goldberg analyzed, dissected and organized the Jewish data in an article published in a Zemplen periodical called "Adalekok Zemplen Megye Tortenetehez", which is organized in 18 volumes with a copy at Columbia University in NYC.

Chaim Jud. - Samogy Samogy
Chaim Lefko - Sarto Petrocz
Chaim Abr. - Sztankocz Sztankocz
Chaimovits Lefko - Alsogyertan AHrabocz
Chaimovits Abr. - Felsokazmer Kazmer
Chaimovits Elias - Galszecs Galszecs
Chajmovits Mendel - Izbugya Izbugya
Chajmovits Mosko - Izbugyabarocz IzHrabocz
Chajmovits Abr - Izbugyaradvany Radvany
Chajmovits ** - Miglesz Miglesz
Chajmovits Abr. - Opalhely Zamuto
Cham Mojses - Girincs Girincs
Haimovits Juda Sztropko Sztropko
Hajnovits Lajzer Koskocz Koskocz
Hanovits Lazar Tolcsva Tolcsva
Honovits Jos. Kisraska Kisraska
Humovits Iczko Opalhely Zamuto
Gross David - Korom Korom
Grosz Pinkesz - Alsomihalyi Mihalyi
Grosz David - Bekecs Bekecs
Grosz David - Bodrogkeresztur Keresztur
Grosz Sam. - Erdobenye Erdobenye
Grosz Abr. - Galszecs Galszecs
Grosz Isak w - Hernadnemeti Hernadnemeti
Grosz Mich. w - Mezozombor Zombor
Grosz Abr. - Mezozombor Zombor
Grosz Isac - Natafalva Natafalva
Grosz Israel - Posa Posa
Grosz Hersko - Tallya Tallya
Grosz Jos. - Tallya Tallya
Grosz Hersc w T - allya Tallya
Grosz Israel - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Farkas - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Abr. - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Isak - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Jos. - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Berko - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Farkas - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Grosz Jos. - Vamosfalu Ujfalu
Gutman Lenko - Csemernye Csemernye
Gutman User - Csemernye Csemernye
Gutman Slama - Csemernye Csemernye
Gutman Slama - Csicsoka Csicsoka
Gutman Bernat - Erdobenye Erdobenye
Gutman Mosko - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Gutman Mosko - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Gutman Joan - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Gutman Lejba - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Gutman Jankel - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Gutman Salam - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Gutman Fabian - Kisrozvagy Kisrozvagy
Gutman Sal. - Mad Maad
Gutman Isak - Mad Maad
Gutman Moses - Tallya Tallya
Gutman Jos. - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Guttfreid Isak - Csemernye Csemernye
Guttfreind Hersko - Varanno Varanno
Guttman Marcus - Berzek Berzek
Guttman Sam. - Kolcsmezo Kolcsmezo
Guttman Sal. - Mad Maad
Guttman Lebli - Mad Maad
Guttman Salam. - Mereszpatak Mernyik
Guttman Zelik - Sokut Sookut
Guttman Jos. - Tolcsva Tolcsva
Guttman Slyama - Varanno Varanno
Guttman Mosko - Vehecz Vehecz
Jakobovits David Jud. - Csemernye Csemernye
Jakobovits David - Malcza Malcza
Jakovits Salam. T - opolyan Topolyan
Jakub Ruben - Alsoviranyos ASitnicze
Jakub Isac - Galszecs Galszecs
Jakub Mich. - Sokut Sookut
Jakubovits Mosko - Alsoalmad AJAblonka
Jakubovits Mosko - Alsogyertan AHrabocz
Jakubovits Aron - Banocz Banocz
Jakubovits Isak - Banyapataka Banszka
Jakubovits Jos. - Barancs Barancs
Jakubovits Jos. - Butka Butka
Jakubovits Zelik - Cseke Cseke
Jakubovits Mosko - Felsokrucso OKrutso
Jakubovits Abr. - Galszecs Galszecs
Jakubovits Hersko - Gataly Gataly
Jakubovits Mosko - Gataly Gataly
Jakubovits Sam. - Gerenda Gerenda
Jakubovits Hersko - Gorbeszeg Ulits Kriva
Jakubovits Laiser - Hegyesbisztra Bisztra
Jakubovits Lefko - Hegyesbisztra Bisztra
Jakubovits Jos. - Hegyi Hegyi
Jakubovits Lajzer - Izbugyabela Valentocz
Jakubovits Mosko - Izbugyabela Valentocz
Jakubovits Berko - Izbugyabela Valentocz
Jakubovits Hersko - Jeszenocz Jeszenocz
Jakubovits Major - Juhos Parihuzocz
Jakubovits Iczko - Kaleno Kaleno
Jakubovits Jos. - Kazso Kazsu
Jakubovits Abr. - Kispolany Polena
Jakubovits Laizer - Kozma Kozma
Jakubovits Mosko w - Laborczfo Habura
Jakubovits Lajzer - Laborczfo Habura
Jakubovits Hersko - Laborczradvany HorRadvany
Jakubovits Hersko - Laborczrev Krasznibrod
Jakubovits Iczko - Lask Lask
Jakubovits David - Lasztomer Lasztomer
Jakubovits Hersko - Lasztomer Lasztomer
Jakubovits Filip - Lorinczvagasa Vavrincz
Jakubovits Mos. - Mad Maad
Jakubovits Mosko - Mariakut Rafojocz
Jakubovits Lefko - Mark Mark
Jakubovits Berko - Mark Mark
Jakubovits Hersko - Mereszpatak Mernyik
Jakubovits Lefko - Miglesz Miglesz
Jakubovits Marko - Miglesz Miglesz
Jakubovits Libko - Modra Modra
Jakubovits Juda - Morva Morva
Jakubovits Isac - Nagyazar Nagyazar
Jakubovits Mosko - Nagyderencs Nagyderencs
Jakubovits Hersko - Nagykazmer Nagykazmer
Jakubovits Farkas - Nagykopatak Kvahocz
Jakubovits Hersko - Obajna HomZbojna
Jakubovits Pinkesz - Okroske Volitza
Jakubovits Hersko - Oroszkanya Oroszkanya
Jakubovits Hersko - Parno Parno
Jakubovits Berko - Pelejte Pelejte
Jakubovits Hersko - Petrik Petrik
Jakubovits Isak - Petrik Petrik
Jakubovits Lejba - Petrik Petrik
Jakubovits Jacub - Petrik Petrik
Jakubovits Majer - Pusztahaza Putzak
Jakubovits Hersko - Rakocz Rakocz
Jakubovits Majer - Ratka Ratka
Jakubovits Mosko - Szalnok Szalnyik
Jakubovits Hersko - Szalok Szalok
Jakubovits Marko - Szerelmes Lyubisse
Jakubovits Mosko - Szirtes Sztrikocz
Jakubovits Chaim - Szuko Szuko
Jakubovits Jud. - Tarczal Tarczal
Jakubovits Berko - Telepocz Telepocz
Jakubovits Jos. - Tokaj Tokaj
Jakubovits Lipko - Topolyan Topolyan
Jakubovits Chaim - Tusaujfalu Tusaujfalu
Jakubovits Salam. - Tuskes Pichnye
Jakubovits Lajzar - Ujbajna Zbojna
Jakubovits Hersko - Utczas Ulits Kriva
Jakubovits Jos. - Vecse Vetse
Jakubovits Mart. Istructor - Vegardo Ardo
Jakubovits Isak - Veke Veke
Jakubovits Sam. - Veke Veke
Jakubovits Mojses - Vilag Vilag
Jakubovits Jacob - Zebegnyo Zebegnyo
Jakubovits Isak - Zemplenagrad Agrad
Jakubovits Lajzer - Zemplenszuha Szucha
Josefovits Salam. Cseke Cseke
Josefovits Hersko Csemernye Csemernye
Josefovits David Hegyi Hegyi
Josefovits Itzko Homonnarokito Homonnarokito
Josefovits Abr. Homonnarokito Homonnarokito
Josefovits Salam. Hor Hor
Josefovits Berko Imreg Imreg
Josefovits Jakab Jakabvolgye Jekuszocz
Josefovits Moises Kisazar Kisazar
Josefovits Burik Kisbosnya Bosnicza
Josefovits Smuly Kisgyertyanos OHrabocz
Josefovits Hersko Kiskemencze Kiskemencze
Josefovits Hersko Kisortovany Porubka
Josefovits Zelman Mezolaborcz Mezolaborcz
Josefovits Hersko Nagykemencze Nagykemencze
Josefovits Hersko Nagymihaly Nagymihaly
Josefovits Isac Nagyraska Nagyraska
Josefovits Lefko Natafalva Natafalva
Josefovits Chajim Sztrata Oreszka
Josefovits Markus Sztropko Sztropko
Josefovits Volf Takcsany Sztaktsiny
Josefovits Salam. Tusa Tusa
Josefovits Sam. Zebegnyo Zebegnyo
Josevovits Janke Alsogyertan AHrabocz
Veiberg Marcus w Sarospatak Patak
Veinberg Hersko Hocsa Hocsa
Veinberg Abr. Nagypolany Nagypolany
Veinberg Iczko Oroszpatak Oroszpatak
Veinberg Jakob Satorajlaujhely Ujhely
Veinberg Nota Satorajlaujhely Ujhely
Veinberg Lejba Sztropko Sztropko
Veinberg Mosko Sztropko Sztropko
Veinberg Mosko Varanno Varanno
Veinberg Abr. Varanno Varanno
Veinberger Nathan Alsogyertan AHrabocz
Veinberger Lejba Alsoolsva Alsoolsva
Veinberger Jud Jos. Alsoolsva Alsoolsva
Veinberger Marcus Makkoshotyka Hotyka
Veinberger Baruch Tarczal Tarczal
Veinsberg Joan Gercsely Gercsely